An Office Romance in Bali

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The steady waves make for the perfect white noise for Marina to lose herself in her own thoughts. Each crash setting her on her own wobble and shift sipping on the last bottle of rum the Villa had. The bonfire they set up early on the evening slowing down as the night moves to morning.

She feels quiet wash over her and the realities of next week seem more manageable. The Creative agency she’s been working for the past two years have decided to go on a company trip, renting out a sweet villa in Bali with its own semi-private beach and stocked it with enough liquor that everyone in their 30 person team had enough to just barely remember the weekend.

She’s been grateful for the job that came in when it did, fitting in easily, being valued and having pretty cool bosses. Especially Faiz, co-founder and COO, the resident man-child tech genius that could be more humble about himself. While she doesn’t really work directly under him, they’ve grown close, riffing jokes off of each other as soon as she got comfortable. Now, they’ve even fallen into a routine of grabbing lunch together most days of the week.

The soft crunch of footsteps on the sand breaks the smooth rhythm of the waves.

“Marina, you’re still out here?” Faiz’s voice rings out.

“Yeah, just not ready to leave.”

He plops himself right next to her, sides pressed against each other, the only barrier between them being a blanket wrapped around her.

“I feel the same way.” He pulls out a joint, slipping it between his lips while his hands search for his lighter

“Have you been holding out on us?”

He lights it up.

“The best things I find I keep for myself but since you’re here, want some?” He holds out the joint in front of her, smoke curling around him.

“Thanks,” she takes a long drag off of it. Holding it between her fingers, enjoying the slow haze creeping in. She can feel his eyes on her as the takes a second drag, handing it back to him.

Their fingers brush and he shivers.

“Shit it’s colder than I expected.”

“Oh poor you.” He takes a drag and holds it in for a long time,

“Who would’ve thought that our dear sweet Marina would’ve turned out to be such a little shit two years down the line?”

“Again, you were the one that hired me”

“Someone should’ve stopped me” he hands it back to her.

“Hindsight is always 20/20 right?” She says through a puff of smoke. Coughing at the end of it.

“Easy there.” A mischievous tone creeps into his voice.

“Shut up” she says fighting a smile.

He raises his eyebrows, she passes it back to him. His presence taking up more of her consciousness as the high kicks into full gear. She rests her head on his bare shoulder, enjoying this moment of quiet between them. The night sky glittering with stars as if baring witness to a quiet secret of hers.

Suddenly she feels his weight shift away from her and hears a sneeze followed by a coughing fit. She offers him her rum, the only casino oyna drinkable thing with them. He takes a swig, pulling a face as soon as the taste hits him.

“Seriously?” he says pulling a face while looking at the label handing the joint to her.

“Don’t hate on free liquor,” she grabs the bottle from him and takes a swig herself, finishing the last of it. Wiping the last droplets of rum on her lips with the back of her hand.

He shivers.

“Are you cold?”

“I was just joking”

She lifts up her arm, offering him entry into her blanket “Don’t be silly, just come here if you’re cold.”

He eyes her.

“It doesn’t have to be weird,” she rolls her eyes.

She can feel his cool skin against hers as he slides in, pulling half of the blanket over himself. Their sides pressed close when he slides his arm around her waist, pulling her in.

“You weren’t kidding about how warm it is,” he snuggles in.

“Told ya.” She takes the last pull of the joint, burying the roach in the sand.

“Damn, is that the last of it?” He turns his head to hers.

She turns to him, their faces close, she doesn’t dare breathe out to let any smoke out. She nods.

He pulls her chin towards him. “Shotgun?”

She nods again, his eyes close and lips parting in wait to inhale her. Her eyes go over the details of his face, closer than it’s ever been before, taking in his sharp cheekbones, 3 day stubble, and lips that look so soft. She moves closer to him, literally a breath’s away and blows the smoke out. He inhales all of it, sharing her breath and holding it in. She doesn’t dare blink committing as much of his vulnerability to memory as she can.

On his exhale, breathe just teasing her lips, drawing her even closer. She closes the gap and feel the brush of his lips against hers. The contact was brief and was immediately met with his hand pulling her in for more and the other grabbing on to her hair. Lips pressing against each other, tongues venturing out to taste, her head spinning.

Her heart is pounding. “Oh God, is this really happening?” she breathes out.

“I mean you can still call me Faiz, but God is fine.”

“Stop,” she tips her head up for another kiss. Enjoying that she’s found yet another way to shut him up.

She climb into his lap and pulls him close, lips smashed together, tongues feeling each other, hands everywhere they could reach. His hand ends up resting on her hips, pulling her to an even slow grind. He pulls away, teeth making a trail down her neck with little bites. She can feel his hardness growing, head still dizzy from the weed but she can’t get her hips to stop.

He brings his mouth up to her ear pushing her down harder on his cock. “You want this?”

“Please- yes,” she gasps when she feels his hand move down the back of her shorts, grabbing her ass.

His fingers move further in rubbing against her damp slit, “Mmmm, yeah you are.”

She moans as he starts stroking her labia, canlı casino bumping against her clit at intervals, spreading her slick around. “Ooooh, you’re getting really worked up there.”

She only manages a weak nod, eyes shut, lost in the promise his fingers held. He slips his finger out, licking them clean. The sudden halt of motion throws her out of the trance.

“Dude, what the fuck?” She cries as he starts moving to get up.

“I’m not getting sand in my crack for the sake of fucking you. We’re moving to my room. Unless your legs don’t work,” he smirks.

“And this is why you’re single,” she huffs

“Ha ha.” He works to folds up the blanket and she fixes her shorts.

His hand reaches out and grabs hers, “C’mon, we don’t have all night.”

The walk back was quiet, giggling at little stumbles and trips, his hand never letting hers go. They get to his room and as soon as the door clicks shut, he drops the blanket and pulls her against him kissing her stupid. Her hands move to grab the nape of his neck pulling him closer down to her, needing more, his hands on her waist pulling her against his own erection. She breaks the kiss to pull off his tank needing to feel more of him, hands roaming over his chest and back as soon as it was off.

They keep kissing while he walks her backwards to his bed, his hands working to pull off their shorts on the way there. She drops to his bed and they rush to get naked, hands pulling off anything that his skin. He stands over her, cock standing out. She crawls over to him and takes the head of his cock in her mouth, her tongue moving around it feeling its ridges and making him moan.

She grabs the root of his dick and pulls off with a smirk, “Has it been that long?”

Before he can answer she moves back down to lick his shaft, lips wrapping around it swallowing him down as far as she can take him, bobbing her head up and down the shaft, keeping her lips wrapped around him tight. He moans and places a hand on the top of her head, fingers carding into her hair, gently pulling her back. She pulls off his cock with a loud slurp, his hand still in her hair, looking down at her smirking.

“Your turn”, he moves on to the bed, making her back up until her had her against the pillows, teeth biting into the soft skin of her neck, hand moving downwards, caressing her breasts tickling her belly and finally sliding up her cunt. The intrusion was delicious, she bites down on his shoulder to keep her moans muffled, he adds another finger, and her nails dig into his back. He pumps his fingers in and out of her steadily increasing and her hips move to meet the rhythm. Her walls clamp down on his fingers when she cums, her nails leave trails down his back and her cunt is pushed up against his knuckles, hole so greedy it looks like it wanted to swallow his whole hand.

When the last tremors of orgasm go through her, he pulls out his fingers and licks them clean, she whines at the loss, he looks for a condom, rolls kaçak casino it on and slides his straining cock it right into her, straight to the root. The penetration catches her on the last wave of orgasm, pushing her right back on to that wave, she clings to his chest, scratching him and leaving little half-moons on his skin like she’s creating galaxies.

His thrusts start deep and slow, stifling his own moans, savouring how she feels around him. Her legs lock around his waist as she gasps for more. He builds towards a steady rhythm, each thrust taking her higher and keeping her from the edge.

“I need more, go faster,” she whines.

He slides his thumb down on her clit, pressing it down, adding to her need for release, “I like you like this, so needy,” he whispers, nipping her ear.

“Faster! Please!” she makes to move her hips faster.

He pulls up and grabs one of her legs and moves it over his shoulder, quickening his thrusts. The new angle finally takes her to the edge, her walls clench down on him and the waves of pleasure hit her hard, her slick spraying out to mark where they are joined.

He stops his thrusts, gazing at her body shaking with the power of her orgasm, “Did you just?”

Catching her breath, eyes shifting downwards, not meeting his, “Um, yeah, that happens sometimes.”

He pulls her chin up and kisses her, “You are amazing.”

She laughs, “Glad you noticed.”

He starts thrusting again, the sensation overwhelming her and she puts her hand on his chest. “Oh fuck, stop,” she pants out.

He pulls out, hands caressing her face, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just too much, sorry,” she winces.

He kisses her forehead, “Hey, it’s okay.”

“But you haven’t -“

“It’s okay, I can always cum on your tits.”

“Oh God.” She covers her face.

“What? You have nice tits and there’s plenty here to get me off.” He smirks. Hand moving from her face to grip his still wet cock, pumping.

She can’t help the laugh that escapes her, “Are you serious?”

“Like my cum depends on it,” he leans down to nibble the shell of her ear. Teeth working its way down to her shoulders, hand moving to grab at her breast.

Her laugh turns into gasps and moans with every sharp bite on her soft skin and twist to her nipple.

His bites down harder on her shoulder as he jerks himself faster and faster. His teeth sink in so far she feels like he’s breaking skin. Her fingers tangle in the back of his head and she pulls his hair matching the intensity of his bite.

He pulls off of her shoulder, resting his forehead against hers, her fingers keeping him from moving to far away, when she feels him spill on her belly and the quickly cooling semen over her thighs and crotch. His breathing evens out and he moves over to her side, effectively sprawling out on the bed.

“That was amazing,” he pants out, reaching for the tissues on the bedside table to wipe up her thighs.

“Thanks,” she curls up into the crook of his arm, nuzzling deep, inhaling the scent of his skin while dropping off of the world. He pulls her in closer, taking in as much of the sigh of her sleeping face comforts him and lets sleep pull him in too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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