An Old Friend Ch. 02

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As the front door closed, I heard Mikes things being dropped beside it, his keys hit the table and his footsteps grew closer. I had no idea whether I should fumble for my clothes or just get under the duvet and pretend I was sleeping. At least that would maybe solve why I was naked – if Jake wasn’t standing at the end of the bed in just his boxers and jeans. I took a huge breath to try and collect my insane thoughts and quietly ordered jake to get in the cupboard – cliche, I know, but what else could I do? He scooped up the rest of his clothes and quickly but silently climbed into the cupboard and closed the door.


Thank God, Mike had gone to the bathroom, which gave me time to get off of the bed and put my nightdress back on. FUCK. Jakes shoes.

I shot out of my bedroom and ran to the front door, quieter than I have ever been in my life. I grabbed the shoes and ran back into my bedroom, closing the door behind me and throwing them in the cupboard with Jake.

Mike left the bathroom and opened the bedroom door, the room must have smelled so badly of sex, but it didn’t look as though he noticed. He had the biggest smile on his face and walked over and gave me a hug.

“What’s with you?” I asked, trying to sound as nonchalant as I could.

“They let me out of work early, so I came home to finish what we started last night” he winked at me and began to undo his shirt. What we started? He offered me sex and gave up after 5 seconds.

Either way, I died a little inside, I couldn’t believe he wanted to sleep with me while Jake was in the cupboard.

“Now?” I asked, trying to sound playful.

“Right, now.” He threw me his sexy eyes, but they did nothing for me.

“I’m sorry hon, I have so much to do, I only wanted to nap for a half hour but it pretty much turned into a full sleep. I have so many papers to grade, I’m sorry” He looked so disappointed but I just couldn’t bare the thought of sleeping with him.

“Oh, OK. James wanted me to go over anyway, so I’ll get out of your hair” He kissed me and left the room. Great, he was upset

I casino oyna heard him get together his things and leave the house, his car left the drive and I finally breathed. I checked the window to see if he’d gone and he had.

“You can come out.” Jake climbed out of the cupboard and had the strangest look on his face. I’d assumed he would have felt awkward, but he wasn’t that at all. “What?”

“How would you like it if I fucked you again, right now” he paused. “I want to hear you scream.” Oh man, how did he do that, a second ago I had so much guilt, now I wanted to rip his pants off and ride him.

“I fucking hate you” I said with a smile, right before he grabbed my arms and slammed me against the wall. For a while he just breathed and stared at me, I felt my heart speed up to a hundred times it’s normal speed. I stared into his beautiful eyes as he took hold of my wrists and held them in one of his huge hands above my head. My eyes never left his but I could see my breasts rise and fall quickly. He moved closer to me and I felt his cock press against my stomach, all I wanted to do was fuck him senseless, but even in just one hand, I had no chance of moving my arms anywhere. He let out a low groan when he heard the tiny moan I let out just at the feeling of his huge hard cock on me.

“Fuck me, Jake. I’ll do anything, please!”

A wicked smile landed on his face and he lowered his head to my ear. “Anything?”

“Yes! Please!”


He took my neck in his other hand and stared into my eyes as he moved his lips to mine, he wouldn’t let me kiss as hard as I needed, he obviously wanted me to beg before I got what I wanted. He stopped kissing me and I let out a sigh of desperation.

He whispered “Get on your knees and suck my cock, I’m gonna fucking come in your mouth and you better take it all.”

I was so glad he wanted me to get on my knees, because I would have fallen to them as they buckled at his order.

“mm-hmm” I started to lower myself, before being jolted back up by his hand.

“You will speak to me as Sir, do you understand?”


“Yes, canlı casino Sir” He stared down at me and nodded, before letting me do as he’d requested.

My mind was going crazy, I couldn’t have wanted anyone in the world more than I wanted this man right now. My mouth was watering at the thought of sucking his beautiful cock, I licked my lips and began unbuttoning his trousers.

“Wait” He stopped me. “Where are your handcuffs?” I told him.

“Bedside table” He grabbed a handful of my hair and put his mouth to my ear.

“Excuse me?” Then his other hand teased my left breast but stopped as my breathing increased.

I whimpered and apologised. “I’m sorry.. Sir… They’re in my bedside table, Sir”

“Good girl” he rewarded me with a kiss that would’ve knocked me over had I been standing.

As he took the handcuffs out of the drawer I could feel my mind spin, I’d never been so turned on in my life with absolutely no way of satisfying myself, not until Jake had his own way. He walked over and grabbed my hands roughly and put on the handcuffs tightly in front of me, it ached my wrists but it made my pussy shudder with excitement.

Jake undid his pants and pulled out his fully erect cock, he was definitely enjoying being my master just as much as I was being his slave. “Suck it.” and boy did I.

He gave me some reign, and I licked the tip in circles, moving my mouth down the length of his cock every so often, just enough to make him want more. It was working because he groaned and put it slowly further into my mouth. I moaned over it and the vibrations drove him crazy. I began to move my head back and forth over the entire length, faster, opening my throat for every inch. I sucked all of him, teasing his balls with my tongue when I got to the bottom. I could feel him begin to shudder and so I sucked harder and faster, moaning and drenching him in my saliva. He let out the sexiest moan I had ever heard and pumped his amazing come straight down the back of my throat. I swallowed every little bit of it, I couldn’t let it go to waste kaçak casino now, could I.

He wasn’t the only one to climax, just the thought of giving him so much pleasure and the taste of his cock drove me wild, and come rode its way down my legs. It took me a moment calm myself and just in time because he took hold of my neck again and stood me up. He panted but didn’t falter.

“Did my little whore enjoy that?”


“Yes, Sir, Thank you for giving me your cock” With those words his eyes burned passion.

“On the bed.” I did. “On your hands and knees.” So much force behind his words.


“Yes, Whore?”

“Will you please fuck my pussy? Your cock is so beautiful and it would make her so happy”

He drew a breath and agreed “Since you asked so nicely”

His cock, hard again already, entered my soaking pussy, quicker and with more force than last time, the want he had for it was just as bad as I had for him. He pounded me hard and the sexy groans were back, I couldn’t even try to be quiet, I screamed louder than I ever had before as he filled me, every inch. I felt close to climax when he stopped, and took himself out of me, I actually said “awh”

“Now, since you’ve been so obedient” he said. “I’m going to take off your handcuffs and you can do as you please”

“Can I ride your cock, Sir?” He smiled

“Oh yes, fucking, please.”

He undid the handcuffs and my legs wobbled at the thought of being able to ride him however I wanted. He got onto the bed and I climbed over him, I gasped with delight when I saw his beautiful sweat covered chest. “Mm!” I moaned and dragged my nails across it.

I lowered myself onto him and rocked back and forth, slowly leaning further and further back. I looked into his lust filled eyes and rode up and down on him grinding my hips just so I could hear his delighted moans. It wasn’t long before we both came in unison and we were drenched, just to be a good little whore, I got off of him, lowered myself and cleaned every bit of our juices up, before looking up and licking my lips, just to drive him a little bit more wild.


Such a change from the last time we fucked and I could have been his whore all day. Luckily, I asked nicely and he drove me to his place for round 2, and 3, and 4 and so on…

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