Alex and Kyle Ch. 01

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Ch. 01: The Beginning

After my first year of college, I returned home for the summer to sponge off the folks and get a summer job to earn some spending money for the second year. Several of my high school buddies were in the same position, so it was not uncommon to find a handful of guys gathered at Tim’s one afternoon at the beginning of summer. We were swapping lies about our freshman conquests, laughing and having a good time when Tim reached under his mattress and pulled out a copy of Penthouse. He was telling us that his girl friend at college looked like the centerfold, which brought gales of laughter fueled by unbelief.

As the magazine made the circle my heart started pumping and when it got to me, my heart pumped all that blood to my cock. Tim grabbed the magazine from me saying, “Whoa boy; too much stimulation for you!” I looked down and was embarrassed to see my cock straining against my shorts. Everyone else saw it too and they all laughed (except me). He put the magazine away and we heard his mom enter the house and call out his name. Time to go home.

As we left Tim’s house we all went our separate ways. Alex lived close to me, so he offered me a ride home, which I accepted. My mind was a little preoccupied with the images from the Penthouse and I wanted nothing more than to get home and jack off. We made some small talk and then Alex said, “That magazine was pretty hot wasn’t it?” A little startled at the shift of conversation, I nervously agreed. He continued, “You should see the stash of porn my older brother left behind when he went off to school!”

I felt my cock stiffen and my face flush as I said, a little too quickly, “Really?”

“Yeah,” he said; “Would you like to stop by my house and see it?”

“Sure,” I responded, again a little too quickly.

We pulled up in front of Alex’s house and headed for his bedroom. Alex lived in a large two-story home and his room faced the back of the house on the second floor. No one else was home. In his room, Alex pulled a large box out of his closet and began taking out copies of Penthouse, Hustler, Club, Playboy and canlı bahis some magazines I’d never heard of. Once again, my cock was hard in no time, pressing against my shorts as Alex handed me a magazine saying, “Check this one out.” I took the magazine and sat on his bed, laying the magazine on my lap to cover my erection. Alex selected another one and sat down beside me and started flipping through the pages commenting on the pictures. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to be alone with that magazine, with my cock in my hand. I felt a wet spot on my leg as listened to Alex while looking at the pictures in my magazine.

Then Alex said, “Man, this shit makes me so fucking horny. Look!” I glanced over at him at he nodded toward his lap. I could see his cock straining against his shorts looking like it was ready to bust out. He grabbed my magazine and pulled it away revealing a similar situation going on in my shorts. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but it all happened very fast. “Let’s jack off,” he said.

“W –what?” I stammered.

“Come on,” he chided. “We both know we do it. If you leave right now, I’m going to do it; and if you were alone right now, you’d be doing it. So, let’s do it together.” With that, Alex stood up and dropped his shorts and boxers and started stroking his meat in front of me. My heart was pounding. He was right, of course. I wanted nothing more at that moment then to release my cock and jack off, but I had never jacked off in front of anyone before. I watched him slowly stroking his cock, almost mesmerized by the scene before me. He wasn’t huge, but it was big enough, slender, but long. I felt my cock leap in my shorts, pressing for release from its clothed prison. “Come on, Kyle; you know you want to. I sure as hell won’t tell anyone.” With that my heart skipped a beat and I looked up at his eyes. Tell anyone!!! Shit, what were we doing???

“You better not tell anyone!” I shot back.

“Well, right now, I’ve nothing to tell. You think I’m going to tell someone that I was stroking my cock in front of you while you were just sitting there? I’m the vulnerable bahis siteleri one here. Come on get those shorts off.”

Nervous as hell, I stood up and began unbuttoning my shorts. I noticed a wet spot had already appeared in front of my shorts as I unzipped them and watched them fall to the floor. My boxers were tented as I grabbed the sides and lowered them, allowing my cock to freely bounce up and slap my stomach. Alex laughed and said, “Nice cock, dude.” My heart was pounding so hard I wondered if he could hear it.

It felt good to release my cock. I smiled at his compliment and wrapped my fist around my meat and started stroking away. Here I was, 19 years old, jacking off with a friend I’d known almost all my life. I watched him stroking his cock as I stroked away. Mine was clearly a little fatter than his, but not quite as long. I was just getting into it when I heard a door slam down stairs and his mother called out, “Alex? Are you home? I need help with the groceries!”

If you ever need a substitute for a cold shower, that was it. I panicked, my cock went limp and I scrambled for my boxers and shorts saying, “Shit!” While I was busy getting dressed, Alex continued to jack off.

“Relax, man; she won’t come up here. Watch this!” With that, he pointed his cock at me and he started to cum. I couldn’t believe what I saw! Stream after stream of cum shot out at me. The first shot hit my shirt as I scrambled out of the way.

“Asshole!” I yelled, but he just stood there grinning as he finished shooting his load on the floor.

“Sorry, man,” he said with a shit-eating grin on his face. “I lost my head.” He tossed me a shirt and said, “Use this to clean up. No one will notice.” I wiped his cum off my shirt as best I could and threw the shirt back at him. He laughed again and tossed it on the floor and started wiping up his cum. We both got dressed and headed down stairs to help his mother.

“Are you boys okay? You look a little flushed.”

“Hi Mom; no, we’re fine. It’s just a little hot up in my room. Can we turn the AC on?”

I was amazed at his composure. He acted bahis şirketleri like we had just finished watching cartoons in his room, never skipping a beat, while taking two grocery bags from his mom. Finally, I found my voice, “Hi Mrs. C. How are you today?”

“Hi Kyle. Actually, I’m a little pre-occupied right now. Alex’s dad will be home any minute and we are heading to the city for a few days.” She looked at Alex and continued, “You did remember that we were leaving today didn’t you?”

If he didn’t remember he never let on, “Of course I didn’t forget. Would it be okay if Kyle spent the weekend with me here in the house?” I was surprised to hear his request as I glanced back and forth between Alex and his mother.

“It’s fine with me, as long as there’s no party.” She said looking back and forth between the two of us. My mind was racing by now; I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Before I could say a thing, she was on the phone calling my house, talking to my mother while Alex was grinning at me and raising and lowering his eyebrows. I felt my cock stir in my shorts thinking about our episode in his room and wondering what would happen over the weekend. We finished unloading the car just as she hung up the phone. “Kyle’s mom says the same thing. No party and he can stay. The Benson’s will be home keeping an eye on things; if you need anything, just ask them.” She turned to put groceries away and Alex nodded toward the door and I followed him back up to his bedroom.

“This will be cool. We will have fun this week end.” He had left porn collection on his bed. He picked up one and tossed it to me. “You can take this home if you want.” I did want, but I wasn’t going to carry it home in the middle of the day. My mind was racing with thoughts of what the weekend would bring.

I glanced at the magazine, tossed it on the bed and asked, “Who the hell are the Bensons?”

“They’re a young couple that lives across the street. You know my mom, local welcome wagon. When they moved in she took them a pie and welcomed them to the neighborhood. Nothing to worry about.”

“Let me go home and grab some stuff. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Alex smiled and asked, “Do you have a DVD player on your computer?”

“Yes; why?”

He tossed me a DVD and said, “Take look at this when you get home. Be sure to bring it back.”

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