Alone with Mom

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I finished the last question and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. My last final of the semester finished. I didn’t even care how I did, I was just so relieved this week of hell was over. All that was left to do was head back to my apartment, grab my heaping laundry hamper and my laptop and head home for the winter break. I opted not to take the three week class term this year, which meant I had six glorious weeks to sit on the couch at home with my mom to do all my laundry and cook all my food.

My sister was still in high school but she was taking this winter break to do some Habitat for Humanity work down south to pad her college applications, so she would already be gone when I got home and she wouldn’t be back for two weeks. My dad had been sent to India by his company to train people to do his job there and wouldn’t be back for three weeks.

The house would be nice and quiet with no one there for my mom to wait on except me. I had a strict schedule of sleeping in, playing Fallout 4 and jacking off the entire six weeks. I would likely have to spend a good amount of time on the phone with my girlfriend, Andie, too. I figured I could do that at the same time as most of my other plans though. Andie and I had started living together this year. It just made sense to get an apartment together when we moved out of the dorms. It was awesome at first, we fucked two or three times a day for the first couple weeks. Lately though, we hadn’t even seen much of each other. I figured it was mostly because of studying for finals.

The drive home was uneventful but cold and I had to pass through a few snow flurries, but nothing that slowed me down. It was about 6 when I pulled into the driveway. I loaded my arms with all my shit, so I didn’t have to make another trip out here and then hoisted it through the door.

“Mom! I’m home!” I bellowed at the silent house. A couple more seconds passed before I saw my mom padding down the stairs and over to me with a wide grin and her arms out.

“Eric!” She folded me up in a firm hug. She even hummed and rocked a bit. I squeezed her back, smiling. My mom and I had always gotten along really well. It was always me and Mom doing our thing while Dad and Elise did their thing. Mom was always more impulsive and sarcastic like me while Dad and Elise were more focused and disciplined.

“Jeez Mom,” I teased as she broke the hug, “you couldn’t even put on a bra for your only son’s homecoming?”

“Hey! I have been alone in this house for a day and a half now, you are lucky I’m wearing anything at all!” I laughed and followed her into the living room. There was a pile of clothes on the sofa and she started to fold them as we talked. “Here,” she said. “I know you expect me to wait on you hand and foot for the next month and a half, but you can at least help me fold.”

I got up and stood next to her, pulling garments out of the heap and folding them. When we were down to a few towels, she handed me a stack and said, “These go to your sister’s room. Just put them on the bed, she can put them away when she gets home. She has a system, she doesn’t want me to put her clothes away anymore.”

“What?” I said, incredulous. “She doesn’t want you to put her clothes away? She is that anal?” Mom shrugged and I rolled my eyes as I carried the stack up the stairs. I opened my sister’s door and walked in. I put the clothes down on the bed, but looked around curiously before heading out. I was half curious about what my sister was into these days and half tempted to mess with her shit so she had a panic attack when she got home. She had taken her computer with her. Damn, that would have been the perfect way to mess with her. So I idly opened a few drawers. Especially the one that was the panty drawer for every female everywhere. Her bras were all neatly stacked, each cup nestled in the cup of the one behind like they were at Victoria’s Secret when I went there to buy Andie’s birthday present. So of course I ruffled them up before closing the drawer.

The panty drawer did take me by surprise though. One half were cotton panties in bright colors and funny patterns, but the other half was filled with lace and thongs and satin. All the sexy stuff you only wear when someone can see it. Shit, there was even a garter belt and some of those old-fashioned stockings with the seam up the back like Betty Paige or some shit. Shocked, I picked up one of the lacy thongs and saw a roll of condoms casino siteleri and a little vibrating bullet tucked underneath. I just stood there, mouth open and lacy thong still in hand when I heard my mom’s voice from the doorway.

“What. Are. You. Doing?” She said sharply. I jumped and looked over at her, still in shock.

“Do you know what’s in this drawer?” I said, trying to shift the attention off my invasion of privacy to what my sister was trying to keep private.

“Yes.” She crossed the room and pushed the drawer closed in front of me. “I do know what’s in there because I went shopping with her and bought these for her.” The expression on my face must have been good because she sighed and explained. “Look, for once she came to me for advice on something instead of to her dad, and maybe I went a bit… overboard, but I wanted to be as open as possible so she knew she could always come to me with questions about sex.”

“You gave your daughter in high school sex advice?” I asked, still trying to picture the scene and failing.

Then she smiled, “Oh, Honey. Sex has not changed in the last 20 years. Trust me.”

“I never went to Dad for sex advice!” She barked a laugh.

“For Andie’s sake, I certainly hope not! It took me ten years trying to train that man in the sack before I finally gave up! No, if you want sex advice kiddo, you come to me OK?”

I had a moment to be repelled by the idea, then, “Wait, what do you mean by ‘gave up’? I know you guys still have sex, I hear it like, all the time.” She sighed again and plopped onto Elise’s bed and folded her legs.

“Yes, your father and I do still have sex every week or so. He is always very pleased. But Steve is so…Vanilla. It’s not always the most exciting for me. We have another arrangement.”



I didn’t even have words formed in my mind, much less have one to say out loud. I did make noises though. After a few croaks and quacks, my mom pulled me down to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Obviously I can’t say something like that without some follow-up. Do you actually want to hear it?” She looked right at me. I thought for a second and realized I did. There was something so forbidden about your parents’ sex life, but I knew I would likely not get another chance to know the details and God help me, I now had a burning curiosity to know. So I nodded.

“Well. About seven or eight years ago I was getting very frustrated with your father. Steve is a sweet and attentive lover, but his idea of kinky is when I get on top or suck his dick. That’s all the adventure he can handle. But I need more than that. I need different positions or role playing or anal.” The thought of a dick in my mom’s ass made my stomach clench, but also made my groin stir. What the fuck?

“He tried, bless his little heart, but it actually made it worse. Every time he tried something new to make me happy, it would end badly, or he would lose his erection or something. It was forced, and honey, let me tell you, you can’t force ANYTHING in the bedroom if you want something to work.” She flipped her hand in a final gesture, the expression making it clear that she had thoroughly exhausted that issue.

“We really went through a rough patch there. We hardly spoke to each other. He felt inadequate and I felt unfulfilled. It was really bad. Then one day Steve sits me down at the table and presents me with a contract.”

“A what?” I said. My dad could be a bit stuffy, but this seemed a bit extreme even for him.

“Yup. He had drafted an entire set of regulations for an open marriage. He only wanted me, but reserved the option to spend time in bed with someone else if the day ever came, and I was free to explore my own sexuality outside the marriage. “

“Wait, what were these rules?” I was still trying to wrap my head around this.

“Well, you know, obvious things like always using protection and being safe with our outside partners. But other things like he was not comfortable with my seeking companionship with another man. In his mind it wasn’t an affair if it was just sex, but if I dated someone, that would feel like cheating. Anyway, we sat down and talked out every detail. That contract still exists and has been updated and amended over the years, but we still go by it.”

“So… uh, you just go out to a bar and pick someone up or…” I was getting hung up on a lot of the details. I knew they weren’t important, canlı casino or at least none of my business, but I was just trying to understand.

“Oh, lord no!” She even laughed out loud, rocking forward and gripping my arm. “No, by now I have three or four regulars that I see depending on what I want.” She could see the question on my face that I couldn’t find words to say out loud. She smiled and spared any more struggle and just answered the unasked question.

“I have a lot of interests Honey, so when I want someone rough and in charge, I call Alan. Or technically, he calls me because he is the Dom in our relationship, so I have to bend to his will. Then there is Tony. He is actually not much older than you. He wanted an older woman who would be dominant over him, so that is our relationship. And then Paul and Derek I see just for fun from time to time. Paul’s dick is enormous! And Derek is busy a lot, but he takes out his stress in some really fun and passionate ways.” She kind of trailed off here and a small smirk quirked her lips and she seemed a little far away. My attention was stuck on one thing now, and one thing only.

“So… this Tony… uh…” She looked at me, this time waiting for me to speak the question. I decided to just say it. “Is that like a mommy son thing? Do you guys…uh… pretend it’s you and me or anything like that?” She stared hard into my eyes for a long and awkward moment. The air seemed heavy and thick all of a sudden.

“How would that make you feel if we did?” She finally said. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know how I felt. I only knew my whole body was hot and I felt too aware of my skin. Then her eyes moved. They shifted down and my gaze followed hers to the straining front of my jeans. My dick was rock hard and throbbing against its restraints. She looked back up to my eyes as she slowly leaned forward, stretching out her hand toward my crotch. She watched closely for any sign of me saying no, and when she saw none, she kept moving forward.

My whole body jerked and I gasped out loud when her fingers made contact with my body. She was leaning forward now and I could see down the front of her sweater to her bare breasts underneath. Somehow I couldn’t look away from them as my breathing came harder and deeper as her fingers moved up and down the length of me over my jeans.

“Would you like Mommy to fix this Baby?” Her voice had changed. It was now low and throaty. Somehow more mature and authoritative than it had ever been. I could only nod as I drew in another shuddering breath. Her eyes were locked on mine as she slid from the bed to her knees on the floor.

“Stand up Eric.” She ordered. I did. Why were my legs so shaky? My fingers went to my belt, but they were sort of numb and I fumbled for less than a second before she slapped my hands away sharply.

“No. This is a mother’s job.” She reached forward and deftly unbuckled my belt and jeans and unzipped. I breathed out a ragged half-moan as she reached in and her long fingers wrapped around my throbbing dick. The sensation was so acute, it was almost painful as she stroked up and down slowly. Agonizingly slowly.

She smiled approvingly back at me. “Good boy. Your dick is much nicer than your father’s.” Then she opened her lips wide and my cock disappeared inside. I almost cried when her lips sealed around me and she sucked up the length of me the first time. “It’s OK baby,” She said up at me. “Mommy will make this all better.”

Then she slid me back in her mouth, this time all the way. This time a noise did come out of my mouth I had never made in my life, followed by “Oh Fuck!” When she surfaced again, she let a long string of saliva spill over her lips to drip in a long string to slide over the tip of my rigid cock. Using her hand, she spread it all around, making it all slippery and her hand started making a sloppy sound as it stroked my thick cock. I groaned again as she slipped me back into her mouth. She sucked me like I had never been sucked before. She did things with her tongue… I don’t even know how to describe it!

Then she stood up in front of me. She pulled my shirt off over my head and then pushed me back onto my sister’s bed, spilling the laundry all over. I lay on my back looking up at my mother. She kicked my legs apart and stepped between them. Somehow just having her stand there between my legs make my cock throb even harder. Then she crossed her arms and lifted her sweater kaçak casino over her head. And there were her breasts. They here big, but not huge, heavy, but not saggy. I wanted nothing more than to sit up and suck on them right then. My mouth even started watering.

But then she spun, unbuttoned her jeans and bent forward to slide them off, showing me her wide round ass and her thick soft thighs. Andie was so lean. She was so young and tight, I didn’t realize how inviting a round ass like this could be. When she straightened and turned, I saw my mother naked for the first time standing there in front of me while she looked at my nakedness.

She stepped back in order to push my knees back together and pull me slightly toward her so that my ass was barely on the edge of the bed. Then she turned again. Parting her legs, she stepped back until she was straddling me with my dick pointed right up at her smooth pussy. Then she lowered herself onto me. I felt the hot wetness as the tip of my dick touched my mother’s pussy.

“UUUuhhhh!” I moaned loudly and my head rolled back as I entered my mother’s womb again. Twenty one years after I was last in there, although I had no memory of my last encounter, I knew this was much better. Her warm wet folds embraced me and sucked me in as though they knew I belonged there. Belonged to her. She began to bounce slowly up and down on me. “Oh fuck yes!” I said in almost a hissing whisper.

“Lesson one, my son.” She panted. “Hands.” Then she reached back and took mine, placing them on her waist, just at the flare of her hips. “Always have your hands on your woman. Your hands tell her what you want from her and what your mood is. Rough hands tell her you’re in charge. Soft roaming hands tell her you want to please her. Firm hands tell her you love and want her.”

I was panting hard too, watching her big ass slapping down on my big cock again and again. This was bliss. I had never known anything so amazing. Then she stopped. She stood up so I slid out of her, my dick slapping back onto my belly. I was devestated. My mind felt thick and sort of foggy, but I knew I wanted back in that cunt NOW.

“Lesson two son. Make HER beg for more dick.” She pulled me up and laid herself down on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide. “Make me beg for it son.” She finally said after I didn’t move. I knelt down between her warm soft thighs and opened my mouth. I kissed and licked and sucked on my mother’s pussy until she was moaning, her fingers gripped my hair. She gave me a few instructions at first, but I have always been a quick learner.

“Yes!” She finally said, “It’s time for you to fuck me, son.” She crawled back up into the bed and I followed her. I didn’t wait or take my time, I just entered her. Pushing in deep as I could with another moan. I fucked her hard as I could and she moaned and screamed in pleasure. I hooked her legs in front of my arms so I could really lean in and fuck faster. Her pitch increased. I was fucking my mother and she was loving it.

I was feeling dirty and wrong and it made me even hornier. I leaned forward so I could growl in her ear. “You still want a dick in your ass Mom?” She didn’t even respond, she just kicked me off so she could roll over and lift her knee up to her chest. I looked down at my mom’s asshole. I let a long string of spit fall onto it from my mouth. I used my dick to stop it from sliding down to the laundry we were fucking on. Then I pushed in. I had never done anal before, but I slid in much easier that I had expected. Clearly my mother was experienced in this. My mom was a whore. This realization made me so horny to fuck her I don’t even know what happened. I only know I was slamming my cock into her as hard as I could now. She was screaming into the pillow now.

“Yes! Yes! That’s my good boy! Fuck Mommy just like that!” Her words spurred me on, but it didn’t take long with that kind of stimulation before I could feel myself getting close to blowing my load.

“I’m gonna cum, Mom.” I panted to her.

“No!” She kicked me away again. “I want you to cum on my face. I want to see it.”

She quickly maneuvered so that her face was right under my cock as I furiously stroked it. I was so close…

Then I looked down and saw her looking right up into my eyes, mouth open, waiting for my cum. The image was so fucking wrong I instantly came. My cum rocketed out so hard it went right over her head to hit my sister’s dresser. My whole body shuddered and I felt like my brain was exploding. I have never come so hard before or since. I sunk to my knees and laid out flat on the floor, exhausted. Two full weeks alone in the house with this woman… would I even survive?

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