April and Her Friends Ch. 04

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April wasn’t true to her word.

Almost immediately upon coming home, she got together with her best friend, Melody Meador, whom she’s known since they were both twelve. They had gone through Eckstein (middle school) and Roosevelt (high school) almost as if they were joined at the hip—except those numerous times when April went off to one party after the other, and flitted from one boy to the other, while Melody stayed at home studying. It wasn’t that Melody wasn’t attractive. Very petite at five foot two, she radiated dark beauty with her well-coiffed jet-black hair, her olive complexion, and the luscious curves on her slender body. But she professed to be exceedingly choosy when it came to the male of the species, expressing lofty disdain at the clumsy antics of the immature boys who asked her out or sometimes tried to take greater liberties. She made sure to tell them where to get off! She secretly envied April’s ease with boys, but wasn’t bold enough to follow her example.

As she listened to April’s incredible story of their vacation in Mexico, her jaw dropped and her eyes widened.

“Both you and your mom!” Melody cried. Like almost everyone else, she regarded Carolyn as April’s real mom; for in every sense but the biological one, she was.

“Yup,” April said smugly.

“But—but aren’t you jealous? I mean, God! If I took up with the same guy my mom took up with—assuming my dad was out of the picture—I’d be furious!”

“Well, I’m not. Share and share alike, I say.”

“Isn’t she jealous?”

“I guess she feels the same way. Anyway, I got to him first—by a few hours.” She chuckled, recalling Kumar’s impressive feat of bedding one woman in the afternoon and another in the evening.

“God, he must be a superman!”

“I don’t know about that. I guess we inspired him!”

“I’ll say!”

“But you got to keep quiet about this. My mom will chop my head off if she learned I told you.”

“Do I get to meet him?”

“Sure. He’ll be here in a few weeks.”

“Omigod! And you’re going to . . .?”

“Going to what?”

“You know . . . sleep with him.”

“Well, of course.”

“And your mom?”

“Sure. I don’t get to keep him all to myself.”

“This is just crazy, you know.”

“Oh, it’ll be fine. It all depends on your attitude. There’s plenty of him to go around.”

Even though both April and Melody were preparing to enter the University of Washington that fall, the wait for Kumar to arrive proved more trying than April expected. She tried to keep busy getting ready for college, even though she was going to spend at least her freshman year at home, to save money. All manner of things had to be done, from buying school supplies to bidding goodbye to friends who were going to college farther away; even so, the days dragged, and April sometimes had to spend nights hugging her pillow in a pathetic attempt to pretend she was cuddling with Kumar.

What she didn’t know was that Carolyn was going through the same difficulty.

Staying in touch with him by phone, email, and other virtual methods was profoundly dissatisfying to her, and she was counting off the days when she could once again feel the ineffable peace and comfort of being wrapped in his arms. She and April, on those rare moments (usually over dinner) when they were together, found themselves tongue-tied: determined as they were to avoid the central subject on both their minds, they raised the specter of Kumar all the more vividly by that silence. Carolyn couldn’t believe that she was scrutinizing her own stepdaughter in a hypercritical way—and, worse, lapsing into horrible comparisons between herself and April. Does Kumar like her boobs better than mine? They’re bigger, after all. But bigger isn’t always better, is it? Mine are still pretty firm after all these years. April’s hips are a bit more ample than mine, too—but most guys these days like slender females, don’t they? The “waif” look may have gone out of style, but no one wants a woman who’s heavy in the midsection. Not that April is anywhere close to being fat. But I do have a feeling she oozes sex a lot more visibly than I do. I’m no prude (whatever my first husband may have thought), but I’m not going to jump into bed with every man who comes along. But didn’t I do exactly that with Kumar? No! He was special, he was different. It really doesn’t matter that he was with April first, does it?

The weeks finally passed, and when the two women went to fetch Kumar from the airport, Carolyn all but flung herself into his arms—and at his surprised and rather tentative embrace (Kumar didn’t care for public displays of affection), she couldn’t refrain from a choking sob that almost led to a crying jag. Only with supreme restraint did she turn that jag into a shaky laugh, followed by a wet, messy kiss on his mouth.

As Kumar tried to deal with Carolyn’s emotions, he gave a befuddled glance in the direction of April, who was standing behind her stepmother and looking at him in a way that said: Well, what do you expect of a middle-aged woman casino siteleri who hasn’t had a man between her legs for three years before you came along?

But she was fooling herself. When Kumar pried himself out of Carolyn’s grasp to give some attention to her stepdaughter, April had to hold in her own tears as Kumar engulfed her in his arms and kissed the top of her head.

They bundled him into their car and drove back home. They had a nice house—three bedrooms, one and a half baths—in the Ravenna neighborhood, just north of the University of Washington campus, and Kumar admired the impeccably furnished house as he stepped into it. He kept silent about the fact that his own house was quite a big larger; but that was only because real estate prices were so much lower in Ithaca than in Seattle. And he had to admit that a woman’s touch is really essential to turning a house into a true home. There were times when he felt ruefully that his house was merely an extension of his office; and he knew that would never do.

There was some initial awkwardness as to where to put Kumar’s things, especially his clothes; but April magnanimously insisted that he put all that stuff in the master bedroom, where Carolyn (and, in years past, her father, Jeremy) slept. She well knew that Kumar would be spending a fair share of his time in her own room across the landing on the second floor, but she had filled her closets and dresser with so many of her own clothes that she didn’t care to make room for his. Carolyn, not being quite the fashionista she was, had a fair amount of room to spare in her closet and dresser.

April was again generous in allowing Kumar to bed down with Carolyn that first night. It was almost as if she were the older woman and Carolyn the youngster; and the latter didn’t quite appreciate April’s patronizing attitude, however jokingly it was intended. But she also wasn’t about to say no, and she could hardly wait till dinner and a short movie was over before loftily proclaiming, “Kumar must be a bit jetlagged, so he’d better go to bed.” April, sitting in an easy chair in the living room, watched the two tromp up the stairs with a smirk on her face that Carolyn would have dearly loved to have wiped off.

Kumar was, in fact, a bit tired from the long flight, but his adrenaline was on overdrive as he closed the door to the bedroom and watched Carolyn quickly disrobe. Every feature of Carolyn’s figure (and April’s, too, of course) had been etched into his brain; and as he watched her reveal her exquisite breasts, flat stomach, gently flaring hips, succulently curved bottom, tapered thighs, and in particular the thick bush at her groin, he positively salivated at the prospect of this ecstatic renewal of their intimacy.

Their lovemaking was frenetic at first, but became gentler as their initial gust of passion gave way to the tenderness of an intimacy that was founded on love and devotion far more than on mere physical attraction. Kumar renewed his acquaintance with the whole of Carolyn’s body, including her three orifices, and when he filled those orifices in turn she experienced a supreme satisfaction that she had never felt before with any man.

April, for her part, couldn’t help overhearing some of the moans and sighs and cries that were emerging from the master bedroom; and just thinking about what the two were doing made her so hot and bothered that she twice had to extend her hand to her groin and stimulate herself to orgasm. The second time was so intense that she fell asleep soon afterwards.

The next morning, April took in her stepmother’s disheveled appearance as she stumbled downstairs alone and drifted into the kitchen. April herself had settled for a modest breakfast of a bagel and coffee, and watched Carolyn as she did nothing but pour a big mug of coffee and sipped a big gulp of it before even sitting down.

“Rough night?” April teased.

Carolyn didn’t dignify that comment with a reply.

“Probably didn’t get much sleep, did you? Either of you,” April went on.

“As a matter of fact, young lady, we slept very well,” Carolyn said pungently.

“Well, good for you,” April said. “I wonder how much sleep he’ll get tonight?”

“You be careful with him!” Carolyn warned. “Don’t wear him out before he’s even settled in.”

“You’re one to talk! You went on for hours.”

“Maybe so, but—”

“And anyway, you can’t deny me my first night with him.”

“Nobody’s denying you anything. I’m just saying, go easy, that’s all.”

“I’ll go easy—after tonight. And so you will you.”

“All right, it’s a deal.”

And that’s how it went. That first night with April was even more energized than it had been with Carolyn, but Kumar did his best to keep up with the sprightly young creature. She was longing to experience rear entry again, since she knew it pleased him and she wanted to get over the pain and discomfort of the process—and how else can you do that except by repetition? She forced him into her bottom twice—not that Kumar was at all unwilling. And she also managed canlı casino a long session of sixty-nine, lying on top of him for close to an hour as she coaxed a copious emission out of him while having at least two climaxes herself.

It was Kumar who, the next morning, came downstairs looking more than a little haggard. And the two women then and there decided that even he had his limits where intimacy was concerned. There was nothing wrong, they decided, with just a little cuddling before going to sleep; and Kumar was more than happy to use his hands and mouth to bring on a climax in them without necessarily requiring one of his own.


Meanwhile, Melody was on tenterhooks, all but demanding that April introduce her to this tall, dark stranger. April seemed to be almost deliberately keeping Kumar to herself, but at last the two young women agreed that there would be a party with themselves, two other female friends of their acquaintance, and Kumar.

Carolyn, when she heard of the plans, raised her eyebrows.

“Four women and one man?” she said skeptically. “What kind of party is that?”

“Oh,” April said loftily, “it’ll just be a get-to-know-you session. Anyway, I won’t be seeing Lindsey or Maryann very much once they go off to college.” Lindsey Amberson and Maryann Connors had graduated with April and Melody, but were going off to Western Washington University (in Bellingham, far to the north of Seattle near the Canadian border) and Washington State University (in Pullman, many hours to the east) for college.

“Anyway,” April added slyly, “you’re welcome to come too.”

But April knew that Carolyn would decline, as she would feel like a fish out of water in such bubbly company. “That’s okay—you have fun. Where’s this party going to be? Not here, I trust?”

“Um, no. It’ll be at Lindsey’s house.”

What April didn’t say was that Lindsey’s parents were on an extended vacation, so the partygoers would have the house to themselves. But hey, we’re all adults now—every one of us is eighteen or older!

Melody insisted on coming over to April’s house first, to meet Kumar before the other young women did. When she arrived around 8 that evening, she peered around as if expecting to be introduced to an Eastern pasha; but Kumar was nowhere in sight. When, at last, he drifted into the living room from the kitchen, Melody’s heart skipped a beat.

There loomed in front of her a man nearly a foot taller than herself and at least eighty pounds heavier. But when he extended a hand, took hers in his, and said in his rich baritone voice, “Hello, Melody, I’m Kumar,” her knees came close to buckling. Omigod! she thought. This is a real man—not one of the countless numbers of silly boys I was plagued with in high school.

She could hardly keep his eyes off of him as April urged them out the door and into Carolyn’s car, which they would use to drive to Lindsey’s house in the Laurelhurst neighborhood, some miles to the east. When they got there, Lindsey herself opened the door to let in the three guests.

Lindsey was a stunning blonde who, at five foot eight, towered above Melody and was several inches taller than April. She looked a bit older than eighteen, her sculpted face and well filled-out figure giving her supermodel good looks, thankfully leavened with a quick smile and cheery laugh that made everyone aware that she was the life of the party. But as she gazed up to meet Kumar’s eyes, her mouth suddenly went dry and she had trouble maintaining her role as the elegant and refined hostess.

And she required a nudge from her friend, Maryann, who was waiting to be introduced to the three newcomers. Maryann was a striking redhead whose rosy, freckle-dusted face made her seem like a child of Nature—an appearance enhanced by soft curves at her bust and bottom, slim waist, and bright, open expression. She too was enraptured by Kumar, even if she didn’t quite believe the over-the-top encomiums that April had poured upon him when describing him to her over the past several weeks.

Both Lindsey and Maryann sensed that April was on terms of physical intimacy with Kumar, although April had refused to admit it openly. But at least April hadn’t blabbed to them about where her stepmother fit into the picture.

With all parental supervision out of the picture, Lindsey felt at liberty to serve wine and even some liqueurs to get everyone in a partying mood. For a while they just sat in the living room getting acquainted, and Kumar was happy to listen to the four females chattering happily away as they looked forward to college life and beyond. He realized how valuable it was to be in the company of young people if one wanted to keep youthful in spirit oneself.

After about an hour, Lindsey demanded that the guests head downstairs for some games.

April made a face, saying: “Games? What are we? Toddlers at a birthday party?”

“Oh,” Lindsey said ambiguously, “there are plenty of games that toddlers wouldn’t be interested in.”

And there were. In that large and finished basement kaçak casino there was a full-size pool table, and all five of them had a good time showing how badly they played billiards. Kumar, who had only tried his hand at it once many years ago, was particularly inept, and all the women laughed as his shots went wildly astray. After a while they switched to darts, and here Kumar was a lot better. He had played a fair amount of darts at various stages in his life, and he was mopping the floor with the other women—except Lindsey, who was also pretty good—when April made a bold suggestion that made the party go in a very different direction.

“Say, why don’t we play strip darts?” she said.

There was a momentary silence.

“Strip darts!” Melody said. “How would that work, exactly?” A tingle of excitement ran through her.

“Well, here’s the thing. Usually when you play games like this—strip poker, say—the loser has to take a piece of clothing off. But I think we should have the winner take something off. That way, no one will try to lose!” She looked around to her fellow females, thinking: I have a feeling a number of you are just dying to shed your clothes in front of my man. Well, maybe I am too, but that’s different.

There was general agreement about the ground rules, even if there was also a bit of nervous laughter at the unorthodox way the game was to be played. And so they began.

As expected, Kumar won the first round, and he promptly took off his polo shirt. There was an audible gasp among the women when he revealed his bare chest, covered with a fine down that every one of the females wanted to rub her face in at the earliest opportunity.

Lindsey, not surprisingly, won the second game. Looking around with a sly smile on her face, she too removed her top—a button-down blouse that, when doffed, exposed a frilly bra encasing her generous breasts.

“April,” Melody whispered, “I don’t know about this.”

“Oh, relax!” April scoffed. “It’ll be fun.”

To everyone’s surprise, April won the next game, and she laughingly removed her top, showing a black bra that seemed to be struggling to contain her large breasts.

As the game proceeded, Kumar won more than his share—and, after removing his socks (everyone had already removed their shoes the moment they stepped into the house), there wasn’t much left to do except remove his slacks.

When he did so, his substantial erection was evident to all the women.

There was a sudden silence, and in the next game it was Maryann who won her second game. She had already removed her blouse, and even though she could have prudently doffed her skirt, she looked expressionlessly at everyone and, reaching behind her back, unclasped her bra and tossed it away.

There was only one more game, and when Kumar won, he looked keenly at April.

“Dear,” he said quietly, “do we really want to go on?”

She merely nodded evenly, looking intensely in his direction.

He felt he had no option but to remove his underwear and stand naked in front of four women.

Their response to his nudity—and his huge erection—was varied. Melody covered her mouth with her hand. Lindsey and Maryann were gawked at his groin, and the rest of his splendid physique. April stood smugly—she was down to her bra and panties—and looked upon her man with a kind of reflected pride.

“Okay,” she said, “I think we have some other games to play.”

Lindsey and Maryann didn’t need any further words to doff the rest of their few remaining clothes, and April followed soon afterward. Melody—who had only won one game and was standing in her bra and skirt—stood irresolute for a moment. I could be a baby and flee the scene; or I could take a step toward full female adulthood and do what the others are doing. Just being naked doesn’t mean I actually have to do anything . . .

So she stripped quietly, turning her back to everyone as she did so.

Kumar was stunned at such a display of unclothed feminine beauty. Of course, he was already well familiar with April’s manifold charms, but each of the other three presented such a varied and entrancing picture of young womanhood that he could do nothing but gape. There were the high, firm, almost impudently proud breasts of Lindsey, the exquisitely delicate curves of Maryann, and the achingly girlish physique of Melody—small, ball-like breasts and narrow hips contrasting with the mouth-watering contours of her bottom. The idea that he was on the verge of sampling these treasures was intoxicating.

Kumar allowed himself to be led by April to an open space in the middle of the main room of the basement, where she promptly fell to the floor in front of him and placed his cock in her mouth. At this explicit indication that the party was rising to another level, Lindsey and Maryann’s jaws dropped, and Melody seemed to go pale. But Lindsey quickly joined in the action, dropping to her knees next to April and, after April had pointed Kumar’s cock in her direction, put a good half of it into her mouth. She was fairly well experienced in all phases of sexual activity—she had, after all, been a cheerleader for the high school basketball team—and it was only the somewhat large size of his member that made her feel a little unsure of herself.

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