Anal Plug at My Command

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This evening was part two of my command plan. I would be in charge and she was to follow my orders. We did not do the whole reporting in to me in a submissive position; however, I did ensure she knew I was in control of her. Tonight would also be focused on her body used for my sexual enjoyment.

As customary, she was ordered to shower and clean herself thoroughly. She was also to shave herself smooth and position ass up for me after the shower was over. There, I would inspect her pussy and finish shaving her ass hole. I’ll admit I wasn’t able to do a perfect job, but cleaned it up as much as I could. I’ve already asked her about a special treat for me in the future of a full waxing.

Once approved for the evening, I had an outfit picked out that she dressed in along with fixing her hair and light make up. My plan was to have her on her stomach most of the evening so I wasn’t as worried about her make up being perfect this time. I was very pleased with her looks in the lingerie that I had picked out for months now. The top was sheer but had a supportive bust that cupped her breasts perfectly, lifting them ever so slightly and highlighting her natural cleavage. The thong was one of my go to favorites that is a t-back with a small patch that barely covers her twat.

Downstairs by the roaring fire, I had blown up our air mattress and positioned our inflatable wedge for her to lay face down on. It props her ass up nicely and made for a great view for my cameras to film her exposed body. Her big surprise of the evening was what she was going to be stuffed with. I massaged her thighs and ass while she warmed from the flames at her side. I teased her pussy lips through the thong and flirted with her tight star hole periodically, providing a fore shadow of what was to come.

Once she began responding to my fingers at her pussy lips, I knew she was ready enough for stimulation. I had her favorite egg and began a tediously slow pattern around her pussy finally arriving at her clit. By this time, her hips instinctively humped at the wedge, alternating with arching her back and forcing her ass high into the air. Her body was aching for an orgasm after almost 30 minutes of subtle stimulation.

This was exactly how I wanted her sexual state as I introduced a numbing balm to her sphincter. I removed the bullet from her pussy and clit, forcing her to hang on the edge as I rimmed her hole with more and more lube on my fingers. Applying increasing pressure, I introduced a fingertip into her hole as her gyrations subsided. Pushing slowly and steadily, I managed to get two knuckles deep before a whimper escaped in protest to the invasion. My finger retreated while the egg returned to caress her clit and bring her back on the verge of cumming.

Again I denied her the pleasure as my finger in her ass was replaced with the tip of my thumb. Stretching her hole and forcing her to relax took some time, as she does not overly enjoy anal play. Tonight, it was not up to her. It was my wish to plug her and fuck her as I’ve always wanted to. With that, I removed my thumb and placed my face into her ass, licking from her clit all the way up her slit and circled her ass hole. With the eatable lube mixing with her pussy juice; it more than covered any taste of her clean ass to my relief.

I was confident that she was now ready for her new plug, a three inch long stainless steel bullet with a quarter sized clear jewel opposite of a bullet shaped bulb. The plug was small, only about one inch in diameter, but it was still going to stretch her further than she has ever been. I had it resting by the fire and the steel took the heat well, warm if not hot to the touch. For the last effort to slicken her up, I plunged the plug into her drenched pussy and then immediately put the tip onto her ass hole. Despite being told to relax, she understandably clenched at the new and foreign feeling. She again whimpered in protest at the direction the evening was going, but she was quieted by a firm smack on the ass as I kept the pressure on the plug.

Her first ring relaxed enough to make progress on the insertion and the plug began slowly disappearing into her bum. I enjoyed watching the process as her sexuality was conflicted between the aching pleasure in her pussy but the pain and fear in her ass hole. Eventually, with steady persistence, the plug forced its way past her inner ring and my wife’s ass swallowed the hot steel bullet. casino siteleri The only evidence that remained was a sparkling clear jewel in a steel setting shining where once her brown eye was.

Now, I have plugged her once before with a very slim glass plug, but was never able to step back and admire the view. This time, the plug was secure with her muscles clenched around the small shaft of the plug. I once again placed the bullet onto her clit, directly this time, to quickly bring her towards orgasm. This was the third time that she reached the point of cumming but was not given permission to experience the desired release. I stepped back to take some pictures as she once again quietly sobbed at the immense pleasure being just out of her reach.

She cried to me (as she does during orgasms) that she needed to cum, that her pussy hurt, that her stomach muscles were sore from her convulsions. All the while, I snapped pictures and gave her instruction to replace her thong and walk upstairs for more pictures. She objected which earned her a violent spanking, slamming the plug into the walls of her pussy and causing waves to roll through her crotch. As she rose from the mattress, I clamped onto an already hard nipple and kissed her deeply, reaching around under her behind and pumping the plug in and out of her hole as much as the short shaft would allow. I told her I just wanted a few pictures and then I would come back down and fuck her with her ass filled with steel.

Once upstairs she posed for a few pictures with the jeweled plug peaking from behind the string of her thong. My rock hard cock was literally throbbing from my hard on now and my precum leaking from my tip was wetting my boxers. I ordered her on her knees in front of the vanity and pulled my boxers down to the floor. She had little time to react as I placed my dick to her mouth and forced the head between her lips. I ordered her to clean me up with her tongue but not to allow me to cum. She obliged by sucking the sticky fluid from my cock and licked me dry. I pulled her to her feet by her nipples, and kissed her deeply, still tasting the saltiness of my cock.

We headed back down stairs after the quick photo session with her jewel tightly cradled between her ass checks. Surprisingly, she moved normally as if she wasn’t stuffed at all. I honestly expected her to feel awkward and walk accordingly, but she pleased me by moving just as gracefully as she normally does when she wears a sexy outfit. Her footsteps are lighter and her movements more elegant; both signs that I know she enjoys dressing up just as much as I enjoy the view!

I helped her back into her former position, the wedge under her hips and lower stomach angling her jeweled ass high into the air for me. I removed the pillow that had supported her upper torso to further refine her helpless, exposed position. Although I was aching for an orgasm, her libido had calmed somewhat and her pussy had dried slightly. I knelt behind her and placed my face between her thick thighs. My tongue danced around her outer lips, forcing the swelling to return and moisture to follow. Within a few minutes of teasing, her slight humping motions returned and I moved north to tongue the jewel sticking from her butt. My fingers found their way to her pussy and began working in and out, stretching her for my cock.

With two fingers working her gspot, I placed my teeth around the jeweled head and slightly pulled the bullet against her sphincter. She was clenched tightly around the small shaft and thus the plug was secure, but it applied just the right amount of pressure against her ass, in case she forgot about it back there! My goal was to have her cum from gspot only, but unfortunately I let her rise and fall too often this evening. I resorted to the vibrating bullet again and was rewarded with the beginning of cries as her long awaited orgasm surfaced again.

This time, I allowed her to go all the way. Forcing the bullet hard against her clit, her hips rocked hard against the wedge. Her ass checks tightened and her thighs clenched with spasms from her pussy. Watching my wife orgasm is the hottest thing I have ever seen in my wife and I cherish each and every time she cums. Her hands involuntarily reached behind and spread her ass, something she rarely does. Her urging and encouraging words turned to moans and cries as the penultimate sign of orgasm showed itself.

This canlı casino exact place in time was what I wanted to see. When my wife orgasms, her asshole and sphincter muscles contract violently. The few times I’ve had my finger in her ass, it was squeezed so tight it nearly hurt. With the plug in tonight, the waves of pleasure coursing through her pussy and ass rocked the jewel wildly, as if someone had the other end of it. Up and down towards her slick hole and in and out as she squeezed her ass to hump the vibrating egg and wedge underneath.

As customary, tears accompanied her sobs as the orgasm finally washed over her exhausted body. She cried out in agony of the orgasm, her stomach muscles cramping her body almost in half. Red marks appeared under her fingertips as they dug into her ass. One hand flew forward to cup her mashed breast and pinched her nipple as I kept the bullet on high. I followed her humping, never removing the stimulation from her swollen button. She caught her breath between sobs just as another orgasm hit her hard. The plug buried in her ass provided resistance against her love muscles as the spasms continued relentlessly. The crystal jewel bobbed up and down as she humped the wedge and then pulsed in and out of her ass as the varying phases of orgasm rocked through her pussy walls.

When focused and teased such as this, my beautiful little woman can reach orgasm three or four times and I owed her as many as she could have in reward for her complete submission to me this evening. I switched the speed of the egg and kept pressure on her. The tears had run what little makeup she wore and her back rose and fell heavily as she gasped for air from the orgasms.

My free hand moved to her ass, cupping her sweaty bum and placed my thumb on the plug. I forced it against her rim, as if attempting to force the jewel beyond her wall. I wiggled it and varied the pressure, fucking her asshole with the short plug and causing sinful, new waves of pleasure to combine with the vibrations on her clit for her third orgasm. Juices flowed freely from her pussy, drenching my hand and her toy.

Cries of pain came mixed with her moans of pleasure from the pressure of my thumb on her plug. I forced the head tightly into her rim causing the jewel to almost disappear from view between her ass checks. This pinned her still convulsing pelvis into the wedge as her final, albeit smaller, orgasm to surface. The immense pleasure was too much for her objections to me violating her asshole and she rode the waves out from her multiple cums. I withdrew her egg and quieted the now soaked remote control as quiet sniffles replaced the crying and sobbing. Soft moans came from her mouth as her body reacted to the powerful signals still resonating from her crotch.

My wife is typically too sensitive to be touched for several minutes after cumming as she did, so I took the liberty to tease the anal plug that still sparkled from her tightest hole. By then, my cock was about to explode and I needed to get inside of her before one of two things happened; she wanted the plug out or I came without ever getting my dick wet!

My oozing cum was more than enough lube for my cock and knowing her pussy was still flowing, I positioned behind her and guided the tip of my cock to her opening while resting on my hands and knees. Doggy style is not her favorite and can be uncomfortable for her, so this was mainly for photo purposes. The presence of my dick against her inner pussy walls stimulated objections from her mouth. I ignored her protests and slowly plunged my cock balls deep into her pussy. The feeling of being double penetrated is not entirely new to her, as I have had small toys or fingers in her ass, however, the girth of the plug expanded her tunnels for the first time.

I pulled out enough to get a couple of shots and could not hold my own cum in any longer. Tossing the camera aside, I placed all my weight onto my lover’s ass, pinning her underneath me at the mercy of my dick. I ground into her, feeling the jeweled plug against the top of my penis. I stretched her pussy wide with my full length inside and pulled out slowly until just the tip of my cock was at her inner lips.

Looking down at her back and bubble ass below me, I slammed her with all of my power, my tight stomach smacking against her ass cheeks. A loud clap came from each thrust as her ass cheeks kaçak casino rippled at the trauma. Her cries resumed, first from pain, then from her carnal pleasure of submitting herself to my sexual control. Her pussy screamed at the violent thrusts of my cock while her asshole strained against the plug that was being hammered simultaneously.

It was all too much for both of us, as my grunts became uncontrollable and my body stiffened against my conscious commands. The only thing I could think about was my stream erupting from my cock deep within her pussy. She pushed against my thrusts as much as she could as her orgasm approached. My wife commonly has different types of orgasms from penetration, and with both of her holes filled, this was no exception. Her walls tightened, milking my cock as I continued to plow her fast and hard. I could see her ass clench up with the plug filling her behind.

It was then that my load erupted, shooting long, hot streams of cum into her vagina. She screamed at the violence of her orgasm with the seemingly never ending pounding her pussy was taking from my dick. I continued to stream thick cum inside of her as her body shook and convulsed below me. Tears streamed down her red cheeks from the release as her breath came in short and ragged breaths between her sobs. Her muscles instinctively milked the cum from my cock, as a fourth, fifth, six powerful shot came from my hose. I continued to slam her behind; loud, wet smacks resonating each time. Finally, with the last of my strength, I stiffened and placed all of my weight onto my spent lover through my cock. It stretched her to the max and penetrated her further than ever before as the last of my sperm oozed in small waves from my dick. My weight pressed not only my rod inside her, but also the plug into her ass and I remained that way as her body slowly relaxed from the pounding she just received.

As her sniffles subsided, my cock softened within her to the point where I could no longer sustain my penetration. I withdrew and collapsed behind her as she seemingly melted into the mattress, never moving from her original position of the evening. I massaged and squeezed her ass while watching my manhood slowly seep from her hole and trickle down her lips, over her clit, and plopping onto the towel below. She gaped slightly, her body still adjusting to the sudden removal of one of the tools filling her fully. Periodically, she would quiver as an aftershock would make its way from deep within her and show itself by her inner pussy lips moving just as the jeweled plug bob down towards her open pussy entrance.

Knowing that her bum would be sore and tired from this new experience, I moved to remove her plug and permit her holes to return to their normal state. I coached her as I grasped the quarter size head of the plug and began easing it from her brown eye. It was incredibly erotic to watch her rim slowly open from the pencil sized shaft to the bulging plug body. She pushed slightly to help it along and I controlled the speed at which it retreated from her ass. Consequently, since I was in control, I paused the progress just as the plug reached the widest point, stretching her sphincter for several seconds. Her protests got me back on track and I let her rim force the rest of the cone shaped bullet from her behind.

The plug came out clean and warm, still slick with the lube. I dropped it between her legs and lightly tongued the pin-sized hole left in her bum. While not gaping like her pussy, I could tell that it had stretched her nicely. I played with our mixed fluids around her swollen and sensitive holes as she calmed from our love making. Thanking her for being an amazing wife, I kissed her pussy and ass hole before lying beside her to cuddle and share her wetness via my lips on hers. It was my last act of control, knowing she does not like the taste of my sex, let alone hers. We kissed passionately as I forced the remnants of our fuck into her mouth and on her tongue for her to taste.

With our session over and her post orgasm glow along with the power and persistence of the orgasms she experienced tonight, I knew that she primitively enjoyed the feeling of being double stuffed. While it will be reserved for special occasions, I still have the desire for other evenings such as this with new positions and variations while my wife’s ass is beautifully plugged. I plan to also challenge her to wear her new jewel beyond just our kinky love making sessions, expanding the activity throughout a dinner out on the town. This will be stories and pictures for the future!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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