Ass Worship Night

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Last Thursday my wife decided to work from home. Since the kids were at school the entire day, we had the house to ourselves most of the day, a rare opportunity for a married couple with 2 young children. I immediately hoped that it would lead to some daytime fun in the bedroom, which had always been a mainstay in our sex life when we were younger. However, during our post-kids era had become a treat. It didn’t seem like I was going to get my wish that day as all of subtle sexual suggestions were getting shot down pretty quickly.

“I’m going to lay down for a few minutes, want to join me” I offered, hoping to seduce my wife once I had her in the bedroom.

“No, I can’t. I have too much to do. You shouldn’t be napping anyway. You have things to do.” She quickly shot me down, hardly looking up from the computer.

I retreated to the bedroom defeated and decided to fold the laundry. I continued to check items off of my “To-Do List” and my wife finished up her work on the computer.

“It’s time to pick up the kids soon, do you want to change” I suggested.

“Probably a good idea, it’s gotten quite warm outside today, I want to change into a skirt.” She got up from her desk and joined me in bed room.

She pulled down her yoga pants and moved to her dresser to find a skirt to change into. She was wearing her standard black lace cheeky panties, which reveal a nice amount of her ass. My wife is the sexiest thing alive. She has curves in all right places, a nice round firm ass and nice large tits with nipples that are just begging to be sucked. I couldn’t resist and I reached out to rub her pert ass cheeks as she was looking for her skirt.

“Stop that, we have to go.” she playfully slapped my hand away after letting be message her for a few seconds.

“I can’t help it, you’re just too damn sexy.” I said, trying to get one more quick feel of her panty covered ass before she put her skirt on.

She pushed me away again after finding the skirt she wanted to wear. Then she walked over and leaned against the bed, pushing her ass out in my direction. I moved closer and began to message her ass and legs through her skirt.

“Mmm..that does feel good.” She moaned and pushed her ass out a bit further.

This is something that my wife loves to do when she knows that I’m horny. She’ll tease me a bit before we have to leave the house, or when the kids are home in another room. Sometimes she’ll rub my cock through my pants and whisper some dirty things she wants to do to me. Other times she’s lean over the bed and let me rub on her until my cock gets hard. Rarely does it lead to anything more, just a nice tease to get my blood pumping. It’s one of the things I just love about my wife. I figured this was just one of those times. She knew I was horny and was going to throw me a bone before we left to pick up our kids from school.

I definitely wasn’t going to remind her we had to leave in a few minutes. She didn’t seem to concerned with the time as she lifted her skirt up and kept grinding her ass into my rapidly growing cock. Her firm satin covered ass felt amazing.

“Well, are you going to fuck me or what?” She questioned.

“Yeah, ok.” Was all I could muster as a response.

My ears had never heard sweeter words, I didn’t think I had a chance. I knelt down and clumsily pulled her panties down, tossing them to the side. Normally I would have stayed down there rubbing and spreading her ass cheeks for a while. Then I would have spread her cheeks and giving her ass and pussy a nice long lick. However, I glanced at the clock and we only had a few minutes before we really had to leave the house.

I stood up, and began to run my cock in the crack of her ass, up and down a few times. She responded by pushing her ass out even further, then reaching back with on hand spreading her ass check wide giving me easy access to her pussy. I didn’t want to waste any more time and tried pressing my cock into her tight hole. I wasn’t surprised to find that it was difficult to get my thick cock inside her. Her pussy is always tight and she hadn’t exactly had much time to get wet enough. I glanced at my night stand which was on the other side of the room where our bottles of lube were stashed. Too far I thought, it would break the mood and she might call this off. I decided to go with the saliva route. I licked my fingers and worked as much saliva as I could into her tight opening.

“Can you please fuck me now?” She begged.

I placed my cock at the now slightly wet opening to her pussy and began to work it in as fast as I could. It took few strokes but I was finally buried into her tight pussy. On the inside, her box was nice and wet, her pussy juice just hadn’t had a chance to leak out of her opening yet. Once I was buried in deep, I paused canlı bahis to let her get accustomed to being filled. Apparently she didn’t need any time to get comfortable with my intruding cock and began to subtly rock back and forth fucking herself with my cock. Her pussy was gripping my cock so tight, it was difficult to even pullout to try to meet her movement with thrusts of my own.

“Yes..mmm…yes.” She was mumbling as I began to slam into her with more force.

I could feel my orgasm being to build. Knowing the clock was ticking, I picked up the pace of my thrusts. It wasn’t long before I filled my wife tight pussy with my cum.

“We better get going, we need to pick up the kids.” I said as my cock slipped out of her.

“Great…now I’m going to have cum dripping out of my pussy all afternoon.” She complained as we both quickly put our clothes back on.

I couldn’t help but smile at that thought as we drove to school to pick up our kids, and all the rest of the afternoon.

The next day was Friday, which has always been our “sex night”. Once the kids are asleep we usually enjoy a shower together and then retire the bedroom for a nice long session. I always look forward to Friday nights and I was really looking forward to “repaying” my wife for the wonderful afternoon quickie the day before.

“Can’t wait until tonight” I gave her ass a bit of a squeeze and smiled at my wife as we were getting dressed that morning.

“Yeah…well…not sure about that. You hurt my pussy when you fucked me yesterday. It’s off limits for a few days.” She scolded me.

“I did? I should have grabbed the lube, but I didn’t want to ruin the mood. I’m really sorry.” I tried to apologize.

“That’s ok, not a big deal. It will be better soon.” She said.

“But that means no fun tonight?” I couldn’t conceal my disappointment.

“No, we can still have fun tonight. It’s going to be ass worship night. You can worship my ass, and if you do a good job, you can probably fuck it too. If you want…” She said bluntly and then walked out of our bedroom.

“Umm…yes, I would like that very much. If you are serious?” I walked behind her though the house.

“Yes, I’m serious. Enjoy your day.” She said with a mischievous smile. She gave by growing cock a quick squeeze through my pants before rushing out the door to work.

I was left stunned standing there with my mouth open and my cock hard. Worshiping my wife ass is definitely one of my favorite activities. I just love rubbing her ass, spreading it wide open, spanking it, licking it, fingering it, I could do it for hours. I couldn’t wait to have complete access to her ass when her pussy was off limits.

It was a very long day of anticipation. After what felt like an eternity the kids were finally asleep in their beds and we were free to get to the fun part of the evening.

“Why don’t you join me in the shower” my wife suggested and playfully grabbed my hand leading me into our bathroom.

I turned on the water and my heart began to pound inside my chest with anticipation. We have a fairly large steam shower which has a bench on one wall. Both of us can easily fit in the shower together and has led to some very hot nights. We both undressed and my heart began to pound inside my chest with anticipation.

“Why don’t you take a seat right here” she pointed at the bench as she turned on the water.

I took my spot on the bench and watched as my beautiful curvy wife stood under the running water. She faced me and began to rub soap all over her large and luscious tits.

“Somebody is enjoying the show” she glanced down at my rapidly growing cock.

“I better make sure that I’m nice an clean for you” she spread her ass and rubbed soap all over pussy and asshole making sure the water was rinsing her clean.

Then she turned around, arched her back which pushed her round brown ass out in front of my face. She spread her cheeks wide, exposing her tight asshole for my inspection.

I watched wide eyed as my wife continued to “clean” her ass with her soapy fingers only a few inches from my face. She began to slide a fingertip inside her tight hole and work it in and out for my viewing pleasure. After a few minutes she turned around and rinsed the remaining soap away.

“Now…I know you enjoyed that. You should clean up too. Make sure you shave before you come to bed. I don’t want to get any beard burn on my ass cheeks” She said, once again glancing down at my cock which was now completely engorged and leaking pre-cum.

She slipped out of the shower and wiggled her ass at me as she strolled to our bedroom. I quickly showed and shaved as she had requested. All the while my cock remained engorged and my heart thumped in anticipation.

I walked into bahis siteleri our bedroom to find my wife lying face down on the bed. She had placed a pillow under a towel to prop her hips up a bit. Her legs were parted slightly exposing her hairless pussy lips to my gaze. Her tiny asshole was concealed between her voluptuously mocha colored cheeks. She was holding her phone, I assumed she was reading stories from her favorite erotica site.

She didn’t say anything as I walked into the room and grabbed a bottle of baby oil from the bedside table. I squirted a generous amount on my hands and began to rub it into her ass and thighs. Once the oil was massaged into her skin I began to kneed and squeeze her ample ass cheeks. I grabbed hold of each cheek and spread them wide apart exposing her tender parts to the cool air and then I let them go.

I continued to play with her, squeezing, spreading and lightly spanking her ass, warming her up for a bit until I could sense that she was ready for more. I spread her ass wide and moved my mouth close to her tight puckered hole. I paused for a few seconds building her anticipation. I began by giving her anus long licks with my tongue flat. Slowing I licked up and down her ass crack, pausing briefly at her opening to flick the tip inside. She responded by pushing slightly back against me and rocking her hips slightly to the rhythm of tongue.

Eating my wife’s ass is somewhat new to me, only a few years before had I confessed that it was an incredible turn on for me. She has slowly warmed up to it and it’s now a somewhat regular part of our sex life. For the most part I eat her ass as foreplay, a way to warm her up and then I move onto her pussy and clit so she can cum. But tonight was “Ass Worship Night” her pussy was off limits, I relished in giving her ass the full attention it deserved.

I pointed my tongue and begin to tease her hole with the tip. I slowly worked my way around the rim of her anal opening before sliding inside just a bit. To my surprise my wife pushed back, trying to get more of my tongue inside of her. I responded by giving her what she wanted and plunged my lounge as far as I could into her tight but willing asshole.

“Oh my!” she gasped.

Her hips continued to rock back and forth as she ground her clit into the pillow beneath. I did my best to keep my tongue firm inside her hole. After a few minutes I had to catch my breath and decided to replace my tongue with a finger. I spread her cheeks wide open and was very happy to see that her asshole had opened a bit from my tonguing. It was well lubed with my saliva and was pleasantly surprised that my index finger slide right inside without much resistance. It was almost as if her ass sucked my finger inside of her.

She didn’t miss a beat with the new sensation of my finger opening up her ass. The movement of her hips seemed to increase as I worked my finger in and out. I pulled my finger out of her slowly at an angle, stretching her sphincter muscle open even more. I quickly replaced my finger with my tongue again, plunging it in as deep as I could. I alternated fucking her ass with my tongue and finger while she continued to work her clit into the bed. I could tell her orgasm was fast approaching, I decided to see how open and willing her anus was at this point.

I sat up, removed my finger from her ass and replaced it with my thumb. Her hips never stopped rocking back and forth, with her own movement my thick thumb was burred as deep as it could go inside of her backdoor.

“Uhhh…so big”. She mumbled.

While my thumb did slide inside with ease, her sphincter had a vice like grip. Her movements slowed a bit, but became more forceful as she tried to bring her orgasm on. I thought I might break her “no pussy touching” rule and help her out a bit. Without removing my thumb from her ass, I reached down and pressed my finger against her engorged clit. It was slick with her pussy juice that was flowing readily down from her hole.

It only took a couple of flicks of my finger on her rock hard clit and I felt the waves of orgasm overtake her. I felt her body tense up as the waves of orgasmic pleasure rippled through her body. Her asshole clamped down on my thumb like a vise for a quick second and then began to spasm. It was the most amazing feeling for me to feel her cum like that. I couldn’t help but thinking what it would feel like to have her cum with my cock stretching her asshole. What a feeling it would be to feel it milk my cock like it just did my thumb.

I slowly pulled my thumb out and gently messaged the outside of her hole while she came down from her intense orgasm. Even after cumming as hard as she did, her sphincter remained quite relaxed, I was able to slide the tip of my thumb easily in and out.

“How bahis şirketleri do you want me? Like this on my stomach or on my back?” She asked after regaining her composure.

I was unable to respond, it took me a moment to realize the sexy offer my wife just made. Her pussy was off limits and she was offering her ass up to me to fuck anyway I wanted. She reached back and stroked my cock a few times. It was as hard as it has ever been in my life. My heart was pounding, I’m sure she could feel it pulse in my cock.

“Do you want to fuck my ass from behind or fuck my ass on my back with my legs over your shoulders?” She asked again with a coy smile this time.

“Ummm…how about on your back?” I managed to stammer out.

She flipped over and positioned herself so the pillow was under her lower back, lifting her ass up in the air a bit, giving me better access. Once she had positioned herself she put her legs up in the air, reached down and spread her ass open for me.

“Like this?” she gave me that coy sexy smile again.

I stared dumbfounded at the sight before me. I couldn’t believe I was married to such a sexy dirty woman.

“You should get some lube.” She directed me.

I grabbed a bottle of lube, squirted a generous amount on my fingers and began to work it into her hole. Her ass eagerly accepted my probing and I quickly had a finger buried deep insider her. I worked that finger in and out a few times before adding more lube to her opening. I decided to add a second finger, wanted to get her hole stretched enough to accommodate my thick cock. I was a bit surprised when her ass open up and readily accepted two fingers inside.

“I’m ready for your cock now.” She almost begged.

I was happy to oblige her request and make sure to add more lube to her now stretched asshole. I positioned my cock at her backdoor entrance and began to slowly push my way inside. She placed her hands on my thighs, slightly digging her fingers into my skin, as a way to regulate how far my cock would go into her ass. I didn’t mind at all, my goal was to make this as pleasurable for her as it was for me.

“Remember…go slow please.” She reminded me as the head of my cock was pressed against her anal opening.

We locked eyes as I slowing began to push inside. Her fingers pressed firmly into my legs as my cock met with a small amount of resistance. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply as I pressed in a little more firmly, my cockhead then work its way into her asshole. Once I had the head inside, I paused to let her get accustomed to the size of my cock. My cock was throbbing as her asshole squeezed my cock firmly. After a minute or so I slowly pulled out, letting my cock slip from her grip.

“Oh my…that feels good.” She exclaimed, her eyes opening wide.

I slid in again, a bit deeper this time. The grip she had on my legs would tell me when I had reached her limit. Every time I let my cock slip completely out of her ass, she would let out a load moan, letting me know that she was enjoying herself.

I had fucked my wife’s ass a few times in the past, however this was by far the furthest I have ever been able to get my cock into her. I was surprised that even though her ass has opened up to accept me, it still squeezed my cock as tight as I had felt anything before. I began to slide my cock in and out of her with some rhythm, like I would do if I was fucking her pussy. The sensation was getting too much to take and I could feel my orgasm building slowly as I began to actually fuck my wife’s ass.

“Oh god…It’s really good…so big and good.” My wife was encouraging me.

Much to my surprise I began to feel her ass begin to spasm and squeeze my cock as if she was actually cumming from her ass being fucked.

“Please, I need your cum in my ass now!” She demanded

I was very happy to oblige her request. Much to my surprise I began to feel her ass begin to spasm and squeeze my cock as if she was actually cumming from her ass being fucked. Her ass clamped down so tightly on my cock, that it pushed it out completely, just I felt my orgasm began. I quickly slide back into her ass and began depositing the most cum I’ve ever shot into her willing asshole. Her asshole continued to milk every drop of out of my throbbing cock until I was spent.

I slowly pulled my cock from her well fucked ass. I couldn’t wait to see my cum dripping from her gaping hole. Once my cock had been freed from her sung like hole, I was disappointed to see that he ass is so tight that my cock didn’t seem to make a difference. It looked like nothing had happened, it returned to its original tightness immediately and sealed my cum inside.

“Can you see your cum leaking out?” she asked.

“No, you are too damn tight. It looks like nothing happen at all.” I said with much disappointment.

“Well…I guess next time we have ass worship night, you’ll have to fuck me harder next time.” She grinned and jumped out of bed, heading to the bathroom to clean up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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