An Anal Reunion

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I didn’t want to go to the reunion, but Jane insisted. Me, I’d left all those High School days way behind, they were history to me, and it wasn’t a history I wanted to revisit. But Jane had loved High School. She still kept in contact with her old gang, seeing them regularly, even though we’d moved to another town soon after we married.

Then I thought I’d gotten lucky. Jane caught a cold, a bad one, and was laid up in bed for days. I really thought I’d got out of it. But then, on the day of the reunion, Jane got out of bed, filled herself with prescription drugs, and dragged me into the car by my shirt collar. A three hour drive later and I was walking into Judy Marshall’s house.

Did I say house? Judy had married well. Her husband Frank was big in something or other, and their house was more like a sultan’s palace. It was huge. Rooms everywhere, with acres of garden. This was one of the many reasons I wanted to avoid the re-union. Sure, I’d done okay, but there were always going to be people who were doing a whole lot better.

The moment we stepped through the door, Jane was whisked away by Judy and I was left to fend for myself. It had been ten years since High School and even though there was probably a hundred people or more there, I was struggling to recognise anyone – and no one seemed to recognise me. Then I got a tap on the shoulder.

“Dave you old Dog, how you been?”

It took me a couple of seconds to realise that the big hand slapping my back belonged to Jake Jones. Jake had been in the football team with me. We’d never been close, but we’d always got on okay. And, anyway, it wasn’t like I had lots of other people to talk to. Jake had cornered a few other members of our old team – Pete, Mike and Steve. Again, none of them had been good friends, but we’d all done the usual footy team stuff together, so there was a degree of empathy there.

After a few beers and a bit of talk about some of the games we’d played – and, yes, some of the girls the team had laid – the reunion didn’t seem as bad as it had. I was even having fun. After the fifth or sixth beer, Jake and I went in search of the conveniences, but the downstairs toilet was occupied. So, upstairs we went. After finding the toilet and doing what we had to do, we started on our way back when Jake spotted something through a partly open bedroom door.

“Dave, look at this.”

I looked through the crack of the open door and saw what Jake saw. On the bed was a woman. She’d güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri obviously had one champagne too many and was totally unconscious. She was lying on her belly with her head under the blankets, but with her legs exposed. Her dress had pulled up high so all that covered her was her panties. The only light was from the hall, but Jake was sure he knew who it was.

“It’s Tina Cox, I’m sure I saw her staggering around up here half drunk an hour or so ago. That bitch. When we were in High School, she wouldn’t even look at me. I asked her for a date once, and she just laughed at me.”

Yeah, that was Tina. She was really up herself at school. Thought she was above everyone. I knew exactly how Jake felt, because she’d given me the same treatment. For Jake, it was a moment he’d waited ten years for.

“I’m gonna fuck the bitch.”

I was shocked. Yeah, she was a bitch, but that didn’t give anyone the right to rape her.

“You can’t do that Jake, that’s rape.”

Jake just smiled.

“Remember back in High School, at Steve’s party. You didn’t seem to mind then.”

I knew what he meant. Suzie McMahon had passed out in the spare bedroom, and while she slept we all fucked her – the whole team, including me.

“But we were only 17 back then.”

Jake was having none of it.

“Yeah, and Suzie was only 16. Now we’re all 28, and I’m gonna fuck Tina Cockteaser.”

That’s what we called Tina Cox. She was a cockteaser and a bitch, but did that mean we could just go and fuck her because she was unconscious and couldn’t say no? Jake certainly thought so.

“Watch the door.”

With that, he slipped inside and closed the door behind him. I should have tried to stop him, but I didn’t. After a few minutes, I opened the door and peeked inside. Tina was in the same position, on her stomach, but now Jake was on her, fucking her doggie style. He looked up and smiled at me. Tina didn’t budge. She was totally gone.

A few moments later, Jake was back up with me.

“Your turn.”

I didn’t want to be a part of it, and told him.

“Okay, then watch the door. I’m getting the others.”

The next thing I knew Pete, Mike and Steve were coming up the stair, all three smiling and joking with Jake. The squeezed past me and looked through the door. Mike groaned.

“Oh wow. You say that’s Tina?”

Jake assured him it was, and Mike had no hesitation in following in Jake’s footsteps.

“Okay. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I’m next.”

Over the next half hour, all three of them went in and fucked Tina. I have to confess, waiting there, looking through the door and watching them, I started to get a hard on. And I really had wanted to fuck Tina when we were all at High School – I wanted her bad. So I thought, well, everyone else has done it, one more won’t hurt. So after Steve came out smirking, I made my decision.

“Okay, I’m going in. Hold the door.”

Jake gave me another one of his big slaps on the back and in I went.

It was dark in the room, but after a few minutes my eyes adjusted. Tina’s ass was bar now; Jake had taken off her panties. And her legs were wide open. I could see cum dripping out of her cunt. The cum put me off. I didn’t mind ‘stirring the porridge’ when I was in high school, but sliding my cock in amongst all that cum wasn’t an attractive proposition ten years later. But then I had another idea.

I’d never fucked an ass in my life. Jane, who was my childhood sweetheart and only real girlfriend, refused to even try it. But now I had the chance I’d been waiting for. So why not fuck Tina’s ass?

I ran a finger down between her ass cheeks, stopping at her dark little hole. It was tight and dry – none of the others had been there. I slid my finger into her cunt and started rubbing the cum and pussy juices around her asshole, before slowly sliding a finger inside. It was loosening up fast. A little more cum, a little more pussy juice, and soon I had two fingers inside her ass, then three.

This was the moment. I slipped down my pants and looked down at my cock. I couldn’t remember the last time it had been so hard. I gently lay down on Tina’s back, then rested the head of my cock against her asshole. I pushed. Nothing happened. I pushed a little harder and – success – the tip of my cock’s head parted the lips of her asshole. I was half an inch in. I gave another hard push. Suddenly I had an inch inside Tina’s ass, then two inches. Under the blankets, I heard a moan. Was she going to wake up? I stopped for a moment. She went silent again. I slid my cock out almost all the way, then pushed it back hard.

Heaven! My head exploded as my entire seven inches slid all the way to the hilt up Tina’s ass. It felt so tight, so exquisitely tight around my shaft that my whole body tingled. I slid almost all the way out güvenilir bahis şirketleri again, then rammed my cock back into her. Then I did it again. And again. It was unbelievable. After less than a minute, my cock burst like a water balloon, my cum gushing into Tina’s ass like a flowing river. I sagged over the top of her, completely exhilarated and exhausted.

I lay there for at least two minutes, then pulled my shrivelled cock from her battered asshole. I pulled my pants up, zipped my fly, then quickly left the room Jake was waiting.

“Well done Davo! At last we’ve all been able to fuck that little bitch.”

I smiled, but I felt suddenly uncomfortable. Assfucking Tina had been great, but now I felt guilty. It really was a terrible thing we had done. And what would Jane have thought if she knew? For one, I’ve never been unfaithful to her, but raping an old school friend when she was unconscious – that was just too much. Dave obviously didn’t feel the same way.

“Come on, let’s have another beer to celebrate. The boys are down stairs. This has been great, just like old times.”

Yes, just like old times. And now I also felt guilty about Suzie McMahon, all those years ago. She didn’t deserve to get fucked by the whole team ten years ago, and Tina didn’t deserve what had happened to her.

I followed Jake downstairs. The boys were laughing and drinking beers. Steve threw one to me, but as I sipped it, it tasted bitter in my mouth. I’d lost my appetite for all the fun and talk. All around me people were remembering old times and having fun, but the old times I remembered made me feel bad, and the recent times made me feel worse.

I wanted to leave, but I knew Jane would be having a great time. I hung around with the guys for another hour, then decided I’d find Jane and start dropping some hints. As I walked around, I ran into Judy, the host.

“Hi Judy…hey, I’m trying to find Jane, do you know where she is?”

“Jane? Didn’t Anne tell you?”

“Tell me. Tell me what?”

Judy looked concerned.

“Anne was supposed to find you and tell you about Jane.”

I was starting to get frustrated.

“Tell me what? What’s happened to Jane.”

“Oh, I’m sure it’s not serious. It must be those drugs she took for her cold.”

Now I was much more than just frustrated – I was getting angry.

“Judy, will you just tell me what’s happened to Jane.”

“Well, like I said, it must be those prescription drugs. She only had one or maybe two wines, then she suddenly passed out.”

I was beside myself.

“Passed out? Did you get an ambulance or something?”

Judy smiled at what she felt was my over-reaction.

“Ambulance? Oh, no need for that. She’s just sleeping it off in the spare room upstairs.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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