Alexandra Ch. 02

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It had been over a year since I moved in with my best friend, and lover, Alexandra. It wasn’t known we were lesbians, just that we were roommates. We were at a party to kick off the second semester of sophomore year. I was having a great time, chatting with friends I’d made, dancing occasionally, and chowing down on the chips and delicious home-made guacamole provided. I could see that Alexandra was also enjoying herself. Things were going well… until I saw her expression suddenly darken.

Coming over to me, Alexandra said quietly, “Jackie, we have trouble in paradise.” She indicated a direction with her eyes. I looked and saw a good friend of ours, Maya Stillwater, sitting quietly in a corner. Even with Maya’s face turned away, it was obvious she was crying. We went over to her.

“Maya,” said Alexandra gently, “what’s the matter?”

Through tears and sniffs, Maya replied, “My boyfriend threw me out after I caught him cheating on me. He was in bed with another girl, I walked in and he said if I didn’t like it I could leave. Then he grabbed my stuff and threw it out the front door. I couldn’t do anything, it’s his house.”

This was bad indeed, I thought. I knew that Maya had been with her boyfriend Jeff since freshman year of high school after her parents bahis firmaları were killed in a car crash. She had moved in with her then-friend Jeff and a romance had blossomed.

“What am I going to do?” Maya wailed softly. “My stuff’s in the corner over there. I thought this party would help lift my spirits, but it didn’t.”

“Come with us,” I said, picking up a bag of Maya’s. The three of us walked over to the apartment Alex and I shared. “You’ll stay with us for now,” I said as we entered. “We’ll figure out the rest later.”

“Thank you so much, Jackie,” Maya replied gratefully. “You two are awesome.”

After we watched “The Shawshank Redemption”, playing on TNT for what seemed like the 2000’th time since it came out, we showed Maya around the apartment, the bedroom last. She immediately noticed something. “I have a question,” she said. “There’s only one bed. How do the two of you sleep?”

Alexandra whispered, “Let’s show her.” We sat Maya down in a chair, stripped, and climbed onto the bed. Maya’s jaw was hanging slackly as she gawked.

I reached gently for Alex’s breasts. Caressing them softly, I kissed her neck. I moved my tongue slowly down to her chest, kissing her soft skin. Taking one of Alex’s nipples into my mouth, I circled it with my tongue. kaçak iddaa

I reached down as I did so and caressed Alex’s inner thighs, before moving my hand upward slightly. My fingertip began to slide up and down Alex’s slit, making her wetter every second. When I began touching her clit, she began moaning.

I removed my mouth from her breasts and placed it on her dripping pussy. Alex maneuvered her body so that we were in a “69” position. I began to lick her out as her tongue lapped at my lower lips. Opening me up, she began to suck gently on my clit as she slid her fingers inside of me. One of them found the G-spot and my body began to quiver with pleasure. We both came simultaneously, flooding each other with our juices.

I looked over at Maya. She had lifted her skirt, pushed aside her panties and was fingering herself, moaning gently. “Maya!” I called out.

Maya looked up at us. “You have too many clothes on,” I said, looking the willowy redhead up and down. “Take them off and join us.”

She didn’t need a second invitation. Climbing on the bed, she said, “Watching you two got me hot. I didn’t think it would, but…”

I kissed her on the lips, shutting off her words. Alex was already fingering Maya gently. “Just relax and enjoy,” I said. “We’ll kaçak bahis make sure you have fun.”

I crouched over her, my breasts almost touching her face. “Slow and gentle,” I said. She tentatively stuck out her tongue and licked at my nipple.

“Easy does it,” I whispered. She took my nipple in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Alex’s tongue was now circling her clit, causing her body to tremble softly.

I repositioned myself so that my pussy was over Maya’s face. “Just kiss at first,” I told her. She kissed my slit, then probed quietly with her tongue. “Flick the clit,” I moaned. She flickered her tongue lightly over my nub, and my body started to spasm. Within a few seconds I was releasing my honey onto her face.

About a minute later, Maya’s body began to tremble with pleasure. Alexandra’s ministrations had been rewarded by a massive orgasm. “Ooooh! Yeeesss!” Maya squealed. “That’s the best I’ve ever had.”

“What do you say?” Alexandra said teasingly. “You ready to join our side? Down with boys — who needs ’em?”

Maya laughed and said, “If this is what girls are like, I’ll stay on this side of the fence.”

“Speaking of staying,” I remarked, “would you like to join us, in bed and as our roommate, on a permanent basis?”

I thought her face would dissolve in tears of joy. “I’d love that,” she said.

The three of us are still a triplet. We’re now seniors and see no reason not to stay with each other after we graduate.

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