Another Man’s…

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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın

Everything started normally that day; a weekend beckoned and I had planned to slip out of the city for a couple of days. My bag was packed and I was savouring my second coffee of the day when I heard the soft knocking on my front door.

Opening door slowly, I saw Kelly, my neighbour, standing on the doorstep. She was clutching a tissue, twisting it into shreds as she wound it around her fingers. We got on well, a necessity when the apartment walls were thin enough for us to hear each other’s arguments. Occasionally she had borrowed ingredients when she had run out and her husband, Mark, shared my taste for single malt whiskies. I had never seen her like this, upset and on the brink of tears.

“Andrew, can I come in? I need to talk to you,” Kelly whispered.

I stood aside and gestured for her to step over the threshold. Closing the door, I followed her into the lounge and waited as she lowered herself onto the comfortable couch. She sighed as she sat down and I belatedly remembered my manners.

“Can I get you a drink, coffee, juice?” I asked.

“Coffee would be nice, if you have decaff,” she replied.

“No problem,” I assured her.

In the kitchen I busied myself with ground coffee, an expensive decaffeinated blend that I knew she liked and pondered what she might want to talk to me about. I placed the cafetiere, cream, sugar, and a plate of cookies on a tray and carried it through to the lounge.

Setting the tray on the low table I leaned over and poured two mugs of coffee, pushing one towards her, with the cream and sugar. Kelly poured a heavy dollop of cream into her mug and stirred it slowly, seeming to take comfort in the warmth of the drink. Sitting opposite, I waited patiently for her to explain.

As I waited I let my gaze drift over her body. The glow of her pregnancy still shone in her complexion; her breasts and belly were swollen under her thin cotton tee-shirt, with the dark smudges of her engorged nipples showing through the material. Kelly had always been attractive but now her ripe breasts and curved belly combined to make her beautiful.

Kelly sipped her coffee and lowered her mug, looking at mw over the rim, her eyes bright with unshed tears.

“It’s Mark,” she said, a throaty catch in her voice, “he’s having an affair.”

I hid the shock in my expression as I questioned her gently, “are you sure?”

“Yes, I found a receipt in his jacket. He had paid for a hotel room.” Her voice was trembling now and I could tell that it was taking all of her strength not to sob.

“We had a huge fight about it, you couldn’t have known, you were out. He left and spent the night with her. He said it’s my own fault that he has to get sex with her, because I’m fat and ugly”

I crossed over and sat next to Kelly, carefully encircling her shoulders with my arm and leaning her against my chest. I felt her hot tears soaking into the front of my shirt as her shoulders shook with her silent sobbing. I stroked her long silky black hair with my other hand, gentle soothing motions that slowly calmed her distress.

“He’s an idiot,” I murmured into her ear, “you have never been more beautiful than you are now, even more so than when I first saw you.”

Kelly’s arms snaked around my waist and her hands pressed against the small of my back as she drew herself closer to me. I imagined that she could hear and feel my heart pounding as she rested her head against my chest. I could smell the fresh scent of her hair and feel the warmth of her body as I ran my hand over the cascade of hair that tumbled down her back.

I felt the tension slowly ebbing out of her body as my rhythmic caresses soothed her, until she was breathing deeply, and the tears had dried on my shirt. Gradually, she pushed herself away and sat up, her eyes red and puffy fro her tears. I left my arm draped across her shoulders, stroking the back of her neck, watching her as she regained her composure.

At last she turned to face me, looking down at her hands as she worried at a loose thread on her skirt. Her voice was still husky with tears but her words were clear.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “I didn’t mean to dump the crying woman bit on you, but I needed someone to listen and you have always been so… kind.”

Reaching out, I gently lifted Kelly’s chin, so that I could look into her eyes. I could still detect a sheen of tears, making the green of bahis firmaları her irises shine luminously.

“You don’t have anything to apologise for,” I told her, gently, “You aren’t fat and ugly. You’re pregnant and I think you’re beautiful.”

Kelly blushed, a wave of dusky rose staining her cheeks and neck, turning her creamily pale skin pink and she lowered her eyes, the long lashes forming a curtain that she looked through. I really couldn’t help myself and I leaned over to brush my lips across her mouth.

For a moment her lips remained closed, not clamped tight but not responding to the caress of my kiss, either. Then they curved, with a little quiver, into a smile and parted, ever so slightly. I was tempted to thrust deep into her mouth but, wisely, I contented myself with a gentle flick of my tongue across her lips. Kelly closed her eyes and rested her hands on my forearms, leaning into the kiss. I felt her lips opening wider and the tip of her tongue brushed against mine.

Reaching for her, I rested my hands on Kelly’s waist, caressing the curves of her hips and belly through the thin material of her tee-shirt. Kelly sighed into my mouth, a low susurration that was almost a moan. Her eyelids fluttered and opened, her eyes widening as we moved apart, my hands lingering, reluctant to lose the feel of her body beneath my fingertips.

“I’m sorry,” I breathed, just loud enough for her to hear, “I shouldn’t have done that, no matter how much I wanted to.”

“”Don’t be sorry,” Kelly whispered, “I know I shouldn’t have let you but… It’s been so long since anyone made me feel wanted. Mark hasn’t touched me since I told him I was pregnant.”

“What? Not even a kiss?”

“It’s true, he says that I’m fat and repulsive with my belly and boobs hanging out.”

Kelly twisted her fingers in her lap, her head low and her expression hidden by a curtain of silky black hair. I reached forward, very slowly and rested my hand on the curve of her belly, slowly stroking it through the thin cotton. Gradually, a little with each stroke, the material rode upwards, exposing her bare skin. I caressed the roundness of her belly and the protruding belly button, making her giggle as my fingertips brushed against it.

Leaning forward, I kissed her again, harder this time, my tongue slipping easily into her mouth and tasting the sweetness of her kiss. She moaned softly as I stroked her belly, slipping my hand beneath the hem of her tee-shirt and sliding it higher, so that I could cup my palm against her full breasts. I could feel he weight of her breasts, pressing her nipples against the silky cups of her bra, the nipples easily felt through the material.

Kelly shifted slightly on the sofa and pressed her breast against my hand, even as she sucked my tongue into her hot mouth. I spread my fingers slightly, brushing my thumb against the point of her nipple and was rewarded with another soft moan into my mouth. I could feel her tremble against me as we kissed, both of us consumed with hot need.

We broke away, gasping and flushed, Kelly panting a little. Words were unnecessary as I reached out and took her hand standing up and pulling her slowly to her feet. She held onto my hand as I led her out of the lounge and along to the bedroom door, following me along the corridor until I stopped with my hand on the doorknob. I turned to face her and looked into her eyes, seeing a spark of need and desire flickering in her gaze. Her fingers tightened around mine and she stepped imperceptibly closer to me.

Opening the door, I led Kelly inside guided her over to the bed. She sank down onto the covers and looked up at me, her hands on the bed at either side of her. I leaned over and kissed her hungrily, feeling her arms snaking around my neck. Breaking the kiss, I peeled her tee-shirt upwards, over her head, to reveal her swollen breasts and belly. The points of her nipples pressed against the silk of her bra, while her tender aureoles showed as dark smudges through the material

Running my hand over her belly to cup her breast, I could feel the twitch of her muscles responding to my caress, just beneath the skin. She moaned softly against my neck and her arms tightened around me, pulling me closer. Gently, I pushed her back easing her down until she was lying on my bed, her feet still on the floor. My hand slipped lower, until my fingers were resting on her thigh kaçak iddaa and I could slowly ease the hem of her skirt upwards, over her knee, by plucking gently at the material.

At last, my hand was on the bare skin of her thigh, just above her knee, and I could caress the silky skin with my fingertips. My mouth was still busy, planting tiny kisses across her lips and along her jaw, moving back until my lips were brushing the skin behind her ear and I could gently nip at her earlobe. Kelly moaned encouragement and I slid my hand higher, the tips of my fingers just brushing the edge of her silky pubic hair that had escaped from the side of her cotton panties.

Kelly eased her thighs apart, letting my hand glide easily over her skin until my fingertips could press against the material that covered her pussy. I felt warm breath on my ear, as she turned her head and bit gently at the side of my neck. I pressed harder against her cotton panties, feeling the lips of her pussy through the material and stroking the length of her moistening slit. My fingers found the firm nub of her clit and I pinched, very gently, making her gasp as a gush of sweet, sticky liquid stained the white cotton.

Kelly reached down and pushed the waist of her skirt down her thighs, letting me catch hold and draw it slowly the rest of the way, past her knees and off onto the floor. Kelly hooked her thumbs in the waist of her panties and eased them over her hips, exposing the dark bush of her pubes, glistening with her juices. I could smell the scent of her in the air, sharp and slightly musky, as I reached between her thighs to ease my fingertip into her pussy.

Kelly stiffened and a hot flood bathed my fingertips, even before I had slid my finger further than the first knuckle. Her nipples were pressing against the silk cups of her bra, looking squashed against the material. I caught her breast in my hand, feeling the point of her nipple against my palm, and squeezed gently, then ran my fingers slowly along the edge of the cups, teasing her hot flesh. As my fingertips lingered in the valley between her breasts I discovered the fastenings and my fingers slowly unhooked them, one by one, letting the cups fall away and Kelly’s breasts sag a little.

“Andrew, she whispered,” her breath a caress on my ear, “will you…?”

She did not need to finish her sentence; her body’s responses had already betrayed her, signalling her desperate need. I was determined, though, to make her ask and I slowly ran my fingertips down her belly to the button of her clit.

“Kelly, will I what?” I asked.

“Will you… make love to me?”

I considered making her ask again, even beg, but Kelly had already reached down and pulled my hand against her, forcing my finger into her bubbling pussy. I could feel her body responding, gripping my finger in a slick, silky embrace; my cock responded, stiffening in my pants as my finger slid between her lips.

I moved away and pulled my shirt over my head, before unfastening my pants and kicking them off. My briefs followed, allowing my erect cock to spring out. I laid on the bed, next to Kelly, and leaned over to kiss the side of her neck, my lips trailing over her skin down the slope of her breasts, until I could take her nipple in my mouth and taste her.

Kelly whimpered softly as her nipple hardened and I nipped at it gently, just grazing the length with the edges of my teeth. She turned on to her side, facing me, offering me her swollen nipples to suckle on, and reached down between us; her searching hands felt cool against the hot skin of my cock and I felt the pressure of her fingertips, as she curled her hands against my heavy balls in my smooth shaven sac.

My hands skated over the convexity of her belly, feeling the skin stretched as tightly as a drum, and dipped between her thighs. I could feel the slickness of her juices matting the soft covering of hair and the pout of her pussy as she pressed forward against my hand; her hands were busy too, stroking the length of my cock and caressing the swollen head until I throbbed in her grip.

Gently, I turned Kelly over, so that I could press myself against her back and reach around to caress her breasts and belly, while my cock was pressed against her. I could feel the points of her nipples against my palms and the taut curve of her bottom rubbed against the length of my cock until I thought my balls kaçak bahis would burst. Kelly seemed to read my mind and she reached behind to guide my cock between her thighs; the tip nuzzling between the lips of her pussy brought simultaneous groans to our mouths, the caress of my breath making her shiver delightfully.

I pushed forward, my hands holding Kelly’s hips, to ease more of my cock into her pussy. She drew a deep shuddering breath as I entered her, filling the moist tunnel of her sex, feeling her stretching to fit me inside; obviously her lusts had been unsatisfied for far too long. As my cock slid deeper inside her, I stroked the tips of my fingers under the curve of her belly, seeking out the hard berry of her clit. A gasp of pleasure was my reward, with a tightening of her pussy around my cock, as my fingers brushed, then stroked and pulled at her clit.

I felt Kelly’s back arch against me, pressing her buttocks into my loins, and my cock slid deeper into her pussy. A gush of stickiness flooded her thighs and along the cleft between her buttocks. Sliding my hand around, I slid my fingers between her cheeks and caressed the ring of her anus with my fingertips. Kelly drew a sharp breath in as my middle finger pressed against the opening and I gently eased the tip into her anus. Kelly turned her head, her eyes widening, as I probed gently and her pussy gripped my cock tighter.

“No, don’t,” She whispered, “I don’t like it like that, it hurts.”

“Trust me,” I murmured, “I’ll be very gentle.”

Kelly’s pussy was rippling against my cock and, after a moment of panic where she had clenched her anus tightly around my exploring finger, she relaxed; not a surrender, but a wordless acknowledgement that I hadn’t really hurt her after all. I thrust my cock slowly and rhythmically into her seething pussy, feeling it gripping my shaft like a silken hand; at the same time I worked my finger to the same rhythm, probing deeper and deeper into her hot tight rectum.

It only took seconds for Kelly to start arching backwards, opening both her pussy and her anus for me to penetrate her more deeply. My cock was buried to the base inside her pussy and every thrust forced more of her juices out from between her lips to moisten her bottom and thighs. Every movement of my cock made her groan softly with pleasure and, when I pressed my finger into her bottom as far as I could; she stiffened and cried out as an orgasm rushed through her body.

I waited until she had her breath back and her body had stopped trembling, then I eased my swollen cock out of her pussy. The head was shiny and the shaft of my cock glistened wetly with her juices; I knew that the effect of her orgasm would make her receptive to my cock in her anus. She felt my fingers gently easing her buttocks apart, the ring of her anus winking invitingly. Although my finger was no longer probing her rectum, the tight ring was no longer tightly clenched and, when I pushed the tip of my cock against her rear opening, she pressed back encouragingly.

Taking hold of my cock at the root, I guided the tip to the loosened rosebud of Kelly’s anus and pressed forward slowly but steadily. I felt her arch her back and heard her moan softly as the head of my cock stretched her tight anal ring. The head of my cock popped inside her ad she cried out in surprise and a momentary frisson of pain; then she realised that my cock was inside her anus and relaxed again. Slowly I increased the pressure, feeling my cock sliding deeper between the cheeks of her bottom until my sac was pressed against her round bottom.

With my cock embedded in her bottom, I reached around and began to stroke her clit and play with her nipples, feeling the throb of blood as I tormented her. She squirmed, moving on my cock and feeling the changes in pressure and angle as she wriggled. Holding her hips tight, I began the sawing motion that I knew would drive my cock deeper and deeper until I was fucking her tight arse mercilessly and every thrust made her tremble with the aftershocks of her orgasm. As my cock swelled and stiffened inside her I felt the surge of semen from my balls pumping into her bottom, filling her to overflowing, until it seeped stickily onto her thighs.

I eased my softening cock out of her and held her in my arms, waiting until the trembling subsided and she was resting, holding my arms wrapped around her.

That was the last time Mark and Kelly rowed, except for that night when she told him that she was leaving him and moving in with me. Now she and her son, Benjamin, live with me and Kelly and I are working on making him a little brother or sister…

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