Annie and Sean’s First Date

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I feel his hands on my lower back, guiding me into his apartment. I am surprised to see that it is not the standard white that seems to be in every Toronto condo. It’s as if all the developers got together, did shrooms, and feel in love with this non-committal off-white. It’s boring, but Sean seems to have painted his main living space s warm grey, with a single, large horizontal stripe in mint green across all four walls. His couch is navy velvet with actual throw pillows!

I catch his eye, and raise my eyebrows in approval. His hazel eyes don’t change, but his smile widens slightly. Brushing his dark, shoulder length hair from his eyes, he takes my hand and leads me towards the bedroom.

When we get inside, I close to door and pin him up against it with my left forearm. I lower my gaze to take all of him in. I slide my right hand under his shirt to skim over his stomach. I can see he is amused, and allowing me this moment to inspect him; e leaves his arms by his sides.

Our night had been nice so far. We went to a hip restaurant at Dundas and Differing, and ordered fancy cocktails with our tapas style Japanese. I have to admit, it was awkward at times. I think he noticed me contemplating taking his close of later… or not. I had been on the fence, just on first impressions. But i suspended judgement, and proceeded to get to know him a bit better. He had two sisters, one younger and one older. He likes shoes, and has a close group of friends that moved to Toronto together after university.

Yada, yada, yada.

Everyone has cute things about them, but what sold me was his ability to roll with the punches. When i told him i was allergic to fish, after ordering in a Japanese restaurant, he didn’t even flinch. He promptly went to speak with the kitchen to tell them we likely wouldn’t be able to eat there; we grabbed our jackets, slightly buzzed, got street meat, and went for a walk down the colourful streets of Toronto. He already told me our next date we’re going to play hide and go seek in IKEA!

Cut to – Sean’s hands slowly curling around the flesh of my ass. Not a great time to reminisce, Annie.

I feel him pull on my cheeks to get a better grip. I take the queue to push my hips into his, and my hand higher on his stomach. I look at him through my lashes and we smile slowly at each other.

I pull his shirt up and over his head, and replace my hands on his chest. he is still waiting for me to take the lead – another point for Sean! Using his pecs as leverage, i begin to rub my hips against his, seeking friction to match the tension between us.

“Tell me, out loud, that you want this, and I won’t stop.” I say quietly, and wait for him to consent to all the things i want to do to his body.

“I want this, Annie.” He replies in a low, even voice.

“What do you want, exactly? Give me details.” I coach.

“First, I want you to undress me. Then i want you to take your shirt and bra off. Hold your tits your hands as you start to arouse yourself. Rub yourself on me, pinch your nipples, whatever feels good for you. And let me see you do it.” Sean dictates. His voice is still low and even, and the control he is emitting is makes my nipples tingle. “Then i want you to take your jeans of slowly, facing away from me so i can see you pussy between your beautiful ass cheeks. Then, i’ll lower myself to sit on the bed, and you’ll sit down on my lap. Slowly rub your ass over my cock.”

Holding his steady gaze, I say “alright, but nothing crazy like kissing or something!” I smile playfully and reach for the button on his pants. Opening them, I slide my hands slowly down his ass, underneath is boxers, and ease his pants off. I kneel down and help him step out of his pants. I rise slowly, licking the inside of his left thigh, sliding my tongue through the crease between his leg and testicle. I hear a sharp intake of breathe from above me.

I stand up the rest of the way, and remove casino siteleri my burgundy silk tank top, leaving me in my black and purple lacy bra. I turn around to lean against him, as I undo the clasp of my bra. My breast spill out of their holding, and i drop my forgotten bra at our feet. I lean back onto his chest, with my head on his right shoulder. His hands snake around my hips as I cup my breasts in each hand. They are sensitive to the touch, and my nipples are already hard pebbles from the tension between Sean and I.

I pinch my nipples slightly, and massage my boobs in small circles; they kiss in the middle as my hands rotate them towards each other. The swelling of the soft flesh feels amazing. My breathe kicks up a notch as my body begins to receive the kind of ministrations it has been waiting for since Sean walked me down that secluded side street and kissed me softly. I feel Sean speckle kisses down the left side of my neck, then pull back and capture my ear lobe between his teeth.

I transfer both of my boobs into my left arm, and sneak my right hand down into the front of my jeans. I slide inside my panties to feel the wetness that has accumulated there. I moan, involuntarily. I quickly undo the button of my jeans, and my ass squishes into his hips as i push off of Sean to remove my pants. I slide them slowly around my ass, letting Sean witness the flesh bubble free from the denim, and my swollen pinkness peak between my cheeks. Before I straighten up again, I feel Sean’s hands on my hips, pulling me back towards him. He spreads my cheeks around his cock before I even have my pants off.

I kick the jeans and panties away from us, and I feel Sean spin me to face the door he had been leaning on. He pins me against the door, and i feel his hand skimming over my ass, in-between my legs, and finally dip his fingers into my pussy. I arch myself into the door to get some friction on my nipples. Next thing I know, Sean is wiping my pussy juice between my ass cheeks, and pumping his dick against me.

I push my hips back to give him a better angle. his hands grab between my chest and my hips, searching for the most amount of leverage against me.

“Fuck, Annie. Your ass is amazing.” I hear him say quietly. His even tone is still there, and it’s so fucking hot. I wonder how much longer he will be able to keep it up. He runs his hand up my back and grasps me by the neck, pulling em flat against his chest. he slides his free hand around my stomach and finds my, now, needy clit. I let my head fall back against his shoulder and he tries to tilt me head to allow him to meet my lips in a kiss.

I pull back sharply, and turn to face him. “I meant what I said, Sean. No kissing.” I punctuated my final two words with gentle pushes towards the bed behind him. Be falls back onto it with his hands up in resignation.

I sit down on his lap, facing away from him, and line his cock up along my slit. I slide back and forth on his lap, spreading my wetness along his shaft. “Did you want it like this, Sean?” I breath, trying to keep my own pleasure out of my voice. His hands on my hips guiding my thrusts was his only response. His hands claw up my stomach and grip my breasts. The soft flesh squeezes between his fingers, as he bites my shoulder. With one hand on my neck, he pushes my forward at waist, and pushes me off his lap. His other hand slaps my ass swiftly, and I gasp at the contact. Slowly I turn around to face him. My skin is alive with his touch, and my body is desperate for more.

I straddle his waist now, and flip his hard cock between our bodies. I take him in my hand and pump him a few times before apply the head of his penis to my clit. I bring our upper bodies close together, and push my breasts into his chest, loving the swell of my tits between our bodies. I swipe his head between my lips to get it slick with my juices and start circling it around my clit.

“Yes, Sean. Isn’t this better canlı casino than kissing?” I moan, bringing our foreheads to touch. He laughs darkly, and nods. I let my head fall to the right and suck his ear lobe into my mouth before nibbling down his neck. I lick his collarbone from neck to shoulder.

He lays down on the bed and pulls me on top of him. I slide my pussy up and down the underside of his cock, looking for more friction. Sean’s hands on my ass speed things up, and he arches his back from the sensation of my fat lips massaging his cock.

“What else do you want, Sean? Tell me what you like.” I goad.

“Fuck, Annie! This! This is what i like! No one has ever made me so close to cumming without putting my dick inside them before!” He exclaims. I smile at his eyebrows knit together on his forehead. I’ve broken him, he’s desperate. It just makes me enjoy it more.

I speed up my pace and watch his chin reach for the ceiling. Then i slow things way down, with deliberate thrusts at intervals. With every thrust forward, he exhales a little bit more. I reach back with my left hand and clasp his balls loosely. Despite how turned on Sean is, his balls still hang away from his body, i know he has more left in him.

I sit us both up, and kneel on the floor in front of him. I take the opportunity to lick up the side of his shaft, tasting my own flavour on his cock. I take him head into my mouth, and i feel his hands tangle into my hair. He doesn’t push me, but wants to feel involved. I bob slowly on his thick shaft, and use my hand to stimulate the base. I swirl my tongue across his head when i come farther up on his dick, then slowly deep throat him. I try to stay down at his base for as long as i can, and constrict my throat rhythmically to keep his head happy.

I pull back and look up at him quickly. I hold his gaze a i bob a few more times, and he pulls me up to standing. He places my hands on his shoulders, and pushes one of his knees between my legs. holding my around my waist, he licks up my cleavage slowly. He breathes me in, circles my left nipple, and latches on. He sucks me into his mouth, and lavishes my bud with passes from his rough tongue. My eyes are closed, loving the sensation, when i feel his knee swiftly push up on my pussy.

I am instantly moaning for him.

“Oh my God, Sean.” The words drip out of my mouth with the same amount of control as i have over my soaked pussy.

“Tell me that you want this, and i won’t stop.” I hear him say in a husky, aggressive voice. Gone is his voice laced with powerlessness and ecstasy, and instead I hear someone hellbent on tearing my pussy apart.

My eyes flash open, and I swallow mechanically, instinctively, to deal with my watering mouth. I am nodding profusely before I have time to think about teasing him.

“Out loud, Annie.” He is stern with me. I fucking love it.

“I want this, Sean. I want you.”

He tosses me onto the bed beneath him. He takes my thighs in his hands and pulls me down to meet his thick cock. It lines up and slams into my wet pussy like a knife in its sheath. Our jaws open in silent ecstasy that we are finally fit together. My walls stretch to accomodate him, and my insides grip his dick and hold it inside of me.

Gradually he pulls himself out till i feel the ridge of his head pass my cervix. He slams himself back into my with more determination than I have seen from him all night. He finds a quick rhythm where his hips keep slapping into my ass, and my tits bounce into my chin from the impact. He has me chanting his name in encouragement. A couple fucks were thrown in there too, who am i kidding?

I snake my hand down to touch my clit. I circle the engorged nub slowly, hoping not to desensitize it before i want to finish My other hand is on his bicep, and I’m staring into his eyes. I shack my head in disbelief of how good this feel, and i can feel myself coiling slowly from his kaçak casino ministrations. He is pumping into me with vigour and if we don’t change soon, both of us are going to get off.

I tap him on the shoulder twice to signify that i want to change positions. He immediately pulls back and i flip to lay on my stomach. I guide his slippery member through my gap and into my pulsing vagina.

“Fuck, Annie. How much tighter can you get?” He groans. I feel his beard scratching my neck softly and it just heightens my senses. He thrusts into me but i can tell he’s getting tired, so I push back through doggie style, until he is kneeling in-between my knees. I sit my pussy down on his cock and start bouncing on him. My ass si squishing into him and starting to clap from the bouncing.

He straightens his legs out in front of me and i take the opportunity to get a condom. I slide it on and get back on top facing him this time. My boobs are bouncing in his face, my ass checks getting spanked from his muscular hands, and his girth is just fucking the shit out of my pussy . I want to see how long we can take this so I vary my speeds. Some slow and hard, and some quicker and more shallow. My channel is being massaged from all sides, and I’m rubbing my clit on his pelvis. I’m getting tired so I slow it down even more, and rest my chest on him. My ass rising into the air behind me is visible over my back.

I sit back up and bring my feet forward, and my hands back behind his hips. I take my right leg and lift it into the air with his cock still buried deep in my pussy. I cross my right leg over my left, and squeeze my pussy tighter around his dick. I see his face pass from confusion, to surprise, and then to pleasure as i start to slight myself up and down on his dick.

I lean my head back and take in how good it feels to squeeze my clit down on him as he slides past my bundle of nerve endings. Sean’s hips are rising to meet my ass now, and he’s picking up speed.

Without warning, Sean’s sexual frustration overtakes him. He sits up and pushes me back on the bed with my legs still cross. He grabs my legs and shoves them over my head so my tight hold is presented to him and my ass is off the bed. He pushes his thickness back into me, and begins to thrust with earnest.

“Impatient, Sean? Was I going to slow for you?” I say through a dark smile.

“I can’t wait anymore, Annie. I want your pussy to bad. I want to to clp around me and milk my cock until i have no jizz left in my balls. I want you nipple in my mouth and your ass red with my hand prints!” He whines out between thrusts. “I know you are close, and if its as good fro you as it is for me, then you are going to love what happens next.”

He pushes my legs farther over my head, and my ass lifts up to meet him at the perfect angle. I feel a sting on my ass as his hand comes away from it. My pussy clenches in delicious torture. My click is pinned between my legs and getting pommeled by Sean.

“Okay, fine! Fuck me.” I yell at him. He smiles, and reups his pace. My back is arching off the back and I know I am saying something, but I just can’t hear anything over the sensation radiating through my pussy. I am screaming my pleasure, and Sean is grunting with every thrust. I feel that coil tighten until i am standing on the edge, and I just need him to tip me off. A slap sounds from my ass and I am falling.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop. Fuck, Sean!” I see his mouth open and i see him O-face for the first time. His eyes clench shut and he is pumping his fastest into my spasming canal. my toes are curled, eyes rolling back, and I have no idea when i am coming back down.

Slowly he starts to thrust harder, but slower. Every time he slams into me, another shock runs through my clit, and down my legs. I am coming down again, and finally he unpins my legs and falls down beside me on the bed.

“Fuck, Annie,” Is all he says when we look each other in the eye.


A/N: Let me know in the comments if you want to see more from Annie and Sean! I think they’re pretty hot, myself, and would not be opposed to another night in their sex life 😉 Hope you liked it!

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