Ashlee’s Boots

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This happened several years ago. I relive it in my mind now and then and wish it could be repeated every time I do.

I all began innocently enough, after all I was at a family holiday gathering at the home of my brothers wife’s sister. The only family member missing was my niece, Ashlee, she would be arriving later as she had to work a few hours that Christmas Eve.

Ashlee arrived just as we all gathered around the tree in the living room, and sat down for the gift exchange. The only seat available to her happened to right next to me.

Ashlee is a very tall, close to 6′ I would say, with long legs, a very athletic body from her younger days as a gymnast, which she kept well toned and in shape. She had the face of a fashion model with high cheek bones, a pristine complexion and catlike brown eyes. She carried with her a no nonsense confidence giving an air of dominance to every word she spoke, every action she took. This is a young woman who will always get what she wants and will expect nothing less.

She looked amazing. A denim vest for a top which was tucked into denim jeans that looked like they had been sprayed on. She wore a leather belt with metal studs slung across her hips as a fashion accessory. Her jeans were tucked into, much to my delight, a pair of well worn brown leather knee high boots that matched her belt.

We sat on folding chairs placed closely together, I could feel the outer thigh of her left leg pressing hard against the outer thigh of my right leg. I didn’t give it any thought but it sure felt good.

It came time for Ashlee to open her gift, which by the way was the largest one under the tree. She tore at the paper and was delighted to see it was a pair of UGG boots that she wanted very badly.

“Oh I like these!” she said “I have to try these on!”

With that she slid her brown leather boots off and placed them on the floor between us. They were made of stiff leather so they stood upright between us. It took several seconds for me to become aware of her aroma rising from deep inside those leather boots. I became intoxicated by the mixed aromas of her sweat, her feet,the leather. It was a musty smell I just could not get enough of. I began to take slow deep breaths, I wanted that smell in me, in my hose, in my lungs, I wanted to taste it.

Ashlee noticed my deep breathe as she had to have smelt it too. She gave me a slight, knowing elbow to my side. I was so transfixed by it all I hadn’t noticed when she stood up and walked around the room to see how her new boots felt. I came back to reality as she returned to her seat, bending to pick up the uggs boots box she had left on the seat of her chair, she whispered in my ear

“How badly do you want to take one of my boots and hold the opening against your nose and mouth to breath my foot aroma into your lungs?”

She spun around once her seat was cleared and sat just a little more closely canlı bahis than before. She quickly changed back into her leathers cutting off the aroma in an almost crude manner.

She was teasing me, as she did when she was younger, knowing full well my fetish for women’s feet, her feet. I nervously looked around and was pleased to see that no one in the room noticed our exploits. Not that they were blatant moves but paranoia set in a little considering where I was.

After what seemed like an eternity it became time to leave. We were loading up the cars (Mine was not there) Ashlee said to me:

“It’s getting late, I don’t want to drive back to town alone, would you ride shotgun with me?”

I stumbled on my words a little to quickly and said I would love too!

As I was placing the last of her gifts in the back of her SUV she stopped me.

“Hold on a minute,” she reached into a leather gym bag she had back there and pulled out a pair of black leather (Inside and out) ballet flats.

“I need to loose these boots, I have been wearing them all day! My feet are so hot and sweaty, but I think you know that already” giving me sort of a wicked smirk.

She sat on the tailgate once again removed her boots, this time including the silky smooth nylon boot socks as well and pushing those inside one of her boots. She handed me the boots and slipped on the flats, they formed around each foot like a glove, I could see the outline of each of her long toes (She wore size 10’s) through the leather. She sensed the sight of that had an effect on me.

“Down boy! In due time, in due time.”

I went to put her boots in the back along with her other stuff.

“Not those, your gonna want them for the ride home.” My cock was getting harder by the minute.

As she drove away from the house, her the sweet musty aroma from her boots permeated the air in the car, I breathed it in deeply.

“What are you waiting for?” Ashlee asked, “I want to see my boot pressed up against your face! I watch you draw deep breaths of my scent deep into your lungs as if you were drawing smoke from a bong.”

I grabbed one of her boots and finally was able to press it to my face, taking deep breaths of her foot odor, mixed with the aroma of well worn leather, her sweet perfume. I thought for sure I had died and went to heaven.

Ashlee looked down and saw the huge bulge that had formed in my jeans.

What are you gonna do with that?” She asked.

I took her boot, lowered it down between my thighs, slightly lifted myself up off the seat and shoved her boot hard against my crotch and sat down holding it tightly between my thighs. I reached for her other boot and used it as a replacement for the one on my face.

“Lick it bitch!” She commanded. “Lick it, kiss it boot slave! I always knew you wanted this. I saw your glances at my feet, holding your stare a little too long. Well I have you now, bahis siteleri you’re going to be my foot slave, and I love it.”

I started running my tongue all over the well worn leather, kissing it, the taste was slightly salty, I licked the grime from the soles.

“God I wish you were wearing these right now, I want to worship them while your feet and legs are sheathed inside them.” I told her.

Again she said “In due time.”

She picked up the pace a little more and we finally arrived at my apartment. I grabbed her boots holding them in front of me in attempt to hide my hardness. She led the way too my door, I stared at her perfect heart shaped ass and wanted to bury my face in the crack, lick and kiss it too.

Once inside she rushed into my bedroom, sat on the edge of the bed and said:

“Kneel before me my little foot whore, and worship my feet.”

“Yes Mistress!” I said for the first time, and it seemed so right.

The soft leather of her ballet flats felt great against my lips and tongue. She shoved the tip of her left foot into my mouth, I took in as much as I could, biting down on the leather, I wanted more.

She pulled her foot out, Slapped me hard against my face with it.

“No biting me bitch, or I’ll show you what biting is Now strip. I want to see what I have to work with here.”

I removed all my clothing, exposing my stone hard cock to her.

“Too bad you will never, ever, get to fuck me with that. It would be wrong and complicate an already pretty fucked up situation, do you agree my pig?”

“Yes Goddess I understand.”

“Goddess? I like that!”

She moved all the way onto the bed, propped up some pillows against the headboard and leaned back against it. Her long sexy legs spreadeagled across the bed she said: “Remove my shoes and go on worshiping my feet.”

I removed her left shoe first, her foot glistened with droplets of sweat. I held the opening of her leather flat against my nose and mouth, started licking the inside, mistress Ashlee just stared into my eyes as I did this, making it all that much more erotic. I repeated the action with her right foot, I watched her as she began breathing heavy also, It was turning her on with the knowledge that she was in full control of me now. She had me, She owned me, and it was going to cost me.

I kissed and licked each foot separately, the together, each toe the same way. I ran my tongue around and in between each perfectly pedicured toe. Several of which adorned with toe rings. I flicked her toes with my tongue. I heard her gasp several times as she rubbed her pussy with her fingers.

As I rubbed my face with the soles of her feet she opened the buttons on her vest and jeans, she let the the denim vest fall from her shoulders, reached inside her jeans as I resumed flicking her toes with my tongue and lips. Our eyes locked on each others, staring into my soul, I could bahis şirketleri here her unspoken words telling me how much I needed her.

She pulled her moist fingers from her jeans and rubbed her erect nipples with the moistness from her pussy.

“Help me remove these jeans my pet, if that tongue of yours feels as good on my legs as it does on my feet, I may just let you taste my sex too.”

I helped her peel her jeans off, when I touched the crotch of her jeans I could feel the wetness I had caused and it delighted me knowing I was bringing her pleasure.

I started once again worshiping her feet, slowly working my way up each perfectly toned athletic leg. I wanted to please her like no man has ever done before, I got all the way up to her inner thighs,I kissed, and licked as closely yo her lips as I dare go without her permission. I gently blew my hot breath across her pussy lips. She groaned in heavy breaths said

“Please worship it, eat my cunt, tongue fuck it, Tongue fuck my pussy, my ass, my bitch and don’t dare stop until I tell you.”

She pulled my head tightly against her, forcing my mouth tightly against her hot wet pussy, my tongue snaked it’s way inside her, probing and licking her juices into my mouth, she screamed, rocking and gyrating her hips, let out another growl then exploded a huge gush of sweet creamy female cum into my mouth, it went everywhere, I drank, resumed fucking her, she screamed again and a second wave of her cum gushed out I sucked in every drop I possibly could, but there was still allot to be cleaned up as she pushed me away. Her body heaving, strands of hair stuck to her face, captured there by sweat.

I needed to cum so badly, I slid up her body, she could feel my raging hard cock against her thigh.

“We can’t she whispered.”

“I know my Mistress, I know.”

“Lie back slave, I have a solution I know you’ll enjoy.”

With that she took her leather flats that were still on the bed,rubbed the insides with her cum, puddles of which had formed on between her legs she pushed my cock inside one, the head deep inside the toe of her shoe, she placed the other shoe over the other side, forming a slick leather sheath for my cock. She climbed atop me, her powerful left thigh grinding into my cock as she rocked up and down. Her face only inches from mine.

“Open your mouth my slave!”

She let a long stream of her saliva drip into my mouth, I felt the warm liquid drizzle down into my throat. She gyrated her hips, forcing her thigh tighter and tighter against my cock, rocking up and down, again forcing me to drink more of her saliva, and arching my back into against her I came with a huge load into her shoes, I pumped my hips as spurt after spurt of hot cum filled her shoes.

She rolled off of me, removed my cock from its “Sheath” being careful not to spill any of my cum from it, she held it over my mouth.

“I’m not done yet, clean these shoes, drink ever drop of your cum and mine from them.”

She obviously wasn’t done yet. This woman, my niece, had an insatiable need to dominate and rule me. I could not wait for more!

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