Ann’s Revenge Ch. 02

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When Rob woke up to the alarm on Thursday morning it took him a few seconds to work out all the feelings and strange aspects of discomfort on his body. His mind started to recall how the evening before he had agreed to play the chastity game with his wife and she had encapsulated his dick in a fiendish metal fibre sock and tied it back between his legs facing backwards. This area was feeling quite sore from a night in place. Further she had dressed him in a wispy pink lace nighty that had ridden up and was rolled up around his upper chest in his sleep – a sign of how restless he had been in his sleep.

He turned to see that Ann had already arisen from the bed and was in her dressing area. As he watched her reflection in the full length mirror moving around he saw her pull up a pair of high cut white lace panties and smooth them into position. A matching bra was then applied. Ann knew he was watching and wanted to put on a show for him – all part of the plan that was developing to reap her revenge after she had found out he had played away!

Moving carefully to give Rob glances of her shapely body in the lingerie, she then pulled on a short blue skirt slowly sliding up the zipper to the side and then pulled over a white woollen pullover top that was loose and slightly see through but showed off her curvaceous bosoms and cleavage to good effect. Nestled in the middle of her bosoms was the small key to the padlocks that kept Robs dick in the chastity device on a fine gold chain round her neck.

She walked into the bedroom – Rob was sat on the side of the bed removing the pink nighty over his head and placing it on the bed beside him. As he looked up at Ann he saw she had the black bra she had worn the evening before and the matching black lace panties in her right hand.

“Here you are then – remember it’s my rules till Sunday!” She leaned out so Rob could take the flimsy garments from her. Right about now it dawned on Rob that he had agreed to her rules until Saturday when they started this game but he had fallen short the evening before when he forgot to dry himself off properly after a piss and had caused Ann’s panties to get damp – this had caused her to extend the game by 24 hours.

Rob put on the lingerie and covered it up with a blue shirt and tie plus his two piece suit. As he lifted off the jacket from the back of the chair he recalled he had already placed a pair of underpants in his inside pocket so he could change in the office. This gave him a small pang of satisfaction.

Rob went down to the kitchen where Ann too was preparing to go to work and a cup of coffee was waiting.

“So it’s granny knickers and old women bra’s today is it?” Ann said knowing that Rob had a day at the office editing the new lingerie catalogue for his company and wanting to get his mind back on sex.

“Yep!” Rob lied – the catalogue he was working on was 100% nubile young models in sexy underwear ready for a launch into the home sex party business.

“Well if you get bored just think of me inside those lovely black panties you have on and the fun we will have on Sunday when I let you out of your toy” said Ann – with this she walked up to Rob and placing her chest in front of him so he would see the key she pushed her breasts into his chest and gave him a long kiss. Whilst doing this she playfully lowered his trouser zipper and put her right hand inside the trousers to rub his pubic region through the lacy panties he was wearing. Robs dick immediately tried to expand itself but the encasement prevented any substantial arousal – goodness this was frustrating.

“Just checking – I wouldn’t want to punish you further by extending the game even longer!” Ann added – she then removed her hand, pulled back his zipper and moved to the hallway table collecting her keys and handbag and opened the door to go. Rob grabbed his keys also and walked through the open door – his car was in the way of Ann’s so he needed to pull away first. As Rob drove to his place of work he started to think though the various aspects of his predicament.

First of all his dick was in a box that he could do nothing about – that was bad enough but wearing ladies underwear to the office was a step too far. He pulled into the parking lot of a MacDonald’s and went inside – moving directly to the toilet he entered and locked the door. He quickly removed his clothes took off the bra and panties and put on the underpants he had so cleverly placed in his inside pocket the night before. Re-dressing, although his dick was still in this damned device, at least he did not feel feminised any more. Stuffing the lingerie in the same inside pocket he straightened illegal bahis his tie and exited the toilet.

As he walked back to his car – he was just about to climb back in – he heard Ann’s voice. “I didn’t know you liked a burger for breakfast?”

He turned to see her stood between him and the restaurant smiling at him in her sexy white top – the sun shining on her enough that he could clearly make out the sexy bra encasing her tits. “I don’t, just felt the urge to go to the loo – must have been last nights Chinese catching up with me” Rob answered.

Slowly, but in a very definite way, Ann moved close to Rob until she was only a few inches away. “It wouldn’t be anything to do with the pair of underpants you stuffed in your jacket pocket last night then!” said Ann “remember if you can watch me in the full length mirror – so I can watch you!” With that Ann placed her hands on Robs chest where the lumps of a bra should have been, clearly demonstrating she knew what he had done and then she reached and pulled out the back bra and panties from the pocket.

Robs face went very red – he was motionless and caught totally red handed and was struggling to think of anything to say.

“Now you will go back in there and change back to the way it should be and I’ll be waiting to receive the underpants when you are done!” Ann said with authority. She then pushed the two garments into his trouser pockets – one each side – making sure to exaggerate her hand movements in his groin region.

Rob chose again not to argue or say anything knowing that to do so would exacerbate the situation. He moved back to the restaurant, returned to the toilet and reversed his actions – returning to the car park where Ann was propped up against his car.

“All done?” she enquired. Rob handed her the underpants as if to say yes here you are – but not uttering a word.

Ann took them from him and leaned into him in a playful manner. She strategically placed her hand over Rob’s encased dick and gave it a bit of a prod – “this thing is going to be absolutely gagging for sex by Monday when we get to play” she added.

With this she turned and sauntered over to her car, climbed in giving a glance and a smile to Rob, started her engine and drove away. As Rob got in his own car he realised the game had just been extended another 24 hours!

The day at work for Rob was hell. His encased dick kept on trying to get stiff as he went about the photo editing of the lingerie catalogue and all the time the bra he was wearing caused him to itch like mad – especially on his shoulders. He kept looking around to see if any of his colleagues were looking at him (Rob was in an open plan office) and he became more and more conscious of the bra. In the end he decided at least he could nip to the loo and loose that part so he would feel comfortable taking off his jacket so he did just that.

At lunchtime two of his work mates suggested they went to the local subway for a sandwich and he went along. They sat at a table – the three of them eating their sandwiches and drinking soda when yet again Rob became aware of a presence behind him. The smiling face of his colleague in front of him who could see who it was alerted him that it was a known party and almost all at once two arms came around his shoulder in a playful hug. The hands were clearly probing his chest area.

“Hi lover!” were the opening words in his left ear.

Both Rob’s colleagues knew Ann – she occasionally joined them for lunch like this – so it seemed natural to them. Ann sat in the fourth seat opposite Rob and looked at him with a knowing smile. Rob was mortified again. He had realised she had already worked out the bra was off again.

“So how are you lot coming on with the new porn show?” she asked playfully “Rob tells me you are catering fro the grannies and larger built ladies this time!”

The two guys were quick enough not to contradict Rob’s story – but looked at each other and smirked – Ann saw the action.

“We have a series of brochures due out this time” interjected Rob a bit quickly – he was in enough trouble already “the one we should have ready by the weekend is the new home party version and I’ll let you have an early peep”

Again the two colleagues smirked.

“I love to order some nice things for the family wardrobe” stated Ann “and I seem to be running a little short of nice things to wear – that would be good” Ann answered – with huge innuendo toned into her voice.

Ann turned to Simon – one of Robs colleagues – “Tell me, Rob says you lot are desensitised to the sight of sexy lingerie as you have it before you all the time – does the thought illegal bahis siteleri of it under the clothes not turn you on?”

All three guys were taken aback a bit and Rob thought Ann was going a bit far.

“Now you don’t want embarrass the youngsters Ann” pitched in Rob quickly – he being a good 5 years older than both of them, “they are still rookies”

Ann turned back to Rob “They both look like good red blooded men to me – I assure you I don’t want to treat them like youngsters or sissies”. She glared at Rob as she said this “I have a husband for that treatment!”

Rob glared back – knowing she was cornering him he took a final slug from his soda and stood up to leave “Sorry love – going to have to get back, but will see you back at base this evening”

Simon and the third man also slugged back their drinks and they rose to join Rob as they left the café. Rob turned back to glance at Ann who was staring at him with a big smile on her face – just like the car park at MacDonald’s.

Rob did nip to the loo to replace the bra on his way out of the office – not really knowing why – his punishment was already assured – but thinking it might lessen the impact. When he turned the key in the door he walked into a house full of incense and the candle light treatment was in place. This was a bit disorientating.

Ann appeared at the top of the stairs – she had changed into a stunning red number – it was one of Rob’s favourite outfits for her to wear. He always became really randy when she wore it and almost never did they get out the door if they were due somewhere should Ann put it on. In fact Ann used it to get out of going to parties she didn’t really want to go to.

“Now, had you been a good boy and lived by the rules all this would have been the taster and tomorrow night the lead up to the midnight bell when the key was due” Ann started ” but with two more infractions in a day we are now talking Wednesday!” she added.

“Come on now – that’s not fair – I accept I was off on the count of discomfort wearing the bra and panties in the office – but that’s only worth a single day surely!” Rob was still working out she was adding 3 days to the time.

“My rules are not to be broken or more time is added to the game – a second infraction in the same day holds an extra 2 days, a third 3 days and so on so you need to take this seriously if I am going to let your little manhood out to play.” Ann announced. Robs cock gave a sexual twitch that reminded him he was done up like a kipper. “Now come up stairs as to continue the game for longer we have some extra preparation to undertake.”

This sounded a bit worrying thought Rob – but he took the stairs up to the bedroom where some towels were laid out on the bed.

“Strip then” ordered Ann.

“Look – I think we have taken the game a long way Ann” said Rob “I really would like to call it a day and return to normal”

Ann noticed the first glint of fear in Rob’s voice – there was almost a begging tone beginning to creep in. She fluttered her eyelids and smiled warmly at Rob. Moving sexily forward, emphasising her womanly parts, she moved up close again to Rob making contact up and down his body. She was wearing his favourite perfume.

“Come on now, you must be enjoying the wait a bit – I know this is making me as horny as hell and when we do let go we are going to be in for one hell of a ride!” she said as she again placed her hands on his chest and gloated when she confirmed the bra was back.

“You are right – but this thing is getting really uncomfortable and I’m not sure I can keep to your rules!” explained Rob

“Well – the good thing is that the rules also allow you to win back some time if you are especially good” she suddenly announced. “So tonight if you let me prepare you for the weekend and get me to an orgasm with your tongue I’ll wipe out today’s infringement record. – that way you get to play on Sunday”

Rob didn’t think too long about this – he often performed cunnilingus on Ann and was good at it so rapidly agreed to it. Ann stayed very soft tone and affectionate as she led Rob to the bed with the towels after he had removed all his clothes, the bra and Ann’s panties.

“Have I ever told you that one of my fantasies is for you to make love to me with you all smooth and shaved everywhere?” said Ann whilst she ran her hands up and down Robs upper legs and then purposely over the groin region where his pubic hair was sprouting. “After this it is down to sucking me off and no more rules today?”

The idea of having his hair shaved off did not trouble him too much and the prospect of bringing the canlı bahis siteleri release date back to Sunday was too tempting “OK – bring me my shaving kit and I’ll do that for you” stated Rob. He figured it was just a bigger job than his daily shave to his face.

“It’s OK, I have everything ready just you lay on the big towel and I’ll go and get the clobber.” Rob obeyed.

Ann returned from the bathroom carrying a tray with a fairly large pot on it with various things alongside. She placed the tray down on a bedside table and leant down to insert a plug into the socket. The smell of incense mixed with burning candles wafted around the room. At this point Ann sat next to Rob – leaned over and said calmly. This might sting a bit and I don’t want you changing your mind half way through, are you prepared to commit to this treatment. As she said this she made small circles around Rob’s tits knowing she was turning him on even more than the outfit had already done. “Can’t help but say I’ve not known you like this before but I am up for the shortening of the chastity time” responded Rob.

With this Ann produced the handcuffs and moved to Rob’s right wrist. Calmly she proceeded to press home the cuff around his wrist – he elected not to resist. Moving the other cuff through two openings in their brass bed-head she leaned over him – pressing her covered breasts into his chest – and closed the second cuff around his left wrist. He was now hers.

The next implement Ann produced was a battery operated hair cutter – the sort used to finish off in a barbers shop. It sprung into noisy action and she proceeded to diligently and speedily cut off all the long hairs around his pubic region and under his arms. This was very much a “first cut” – crude with stubble left behind. The one area Ann needed to get attended to of course was Rob’s balls – these were tucked away tightly by the chastity device so she unlocked the padlock to the restraining wire – but not the one holding his cock inside the device. There was culpable relief to Rob when his cock sprung forward again.

It then dawned on Rob that the method of hair cutting to follow was not cutting at all – Ann had warmed up her hair waxing kit. She did not mess around. The first area she addressed was the bikini line and the top of his legs. As the wax was applied, allowed to dry and then whisked off in strips of flurry Rob let out several yelps.

Ann was a woman possessed – she took no notice of Rob’s screams and protestations and progressively cleared his body of hair everywhere excepting only his head and eyebrows. Rob almost passed out in the pain at times – his legs could take it but when the pubic region and the crack of his arse were attacked he was in excruciating pain.

After completing her task Ann then became conciliatory and started to talk “now I know it was painful but this baby lotion will make it all feel so much better”. With this she applied generous portions everywhere and followed up with a dusting of baby powder. As she soothed the skin and the pain subsided, Rob calmed down – and actually began to enjoy the recovery treatment. He began to think the worst was over and to relax a little.

When Ann had finished her work she leant down and re-applied the wire restraint to the chastity device, again pointing Rob’s dick backwards towards the crack of his arse and clicked home the padlock again. During its time of semi release and with the oil and powder application his dick had taken on a little bit of life within the encasement and as Ann forced it backward it was not comfortable. But he figured two more days and it would be worth it.

“There” she said “wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“I can think of better ways of spending a Thursday night at home” was Rob’s response

With this Ann moved to the bottom of the bed and started a slow dance. In her red outfit this was incredibly sexy and Rob started to stare. Slowly Ann stripped off her clothes making a real show for Rob – knowing she was getting him hotter under the collar was enough to get her juices going as well and when she was naked she had already applied enough masturbation strokes to make her cunt excited and wet.

After a little while she moved to the bed. Mounted it and Rob and slowly moved her groin up his body toward his head. Eventually she moved her wet cunt onto Rob’s now waiting tongue. She moved and ground her way to orgasm over the next 10 minutes or so with Rob a willing participant. As the orgasm subsided she moved back down Rob’s body until she was looking down at him past the silhouette of her firm breasts. “You have been good enough for the game to conclude at midnight Saturday” she said “well done!”

With that she released the handcuffs and moved off the bed. Rob sat up, looking down at his smooth body and felt sort of thankful still to be alive. He had no idea what Ann had planned for Friday!

To be continued…

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