Arab Torture

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Here I am sitting in a wooden chair with my hands tied behind my back. I try to remember how I got here but the last thing I remember is watching the Arab troops through my binoculars. Then I knew nothing until waking up here.

There’s a big guy with a turban threatening me in a language I don’t understand. It’s very guttural and full of throaty sounds. He stomps out of the house giving commands to two Arab women who reply with some sort of affirmative. After the door has closed and the sound of his truck recedes into the distance the two women beginning talking rapidly to each other.

Taking the opportunity to study them I am surprised at what I see. They are both young, maybe 20-25 and have beautiful almond shaped brown eyes. That’s really all that I am able to see because they are dressed in classic Arabic style with full length gowns, scarves on their heads and even veils across their faces. One woman has a pink veil the other one a purple veil, at this point it is the only way that I can tell them apart. The scarves and veils are enough to hide their features but not the growing animation of their eyes as they continued to talk rapidly in their tongue. I can’t quite figure out what emotion I am seeing in their eyes but it has me intrigued.

Now they come straight towards me with fire in their eyes and I brace myself for the worst. Kneeling on either side of me they both grab the front of my pants, pull down the zipper and while one holds it open the other reaches in to pull out my cock! I’m too astonished to do anything and the two of them also seem a little unsure themselves. What I have read about Arab women is they are virgins until married so maybe they have never seen a man’s cock before. That would explain the wide-eyed puzzlement and the tense whispers they share as my cock slowed lurches upward to a semi erect state.

Now the one I will refer to as Pink has my cock slowly rising up before her nose and lifting the veil she licks the tip of my cock. She seems to like it and using the veil to prevent me from seeing what she is doing begins to lick me all around the ridge of my cock head. Purple is saying something that may mean, “let me see” because Pink lifts the veil to expose my now fully erect and pulsating cock. Even if they have seen one before, which I seriously doubt, they could not have seen one like this. My cock is 8 inches long with a bulbous mushroom shaped head. The shaft is pink and right now the circumcised head is an angry purple and getting angrier by the second.

Pink goes back to her licking and then slowly takes my meat into her mouth. I guess sucking just comes natural to a woman because by the time she’s got the whole head in her mouth the room is being filled with the slurping sounds of her hungry sucking. Now Purple can’t wait any longer and gently pushing the first woman out of the way she lifts her veil and I feel her warm lips engulfing my cock. But rather than stopping at the head she continues down the shaft. As a low groan escapes my lips and Pink’s eyes widen in amazement, I feel her lips reach the base of my cock and her throat rhythmically pulsing on my cock head. Then with a mixed gagging sound and a pleased exclamation, Purple pulls her head off me leaving long trailers of mixed spit and precum extending from my cock to her bottom lip. With eyes now filled with passion Purple pulls her veil back down to cover her mouth and whispers something to Pink.

Together they stand up and lifting me up from the chair to stand, they walk me into a back room, which has a bed in one corner. I find my hands are quickly and bahis firmaları expertly untied and retied to the headboard of the bed even as I am toppled over onto my back. They both look pleased with themselves and then Pink, who seems to be a bit more forward if not as good at deep throating, climbs onto the bed standing over me. With an unintelligible moan she lifts her gown to her knees and I briefly get a gratifying look at her pussy. It is completely shaven clean without a sign of hair or stubble. Her pussy lips are tiny like an Asian woman’s but more of a deep red color. The thing that really catches my eye though is a biggest pink pearl of a clit I have ever seen.

Before I can register the magnificent sight I was just given I feel her soft warm pussy lips gently brushing my lips. As though now that she is to the point, she has lost confidence and will not after all grind her virgin pussy into my face. I can hear her moaning to her friend as my tongue reaches out and licks the slit between her lips. They pull up slightly at first and then come back down for more. My tongue is all too willing to meet them and plunges into her tight tunnel. An even louder moan drifts down from high above me and I begin to lick and stab at her pussy with abandon. As the first drops of sweet woman cum begins to coat my tongue I reach out farther forward and flick my tongue across the tip of her clit.

Now she seems to lose some inhibition as her hips pivot back and her swollen clit finds its way into my mouth. She cries out as I suck hard on her clit and I’m rewarded with a shower of her sticky cum down my chin. She’s just had her first orgasm and doesn’t want it to stop. Bucking up and down on my mouth she is hissing something over and over. I believe it is Arabic for “suck my pussy, suck it!” So that is what I do as she shudders and spasms in my mouth. Pink lifts her pussy up from me but before it is hidden by her gown I can see those tiny pussy lips are now scarlet red and puffed out like the petals of a rose. I know she is ready for more and I want to give it to her.

I don’t know what Purple has been doing but she doesn’t waste any time taking Pink’s place. Following her friend’s example the gown goes up and the pussy comes down to greet my waiting mouth. They could be sisters the taste is so similar and I dive into her as deep as I can reach to get more of her nectar. Remembering that she swallowed my whole cock I want to give her the best pussy licking I can. Up and down the slit I lick and she rotates her hips in time with my licking. Soon I am licking the tip of her hardened clit on the upswing. On the down swing she surprises me and grinds her ass into my mouth. I am pleased that it is clean and hot while tasting lightly of pussy juices. Her groans are filling the room and soon she grabs my head in both hands as though I would get away. As though I would want to!

Purple moves her pussy back to my mouth and begins to fuck her pussy lips in and out of my mouth. My tongue is penetrating deeply into her virgin tunnel and I can taste the hot juices building on my tongue. With an animal like roar Purple comes in my mouth. The way her cum shoots down my throat it might have men a man cumming and I suddenly realized all the pent up years she had been waiting for this. The oppressed society and culture had left her day dreaming and waiting for just such a chance as this. And she wasn’t going to let it get away. After what felt like 2 minutes of screaming and cumming she starts spreading her ass cheeks and lowering her anus to my mouth. I buried my tongue deep into her ass and was kaçak iddaa rewarded by her groans and ass grinding on my face.

Now Pink gets back into the act and my cock is being licked from end to end. I feel her lips spread around the thickness of my cock head and then keeping their tightness, they slowly slide all the way down to the base of my cock. ‘What a fast learner she is’ I think to my self even as Purple begins to cum again this time with an anal orgasm. I am so delighted to feel her anus clenching on my tongue with orgasmic spasms that my cock sends a quick short burst of cum down Pink’s throat. With a yelp she jumps off my cock and Purple jumps off too to see what happened. The explanation happens rapidly with Pink looking at me and blushing as though it’s the first time we have acknowledged what we have been doing. But Purple is the one with a fire lit in her and she eyes my cock with the look of a woman who knows what she wants.

Squatting over my cock that is pointing towards the ceiling, Purple lifts her gown again. Pink is obviously distressed about this and tries to stop her but Purple gives her an answer that both settles her and seems to puzzle her too. I realize now what a disaster it would be for Purple to lose her virginity to me, even if it was under the guise of some sort of torture of a captive soldier. Then I feel the unmistakable sensation of her anus pushing down onto my cock. I look up and our eyes lock in that type of embrace that only happens when a man is about to penetrate a woman’s ass.

Her ass is still wet from my tongue and her pussy juice and so I can feel the muscle slowly stretching as my cock sinks into her. Purple’s eyes begin to squint shut a little bit as she pushes further down and the ring of her ass almost stretches around the thickest part of my cock. With a hissing out take of breath she lifts her self up as though she will give up. But then with a look of determination she stares deep into my eyes and shoves her ass down hard onto me. I feel her ass stretch and then the rubber band of her anus snaps around the ridge of my cock head. Purple’s eyes suddenly go wide and her mouth is hanging open soundlessly. I try not to move as she adjusts to the first ever presence of a hard cock in her ass.

Pink says something quietly to her and Purple whispers back. They both smile at each other and Purple rotates her hips in a gentle circle. I can’t hold back a groan of pleasure as my cock pivots in circles inside her tight ass. Purple looks down at me and says something in a deep nasty sounding voice. Then lifting her ass slightly, she slams it down hard, burying my cock deep into her hot clenching tunnel. She throws her head back and the veil flies off as she screams in ecstasy. Her face is a picture of mixed pain and pleasure. Her thick, passionate lips that were hidden before now are stretched wide in grimace showing a row of perfect white teeth. Her long pink tongue is sticking out with drops of saliva dripping uncontrollably from it tip. But it’s her eyes blazing with a crazed lust that match her screams of passion that captivate my mind. I have never felt a woman cum so intensely before. The spasms are rolling from the base of my cock where her tight anal ring is clenching me, all the way to her depths where my cock head is swelling with heated passion. Wave after wave of pulsating spasms rake my cock as Purple screams out her release. Then just as her orgasm starts to subside she lifts her ass part way and rams it down again onto my waiting cock.

Pink obviously can’t stand watching this anymore without joining in. She lifts kaçak bahis up her gown to her waist now, finally not worrying about modesty, and climbs onto my face. This time she faces her friend and the last thing I see before her gown covers my face and my mouth is filled with pussy is the two women hugging each other fiercely. Now my mouth is sucking hungrily at a wet pussy while Purple’s ass sucks just as hungrily at my cock. Pink begins to rock back and forth on my mouth the same as Purple had earlier, taking my tongue deep into her ass and then grinding her clit into my mouth.

Her hips begin to rotate with a more and more frantic pace even as Purple slams her ass more and more frantically on my cock. Their voices are both rising together and I realize they are egging each other on to greater heights of passion. I can feel the semen boiling in my balls and forced higher up the shaft of my cock with each slurping contact with Purple’s pussy on her down thrust. Pink’s pussy juice is running down my face and I think she in the midst of one long orgasm that may never stop. She tops it off by grinding her ass down onto my tongue while chanting something in Arabic over and over. It may be something like “eat my ass, eat it” but whatever it is it sends Purple over the edge again.

Together they scream as both their asses go into orgasmic convulsions. Pink’s ass sucks my tongue deep inside as her soft buns clench on my face. Purple’s ass shudders over and over until my cock finally can’t hold back the tremendous pressure anymore. I feel the base of my cock swell with cum, pushing against the tight ring of her clenching anus. The engorged pressure rises up my shaft pushing against her wildly spasming ass muscles that are rhythmically squeezing my cock. At last my cock head bulges out with semen, expanding it against the tight confines of her hot tunnel. With a groan that starts deep in my belly and seems to echo loudly for minutes on end my cum finally bursts out of the gapping slit at the tip of my cock. Long streams of sticky white cum splash a foot deep into the inner chambers of the Arab girl’s ass. Again and again my cock explodes with another pent up stream of cum until I lay drained of all energy and nearly lose consciousness. The last thing I see is Pink’s little brown anus above my face sucking hungrily for anything that would penetrate it and give her fulfillment.

My daze is slowly penetrated by the sound of a truck engine approaching and both Arab women leap to the feet. I watch bemused as they straighten their gowns and veils, checking for cum spots on the religious attire of their Mid-East culture. They quickly usher me back to my chair and tie may hands behind my back as they had been before. Then as an after thought Pink grabs my now flaccid cock, still coated with the mixture of my cum and Purple’s anal love juice. Shoving it back into my pants with a longing look into her eyes, she pulls up the zipper just before the turbaned guard returns with his superior officer.

The Arab officer stands before me and asks in English if I am ready to confess to war crimes yet? I shake my head, not knowing what crimes he is talking about. He looks around the room and smiles, “very well, if you do not want to cooperate I think you will beg to confess by morning”. I looked at him with a puzzled expression and he said, “I am going to leave you to be tortured by these two women. There is no telling what painful and unusual ideas they may have for you.” I did my best to look at the two Arab women with fear on my face and told him I still would not confess. “You have asked for it,” the officer shouted as the two men stomped out of the house. I looked over to Pink and Purple and they had such evil smiles in their eyes that I could only imagine what was in store for me for the rest of the night.

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