Ann: A Love Story Ch. 15

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The walk home from Ann’s house was a quick one. I was moving quickly, wanting to get home and get to sleep. It wasn’t that I was so tired. It was more that I wanted to go to bed so that I could wake up in the morning and start my last day with Ann.

We’d agreed that we were going to go out on a date. A Saturday night, bona fide, one hundred percent authentic, date. We had spent a large part of our time together revisiting the past, living out fantasies and dreams of what it would have been like had we actually gotten together when we went to High School. But I was viewing our date as what it would be like in the moment, as two adults in their late 20’s. And the sooner I got to bed, the sooner I’d wake up. And the sooner I woke up, the sooner I’d get to be with Ann again.

I had no actual plans with Ann during the morning or afternoon. In reality, I knew she needed some time to pack, and to spend some time with her parents. I had taken up the majority of her vacation, hogging her all to myself. Monopolizing her all day on a Saturday didn’t seem fair, even to me. Yet even with that, the plan of hitting the pillow and waking up that much closer to picking her up for our date made me smile.

Knowing that my parents were hosting their guests, I quietly entered the house and started to sneak down the hallway toward my bathroom. I had forgotten to move my toothbrush and other things I needed to get ready for bed. It turned out that I didn’t have to be quiet. I could have ridden a train down the hallway, and nobody in the house would have known I was there. Of course, the train would have been going into a tunnel, based on what was happening in the house.

All three doors to the bedrooms were closed, and I could hear noises coming from behind each of them. It wasn’t snoring. It was definitely fucking…uninhibited fucking. I have no idea which couple started. It could have been my Mom and Dad, or it could have been Mack and Carrie. But my guess was it had to be Paula and Rob, since she was the one that was so worked up earlier. But frankly, the way we’d been talking earlier in the evening, it could have been any one of them. The bottom line was that one couple obviously started, and the rest followed suit. And it sounded like they were having some kind of contest to see who could be the loudest.

I was thankful that the doors were closed. The way things sounded, it could have easily spilled into something different. The thought of what that could have been made me shudder. I shook my head, thinking about the psychological damage that that might have caused. I decided to just wash up and brush my teeth in my own bathroom, since I knew no one would hear me. I walked back down the hall with a smile on my face. Not because I was in turned on in any way. It had more to do with the fact that I was certain that Ann and I had set the wheels in motion to make all of that happen. And, I was happy that they had all decided that it was okay to let their hair down and have a little fun. I know Ann and I had ours just a little while before.


The living room was in the front of the house, with a large window facing the street. Walking in, I saw that Mom, and likely Dad, had pulled out the hide-a-bed, and it was all made up, complete with fresh sheets and a blanket. My pillows were already in place, and Mom had taken the time to turn down the bed. Ever the domestic goddess, as she liked to call herself, she left no detail unattended; even putting an alarm clock on the end table for me.

The living room had two doorways. One that led from the foyer, at one end, and one that led into the dining room at the other. The thing that was unique about the living room, besides the fact that we never used it, was that located in the walls of the two doorways, were sliding doors that you could pull out from each side, and they met in the middle to create a secluded room. I never minded having to sleep in there because the bed was surprising comfortable for being the couch pull out variety, and because I was provided the same privacy that I usually had in my own room. That afforded me the opportunity to sleep in the nude, as I always did. And this time, I really had no choice, since I hadn’t worn any underwear, and my dresser was in my room where Rob and Paula were sleeping…well, fucking.

I closed the doors to the foyer, and then the ones to the dining room. Undressing, I climbed into bed, listening to the muffled sounds of one of the three females in the house reaching her orgasm. Not what I expected, but there was little I could do.

I didn’t usually curl up under the sheets during the summer, and rarely during the winter to start. I tend to run hot, so when I go to bed, I’m always naked, and I usually don’t cover myself with anything. I lie there, letting my body cool off. When my body temperature finally starts to lower, sometime in the middle of the night, I’ll pull something over me to make sure I don’t wake up freezing. I don’t know when I do it, I just know that I do.

Pushing the covers to the casino oyna side, I closed my eyes. I’d slept in the living room before, so I was used to the surroundings. I drifted off rather easily, dreaming of my sweet Ann. It was easy, what with my being serenaded by the sounds of sex, which only reminded me of her. I’m sure I had a smile on my face as I welcomed Ann into my latest erotic dream.


At the end of a peaceful night of rest, I was aroused; and not just from the sleep itself. I’d often woken up with my cock fully erect. Every guy does, and I’m no exception. That’s another benefit of sleeping in the nude…my cock doesn’t usually become restricted by anything, particularly underwear. But I was really aroused this time, and it was sexually. This wasn’t some middle of the night, wet dream that I interrupted, and it wasn’t just your every night, run of the mill boner. I was on edge.

I was groggy, and had another one of those moments where I wondered if everything I experienced was actually a dream. I was amazed at how many times that event had occurred, especially recently. I had a tendency to blur my dreams with reality, anyway. There were several dreams that I had had over the years that seemed so real that it took me hours after waking up to realize they hadn’t been. Conversely, there would be the occasional real experience that just seemed too bizarre to have actually happened.

Swinging my legs over the side, I dug my toes into the carpet as I tried to wake up. A slow yawn coincided with my arms rising over my head as I stretched my body in hopes of getting more oxygen to my fatigued muscles. I closed my eyes as I thought of the images my dreams had pushed into my conscious mind. Shaking my head, I opened them and stared at the door to the foyer.

“They were all fucking? What in the hell are you dreaming about that for? Don’t you have enough issues trying to figure out Ann and where that’s going to end up?” I said, lecturing myself; almost chastising my own demented mind for coming up with such an insane vision in the first place. Why would I be dreaming about something like my parents and their friends all having sex in the house at the same time. And why would my cock be hard because of it. It made my other head start to hurt.

Feeling the pressure building in my head, I looked at the alarm clock. It was after 11:00. That was not a good sign. I loved to sleep in, but if I slept too long, I knew what would likely follow. I pulled on my shorts and went out the south door through the dining room, making my way to the kitchen, hoping to remain unseen. I need to get some aspirin to fend off the headache I knew was coming, induced by the extra sleep I had gotten. I had a penchant for migraines, and that was the last thing I needed on my last night with Ann.

I poked my head around the corner, checking to see if the coast was clear in the living room. Not seeing anyone, I walked into the kitchen to find a note waiting for me on the counter. Mom had left me notes there in that same spot since we’d moved into that house from the East back when I was a junior in High School. I was floored when I read it.


Neil, We’re all going to Fort Wayne to have brunch, and then we’re going to go shopping. Not sure what your plans are for today, other than your date tonight with Ann. Know you’re going to have a great time. Not sure when we’re going to get back, but it won’t be until after you leave. There are leftovers in the fridge. Hon, I hope we didn’t keep you awake last night. I know it must have been a little odd for you to hear all of us, and I know that you did. Maybe it’s better that you won’t see any of us today (ha ha). I guess you and Ann really rubbed off on us!

Please give our love to Ann. And don’t forget to give her yours too!

Love, Mom


It hadn’t been a dream. I grabbed the aspirin and wolfed down three of them, like they would somehow take away the images that were running through my head. They were unknown images. It wasn’t like I’d seen anything. But the soundtrack that was going on in my skull was hard to ignore, and the groans and moans that played somehow made scenes pop into my head. I shook my head again, trying to snap myself out of it. I walked back to the living room to make the bed, only to be stopped by the phone ringing. Knowing I was the only one home, it was mine to answer. I just had to decide if I wanted to.


I had to. It would always gnaw at me when I didn’t answer a phone, wondering who it was. My parents didn’t have an answering machine, so you either answered, or you didn’t. There was no call screening. I trudged back into the kitchen, praying it wouldn’t be something stupid, like a telemarketer.

“Hello,” I said, almost warily.

“Hi baby!”

“Ann!” I said excitedly.

“Did you get home all right last night?”

“Yeah, once I got dressed,” I said with a laugh.

“I tried to watch you out the window. I couldn’t see you…though.”

“I saw you.”

“Really! canlı casino I hoped you would. Did you sleep well last night?”

“I guess. It was just really weird.”


“Well, apparently, you and I really stirred up the house. When I got home, they were all at it.”

“At it…you mean?”

“Yep. All of them.”

“Wow. Were they…with their own spouses? Or did they, you know?”


“What?” she asked.

“Jeez Ann…I don’t know. I never thought of that…I am SO going to have to go back to therapy after this weekend!”

Ann giggled and said, “Relax. I just said that to mess with you.”

“What! How did you know?”

“I already called this morning and talked to your Mom. She feels really guilty, babe. She knows that you heard them.”

“I know. I read her note. It was so surreal babe. You should have heard them.”

“I didn’t have to. I had my own version going on over here.”

“Really?” I said, snickering.

“Yeah. I think we’ve started something. It was just like I was a kid again. Except I was full of your cum, and instead of being pent up, I was relaxed. I actually think the two of them banging against my wall put me to sleep. Is that sick or what?”

“No…actually, I went to sleep dreaming of you, while I listened to all kinds of orgasms going on. I couldn’t help but listen. Can I get off this subject, please?”

“Sure, babe,” Ann laughed.

“So…why’d you call this morning? Mom didn’t wake me up to tell me.”

“I told her not to. I know you’ve got to be tired, Neil. I’ve been able to sleep in every day…but you’ve had to work. And besides, I needed time to do some packing.”

I didn’t want to think about the fact that she was getting herself ready to leave. Instead, I pressed on with my train of thought. “Okay…but you still called. What’s up?”

“I’m hoping you are,” she said sexily.

“I was, until you made that remark about them…I don’t even want to say it. By the way, I owe you one for that.”

“Hey, I was just getting even for you making me think you were going to take me to a hotel room on prom night, mister. I figured that makes us even.”

“You and your obsession with being even. By the way, where do we stand now?” I asked, wondering if Ann had continued to tally our orgasms.

“I think we’re even.”

“You must be counting your multiple orgasms as one then,” I said with a laugh.

“No, but I’m counting every one of yours as three because you shoot so much cum. I couldn’t believe how much sperm I still had running out of me this morning.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, and she laughed with me. When she did, I stopped, listening to her. I wanted to laugh together, but at the same time, I was held captive by the sound.


“Yeah, babe,” I answered, knowing she wondered why I’d stopped.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I was just listening to you, Ann. I love your laugh. I was just drinking it in. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I find myself stealing those moments too.”

It was a passing comment, but it spoke to me. Neither of us wanted to dwell on our last day together. We wanted to savor it. Every minute…no, every second, was meaningful. But that thought did make me think about what she’d said earlier.

“So, you already packed?”

“Pretty much. We have to leave early tomorrow, and I don’t want to waste any time that I could be spending with you later. So, I got most of it out of the way.”

“So, what are you doing now? You still haven’t told me why you called…just to talk?”

Ann was silent for a moment, and finally said, “What am I doing?”

“I’m pretty sure I just asked you that,” I said, confused.

“Well, I’m supposed to be with Mom and Dad, heading up to my brothers house to go to a wedding. He’s in it…he’s a groomsman.”

“Who’s getting married?”

“No clue. They all know him. I don’t. But I was supposed to go because I won’t see Alan again for a while.”

“So…if you’re supposed to go, why are you…”

“Well, they couldn’t guarantee me what time we’d be home, and they knew I had a date tonight. So, I called Alan, and he said to stay home. He said it will be long, boring, and we wouldn’t get to visit because he’ll be too busy.”

“So, you’re home…alone?”

“It would seem. But then again, so are you. So the question is, your parent’s place, or mine?”


I was sitting in the open garage in a lawn chair, near where the grill had been the day before. I was lounging, actually, trying to appear laid back, when I was actually so excited to have more time with Ann that I could feel my chest moving from my heart beating so hard inside it. I was wearing a loose pair of gray cotton gym shorts, drinking a coke, when Ann pulled into the driveway in her mother’s car. The driver’s side was away from the house, and Ann parked it even with me, not quite pulling to the end of the cement. She gave me a little wave, as she opened the door to get out.

The first kaçak casino things that I noticed were her shoes. They were the same black heels she wore when we’d gone dancing together. I could only see her lower legs, from mid calf to the ground, but I was struck by just how sexy Ann’s feet and ankles were. It wasn’t like it was a fetish. Sure, I loved a woman in heels. But that was just the male coming out in me. For me it wasn’t so much about the shoes as it was the way they made her ankles lock, creating that sensual line of the calf as it moved up toward the knee. And Ann’s were magnificent.

As she slowly made her way around the car, the other thing I noticed was painfully obvious. She was wearing a raincoat…on a wonderful sunny day. I knew what it meant. It wasn’t like it was a secret that Ann would be naked underneath the coat. Yet, even though I knew what was coming, that didn’t keep my heart from skipping a beat or two. She stopped next to the car, and leaned back against it.

“Good morning, Neil,” she said twisting a strand of her long curly brown hair sexily around her finger.

“Good morning, Ann,” I said, slowly standing up…my cock rising with me against the baggy fabric of the shorts.

Ann was quick to notice, and made no pretense of why she was staring at me. “I love the way you get excited over seeing me.”

“I love the way you excite me.”

“That’s sweet,” she said, still staring at my crotch.

“Expecting inclement weather?” I said, nodding toward her coat.

“No, I’m just worried about to much sun exposure. I thought you might like to see how I get my tan lines,” Ann said as she loosened the sash holding the coat closed. I was wrong. She wasn’t naked. She was wearing her bathing suit. It was a very bright pink two piece set that almost blinded me.

“Not what I expected,” I said with a smile.

“Disappointed, baby?”

“Actually, no,” I said honestly. “That’s what I love about you…you keep me guessing. And while it’s not what I envisioned, you look amazing.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, toying with me. I didn’t answer with words, instead using my hand to gesture toward my groin. “Do you have a camera, Neil. I don’t have a picture of you, and I was thinking maybe we could take some…I didn’t bring mine on the trip.”

I smiled. Actually, I hadn’t stopped smiling since she’d called me. But I was beaming now. “We have three, Ann. My parents and I both have regular cameras…and I think they still have a Polaroid.”

“A Polaroid…one of the ones that does instant pictures?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Because…I can get a picture of you today. I was hoping I could take a couple and have you mail them to me. But now I can look at you on the flight home…and at work.”

“Wait right there. I want to remember you like this,” I said, as I turned to head to the house. I walked calmly toward the door, but once I was inside, I ran toward the back to my room to get my camera. Tearing into my parent’s room, I quickly rummaged through their walk in closet. In a box, way in the back, hidden amongst dozens of other boxes of items long since forgotten or seldom used, I found the Polaroid.

I dug it out, and prayed there was film inside. Checking, I breathed a sigh of relief. Not only was there film in the camera, there were a few unopened packages as well. They had gotten it as a gift years before, but seldom used it. Mom hated the thick, unwieldy format of the pictures themselves, saying they didn’t work well in photo albums. And the novelty of getting to look at the photo and watch it develop in front of your eyes had quickly worn off on them. But suddenly for me, the idea of instant pictures wasn’t a novelty. It was now a necessity.

I burst through the door of the house, slightly winded. Ann laughed and said, “My…you really must want a picture of me to be moving that fast.”

“You’re the one that wanted a picture of me,” I said, teasing.

“No…I’m thinking you saw me in my bikini, and that made you run.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter now. You closed your coat up,” I said, pointing out that Ann was back to standing exactly as she was when she first came around the car, including how she was toying with her hair.

“I thought you’d like to take the before and after pictures, so you can remember it the way it happened. Is that okay?” I couldn’t help but nod yes. I had my camera in my hand, and she looked at me and said, “Actually, I was hoping you’d use the other one. I want to see them.”

“Sure,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. I put my camera on the lawn chair, and picked up the other one. It wasn’t a sophisticated camera, other than the fact that it spit out film that would develop in a minute or two. There wasn’t a lens that you could zoom, so I had to move a little closer to get Ann in the frame that way I wanted. I took one of her posing like she had been, and then I motioned for her to open the coat.

“Take the picture quickly, babe. I want it to be like you’re seeing it for the first time, okay?”

I put the first picture on the chair next to the other camera I’d placed there, and got myself in position. Looking through the viewfinder, I watched as Ann untied the sash again, and she said, “I’m ready whenever you are.”

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