An Incredible Twelve Hours

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One of the nice things about living in the country is that you can do just about anything you want as long as you don’t get caught.

Since his neighbours were few and far between the opportunities where pretty much endless, which is why he was lying on his picnic table naked in the sun.

He had never done anything exactly like this before or at least what he was planning on doing, although he had secretly been naked outside his home many times before. As his kids got older and his wife found interests, other than him, he had begun to indulge his “hobby”.

It had started off small, they would be out swimming at the beach and he would find a way to get away from the group and slip his trunks off. His wife was not amused and was not supportive of his desire to be naked. She was very religious and had always told him that that sex was only for procreation and not pleasure.

He figured that he had only been laid, maybe once or twice a year since, and even then, it was just basic missionary sex, no variety, no pleasure, and no fun. In the last five years, he couldn’t remember even getting that.

Not able to afford a divorce, he had turned to masturbation and was really surprised that he wasn’t blind by now, like the old saying went.

He exercised, running and lifting weights; he thought he was attractive but no matter what he did, his wife didn’t seem to notice or care. One of the things that had always bothered her was how hairy he was, so recently, he had taken a chance and shaved his body. It had taken him a while, but he could not believe how different it made him feel.

It took his wife several days to notice; but, when she did, she was really not happy with a husband who had less body hair than her. Proof that nothing would make her happy came when she said that as long as he was shaving himself, she would not be having anything to do with him sexually. He figured he couldn’t win either way.

He had told her that it made him feel sexier without the “fur look”, but she had been insistent and he had let it grow back. But in fact, she said she really didn’t feel like sex anymore anyway and within a few months, he had shaved himself again and she didn’t seem to care. He liked how it felt, the feeling of his smooth skin on his clothes, and it was a small pleasure in a life that really didn’t have too many pleasures.

Richard was in his early fifties, he had been married for more than 30 years, and unless something drastic happened, he might have to resign himself to a “sexless” life, except that he did not want to do that.

His “closet” nudity provided him with an outlet, if not completely satisfying, it was better than nothing. When everyone was in bed late at night, he had started slipping outside and walking around naked.

At first, his nudity was limited to just around the yard, more than once he had to duck behind trees when cars appeared on the road, each time knowing that he was naked and could be caught, only seemed to enhance the thrill.

Soon he started taking more chances, and had begun walking on the road at night, more than once he had almost been caught far from his house and each time had successfully hidden and not been seen. These close calls only seemed to encourage him more, and were always followed by him making himself get off.

At some point, he couldn’t quite remember, he had started tasting his cum, sometimes from his fingers, sometimes from the palm of his hand. Soon though, he was more than just tasting it, he was eating all of it.

With the coming of summer this year, for the first time in his life, he wasn’t working because of Covid-19 and because his wife was still working, as a nurse, he had long periods of alone time. One day on a whim, he thought about trying nude sunbathing. All his life he had a farmer’s tan and he was always curious about having an all over tan, but never had an opportunity, until now.

The first day he tried it, he couldn’t relax, he had been worried about the mailman or someone else surprising him and he had only stayed out for about 30 minutes. The next time he told himself that he would hear anything on the gravel driveway and he would have more than enough time to get dressed, should someone arrive, and this time he stayed out more than an hour.

After a week, he was spending about 90 minutes each time, plus he was getting braver. By the middle of the second week, he started masturbating outside and lying on his picnic table. In the mean time, his tan extended now to all of those parts normally hidden by clothes.

The feeling of being nude outside in the hot sun, turned him on so much that this became his favourite activity; although at night time, he was still walking the empty road around his house more and more.

One day, while shaving himself, he was working on the sensitive area around his ass when his finger accidently rubbed up against his rosebud. He couldn’t believe how sensitive that area was and how quickly it made him hard. He could never remember his wife casino oyna touching him there and although he had tried with her, she refused to do anything out of the ordinary.

Taking some baby oil, he rubbed the oil against his ass and found he could actually penetrate himself with a finger. He came almost immediately. The next day, he took the baby oil outside while he sunbathed. Lying in the sun, he masturbated again, the first time just the regular way. The second time he used the baby oil on his ass and came even quicker, this time having penetrated himself with two fingers.

That night he was out walking late and happened by his neighbour John’s house. John had been recently widowed, was few years older than himself, but otherwise, they could have been brothers. Both were exercise addicts, John and his wife had kept pretty much to themselves, but in their few contacts since her death in a car accident, John had seemed okay, but even more withdrawn from life.

His wife had said that John and his wife, were just like them, both wives believing that sex was to be tolerated not enjoyed, Richard had made the mistake of saying, “poor guy”, which was met by a disapproving silence. She had said that John had dated a little bit a few months after his wife’s death, but the gossip was that he must not be interested in women and she left the implication hanging in the air.

On this night, Richard could see right into John’s house, saw him watching TV, and knowing that he was virtually invisible to John, it only added more of a thrill to his ongoing naked adventures. The idea of being potentially caught by another man who might want sex as badly as he did made Richard harder than he had ever been.

Playing with his ass had made him start to wonder if he was gay. The thoughts about John, only added to that possibility. He figured it was just because he had been cut off from sex for so long, that the idea of being with anyone turned him on. But he had to admit, the feeling of having something more than a finger in his ass really made him horny.

A few days later, he had found their old massager, from a distance, it looked like what he imagined a dildo must have looked like. It was about 10 inches long, a whitish pink colour and rounded on one end. He wondered.

The next day he bought a tube of lube at the drug store, along with some other things to hide the purchase and later in the afternoon he tried it out. It hurt the first time but after a little trial and error he found that if he kept his ass high in the air and his head lowered, it wouldn’t hurt as much and the combination of pain and pleasure was insane.

He felt so full with the tool up his ass and for the very first time, began to seriously wonder what it might feel like to be fucked in the ass. The idea of having his wife “peg” him wasn’t something he knew about, nor would it be anything her prudish mind would even consider.

While masturbating, he began to think about having a real cock up his ass, maybe John’s cock; and while so far he was dismissing the idea that he might be “gay”, he couldn’t argue that he came harder and faster, than at anytime in his life so far, when the massager was in his ass and his mind was lost in thoughts of sucking another man’s cock.

Right after lunch today, he had one of his best sessions ever, although; the entire time he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched, but each time he looked, he hadn’t heard or seen anyone.

That night, Richard decided if he could get out, he would walk by John’s house again.

Earlier the same day around lunch time, John wanted to speak to his neighbour about a question he had about buying a new car. Richard worked for a dealership and would be able to give him good advice. Since it was a nice day, he thought he would walk over and ask the question, he also had a letter for them that had gotten put in his mail box by mistake.

John walked down his driveway and up the curving side road to the main road, it was impossible to see Richard’s house from his. Approaching the main road, he rounded the bend and noticed there were no cars in the driveway.

“Damn,” it looked like they were not home, he almost turned around but remembered the letter, he could at least leave it in the door for them.

He crossed the road and started up their driveway, their flower bed on the far side of the house caught his eye and he thought no one would mind if he took a look at it.

Crossing over the grass he stopped to admire the flowers and took out his phone and snapped a couple of pictures. He walked around the side of the house heading to the back door that the family and neighbors used.

Coming around the corner at the back of the house, he stopped in his tracks, and he quickly backtracked around the corner. Somebody was home. He had glimpsed someone lying on the picnic table sunbathing. Sunbathing naked. In a quick glance before he ducked back, he had noticed tanned legs, a nice ass, a tanned back, and a head covered in a baseball canlı casino cap. They had their legs spread and feet towards him.

Whoever it was had obviously not heard him approaching, perhaps they were sensitive to the sound of the gravel, but he had come on the grass, on the other side of the house.

The right thing would be to turn around and quietly pretend he hadn’t seen anything. He didn’t do the right thing; he wasn’t sure why. It’s not like he was constantly thinking about sex, in fact, he couldn’t think of the last time it had even entered his mind. Peering around the corner again, he looked longer this time.

He was surprised at his reaction; he was becoming aroused and the longer he looked the more aroused he became.

The smooth long legs were slightly separated and came together in an ass that was almost perfect. The body was well toned and tanned everywhere, what startled him the most was that the naked person was his neighbour Richard.

Richard was oblivious to his presence and seemed to be reading a book. Never in his life had he ever though about a man in a sexual context. Richard’s well muscled body though was turning him on. Maybe it was the context of secretly watching him, maybe it was the sun, maybe that is why for the longest time he hadn’t felt like sex, even before his wife had passed away.

Richard shifted onto his side and John ducked behind the corner, his heart racing, leaning back around the corner, he saw that Richard was now lying on his side and for the first time he could see his cock.

It wasn’t huge, it was thick and circumcised, and like the rest of Richard’s body, it was completely shaved. His hand dropped to his own crotch, his shorts were tented in front, his long absent erection had returned. In spite of himself, he slipped his hand inside his shorts and then inside his underwear and he started rubbing himself.

He knew he should leave, what if Richard saw him, what if someone else saw him, how would he explain this? He didn’t leave and when he thought about it later, he still didn’t know why. All he knew was that something had stirred again inside him, and he liked how it felt.

Richard’s hand fell to between his legs. His fingers seemed to idly play with the smooth skin, it was almost as though he didn’t realize what his hand was doing.

John could see Richard’s cock hardening, the veins becoming more pronounced, it was a little longer but even thicker than before.

He really should stop watching, his mind was shouting at him, but his feet and eyes were transfixed. Maybe it was the excitement of actually seeing someone enjoying sex, even if it was by themselves, maybe it was because Richard’s body was almost perfect, maybe the reason why he hadn’t been interested in sex was because he wasn’t into women like his wife anymore, maybe …

Richard rolled the rest of the way onto his back, John thought Richard would notice him, but Richard’s eyes were closed. John interrupted his thoughts and just focused on watching. Richard’s hand and fingers moved faster now, moving up and down the shaft. He noticed a little clear liquid, pre-cum, appear on the tip of Richard’s cock.

He felt some of his own, as Richard took a finger and gathered some of the clear liquid and then moved his finger to his mouth and licked it from his finger. Richard’s original hand continued to work his cock.

Richard spread his legs, giving John a full-on view of his cock and balls. Richard raised up his butt and ran his licked finger along his ass and started rubbing his asshole.

It was all too much for John, months of not having any sexual thoughts or feelings; erupted in his mind and in his pants. Long thick streams of cum, filled his underwear. His eyes rolled up into his head and his knees wobbled. It was everything he could do, not to moan out loud. He couldn’t remember the last time he had came and the feeling was so incredible that he did not feel any shame even though his inspiration came from being a voyeur.

Looking back at Richard, Richard now had his finger in his ass to the second knuckle. He stiffened as his body clenched, a loud, “OOOMMMGGGG,” escaped from Richard’s mouth as he came all over himself.

Richard’s cum pooled on his muscular chest and around the shaved flatness just above his cock. Richard’s eyes were closed as he took his fingers and scooped up his cum and slowly licked it from his fingers.

John’s cock grew harder again in his cum soaked underwear as a large wet spot formed on his shorts. Richard was cock had gotten smaller and limper after his orgasm and John thought now would be a good time to escape.

Richard wasn’t finished yet, John barely ducked behind the corner as Richard seemed to be checking to ensure he was alone. When John looked again for what he thought might be the last time, Richard was on all fours on the picnic table, John couldn’t leave now. John could make out some kind of container in Richard’s hand, Richard squirted some of it onto his fingers.

It looked kaçak casino like a lot, Richard’s hand moved to his ass where he rubbed the jelly like substance between the cheeks, John figured it was some kind of lube. Coating his asshole and then reaching into a container that John couldn’t see, Richard pulled out a flesh coloured tube, squinting John realized it was some kind of dildo.

He was rock hard again with what he realized Richard was doing. Richard rubbed the lubricant on the dildo and reached behind himself, and placed the tip of the dildo onto his asshole. Richard’s cock was now as big as it was before.

Richard pushed the dildo against his ass, John could see Richard seem to take a deep breath, a small moan escaped from Richard’s mouth as he could see the dildo disappearing into Richard’s ass. One inch became two, two then four, four then almost the entire length. He couldn’t believe it. Richard seemed like the straightest guy in the world but here he was, fucking his ass like he had done this, many times before.

Richard had his ass sticking up in the air, his head and face where almost against the top of the picnic table. Richard’s beautiful cock and balls hung in the air just below the dildo that Richard was now thrusting in and out of this ass.

John’s own hand was working his cock again, he never thought about the cum soaked underwear, he was entirely focused on the scene in front of his eyes.

Richard continued to thrust the fake cock in and out of his ass faster and harder until John noticed Richard’s cock starting to spew cum, the white liquid seemed to shoot further this time and some of it actually hit Richard’s face; only then did he stop working his ass.

That was too much for John and this time he could not stifle his own groan as his own cock came even more massively than the first time. This time his cum actually dripped out of his shorts. If Richard heard the groan, he never flinched, Richard had stopped moving the fake cock in his ass and seemed just to be resting and recovering.

After what seemed like several minutes, but what could really have only been one minute or so, Richard reached between his legs and slowly eased the dildo from his ass. When he pulled it the remaining way out, he could see Richard’s ass was stretched and dilated, the lube dripping and shining in the sunlight.

Slipping away from the most erotic scene of his life, John moved around to the front of the house. Noticing the cum marks on his own clothes, he began to feel guilty for watching his friend, but the memory of how turned on he was quickly removed any guilt from his mind.

As he walked back to his house, enjoying the wet sticky feeling in his pants, he wondered what it meant. Was he gay? He was certainly turned on. What was that term he had seen that might describe his feelings, bi-curious? Definitely, he realized that he wanted to see more of Richard masturbating like that.

Richard had seemed so toned and relaxed, like what he was doing was so natural and sexy. He wondered how he might find a way to see Richard doing this again.

For the rest of his day it seemed like he was in a fog, despite everything he tried, all he could think about was Richard. Several times he stopped and jerked off; the mental imagery was so vivid in his mind that it was the only way he could clear his head.

His thoughts kept going back to what he could have done or should have done. What would Richard have done, if he had announced his presence when he first arrived, what about after he had watched Richard cum the first time, and even better yet, what if just when Richard inserted the dildo in his ass, if he had stepped forward and replaced the fake cock with his real one.

After months without thinking about sex, why was he so turned on, and why could he not think about anything else? Now he was also worried that he might never get a chance like that again.

John ate supper late, and after cleaning up settled in to watch a movie.

John’s movie ended about 11 pm and he still wasn’t tired, that night the stars and the moon seemed especially bright, but with the lights on he could not see very much. Without really thinking about it, John stepped out his back door and looked up at the night sky, the moon was on the other side of his house, so he took his lawn chair from the deck and moved it quietly to the front yard and sat, just enjoying the quiet night.

Everyone went to bed around 10:30, and Richard gave them another quarter hour to fall asleep before he left his house. Stripping off everything outside and then putting his running shoes on, Richard left his clothes on the picnic table.

Walking across the grass to the road, Richard enjoyed the warm night and the breeze. No cars appeared and Richard secretly hoped that John would be up still and Richard could do his invisible man act again.

Walking down the side road, Richard could see that the lights were on as he approached John’s house but when he got to be right in front of the house, while the curtains were open, no one was in sight. Thinking that he might just be away from the TV for a moment, Richard continued down the road a little, hoping to catch John on the return trip.

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