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This is the true story of how I developed a penchant for the attractive older lady and it was such an amazing experience, it has had an important influence on my sex life ever since.

Events took place many years ago when I was in my early twenties and studying for my first degree in the beautiful, historic buildings and landscaped grounds of a University in Wales. It was summertime and the department was hosting a graduation ceremony and I was asked as a favour to look after an American friend of one of our lecturers, who herself was busy on the big day, requesting that I show this lady around the place. I thought it would be a good idea if I wore my smart grey interview suit and it was just as well, for soon I was introduced to a very smartly dressed woman in a neat little dark-green fitted linen jacket and matching pencil skirt. She said her name was Pamela and I’d say she was perhaps 60 years old, but wow did she look good for her age. She had a very pretty face with round cheek bones, largish grey eyes and cutely-tousled, shortish grey hair that Americans seem to do so well. I would say she was about average height, but with a tidy, curvy little figure.

She was immediately flirty with me, saying how smart I looked in my suit and complimenting me on my height of 6’4″ and strong physique. She mentioned in her pleasant American accent how lovely it was to be escorted by such a handsome young man. I don’t think I had ever met an older woman up to that time whose look and talk had my heart beating a little faster and the blood rushing a little to my nether organs that I hoped she wouldn’t notice the slight bulge in my trousers from just being in her company. After I had shown her around some of the lovely old buildings and historic lecture theatres, she asked if I knew of somewhere where she could smoke a cigarette. Smoking was not allowed inside on campus and frowned-on elsewhere, so I led her around to a little hidden atrium between the buildings where I used to hang-out with a couple of student friends when they had a smoke. Fortunately, casino oyna it was behind some hanging ivy, so it was a pretty secluded spot. There was an old blocked up window which had a ledge about 4 feet off the ground that as she struggled to get onto in her tight little skirt, so I did the gentlemanly thing by picking her up lightly by her waist and seating her on the ledge and then I lent against the wall opposite, as she lit her ciggie.

We chatted for a while as she smoked and eventually she asked me casually whether I had a girlfriend. When I said “no” she expressed surprise and said she couldn’t believe that a lovely fit, young lad like me didn’t have a woman. Rather forwardly, she then said bluntly “well, what do you do for sex? I know you young fellas are perpetually horny”. At this I went slightly shy and my face reddened to her evident amusement. “Come over here” she said sexily. Pamela then rucked-up her tight skirt as well as she could, opened her legs slightly and beckoned me over. At this, I moved up between her tanned thighs and she was at the perfect height to grab my necktie and pull me towards her for a kiss.

Our lips met gently at first, but within seconds I could feel her tongue snaking into my mouth for a fantastic sexy french kiss. My groin which was lightly pressed into hers immediately became engorged with a full-blown erection that there was no way I could hide from her. “Mmm nice”, she whispered pulling my bum in towards her body, whilst kissing more and more passionately. As our tongues fenced, I started rubbing my hard-on against her mound to which she reciprocated in a circular motion, making a slight groan as she did so. “You are so lovely” she said as I kissed her cheek and nuzzled her neck. “Oh God, you are so beautiful” I replied, whilst stroking my hands up and down her little body. She then leaned back a little and undid her jacket and the top buttons of her silver satin blouse so I could see a lacy white bra over her full round globes. “Touch my breasts” she whispered and I moved my left hand up to gently canlı casino squeeze and fondle first one and then the other, taking special care to rub my thumbs across her hardening nipples. She had very soft and slightly sagging boobs as you might expect, but still an enticing round shape – just perfect to make my cock all the harder.

We continued kissing with me thrusting slightly into her and I reached down and gently began to rub her pussy through her silky panties where I could feel the moisture already soaking through. “Mmmm yes, I love that” she moaned. I then pulled her bra down enough to allow me to lean and suckle both her nipples in turn, which hardened and lengthened in my mouth like little strawberries to her evident delight. Her hand moved downwards to my suit trousers where she found my engorged cock and slowly rubbed it up and down with her manicured fingers. “Lovely big, hard boy” she said lustily. We carried on kissing and fondling for a few minutes both moaning with lust for each other and being a young man, it was all I could do to stop bursting in my pants there and then. Pre-cum was leaking from the head of my erect prick which was begging to be released from the prison of my trousers. “Pull my panties aside” she moaned and so I did so, starting gently to rub her soaking pussy lips and clit with my fingers. Within seconds she whimpered and spasmed against my body in what must have been the throws of her first orgasm, gasping breathlessly as she did so. I drew back from her as she recovered and rapidly undid my belt and my fly button to free my stiff dick which sprung-out bouncing towards her dripping pussy as if aimed by nature at the place it had to seek.

On seeing my lovestick she reached down and stroked it’s thickness up and down a few times and then rubbed it’s pink head over her wet labia, whimpering as she did so. I was fit to burst there and then and could wait no longer, so stepping forward, I thrust deeply into her womanhood and was amazed how easily I slid into her and how warm and wet it felt. She yelped and kaçak casino I gasped loudly as I pushed into her which was a fantastic feeling of mutual ecstasy. My long thick cock felt huge inside of her as I thrust right into her moist core and she cried out with her mouth wide open with the pleasure of it. I too was groaning as I powered into her over and over again, my balls slapping wetly against her pussy lips getting a good warm soaking in love juice. Again and again, humping up into her whilst we groaned and kissed with hands stroking up and down each other’s bodies, my tall strong frame and her lovely little curves and breasts bouncing up and down. “Oh God, I love it so much” she gasped and “what a great cock” she whimpered. All I could do was moan, for I could feel the pleasure building in my prick and balls ready to explode.

My thrusts increased in tempo as I grasped this lovely woman, whose face was contorted in rapture – “I’m coming” she yelled and as she spasmed in deep orgasm, I could hold back no longer, my balls shuddering as they released their warm sticky load in thick white jets. My spunk shot deep into her sodden pussy again and again in five or six spurts that only a virile young man could manage.

We both gasped deeply and shook against each other, kissing and looking into each other’s eyes as my thrusts slowed, our groins sopping wet with love juices. After a minute or two of cuddling each other, I withdrew from her and she cleaned us both up gently with some tissues from her handbag all the time with me stroking and kissing this beautiful older woman, who had given a young man such pleasure. When we were looking presentable, I led her by the hand back out into the real world, where no-one would have suspected how we had just enjoyed our wonderful lovemaking. Eventually she had to depart and gave me her number on a little piece of paper which also said kindly that I was the “loveliest young man and the best ever” which seemed a very fine complement from such a gorgeous mature lady.

Sadly she had to leave for America not long after and I never got to see her again, but she was an amazing lover and our encounter has fueled many a fantasy for me and turned me on to the pleasures of sexy older women ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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