After School Adventures Ch. 06

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“Xander!” yelled Eric.

“Wad? Wad did I biss?” I said, sitting bolt upright.

This was obviously a mistake. As soon as I sat up, my nose started gushing blood at an alarming rate.

“Oly shid! Wad appened do be?” I asked, frantically.

“I think you broke your nose.” said Eric.

“I know id’s bwoken you dubby! But ow did I bweak it?” I sputtered, swallowing a large amount of blood.

“You took a football to the face,” said Eric, “Don’t you remember?”

“Dammit, Ostreicher! Take him to the school nurse already!” barked the Coach.

“Christ, keep your wig on…” said Eric, helping me stand up.

“Just oud of cuwiosidy,” I snorted, trying to make sure I didn’t swallow more blood, “Wen I god id in da face… Did id by any chance make me look particuwawiwy banly?”

“Sure, if you consider screaming like a girl manly.” teased Eric.

“Bewy funny, did any ob the cheeweadews see be ged id?” I groaned.

“I don’t know, I was paying attention to the ball,” said Eric, “Something you ought to try one of these days.”

By the time we made it to the school nurse’s office, my face was completely red and some of the blood had started to get in my eyes. It probably would’ve hurt, except the only pain I noticed was what was in my nose.

“Oh boy, not another one…” said Mrs. Ives, the school nurse, “You didn’t hit Xander, did you Ostreicher?”

“Are you kidding me? Xander and I have been best friends since pre-school and we’re both 19 now… Wait, why do you always assume that I’m the one that breaks people’s noses?” said Eric.

“Ub… Because it’s twue?” I muttered.

“Touché,” said Eric, “Patch him up good Mrs. Ives; he needs to be well enough to be at the party tonight.”

“I’ll see what I can do, Ostreicher,” said Mrs. Ives, “But no promises, alright? His nose is broke pretty bad.”

“Sobow dis isn’t baking be feew any bettew…” I said.


One hour later, I woke up in a cot in a small dark room. I couldn’t breathe through my nose, but at least the pain was gone.

“Oh good, you’re up,” said Mrs. Ives, “How do you feel?”

“Better, I guess,” I said, thrilled to discover that I could pronounce things properly again, “What’d you do to me?”

“I set your nose and gave you some painkiller,” said Mrs. Ives, “As long as you don’t touch your nose for a while, it should heal up nicely. But you should still go see a doctor later.”

“Thanks.” I said, clambering out of the cot.

“There he is!” bellowed Eric, “Xander Abrams, are you ready for the Test?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Didn’t I tell you?” said Eric, “There’s a big party tonight celebrating the new football team and the new cheerleading squad.”

“There’s no way the teachers will let us have a party like that in the gym.” I said.

“Originally it was two separate parties,” said Eric, putting his arm around my shoulder, “But, everyone decided to play hooky so that we can all meet up on the beach and have one big party instead.”

“Where does the Test come in to play?” I asked, letting Eric escort out into the hallways.

“Well, the cheerleaders already had an initiation, but the football team never did,” explained Eric, now leading me to the parking lot, “So, even though all you newcomers made the team, you’ve got to pass a test tonight, if you can pass it, you’ll be accepted by the whole team and treated as an equal.”

“And if we fail?” I asked, dreading the answer.

“You’ll still be on the team, but the other guys will treat the newcomers like crap,” said Eric, as we approached his van, “Now, come on, let’s head over to my place, I’ll, uh… Help you look like you belong.”


Two hours later, Eric and I were on the road, five minutes away from the beach.

“So who’s all gonna be there?” I asked, looking out the window of Eric’s van.

“Well, there’s the two of us, the whole football team, all the cheerleaders, some of the gymnastics team girls will be there, then there’ll be the Greasers, “Tripod Trevor”, a few guys from the lacrosse and basketball teams and the older brothers or sisters of everyone I just mentioned.” recited Eric.

“That’s a lot of people, dude! Are you sure we won’t get busted for having this party?” I asked.

“You worry too much, Xander,” said Eric, “Why don’t you let us worry about that crap. You’ve got more important things to think about. Like the Test.”

“Hey, uh, do you know if Vivian will be there?” I asked, innocently.

“Oh, not this again, dude! Vivian is a total priss! She’ll never put out!” groaned Eric, “Now, her cousin on the other hand…”

“I don’t like Monica,” I said, “She’s too… Easy.”

“What’s wrong with that?” chuckled Eric.

“Nothing… Nevermind…” I said.

Upon arriving at the beach, Eric parked the van and hopped out. I couldn’t see what he did, but it seemed as though he had made some sort of gesture with his arms. Then, within a fraction of a second, Big Jay, the school’s giant, grabbed me by the scruff casino oyna of the neck and pulled me out of the van through the open window.

“Argh! What gives!?” I screamed, trying to break free.

I knew this was part of “The Test”, but did he have to grab me by my neck? Anyways, Big Jay carried me halfway across the beach before literally dropping me in the sand.

“Good, now all the newbies are here!” said Eric, who must’ve gone on ahead, “Boys, in fifteen minutes, the sun will start setting.”

We all turned to verify the Sun’s position.

“To pass the test and be accepted by the rest of the team, you must pick a cheerleader to mark at the party.”

“The girl you pick is the one you have to get to AT LEAST, third base with, before midnight.” continued Brody Magnum, the team captain.

“Um, are the cheerleaders in on all of this?” piped one of the newbies.

“No! That’d make it too easy!” said Eric.

“But, how will you know if we pull it off?” asked another one of the newbies.

“Thanks to these,” said Brody, “These disposable cameras all have only one shot left, so make it count.”

“Oh, yeah, and keep an eye out for a few of our conveniently placed sex stops,” said Eric, pointing a few of them out, “Once you get your cheerleader horny, take her into one of the sex stops for privacy. There’s a box of condoms in each location.”

And with that, Brody and Eric retreated into the party bringing the rest of the team with them. I stood there, making up my mind with the other six newbies before venturing deep into the party. I had just the cheerleader in mind… Vivian Eckhart.

Finding her would be easy, but going all the way with her would be the hard part. If I had a couple of days I’d be able to pull it off without a problem, but this time I only had a couple of hours. I weaved in and out of the party until I eventually saw Vivian. She was standing near the juice bar, talking to Monica. As I approached, I could hear a bit of what they were saying.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into to coming here!” said Vivian.

“What’s the matter with you?” said Monica, handing her a vodka cooler.

“I don’t want to drink tonight! Remember what happened last time?” asked Vivian, lifting up her shirt to show her navel piercing.

“Hey, that was your idea.” said Monica

“Yeah, but the jello shots were yours.” said Vivian.

“You just need to loosen up a little,” said Monica, glancing over in my direction, “You know, have a few drinks, maybe even go flirt with the cute new quarterback over there.”

“I don’t “flirt”, Monica, you know that.” said Vivian.

“I don’t think you’ll have to,” said Monica, “He’s coming to you.”

Monica left, winking at me as she walked past.

“Hi!” said Vivian, obviously faking her interest.

“Hi?” I said, questioning her tone of voice.

“Did Monica put you up to this?” she asked.

“No.” I said, walking forward a little more.

“So, you’re actually here, talking to me?” asked Vivian.

“You sound so surprised,” I said, “Don’t guys usually line up to talk to you?”

“No.” she said.

“Well, then I guess that’s their loss, isn’t it?” I said.

“How do you know?” she asked, “I might be a total bitch.”

“You’re too cute to make a believable bitch.” I said.

“Thanks,” said Vivian, “But you still don’t know me.”

“Well, I’d like to,” I said, “We can hang out tonight. Come walk with me.”

“I uh, I-I don’t really–” she began.

“I won’t take no for an answer.” I said, giving her hand a gentle tug.

“Alright, fine,” said Vivian, “But, no funny business, okay?”

I led her away from the party. We walked together, still holding hands. I was taking her back to Eric’s van. It had heat, quiet and safety locks. When we got there, I held the door open for Vivian, but she didn’t get in.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” I said, putting my hand on her shoulder, “I just want to talk.”

“But I–” she began.

“Look at me,” I said, pointing to the bandage across the bridge of my nose, “If you start to feel uncomfortable, you already know my weak spot.”

Vivian giggled and then hopped into the back seat of Eric’s van, and I followed right behind her. Once we were sitting in the back, Vivian’s whole attitude seemed to change.

“Your name’s Xander, right?” she asked, running her hand through my hair.

“Yeah… Who told you that?”

“I’ve had my eye on you for a quite a while.” she said, now examining my arms with a different hand.

“That’s so weird. I’ve been watching you for a while too.” I said.

There was a brief moment of awkward silence.

“Why were you watching me?” we asked in unison.

There was another moment of awkward silence.

“You first.” said Vivian, while feeling my pecs.

“I’ve been watching you ever since I started working out because I’ve had a crush on you since 8th grade. And, I hoped that once I lost all the weight that you’d notice me back.” I said.

“I thought you just started here this semester?” she asked, moving canlı casino on to my abs.

“No, I just didn’t look like this until this semester,” I said, ignoring the fact that Vivian had sort of just implied that she hadn’t noticed me.

“Xander, I’m sorry, you just look so different. I still noticed you before, but… I was just too shy to really talk to anyone.” said Vivian, leaning in and sniffing me.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said, grabbing her shoulders to keep her away, “Now it’s your turn.

“Sorry,” said Vivian, taking my hands off her shoulders and sitting nicely, “Well, ever since my cheerleader initiation, I’ve been trying to find a suitable guy to help me with something.”

“And you’ve chosen me, I take it?” I asked.

“Yes.” said Vivian, smiling.

“So, what did you need my help with?” I asked, innocently.

“Sex.” said Vivian, bluntly.

I was about to interpret her answer as a joke. But then I saw the determination in her eyes.

“You’re serious?” I asked.

“Yes.” said Vivian.

“I uh–” I sputtered.

“Xander, I want you to fuck me,” she said, “There’s something I need to know about myself, and I’m never going to figure it out until I get over my insecurities and lose my virginity.”

“No…” I sighed, “I-I thought you were different from all the other girls.”

“What do you mean?” asked Vivian.

“I get laid all the time now that I look like this. Now, most other guys would think of that as a dream come true, but not me. I think of it as a curse.” I sighed.

Vivian opened her mouth to say something, but I continued.

“The new football team recruits were given their initiation tonight,” I said, “We all have to make it to at least third base with a cheerleader before midnight. So, I chose you as my target because I thought it’d be a challenge. And in the process, I’d finally get a chance to get to know you.”

Vivian smiled to show she understood and seemed to urge me on.

“I knew you were one of the only girls at this school that wasn’t a total slut. But then I get you in here only to find out that you’re the same as all the other–“

Before I could finish my sentence, Vivian leaned in and kissed me. And in that moment, I recognized that the Vivian I had a crush on was still in there. When she kissed me, it wasn’t the skilled, passionate kiss of a slut, but the kiss of a nervous, inexperienced girl who was searching for answers.

“Everything you just said about yourself,” she said, “Is exactly why I chose you over all the other guys at this school.”

“You don’t care that I chose you as my target for the initiation test?” I asked.

“You chose me as your target just like I chose you,” said Vivian, “We’re both here for the same reasons… We want to be accepted.”

“When this is over,” I said, “I still want to get to know you, regardless of what you learn about yourself tonight.”

“Count on it,” said Vivian, “But remember to be gentle, okay?”

Now that she knew I was on board, Vivian went back to feeling my muscles and touching my hair. I wasn’t really used to a girl examining me like this before. But it didn’t really feel weird. Instead, it felt like I had been doing it wrong the whole time. All of a sudden, Vivian tore my shirt open and pulled it off. Now she could feel me properly. I just let her do her thing; I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible before we really got started. But, to make things easier, I leaned forward into the front of the van. Eric had foolishly left his keys in the ignition. I turned the key to make the van run off the battery, then locked all the doors and turned the heat on.

“Wow… These feel… Interesting…” said Vivian, relishing her examination of my muscles.

I sat up straight again, and then used my free hand to make the back seats collapse. We were now lying on our sides, with our heads near the trunk of Eric’s van.

“Feels weird to have them,” I said, “I mean, they are pretty new.”

Vivian rolled me onto my back before she rolled onto her stomach. She used both of her hands to rub my abs, but then kept going lower and lower until eventually she had found the zipper of my jeans. With the look of a young girl unwrapping a present, she unzipped my pants, revealing the bulge in my underwear that was my hard-on.

“Cool!” said Vivian, grabbing the bulge, “This thing is way bigger than a finger… It’s not gonna get even bigger is it?”

“Nope.” I said, shuddering as she playfully starting stroking it.

As fascinating as it was to watch Vivian explore, I did have a time limit for the test, so, without actually rushing her, I pulled my pants all the way off. Vivian took the hint and slowly pulled my underwear away, revealing my rock-hard dick.

“So that’s what it looks like…” gasped Vivian.

“You’ve never even seen one before?” I asked, incredulously.

“It looks so different in real life.” she said, poking it idly.

Vivian started stroking my cock again. It felt much better than all the other times. I think it was because of what she said to me. How kaçak casino she chose me. None of the other girls I’d slept with had chosen me, because they’d have slept with anyone with that much alcohol in their systems.

“Look at you, all naked,” said Vivian, getting on her knees, “And here I am with my clothes still on.”

I reached up and put my hand under her shirt. I unhooked her bra and pulled the straps off her shoulders before pulling the whole bra itself out through her sleeve. I learned that little trick online because I knew it’d be useful one of these days.

“Wha–” sputtered Vivian, very confused.

“Trust me when I say that that’s the only thing about this that’ll happen fast.” I said.

“I haven’t sex nearly enough to get what you mean by that.” giggled Vivian, pulling her shirt off over her head.

I really wanted to play with Vivian’s adorable tits, but I knew I’d have to take my time and be especially gentle with her. Maybe next time we hook up I could try a little foreplay, but tonight was all about breaking her in.

“Well, just think, this’ll be the last time you’ll be able to say that.” I said, leaning in for another kiss.

This time Vivian used her tongue. She was a little better at kissing when the tongue was involved. What exactly happened to her at her initiation? We kept making out. As we kissed, Vivian started mimicking the motions of my tongue. I wasn’t purposefully trying to teach her, but she was copying me nonetheless. I reached down and pulled her panties off without removing her skirt, Vivian giggled as my hands slowly made their way back up her thighs and near the lips of her sopping wet pussy.

“You’re making me so wet,” said Vivian, “This is all so new to me.”

She leaned back in to kiss me again, but this time she reached back and pulled her skirt off herself. Now that we were both completely naked, she pushed me down so that I was flat on my back and sat on my stomach. I could feel the juices from her pussy dribble out.

“So, how should we do this?” she moaned.

“Why don’t you try sitting on it?” I asked, “That way you can control the whole thing yourself.”

“So, what I just face you and then literally sit on it?” she asked.

“Basically, yeah.” I said.

“It’s not gonna hurt is it?” she asked, “I’ve heard some girls say it hurts.”

“It might hurt a little, but, that’s why it’s up to you to control how deep or fast you go.” I said.

Vivian took a deep calming breath, then she scooched back a bit, leaving a streak of pussy juice on my abs. I watched her curiously. As she lifted herself up and positioned herself over top of my cock. It reminded me of something I saw on the Discovery Channel about how they return beached whales into the water. Except in my case, instead of enormous whale being lowered to the water with a crane, I had an adorable virgin cheerleader lowering herself onto my dick. As soon as penetration occurred, Vivian gasped and bit her lip.

“You okay?” I asked.

“I think so,” she gasped, “It stings though.”

Through gritted teeth, Vivian kept lowering herself down until I was 7″ inside her. For a virgin, that’s pretty deep.

“Is that all of it?” giggled Vivian, trying to peer down and look at how deep she was.

“Yup.” I said, panting as her pussy suddenly filled with fluids.

“What is that!?” shrieked Vivian, “You didn’t?”

“No, I think that’s you.” I said.

She slowly raised herself up, wincing as she did so. Once she was off my cock, I saw that the fluid I had felt was blood.

“That’s supposed to happen right?” she asked, “I think that’s from me breaking that skin thingy.”

“You mean the hymen?” I suggested.

“Yeah, that.” said Vivian.

“Well, I think the worst of it is over. But, before I forget.” I said, reaching into my pants pocket and pulling out the disposable camera.

“Oh, right, you need your picture!” she said, “Wait, let me go all the down on it again first.”

Vivian sat back down on my dick. Now that she had officially lost her virginity, the pain she had felt seemed to have vanished, allowing her to easily re-position herself. I carefully aimed the camera and turned on the flash. I needed to make sure everyone could tell that I was actually with a girl, and not a blow up doll, so I made sure the angle was good and clicked the button. The camera whirred and the flash went off.

“There,” I said, putting the camera down, “Now you’re not a virgin and I’ve passed my test.”

“Wait, we’re not done yet!” said Vivian, “I might not be a virgin anymore, but I haven’t actually had sex yet.”

“Oh, well then by all means.” I said.

Since she was already in position, I just let Vivian keep going. She went up and down on my cock, bouncing in what seemed like slow motion compared to the other girls I’ve slept with. I just watched her. It was fascinating to me for some reason. Her tits, although not very big, were perky enough to bounce along with her as she rode me. Vivian kept going faster and faster, and with every thrust, I could feel the walls of her tight pussy secrete juices. She was about to cum. It’s a good thing I could fuck for a long time, because obviously the last thing I’d want is to knock her up and take her virginity on the same night.

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