Ashton , Elise

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Within a few weeks of Ashton’s incident with the football players, she and I had settled into an uneasy relationship. Most of the unease was caused by the fact that we chose to keep our rapidly growing affection a secret. Ashton and I were both very reluctant to inform her brother of our relationship despite the fact that it was very difficult to hide all the time we spent together. Luckily, Ashton’s brother assumed we were becoming close friends. One day he explained to me, “better with two guys watching out for her than just me.” If he only knew.

One of the few people who knew of our relationship was Elise, Ashton’s roommate. Elise and Ashton were great friends, a good freshman-roommate pairing. Where Ashton was a bit of a partier, Elise was very bookish. Elise wasn’t as single mindedly studious as other people I had met at college, but she was as likely to be in the library studying on a Friday night as she was to be out at a party. It was too bad that Elise wasn’t into drinking and partying because she was quite attractive. She reminded me of a pixie, shortish at 5’4″ tall and very slim. Her features were sharp and delicate, and her beautiful face was highlighted by two very light brown eyes. Her small frame was still carried by two shapely legs, a very nicely toned behind, and a body that obviously exercised. Elise’s breasts were small but full, a nice and perky B-cup that suited her body.

Despite my admiration for Elise’s sexy form, she was a bit annoying and slightly prudish. Ashton and I fucked regularly; there was something strong and carnal about our coupling. We got along well as friends, but it was the incredible sex that we had together that truly bonded us. Unfortunately, there weren’t many places we could satisfy our passionate desires. After our first encounter, we didn’t dare do it in my room for fear of my roommate Mike walking in on us. While Elise was a willing co-conspirator in our relationship, she vocally disapproved of our coupling in her room and made her feelings known to Ashton. Ashton and I regularly snuck a quickie on her bed while Elise was at class or out studying, but we respected Elise’s wishes and tried not to fuck in her room unless we were sure Elise was going to be out. This respectfulness is what led to our more wild encounters, as our pent-up passions overflowed while we were out strolling through the woods near campus, or in the hot tub at a friend’s party, or even in the stairwell of another dorm.

I was happy that Elise supported my relationship with Ashton, and therefore I was very much willing to accept Elise’s request that we not have sex in the room while she was present. Ashton, however, was becoming irritated that her roommate refused to be more accommodating. Ashton apparently attempted to get Elise to leave the room one day so we could have sex and Elise refused. Ashton was not satisfied with our dangerous liaisons elsewhere and we existed in the difficult situation for a few weeks.

Things unexpectedly came to head one day towards the end of our first semester. Ashton and I both had an unplanned break in the middle of one of our week days, her class had been canceled and my professor had given us the option of not attending since that day would be a review day. We both decided to meet back at Ashton’s room and just hang out and watch some t.v. We were sitting on Ashton’s bed, watching a video, and somehow started fooling around. There was just something about the soft, firm feel of Ashton’s large breasts that always got me horny. She never minded either that I liked to play with her tits at random times, though I often wonder if that’s because she knew it normally led to good fucking. Whatever the reason, one minute I was playfully massaging Ashton’s tits and the next minute I was on top of her with my cock buried to the hilt in her tight pussy. I hadn’t even bothered to take my shirt off, we were both used to quickies, and I concentrated simply on pounding my thick meat deep into her warm snatch. There is always something deliciously primal I feel building deep within me when I’m having a quickie, knowing that all I’m doing is satisfying my most basic and carnal urge. The beautiful way Ashton’s face contorts with pleasure as I’m pounding her also helps me build rapidly towards a towering orgasm. As I slid quickly in and out of Ashton’s wetness, I felt her cum hard on my pistoning pole. Ashton screamed in delight, her legs shook, and her pussy spasmed around my cock as I continued to fuck her. Ashton almost always came before me and was such a delightful nymph that she often came twice for every time I buried a load deep in her cunt. For this reason, I simply continued thrusting my long dick in and out of her pussy after her orgasm. I could feel my own explosion building within me when I heard the door to Ashton’s bedroom open behind me.

We had been interrupted by Elise before, but I had never been this close to cumming. For a reason I still can’t explain today, I simply continued working my cock casino oyna in and out of Ashton. Ashton had made an initial jerky reaction to the unexpected intrusion, but there was little she could do splayed out beneath me. I simply concentrated on working my stiff pole in and out of Ashton’s pussy while reveling in her velvety tightness, my hard thick cock rubbing repeatedly against her sensitive insides. I was so close, I barely heard Ashton moan as I picked up the very final push, full of intensity. Ashton’s eyes shot wide open and she moaned, “Oh God, not like this…”

The next second I was exploding deep in her pussy, my hard cock pulsing and spurting as I soared into a wonderful orgasm. I could feel Ashton’s pussy spasms as she came beneath me, screaming in ecstasy and burying her face in my chest. I felt the familiar moment of utter glory during orgasm, as Ashton trembled delicately beneath me. Our heated bodies tumbled through another spectacular release together. After a few more thrusts I collapsed onto Ashton’s panting body.

When I had fully come down from my orgasm, I looked over my shoulder. Elise was standing just behind me, wide eyed, frozen with her hand over her mouth. She was wearing a short brown skirt and a tight white T-shirt that nicely hugged her breasts. I rolled off of Ashton and tried to find something to cover us. Unfortunately, our naked bodies were lying on top of Ashton’s comforter and there was little I could do to hide my now semi-erect penis or my cum leaking out of Ashton’s pussy.

“Sorry Elise,” was all I managed as I tried to cover my slowly deflating member with my hands.

“We didn’t expect you back so soon,” Ashton tried to explain.

Elise just stood there, frozen. Eventually her eyes moved straight to the hand covering my cock. There was something about the way her big brown eyes were staring at me that made my dick begin to spring back to life. Though I wish I still had that recovery rate at my current age, at the time I was thoroughly embarrassed.

“I’ve never…” Elise managed to stammer.

“It’s just hard to find somewhere where we can be together,” Ashton attempted to continue while finding a nearby towel she could cover herself with.

“I’ve never seen someone fuck like that,” Elise continued, still staring at my hand. Though I couldn’t move, I was beginning to become extremely uncomfortable about the way she was staring at my dick.

“What?” Ashton asked, surprised.

“I’ve never… I’ve never seen people fuck like that. I mean, you came,” Elise said, finally looking away from my crotch to look at Ashton.

“Of course I came,” Ashton replied, “we were fucking.”

“You guys were so into each other’s bodies, I can’t believe I just watched you guys fuck each other,” Elise said, suddenly becoming shy. She dropped her eyes to the floor and covered herself demurely with her hands as if she were the one that was naked.

“Haven’t you ever come from fucking before?” Ashton asked her. I could see the playfulness and curiosity returning to Ashton’s beautiful blue eyes, a dangerous look I had seen many times before.

“No,” Elise replied weakly.

Ashton put a hand on my chest, gently running her fingers over my stomach. “Are you a virgin?” Ashton asked.

“No,” Elise replied defiantly. “I’ve had sex a few times. I’ve just never had an orgasm while having sex, and I’ve never seen a cock like that.” Elise’s eyes timidly lifted from the floor and returned to my crotch. I was now desperately trying to find something to cover myself with, of course my pants had somehow ended up on the other end of the room.

“You like his cock, huh?” Ashton said. Suddenly, her warm soft hand was sliding down my chest. She deftly brushed aside my own hands as she grasped my now fully engorged member. “He’s nice and thick and long,” Ashton continued teasingly, “Do you like how it looks?”

“It’s big and thick,” Elise said, mindlessly repeating what Ashton had just said. Elise’s eyes were now riveted to my thick pole.

Ashton began to run her hand slightly up and down my pole, jacking me very softly and slowly as the juices from her pussy kept me lubricated and slippery. “Do you want to touch it?” Ashton asked.

“No,” Elise replied, still not taking her eyes off of me.

“It’s okay, he doesn’t mind, go ahead,” Ashton continued. It was like I wasn’t even in the room. I was just about to suggest that I go put some clothes on when Elise took a hesitant step forward. I was shocked when she dropped to her knees at the foot of the bed and stretched her hand out slowly towards my dick. Elise looked into my eyes, as if she were afraid that I’d run away screaming, and then suddenly her soft hand was brushing against the fat head of my cock.

My member jerked in response to the feel of two hands lightly touching it. “See, he likes it,” Ashton said, as if she were showing someone how to pet a dog. Though I have to admit, the two hands lightly playing across the skin canlı casino of my dick were highly arousing. I was at full mast and throbbing with desire once again.

“You want to feel this thing in you?” Ashton asked. Now I thought this was definitely going in an inappropriate direction and I expected Elise to object immediately.

“Are you serious?” she asked, “You wouldn’t mind?”

“I’ll even warm him up for you,” Ashton replied with a smile. Without another word Ashton brushed aside Elise’s hand and slid her head down towards my stomach to plant a soft kiss on the top of my cock. Her second kiss turned into a slow slide by her lips over the tip of my cock. I groaned, looking into Elise’s startled eyes as she returned my gaze briefly before turning her attention back to my dick. Ashton swirled her tongue around the thick knob of my dick before plunging her mouth onto my rod and working me up and down in her mouth. The delightful feeling of Ashton’s expert blowjob almost distracted me from seeing Elise sliding her panties out from under the short skirt she was wearing and down her legs. Ashton bobbed her head on my cock, sucking me tightly into her mouth, before releasing me with a pop.

“Alright,” she said, as if surveying a sculpture, “he’s ready.”

Elise almost giggled, surprising me. “You sure about this?” she asked Ashton.

I was almost offended that she wasn’t asking me. “Sure, you’ll love it, I guarantee,” replied Ashton with a broad smile. This was completely surreal and making me more than a little uncomfortable (though I wasn’t about to complain)!

Ashton sat back on the bed and Elise climbed atop the bed and stood over me straddling my body. My cock was pointed nearly skyward as Elise positioned herself over me. She reached between her legs and firmly grasped my dick.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “you just made me so horny.” I couldn’t figure out why she would be apologizing to me.

That thought casually drifted away as she settled herself over me. Slick with Ashton’s saliva, Elise slid my cock head over her moist pussy lips. She rubbed the head of my dick against her clit for a few seconds before firmly positioning herself over my rod. “I want you to make me cum,” was all she said.

Elise was so tight that I pushed through her opening with a pop when she pressed her weight against me. She gasped and panted, feeling my thick meat stretching the opening to her cunt as I moaned from the feeling of her smooth pussy walls. Elise slid down a few inches before moaning deeply, and then began to slide up my pole. Her pussy walls were squeezing my cock, so tight and yet wonderfully slippery at the same time. I was content to let her get adjusted to my thickness and laid back while she worked on the few inches of cock she had inside of her. Her skirt settled over our coupling, adding another delightful element as I could feel my cock slipping in and out of her tight warmth, but I could not see it happening. Elise continued to move up and down my dick, squeezing me deliciously with her tight wetness, and began taking a few more inches into her until she finally bottomed out on my cock. Her mouth formed an “O” as she froze for a second, impaled deeply on my hardness.

“Shit, I’m so full,” Elise said, a look of fiery lust in her eyes. I don’t think I had ever heard her swear before. She worked herself up and down my cock a few times, sliding up almost to my tip, then plunging back down again. She fucked up and down my member, hair bouncing behind her as her soft, firm ass slammed down onto me. She was small and light, and her thin frame bouncing atop me was another delectable new experience. She was both light as a feather and tight as a vice as her pixie like body bounced gleefully atop me, impaling herself on my hard cock. I was beginning to feel the warmth of a good fuck spreading through my loins when she began seriously panting.

“My boyfriend would have cum by now,” she said breathlessly, continuing to work her hot cunt up and down my cock. She was setting a fast pace, much faster then I was used to with Ashton and much gentler. In fact, Elise looked like a fragile doll of a creature, bouncing up and down fully clothed on my cock. As I marveled at the young beauty squeezing my dick, I felt her tremble.

“Oh God, don’t cum yet,” she pleaded, as if I was close. Elise flipped up her skirt and looked down at my cock, eyes wide as my long thickness slid in and out of her deliciously tight pussy. She began panting lightly, I could tell she was lost in the ecstasy of our fucking, and the sight of her skirt fluttering as she impaled herself over and over on my rigid pole had me incredibly aroused. I probably would have been close to cumming, if not for the recent release of my quick fuck.

“Don’t worry,” I assured her, “you’re going to cum for me.” I remained motionless, allowing Elise to work herself on my dick.

“Oh fuck, I might just…” she cut herself off with a low moan. Her eyes were so full of a kaçak casino deep desire, and her tight pussy never stopped sliding over my shaft. She began grinding me as she bottomed out on my pole and rubbed her clit against my crotch, then resumed her up and down fucking. Her brown hair was wild behind her, and I was almost desperate for a look at her firm tits as they bobbed up and down covered by her shirt.

Just as I was about to reach up and attempt to tear off her T-shirt, she gasped loudly. “Oh God, it’s happening! Oh FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKK!!!”

Elise screamed, a guttural yet high-pitched banshee like scream. Her body went rigid, impaled on my dick, and I felt her body tremble atop me slightly. Her pussy muscles spasmed rapidly around my cock, and it felt like her cunt was sucking my shaft up into her body as my cock was flooded with her juices. She panted a few more times, then collapsed on my chest. My cock was still aching for attention and buried deep inside her velvety warmth, but I didn’t dare move to disturb Elise’s post-orgasm bliss.

I looked over to Ashton for guidance and realized that she had been sitting across on Elise’s bed openly playing with herself. The site of her hands rubbing rapidly at her pussy as she watched Elise fuck me definitely turned me on. I was about to suggest rolling over and withdrawing from the slippery vise that held my still hard cock in place, when Elise lifted her head and smiled at me.

“That was great, unbelievable,” she said with a cute little grin.

“Well, you did most of the work,” I said, returning her smile, gently brushing her hair from her face.

“I can’t believe it,” Elise replied, finally lifting herself carefully off of me, “you’re still hard.” My erect dick, coated with her juices, popped free of her pussy and pointed skyward.

“Oh, he’ll be going for a while yet,” Ashton said with a devious smile. Ashton’s left hand was buried between her legs, furiously rubbing at her clit, while her right hand kneaded one of her large, firm breasts.

“That was great, thanks,” Elise said, smoothing her ruffled skirt and suddenly blushing.

“You’re welcome,” Ashton replied. Ashton finally stopped playing with herself and stood to walk across the room to me. “You were great as usual baby,” she whispered, kissing me fully and deeply on the lips.

I wrapped my strong arms around Ashton and pulled her down onto the bed with me. She tumbled atop me, and I nibbled on her neck as she lay back on the comforter.

“Kevin was my first time, and I blame him for my love of fucking,” Ashton said to Elise. I found one of Ashton’s full, creamy tits and began suckling hard on her nipple. She gasped. “He’s quite a fuck, and you’ve only got him turned on. I can tell he needs to finish.”

Elise stood in front of the door, her eyes riveted to our naked bodies as we became entwined. “Since you were so nice to my roommate, I’ll let you do me any way you want,” Ashton said, honest warmth and love in her voice.

I was horny, so hard from Elise milking my cock with her sweet pussy, I would’ve fucked Ashton any way she let me. I pushed her over onto her stomach, and the great partner she was, she understood instantly.

“Mmm, doggy style, I should have guessed,” she said coyly.

I lined up behind her, rubbing the hard head of my cock against her wet pussy lips. I teased her clit with the fat head of my dick for a second, but I needed release. I lined up my pole with her opening and rammed it through, shoving my dick deep into her tight tunnel.

“Oh God,” Ashton cried out, her back arching. Elise remained fascinated by our coupling.

I felt the need growing within me, and I rammed my thick meat home over and over again, withdrawing most of my hard dick and then ramming it back into Ashton’s wet pussy. Ashton’s smooth ass cheeks shook invitingly from the hard fucking I was giving her. As I pounded deep into her wet cunt over and over, I reached around her body and began kneading her full, soft breast. I began pulling on her nipple as I shoved my cock into her deeper and harder from behind, rocking her forward and backward.

“Oh shit he’s fucking me so hard,” Ashton panted. “ He’s so deep inside me and he’s playing with my tit.” I couldn’t tell if Ashton’s eyes were open, but Elise was mesmerized by her face. “Oh shit he’s fucking me so hard, look at how he’s working me.”

Her words we egging me on. I could feel the cum in my balls churning as I slammed into Ashton’s backside. My orgasm impending, I released Ashton’s smooth breast and grasped her hips. I began pulling Ashton backward forcibly as I shoved my cock hard into her pussy, spearing Ashton with my shaft. I fucked her small body hard as I felt my cock expanding within her tight pussy walls.

“Oh God he’s fucking me, he’s going to make me CUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!” Ashton screamed, her body trembling in orgasm.

Feeling her juices flood me, I exploded deep within her. Spurt after spurt of my hot cum erupted inside her as my senses exploded in orgasm. I held myself deep inside her for a second, feeling my orgasm wash over me and reveling in the feel of her warm vice, before I collapsed once again on her back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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