Alan Goes to Sea

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Allan decided that it was time for him to move on from his present job. He had completed his apprenticeship at a heavy engineering company that was heavily involved in the Shipbuilding industry, but it was becoming clear that most new ships were being built in far eastern countries, rather than in Britain, and therefore the long-term future did not look too bright, unless he wanted to go abroad to work. He was now 23 years old, and, with a degree in engineering, his supervisor suggested to him that he could gain useful experience by joining the Navy as an engineer. The idea of serving in the Royal Navy did not appeal to him, so he decided to apply for a position in the Merchant Navy.

There was another very personal reason for him to get away from his home environment.

He lived with his aunt and uncle, and by mutual consent he had shared his aunt’s bed for some years and fathered 2 children with her. At the age of 18 he had taken a holiday in France with his aunt, which is where their affair started, not to mention being introduced to naturism and various entertaining sexual experiences. (See Alan goes to France) The idea of moving into a new environment, both of work and personal life, was pleasing for him.

He had no problem getting a position. The Merchant Navy was short of engineers, and he was taken on by one of the major shipping companies. He was sent for a month on a preliminary training course. This was supervised by an engineer with many years experience at sea but who was now spending his last years before retirement imparting some of his knowledge to the new intake. All of the new engineers had experience in heavy industry, either in Shipbuilding or in the ancillary trades, as had Alan, but he was the only one who had a degree in engineering.

After a few days of classroom training, they were taken to the docks to get to know what an engine room was like. Although Alan was used to heavy machinery, her was still amazed by the sheer size of the twin ten cylinder Burmeister and Wein double acting, two stroke, turbocharged diesel engines delivering about 27,000 horse power, not to mention the four generators and all the ancillary equipment, of some of which he had had a part in the design. After this ship they were taken to another, this time a steam ship with their big turbines and boiler rooms. If he ever needed convincing that being a marine engineer would be interesting, the thought of being in charge of machinery like this did it.

Another few days were spent in learning technical details, their instructor also grounded them in the rules governing their behaviour, both official and, more importantly, unofficial. This was mainly to do with how they should relate to their fellow engineers and other crew.

“Remember, the greaser working for you on your watch can drop you deep in the shit if you get the wrong side of him – he’ll probably know a damn sight more than you for a long time, so work with him and he’ll help you. You may be an officer with the power to log him and get him a bad discharge, but it definitely pays not to unless he does something really dangerous – otherwise I wouldn’t recommend drinking the tea he’s made for you.”

“As far as the deck officers are concerned, they think they’re a superior race but you know that you are. Just tolerate them, you’ll have to share a mess with them and some of them are nearly human.”

“Passengers! The company attitude is that you are encouraged to mingle with the people who are helping to pay your wages. The management would like you to pay equal attention to all the passengers but, being randy young sods, I’ve no doubt you’ll concentrate on the young totty, which will piss off some of the older people, so try to put yourselves about a bit. However, if you do get friendly with likely talent, remember that you are not allowed in passenger sleeping accommodation, and you will almost certainly get sacked if you are caught. On the other hand, if a woman is found in your cabin no one’s going to take a lot of notice, on the simple basis that if she’s been daft enough to come to your cabin, she’s going to have a good idea what you have in mind. Mind you, just remember no means no, and that will stand you in good stead.

The end of this conversation took place in the pub, where the new engineers were treating their instructor to several pints. A lot of other wisdom came out during this session, amongst which was the sage advice that “Married women are always a good bet – at least if they come to your cabin they know what you are after and won’t waste a lot of your time. Oh, another useful tip – the old ones and the ugly ones are grateful!”

Alan was to take note of this advice when later when he was posted to a passenger ship, but his first ship was a cargo vessel, and he spent several months on coastal journeys with a couple of trips to North European ports. This was when he was introduced to the Seamen’s Missions, the excellent organisations that provided somewhere casino siteleri for seamen to go when they were in port and in need of innocent entertainment. In one mission he visited there was a dance organised, and he managed to get friendly with one of the young ladies who attended these events, but he never got further than a kiss and a cuddle at her front door when he walked her home.

These trips gave him the chance to get to know a lot more about his new job, exciting things like how to clean the valves on a faulty bilge pump, not a job for the squeamish, but he also got a chance to start the main engine, and putting some 10,000 horse power into action was quite an excitement for him, as he’d never started anything more powerful than his aunt’s Triumph TR2 before. Quite soon he got a message to go to Southampton to join a 24,000 ton passenger/cargo liner, and his first deep sea trip began.

Once he had got used to the noise, smells and vibration of the two huge engines and the four diesel generators, Alan also had to acclimatise to the routine of watch-keeping. Although it was not unknown for engineers to convince gullible passengers that the engines were switched off at night and everyone went to bed, of course work continued and was arranged on a basis of four hours on and eight hours off, though these hours were varied when the ship was in port and only the engineers in charge of the generators continued watches while the rest did daywork on maintenance tasks.

The watches did make social life a little more complicated. Whichever watch was involved, it meant explaining to the young lady who was the object of his attention (lust) that ,if he was on the eight to twelve watch, he could only be available in the afternoon, not the evening, though, if things were going well, a late night visit to his cabin after midnight was a possibility. Same thing for the other watches at differing hours. It could also mean that, if things were going well, a distinct lack of sleep could occur – all in a good cause, of course.

Alan’s early attempt at seduction was not noticeably successful on the outbound part of his first voyage. Although he got friendly with a couple of girls, he made no real progress, but things were going to look up soon. On the return voyage the ship was in port waiting, and then loading cargo for several days. (This was before container shipping made loading so quick). Some passengers stayed on board while others came aboard for the first time. The ship’s staff tried to provide some entertainment, and a staple was to lay on a dance. The ship had its own four piece band to provide music, and one evening such a dance took place.

Now the dances were a favourite opportunity to chat up any prospective female talent, so Alan duly donned his white mess kit (much like a waiters’ only with badges of rank to distinguish the officers) and went down to the dance floor and surveyed the possibilities. Not a lot, was his summary. There was no one who really caught his eye, which at that stage was searching for nubile young women. However, as he was there and he quite enjoyed dancing he went and asked a woman who was clearly on her own. She agreed, and they took to the floor. She was a small, nondescript sort of person, who wouldn’t attract a lot of attention. However, when they moved off he soon found that she was an excellent dancer. Not only that, she danced very close to him, and when he tried some fancy moves she went with him and allowed his leg to slide between hers on the turns, and, although there wasn’t a lot of body to hold, she felt very pleasant against him.

At the end of the number they sat together and she bought him a drink. Her name was Betty, and he noticed that she was wearing a wedding ring, but didn’t comment. She told him that she was going back to Britain for a long awaited visit to her family, whom she had not seen for several years, but her husband couldn’t get the time off so she was going alone. They chatted quite happily, then danced together several times, and, if anything, she danced even closer to him. He remembered his instructor’s remark about married women knowing what was hoped for by anyone who invited them to his cabin. The officers were only allowed on the public decks until 10.30, and, as this time was fast approaching, he thought that he’d got nothing to lose by asking her up to his cabin, though he feared that, as she’d only said goodbye to her husband a few hours before, she could well refuse.

“Look Betty, I have to be off deck by 10.30, so I’ll have to say goodnight. I’ve enjoyed our time together, and you dance beautifully, so perhaps I could see you tomorrow. I’m working all day, but we could meet for a drink about six o’clock.”

“Oh Alan, that’s a shame. Can’t you stay a bit longer.”

“Sorry, rules is rules. Mind you, I hardly like to suggest it, but you could come up to my cabin for a goodnight drink – I’ve got some wine and a bottle of gin.”

“How could I resist the canlı casino offer of gin – I assume you’ve got tonic?”

“For you madam, no problem. Ill even raid the mess fridge and get some ice, not too sure about the lemon though. We need to be a bit discreet, I’ll go through that door, follow me in a few minutes.”

“Oh what fun.”

He duly said goodnight and left the deck. A few minutes later, she followed him and he led her along the companion ways and up the stairs to the officers’ accommodation, and into his cabin. He closed the door behind her and dropped the catch on the lock. He had taken the opportunity of his wait for her to go and fetch some ice from the mess, and he poured her a substantial G&T. They sat together on the leather couch, and she looked all around her with interest.

“So this is where you bring gorgeous young maidens to ravage them.”

“Well, this is only my first trip on a passenger ship and I haven’t been very successful up to now – you’re the first.”

“Sorry, I’m a bit of a let down. I’m not gorgeous – and I’ll hit you if you say I am – I’m not young and I’m hardly a maiden. However, I’m not against the idea of a bit of ravaging, if you’re in the mood.”

To put it mildly, Alan was a bit startled by this frank admission that she was up for a bit of rumpy pumpy. She wasn’t the sort of ideal woman he had envisaged as a bed partner. She was small, mousy haired, in her mid thirties. What ever figure was hidden under the skirt and blouse, it certainly wasn’t voluptuous, But the body pressed against him during the dancing had felt very pleasant and enthusiastic, and a bird in the hand…

“So…let the ravaging begin.”

“Before you do anything dramatic, perhaps I should be very honest with you.”

“That might well be a novelty, but I’d like that.”

“Well, let me tell you something about my husband. We’ve been married for ten years, and still no kids, so I managed to get a sample of his sperm checked out, and it seems there’s virtually no chance that they’ll ever do any good. That’s one thing. Another is that I’ve found out recently that he’s been having it off with one of his colleagues at work for some years – she has big tits, something I’ve never been accused of. The other thing is that I love the bastard and don’t wish to lose him, but I do want kids.”

“So…I had sex with him last night, and if I get pregnant before my next period, it could well be his – especially if I have sex with a tall, fair man who looks a bit like him – like you, for example. Also, as I’ve been faithful to him for all our years together, I reckon I’ve earned the right to play away for once. So, if you’d oblige me by getting me pregnant, I’d not only get the child I want, I’ll also get some revenge. If you still fancy me knowing what a tart I am willing to be, then have your wicked way, the wickeder the better.”

Alan burst out laughing and put his arms around her and drew her close to him, and went to kiss her, but she turned her head away.”

“I take it that’s a yes, then. But please don’t kiss me, not yet. First time is business, getting me pregnant. If you want to go again after that, it’ll be for fun and I’ll be all yours for as long as you want to.”

“Well, I think we’ll need to stop at Southampton, but up till then, if we’re both enjoying it, why not?”

She didn’t reply, but stepped away from him and undid the buttons on her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders, then her skirt followed onto the settee. She unhooked her bra, but before she took it off said : “Sorry, but this is a con, when tits were handed out I was short changed” and, as she slid it off, he could see what she meant. She wasn’t totally flat chested, but her breasts were small to the point of insignificance, small hillocks that wouldn’t fill an A cup bra, capped with rose pink nipples. It was more the sort of bust to be expected of a pre teen, and Alan was reminded of his stay at a nudist camp in France and seeing the young families there. While he was taking this in, she dropped her knickers, revealing a bush of fair pubic hair.

He said nothing, but picked her up easily and laid her down on his bunk. Then he quickly stripped off his clothes and stood naked beside her, then bent over and took one of her nipples in his mouth and drew it in with a mouthful of the soft flesh, while his fingers caressed and squeezed the other. He heard her sharp intake of breath, but she quickly pushed away his hand and his face.

“Don’t bother with the foreplay, just do me quick before I chicken out of the whole thing.”

“Whatever you say – it’s your party.”

He climbed on the bunk, and knelt between her legs. He didn’t yet know it, but she was an accomplished gymnast, and she spread her legs far wider than he was expecting, this causing her vaginal lips to gape so that he could see the dark pink gash between, glistening a little from her lubrication. His penis was already erect, and, as he moved forwards, kaçak casino she took hold and guided it into the waiting cavity. When he pushed slowly, he felt and watched the tip part her wider as it slid easily into place. He continued the pressure and felt her warmth engulf him as he went deeper and deeper till he was fully engaged, and his pubis pushed against hers. A quiet “Yes” was all she said, as she knew that there was no turning back, and that she was now an adulteress. Her arms went around him and she pulled him firmly down so that all his weight was pressing her small body into the mattress.

Her action made Alan realise that she wanted hard, deep sex, and that is what he gave her. His hands round her back grasped her small buttocks, his fingers probing deep into the hot crack. Now he began to move, and the cabin was soon filled with the sound of two bodies in the act of mating, in a completely animalistic way. It was hot in the cabin, and they were soon sweating, and their bodies slid across each other as he moved, pulling back slowly, then thrusting in hard. He had encountered a slight resistance as his cock first split her channel open, but she soon released a copious supply of juice which eased his penetration and the slurping sound of their slippery organs moving together was added to her moaning and his grunts.

This congress wasn’t going to last long, as it was some time since he had had sex, and he rarely masturbated. As a result, he quite quickly felt his climax approaching, and speeded up his motions, ramming ever harder into her tight vagina, and battering her clitoris with his pubic bone. Finally he pulled her even closer against him as his balls emptied their copious content up through his rigid member and into the depth of her passage in a series of hard jerks, jetting his sperm on a voyage that might well make him a father – again. He lay on her for a few moments, then lifted himself up onto his elbows.

“That’s better – I feel a bit squashed, but thoroughly fucked. Just stay like that for a bit, you’re still filling me nicely. You’re not ready to go again, are you?”

“I’ve got a suspicion that I might. Do you want to try?”

“Too right, let’s just try and get into a more restful position, but don’t you dare pull out.”

She lifted one leg high, then held him tight against her while they rolled onto their sides, her leg tucked under his waist, the other draped over him.

“That’s comfy. Are you feeling less squashed?”

“Very nice, thank you. Now I’ve achieved one objective – he’s not the only one who’s been unfaithful in our marriage. And with a bit of luck, I’m pregnant. If you fancy kissing me now, that would be rather nice.”

“Happy to oblige, but first may I establish that you weren’t with me entirely just now?”

“Alan, love, I just enjoyed being filled up by a lovely cock, and having a load of lovely baby juice trying to get into my womb. This time I’m sure I’ll be really with you, if you’re as good a lover as I think you might be. Now kiss me and make me all quivery with anticipation.”

He grinned at her, then drew her closer and their lips met. It was a long kiss, her lips soft against him, soon parted to allow his tongue to search out hers. While their mouths fought the duel of lovers, his hand sought out he breasts, drawing the small mounds upwards and pulling her nipples into small hard pyramids, causing her to moan into his mouth and her vagina to tighten against his penis, which by now was swollen to its rigid tumescence. They ended their kiss, and lay slightly apart, linked just at their hips, smiling at each other.

“I’d like to have an orgasm, if you could arrange it for me.”

“Like this?” he enquired, as his hand slid across her belly and down through her pubic hair until his fingers found her clitoris. He began squeezing her pussy lips together and releasing them, thus massaging the hood of her clit across the little bud, which hardened till he could feel it protruding from its sheath. As he felt her body reacting to his touch, he began slowly massaging the inside of her vagina with his penis as his fingers became more and more active on her clitty. He watched her face tensing as her whole body stiffened and she came to a shuddering climax, her legs gripping him as her fingers dug into his back. He sensed a sudden rush of liquid over his cock and balls as she flooded with her secretions. He held her as she came down from her plateau, and finally relaxed against him.

“Your turn now.”

He took her at her word, and started moving slowly. He took his time, enjoying the warm embrace of her vagina, slipping easily in the well lubricated channel. At last he felt his climax was near and, to his delight, she also came to a gentle orgasm just after him, and they subsided together as his cock softened and at last slid out of her.

“Thank you, Alan. That was the best sex of my life, and I’ll still be happy if you don’t want to repeat it.”

“Don’t be daft. My cock felt so at home in your little pussy, I want to do it as often as possible till the end of the trip. Now, I hate saying this, but I’ve got to go to work in a few hours, and I need a bit of sleep, so we’ll have to say goodnight.”

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