Anne’s Dilema

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Anne felt her knuckles tingle as she held her briefcase tightly against her chest. She glanced around the parking lot nervously, looking for anything suspicious. The parking lot was mostly empty, the employees all having left for home hours ago.

“What do I have to be worried about,” she mumbled to herself, “No one knows until I tell them.”

She slowly approached her car, fumbling through her key ring looking for the right key.

She bit her lip and bent her knees to unlock the door, turning it first one way and then the other, in her nervousness forgetting which way to go.

She opened the door and tossed the briefcase into the passenger seat. She let out a sigh of relief as she slowly lowered herself into the front seat and closed the door.

She dropped her face into her hands and started crying.

“How could he does this,” she sobbed, wiping the tears from her eyes.

She started her engine and slowly pulled out of the parking lot.

“I know the way so well, I could go there with my eyes closed,” she thought to herself, as she navigated through the neighborhood, how many times she’d made this trip to get his dinner, or to pick up his papers.

“I never should have taken the job,” she slowed down the car and looked across the street at the little gray house.

She sat in the car for a while, trying to get up confidence to go inside. She didn’t know what to do, how hard it was going to be to tell her. How disappointed he would be in her. He would probably fire her, not want her to come back to work.

“I have to do it,” she muttered to herself, biting her lower lip, “I have to do something.”

She opened the car door. She walked to the front door of the house, the briefcase held tightly in her hands.

She hesitated.

“Should I ring the doorbell,” she thought to herself,” but what if he answered?”

She stood still in indecision, her body swaying slightly from left to right.

Finally she reached her right hand out, and shaking nervously, pressed the doorbell.

She closed her eyes and cringed when she heard the ring echoing through the house. What if he did answer? What would she do then?

She braced herself as the rustle of footsteps came echoing toward the front door.

“Was the shadow she saw through the curtain her or him,” she concentrated, the crack of the door cascading through her ears.

“Anne? What are you doing here?”

Anne gasped. She concentrated on the voice, before opening her eyes.

“Daddy,” she shuddered, “I came to see mom.”

She was so nervous that she pressed her teeth against each other to stop shivering, holding the brief case tightly to her chest.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” he looked down at her sympathetically. “Is there something wrong?”

She looked away, trying to hide the tears welling up in her eyes.

“It’s something I need to talk to mom about,” she turned away. “Is she home?”

“She went to your aunts for a long weekend,” he answered slowly. “Is there something I can do?”

She shuddered as she felt his hand drop onto her shoulder, squeezing her.

“Honey?” her body tingled as he whispered into her ear, “is something wrong?”

She felt her knees start to weaken. How could she tell her mother? What was she going to say?

She turned around and looked up into her father’s eyes, her blood simmering.

“Yes, something is wrong,” she glared up towards him, the briefcase still tight against her chest.

She watched him stumble backwards.

“Maybe I startled him,” she thought, “I startled myself.”

She walked towards him, enjoying seeing him on the defensive, fighting to keep his balance.

“Yes, Daddy,” she squinted her eyes, “there’s something wrong.”

She felt as if something had taken over her. She fumbled with the lock on the briefcase, forcing it open and pulling out a pile of pictures.

“Do you see these?” she tossed the pictures at her father as he fell back into the overstuffed leather chair.

She saw the look on his face as he looked at the photos.

“She is my age,” she walked forward until she was nearly on top of him, “we were in the same grade, Daddy. She was my friend.”

His face turned ashen.

“Honey, I told you if you came to work with me you might see things you didn’t expect,” he stammered. “That you might find that you don’t like the business world.”

She glared down at him.

“This business world isn’t screwing your eighteen year old office assistant, is it Daddy?”

She watched him as he swallowed the lump in his throat.

“She’s casino oyna my age, Daddy,” she looked at him sternly, “her mother has worked for you for twenty-five years. I suppose you were doing her too.”

He pulled his hands over his face and bowed his head.

“I know, I know,” he cried into his hands. “Please don’t tell your mother. I’ll do anything.”

Anne hesitated. She was furious at him, but part of her was enjoying the irony in all this.

How many times had he spanked her for doing something as small as leaving a bowl in the living room? How many times was she grounded because she was twenty minutes late after school?

She looked down at him, his head buried into his hands. He didn’t look so strong after all.

She felt her body tingle with her newfound power.

“Oh daddy,” she rubbed her fingers through his graying hair, pausing behind his ears like a puppy, “don’t be upset. I’m sorry.”

She reached further down his head to his neck, running her fingernails along it slowly. “Daddy,” Anne said in her sweetest tone, “what should I do?”

She looked down at her father crying and felt a small excitement growing inside of her. She reached her hand under his chin and pulled it up until he was looking into her eyes.

She looked down at him and gently ran her hand across his face.

“Maybe I don’t have to tell mom,” she smiled and backed away from the chair, pulling her hand gently from his cheek.

“Please, oh god, please don’t tell her,” watching him beg was making her more and more excited.

She shook her head. “I shouldn’t be feeling like this,” she thought to herself.

She turned her back towards her father and regained her composure.

“Tell me daddy,” she slowly turned towards him, “when you’re with her are you thinking of me? Are you thinking of my warm wet lips surrounding you? My soft body pressed against yours?”

She started to walk back towards him, her legs trembling.

“Are you thinking of my body open underneath you, my tongue exploring your mouth,” she positioned herself over his legs, her hips inches from his face.

“Is this what you want daddy?”

Anne reached down and slowly pulled her skirt up revealing her white panties.

“Well daddy?”

She looked down at him, his head eyes starting straight towards her hips. Silently she took her index finger and worked it into the elastic, pulling the panties aside and revealing her moist pink lips.

She inched her body closer and closer to his face, until she could feel his breath billowing between her legs. Reaching her hand down, she pulled his mouth to her lips.

“Oh daddy,” she whispered, “use your tongue.”

There was a long pause. She closed her eyes and bit her lips, his breath against her sending waves of excitement up her spine. Finally she felt his tongue splitting her lips apart, searching inside of her.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good,” she let out a soft moan.

“Do you think of me when you’re doing this to her Daddy,” she rubbed her nails gently through is graying blonde hair, pulling his head deeper and deeper into her moist lips.

She felt his tongue sliding in and out of her, rippling against her moist lips, her clit. Her body started swaying as the excitement surged through her, her hand gripped tightly against the back of his head.

“Oh daddy, you are so sexy,” she loosened her grip. “I think I’d like to see a little more of you.”

She slowly backed away from him. She could smell her juices spread over his face. Her body was flushed with excitement.

“You didn’t have a problem undressing for her Daddy,” Anne stepped back further, “so why don’t you do it for me.”

She looked down at him, his blue eyes staring into hers. She could see him slowly breaking down and it excited her.

He reached his hands down to his waist and pulled his shirt over his head. Anne looked at his chest; he was pretty fit for a man in his late forties.

“The pants Daddy,” she nodded towards his slacks, “everything.”

She watched his face flush with embarrassment as he undid the snap on his slacks, slowly pulling them down revealing his already rigid shaft.

“Daddy is excited,” Anne walked towards him and ran her hand along his cock, bending her face down to his. “Very excited,” she whispered into his ear.

She felt the cock twitch in her hands as she ran her fingernails up and down its length.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Anne pointed to the middle of the room. “I want to have some fun.”

He got up from the chair and slowly lowered himself canlı casino to the floor. Anne slid up behind him, her hands caressing his ass cheeks.

“I like you like this Daddy, reminds me of how you used to spank me.” Anne pulled her hand back and gave him a firm spank before letting her hand drift between his legs and rub his cock.

“Oh you like that when I spank you and then touch your cock don’t you Daddy?” Anne spanked him again and again slid her hand down to rub his cock.

“Just like you used to do to me, right Daddy?” Anne felt him stiffen tightly in her hand. “Are you going to answer?”

Anne felt his body tense as she spanked him harder, this sliding her hand between his cheeks before sliding it down to rub his cock.

“Yes honey,” he finally answered, his voice shaking, “just like I spanked you.”

“I used to cringe on your lap after each spank,” Anne spanked him harder, “it used to hurt so much.”

She pulled her hand back one more time and slapped him as hard as she could. She heard him groan as she ran her hand between his cheeks, gently touching his anus before sliding down and caressing his balls.

“Oh daddy, ” she reached her hand down to his shaft and squeezed it, “I don’t know what’s come over me.”

She moved her hips behind him so they barely rubbed against his ass. Reaching her hands around him, she gently caressed his nipples between her fingers.

“Do you like being her position Daddy,” she pulled her panties down and rubbed her bare skin against his.

She suckled her index finger into her mouth before sliding it down to his ass, rotating it around until it started to slide in.

She heard him groan as the finger burrowed its way deeper and deeper.

“Somebody is wery wery excited,” Anne whispered in her baby voice as she reached her free hand around his rigid shaft, the other finger slowly pumping in and out of his bottom.

“But this won’t do,” she pressed her hand against his hip, “you’ll need to roll over so that you can see me do all these things to you.”

Anne slowly pulled her finger out of his ass and helped him roll onto his back. She crawled up towards his head and slowly ran her index finger around his lips.

“Suck it Daddy,” she moaned as she worked the finger between his lips. “That’s a good boy.”

Anne closed her eyes and concentrated on the tongue licking her finger clean, her other hand slowly caressing his cock.

“How dirty can I be,” she wondered to herself. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

She pulled the finger out of his mouth and crawled back between his legs.

“Maybe you’d like to see your little girls breasts, huh Daddy?” She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and exposed some cleavage.

She ran her wet finger down around his ass again before slipping it in. She watched as his cock twitched to excitement, a little drop of liquid oozing from its tip.

Gently she pushed the other hand from his balls up to his shaft repeatedly. She could feel the tension building inside of him, his body rigid beneath her.

“Maybe I should stop,” she pulled her hand off of his cock and unbuttoned two more buttons, her breasts barely shrouded from view.

She pulled her finger out from inside of him. She felt a surge of adrenaline as she looked down at her father, his legs spread open around her almost like a girl. She felt the strength of being in charge flowing inside of her.

Slowly she fumbled with the last two buttons on the blouse and dropped it to the floor, her nipples suddenly hardening in the cool air.

“Do you like what you see daddy?” she squeezed her breasts together and excruciatingly slowly surrounded his cock with them. “Do you like it when your little princess rubs her breasts on you?”

She watched as he looked away, his cock hot and hard against her chest.

“You do, don’t you?” she felt her nipples working there way around his hips, sliding in and out from between his legs.

“Maybe you’d like my mouth a little bit more?” she lowered her body until her lips were just barely touching the tip of his cock, her breasts still pressed between his legs.

“Are you not going to answer me?” she opened her mouth wider and let her tongue glide around the tip of his cock, sliding around it over and over again.

She could taste him, feel his juice on her tongue. She felt her own body getting more and more excited, less from the sex than the power. She let the cock slide all the way into her mouth and almost instantly she felt him stiffen.

She lowered her head more and more until it was all kaçak casino inside of her mouth. She felt the tickle of his pubic hair on her nose. She held him there deep inside of her, her tongue reaching out towards his balls, for as long as she could, then slowly pulled him out.

“Did you like that Daddy?” she cooed at him. “Did you enjoy your little angel’s warm mouth?”

She felt his cock pulsate in her hands, her teasing obviously turning him on.

“Or would you like to be somewhere else that’s warmer?” she leaned back onto her knees and unzipped the side of her skirt, dropping it around her.

She pulled her panties down a little bit, revealing her barely visible blonde pubic hair. She ran her finger along the top of the elastic.

“Do you want to see Daddy?” she bit her lip playfully, her finger working it’s way further and further through the elastic.

She watched his eyes as he stared at her, his gaze never leaving her hips. Slowly she pulled the panties down until they were off.

“You didn’t answer,” she crawled out of her skirt and straddle his belly. “I think that means yes.”

She could feel her lips spread out over his belly. She spread her legs wider and wider until she could feel his soft skin underneath her hot wet legs.

“Do you like how it feels Daddy?” she lowered her face to his, using her moist lips to tease the tip of his cock.

She pressed her mouth to his and worked her tongue into his mouth. She could feel his resistance, his tongue pulled away from her. She stabbed it in further and further until she found him, her hips gently lowering further and further over the tip of his cock. She could feel him pressing hard against her, barely inside.

“Daddy, you’re inside of me,” she moaned softly into his ear, her breasts pressed tight against his chest, “but you’re so big I don’t know if I can take it all.”

She felt him stiffen as she let her tongue drift over his ear lobe and then down to his neck. She let her hips press a little more of him inside of her.

“Oh daddy, you’re pulling me apart you’re so big,” she moaned into his other ear, her body wriggling on top of him. She felt her own body ready to explode from all the sensations.

She rubbed her cheek against his, her fingers drifting through his hair. Gently she kissed him, first on the forehead then the cheeks then slid over to his mouth.

He was more open to the kisses this time, she thought, as she pressed her tongue into his mouth to find his waiting there. They intertwined as she felt her body moving lower and lower over his cock, finally taking it all in.

She sat up and rubbed one hand on her breast, the other one pulling her lips wider and wider apart so he could see his cock burrowing deep inside of her.

“Oh daddy, you’re all the way in,” she rubbed her hand on his chest. “You’re so big, it feels so good.”

She felt his cock twitching inside of her, pressing high into her belly. She reached down and put her finger in his mouth and than ran it along his lips.

“Oh daddy, are you going to come inside of me?” she slid her hips up and down.

She felt his body thrust up towards her, his cock burning inside of her. She felt his body stiffen beneath her and finally a strong thrust, he was coming.

She reached down to his chest, his juices shooting inside of her, dripping down to their legs.

“Oh Daddy,” she moaned, her hips riding up and down against his pulsating cock repeatedly.

Finally the thrusts slowed and then stopped, she let her body fall onto his, his soft cock working it’s way slowly out from inside of her.

She crawled up towards his chest, her pussy inches from his mouth.

“Oh daddy,” she moaned, “I didn’t come yet.”

She reached her hands behind his head and pulled it up towards her hips. She felt the sloppy wetness surrounding his face as his tongue worked it’s way between the soft folds of her flesh.

“Oh yes, right there,” she moaned as his tongue slid deep inside of her, his nose pressed against her clit. She rode his face like it was his cock, her body felt like it was on the verge of orgasm for minutes.

Finally she felt her body tense, she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him tighter against her. She felt the first twitches of the explosion within her trickling out. Her legs quivered as she rocked her way to orgasm.

She held him there, between her legs, her body cascading back and forth over his face for minutes.

She slowly let her hands drift from his hair; his head dropping back to the bed.

“Oh daddy,” she cooed, “that was so hot.”

She lowered herself next to her father and ran her fingers across his soaking wet face. She could smell their juices all over him.

“I think I’m still going to tell mom,” she kissed him on the cheek.

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