Alone for the Week

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This is the story of how I lost my virginity.

My name is Lily. I am 17 years old and I am 5 ½ feet tall. I have red hair and green cat-like eyes. My skin is pale and covered in freckles. My breasts are a B cup. A descent size in my opinion.

I live with my parents outside of town in the woods. Both of my parents have red hair. My mom, Sophie, is 45 years old and is the same height as me. Sometimes people mistake us for sisters. She has blue eyes and size C cup breasts. She is a travel agent so she is gone a lot if the time. My dad, Thomas, is gone a lot too but not as much. He has green eyes and stands 6 feet tall. He works long hours at his business and sometimes has to go away for a long while.

Well time to tell you what happened to me during my March Break. My parents got the news that they both had to go on business trips during that time, so I was left home alone. I didn’t mind being alone at home. It gave me freedom to do what I pleased. I had run of the house. No I am not a party girl. I am too focus on my studies to do that sort of thing, so my parents had no problem leaving me home alone.

It was a Friday morning when my parents left for their trip. They even said I could have a friend over, as long as it wasn’t a boy. Ha! I thought to myself. As if any guy would be interested in a girl like me.

I decided to go for a swim, so I went and changed into my bathing suite. I went out to our back yard and dived right in. The water was a little nippy at first but then illegal bahis I got used to it. It was around noon when I got out. I went in and made myself a sandwich and went into the living room to watch some TV.

After awhile I got bored of TV so I went my room and lied down on my bed and read my favourite book. I read until suppertime and I made myself some food. After I ate I went and set the house alarm system. I then headed upstairs and got ready for bed.

I put on my favourite nightgown, and snuggled down into the blankets. I cuddle with my three favourite teddy bears. I can never sleep without them. You may think that it is childish but I feel that they give me comfort. In no time I am in a deep sleep.

Suddenly I feel something touching me. Stroking me. It wakes me up. I try to move but I can’t and I can’t see anything. The cool air makes my body shiver and makes me realize that I am naked. A soft touch strokes me again, this time on my breast. It feels so good that I couldn’t help but moan. The soft strokes increase and become rough. Then I feel the same touch around my private area. Then I feel something wet touch my pussy. I realize that it is a tongue. It licks me with deep long strokes that make me moan. My heart rate increases, both from fear and lust.

Then something touches my mouth and is forced in. I gag at first but then I get accustom to it.

“Suck it bitch,” said a voice in a growl like way.

I reluctantly obey. I really didn’t have a choice. I started to illegal bahis siteleri suck on the cock inside my mouth. A beastly moan fills my ears. I feel the cock start to throb inside mouth. The beastly moans grow longer and louder. I start to feel a warm feeling deep within me due to the tongues that are working my breasts and pussy. The feeling grows and grows until I scream around the cock inside my mouth. My scream must have overwhelmed the person who was ramming their cock into my mouth because it exploded forcing me to swallow every drop of cum that he had to give me.

“Don’t even think of screaming because it would be the last breathe you’d take.”

I kept quiet and the softened cock slipped out of my mouth. I then felt one of them rub their, cock up and down my wet slit. He pushed it into my virginal entrance and rammed it to the hilt. I did not make a sound however because I had broken my hymen while taking horseback riding lessons. He then pulled out until just the head was in and rammed deep and hard back into my depths. He continued to do this at a slow rate. I then felt someone kneeling above my head.

“My turn to use the little slut’s mouth”

This one was bigger than the other. I gaged as he shoved it down my throat. He pulled out until just the tip was in and then rammed it back down.

I wish I would wake up from this horrible nightmare. I thought to myself. But I didn’t wake. The cocks continued to be thrusted in and out of my holes. My breasts were still being canlı bahis siteleri rubbed in time with the movement of the cocks. It was too much for me to take. I exploded in another intense orgasm.

“Uhhh!!! Yessss!!! Squeeze my cock with that sweet pussy of yours, you little bitch,” growled the one guy.

His thrust increased in rate. I felt his cock throbbing within me. With one load animal like moan he rammed his cock deep as he could and released his seamen deep in my womb. It was so hot and it felt so good. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I moaned. My moan sent vibrations up the cock in my mouth causing it to also explode at the same time as the other. I swallowed all that I could. I found myself like, maybe even loving, the taste of cum. I then felt them get off of me.

“We are going to untie you but you can not fight us for if you do we will not hesitate in hurting you. Understand slut?”

“Yes, I understand” I meekly said

“Good girl”

My arms were untied first, then my legs. I was lifted off the bed and made to stand on the floor. My legs were weak beneath me and I felt like I was going to fall over. I heard movement on my bed. I was just about to fall over when someone picked me up and put me on top of a very thick and long cock. I moan as I was forced to sit down. I was pushed forward so I was lying on top of the guy beneath me. Then I felt another guy get up behind me. He spread open my ass cheeks and drove his cock deep into my bowels. I screamed in agony. I was lifted up and down on the monstrous cocks filling both my holes. The intense pain and pleasure mixed together was too much for me to take. I blacked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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