And Then Came Roxie

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The first time I saw her she was empting a wastebasket in my office. “You’re new.”

She looked up and smiled. “No, just temporary, I helping Maria. I’m Roxie.” The gangly teenager dropped my wastebasket back into its holder and then disappeared down our row of offices.

I went back to my paperwork. “Cool.”

After the first meeting I saw her around campus several more times and each time she smiled and waved.

One day I asked our regular janitor, Maria, about Roxie. “She’s on work release from the jail, they drop her off and pick her up.”

I watched Maria’s methodical dusting and wiping. “So, is she assigned certain buildings?”

Maria paused. “No sir. She is supposed to work in the Library, but has been helping in other areas.” Maria moved on down the row of offices, slowly pushing the rolling barrel along. I am convinced that per hour wages slow the process of work.

A week or so later Maria was absent from her regular rounds and Roxie showed up to pick up my trash. “Hey Doctor Browne.”

“Hey, Roxie.” This same innocuous conversation went along for the entire week.

One day when Roxie tapped my door and picked up the trash I asked her, “Where’s Maria?”

Roxie dropped the trashcan in her usual manner. “She’s PG and has some problems, so you all are stuck with me until she gets back.”

“Oh, didn’t even know she was pregnant.” Maria was a large Hispanic woman whose only identifiable feature was that she was about four foot tall, sort of a short brown ball who appeared in my doorway.

Roxie leaned against my door. “Don’t think anybody did. Her ol man probably had to use pepper to find it to fuck.” Roxie laughed and bounced out the door pushing the large gray barrel.

A couple of days later I was leaning back in my chair with my feet on my desk when Roxie appeared at my door. “Bust yer head like that.”

I glanced up. casino oyna “Hey Roxie, how’s tricks?”

“Tricks? You gotta be kidding, my cell mate is a crazy woman. I sleep with one eye open. Reminds me, I saw a condom in your trash the other day. You must be doin’ all right.”

Embarrassed, I rocked forward. “Accident’s happen.”

She leaned against my door jam, a habit she seemed to enjoy with our daily little nonsense chats. “Bullshit. You bang’n a student?”

“Roxie, that’s kinda personal question don’t you think? Anyway I am holding up your work.”

“Naw man, old Maria had this down to a science. It took her half a day to clean this wing. I can do it two hours. I’m ahead of schedule and the van doesn’t come for me until four o’clock.”

I leaned across the desk. “So, what are you in for?”

Roxie laughed. “About thirty more days. I got caught with some liquor.”

I looked over the top of my glasses.

She took a step into the room. “I’m only nineteen.”

“Jeeze, how much time did you get? Jail seems a little harsh.”

She ducked her head and pretended to be embarrassed. “Well, I kinda conked a cop on the head with a beer bottle. I honestly didn’t mean to, I was throwing it away and it slipped.”

There’s a story for sure, “Wow.”

“Yeah, I got a hundred twenty days in county. This assignment gets me out of the jail for a few hours.”

“Oh, I see.”

Roxie put a hand on my desk and leaned toward me. “So, when I saw the condom in your trash, you know, it kinda stirred me up.” Her short sleeve tee shirt fit her like a sack. But, when she stood up straight it revealed no significant change in the flat surface.

I tried not to look up at her; she was a tall thin girl with sort of a trashy swagger and look. Definitely, she was not my interest type.

“Like, are you fucking somebody in this office, like at night or something?”

I canlı casino pushed away from the desk. As soon as my wheels rolled backward I knew it was a mistake, a small boner was starting to grow in my pants. “Roxie, really you need to move on.”

“No problem,” she said, “but if you ever need to make use of that thing,” she pointed at the lump and damp stain in my pants, “let me know.”

The next week Roxie showed up at my office about an hour late. “I finished the wing and held your office till last.”

I was busy posting grades when she popped in the door. “Oh?” I glanced at my watch, it was three o’clock.

“I need a favor,” she started, “and I hope you won’t mind me asking.”

oh, crap, she’s gonna want me to smuggle drugs or something . “Roxie, you know I probably can’t, but let me hear it.”

“Fuck me.”


“I’m tired of finger fucking, and that bitch I bunk with won’t do anything but talk to herself.”

“Roxie, really, I can’t do that.”

“Sure you can, just close your door.”

“It’s the middle of the day, students come and go.” I was starting to panic.

She grabbed the rolling cart and stomped down the hallway. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Jeeze, she didn’t even empty my wastebasket.”

I thought I was in the clear, I didn’t see Roxie again that week, and the work schedule went on as usual around campus. Another work release prisoner started picking up my trash and I was sure that my encounters with Roxie were over. My assumptions are always wrong.

One afternoon after classes I was walking toward the auditorium to set up a Power Point presentation when the door to the janitor’s closet swung open and there stood Roxie. She had pulled off the tee shirt and her tiny breasts were pointed and erect. Obviously, she had seen me coming down the hallway.

“Come here a sec,” she begged.

I stepped kaçak casino toward the door to hear her better.

“Right now, fuck me, a quickie.”

My cock suddenly rose in my pants. I glanced down the vacant hallway. Before I could protest Roxie grabbed me by the belt and pulled me in. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock.

“Perfect,” she said. Probably, the first fib she told me. My penis was the embarrassment of the locker room.

She held my cock in her hand and with her other she pulled off her shorts, and then bent over the sink and pulled me from behind into her clit. She was wet but firm and she gasped as I entered her. “Oh shit, oh man, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

I managed to stroke fairly quickly while standing amid mops and brooms. Suddenly, she reached up and put a wad of paper towels in her mouth. Muffled screams followed and I felt her cunt quiver. She pulled me out. “Oh, that was good, jeeze thank you, but you didn’t cum.”

I was at a loss for words.

She sunk to her knees in front of me and grasped my soaking cock in her mouth. Only seconds later I exploded with a force I had forgotten and she swallowed hard. “Ooh, that tasted so good.” She took a paper towel and wiped my cock and squeezed until all the cum oozed out. Then she handed me a plastic trash bag. “You came in here for one of these. She cracked open the door and pushed me out.

I stood in the hallway holding a green trash bag; I realized that my knees were shaking. Dr. Davis walked down the hallway.

“Are you alright? You look a little pale.” She stopped walking long enough for a comment.

“Fine Laura, I think I am catching a cold.”

I hurried down to the auditorium, trying to think of why I might be carrying a trash bag. That was the last I saw of Roxie until early this summer.

There was a gentle tap on my door, and there stood Roxie and a little pixie of a girl. “Doctor Browne, this is Megan. She’s under the same work release program I was under. Remember my problem, it’s the same for Megan. I told her you could help her.”

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