At the Biker Bar Ch. 03

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As the wheels began to spin, I clung tightly to Jacks waist. Feeling the engine roaring and vibrating between my thighs. I remembered the last time I was on the big black bike, wearing only a barely there dress and little else besides a helmet.

That had been nearly a week ago, I had needed that recovery time. I had been well and truly fucked by numerous bikers in a back room of a seedy bar on a Saturday night. I had been a dirty birthday present for a complete stranger, before being arse fucked and having my first double penetration on a pool table. Sunday morning had been spent in Jacks bed with him. The big kind hearted bear of a man in front of me on the bike. It had been one hell of a weekend.

I’d dressed a lot more sensibly this time around. Torn skinny jeans, a black tight tank top, I’d forgone a bra, all underneath a battered leather jacket. As a result the cold wind never bothered me so I was in a far better position to enjoy the ride. I could feel Jacks heavy body moving under his jacket as he steered the monster of a bike, feeling the vibrations of the engine moving up into me from the saddle and watching the scenery fly past.

The bike slowed as he pulled up at the bar where I had spent the previous weekend. I noticed a fair few gleaming bikes parked outside in a line. I wondered just how busy it was inside and what the weekend had in store for me. I had agreed to be Jacks girl, but if I wanted to I could amuse myself with the guys in the club so long as Jack got to watch.

We walked into the bar and a dozen guys sat along the bar in a row. As the door opened they turned as one to look at us, the place erupted into catcalls, whistles and comments. I recognised a few from the week before. The blonde guy with the short beard who I remembered as the birthday boy passed me a beer and introduced himself as Si. “I never got the chance to thank you last week, best birthday party ever!” he gave me a wink and a grin.

“The pleasure was all mine.” I replied blushing slightly as I remembered the way he felt inside me. I spotted a few more who had been the closest to me and covered me in spunk. It seemed strange to think that I was stood here making small talk with a group of men who had last seen me being carried upstairs, literally dripping with their collective semen. I shook my head with a wry smile as I finished my beer, I definitely needed a stronger drink.

I moved on to the rum as I let the conversation flow over my head. The easy banter between Jack, Si and the rest of the guys was hard to keep track of, so I let my mind drift a little. I realised they were all staring at me clearly waiting for a response. They laughed at my blank stare before Jack took pity on me and caught me up on the conversation. “Well, princess, we were just wondering how much you enjoyed the double stuffing you took last week? It looked to us like you enjoyed it a lot.”

“It certainly felt like she enjoyed it from where I was!” I followed the voice from over my shoulder and saw the guy with the long dark hair who had filled my pussy as Si fucked my arse. “Taylor, nice to see you again,” he extended a hand for me to shake.

“You think the cunts good? You should have felt her arse, I thought she was going to snap my dick in half when she came.” With that Si and Taylor exchanged a high five with each other and Jack laughing at my blushes. I hit them with the best comeback I could think of, I went for maturity and stuck my tongue out at them and waved my empty glass for a refill.

The barman refilled my glass and looked at me with a frown. “seriously though, you made a real mess of our pool table, it’ll never be the same again.” I couldn’t figure out how it was solely my fault. I’m fairly certain the gathered bikers ejaculating over me and the table made more of a mess than me. However just remembering made start getting wet and twitchy.

Si looked me right in the eye but spoke to Jack in a low voice without humour. “What do you say old man, does your lady need a little punishment for trashing our table? Teach her how to behave in polite company?” at the thought of it my knees weakened and my braless nipples stiffened against the tight top. I remembered just how sure of himself he was as he manhandled me. I gulped as I felt Jack step up behind me pushing casino oyna the front of his body against my back. I felt a bulge against the small of my back, telling me he was enjoying the possibilities as much as me.

He leaned down his heavy beard tickling my ear as he softly spoke, “Back room princess. Now.” Chuckling as he punctuated the last word with a swat on my butt. I grinned and put some extra sway in my walk as I was marched to the back room where all the fun had last taken place. Jack walked me to the pool table and I could see the barmans point, the previously bright green felt was heavily stained and gouges that clearly came from my fingernails scarred the surface.

Jack took his place on a barstool leaving himself a prime view of the action. Si grabbed the pony tail holding my hair back and pushed me, so I was bent over my face touching the cloth. He reached around and undone my jeans, pulling them down my thighs and helping me step out of them. My top was pulled over my head, exposing my firm but small breasts. All that was covering me was a scrap of a black thong. He stroked along the gusset, chuckling as he felt my wetness seeping through, I shivered with anticipation.

“Wait” it was the barman coming through the door, I groaned wondering if he was worried about more damage to the pool table. I may have cried with frustration if he stopped things now. “She may as well finish the bottle it’s nearly done.” He pulled the bottle from behind his back. There was only a few inches left in the bottom but I was worried I would have to down it in one go.

“Hold her still, just relax,” he unscrewed it and pulled my thong to one side, running the neck of the bottle along my now soaked pussy, I shivered as the cold glass chilled my hot wet lips. Si grabbed my shoulders and leaned on my back pinning me down. In one shifted movement the barman upended the bottle and inserted it into my tight unprepared arsehole.

I was completely unprepared and cried out, more from shock than pain. It was much thinner than the cocks I’d had in there last weekend but at least then I’d had some foreplay to warm up a bit. I both heard and felt the gurgling as the rum emptied. It was a strange sensation as my colon filled, it was a pleasant feeling but it felt like I needed to take a dump, badly. The barman jiggled the bottle to empty it quicker. Every time it moved I groaned and squirmed as the sensations filled me.

“Hold it still princess, you look fucking beautiful like that.” I heard Jack speak in low rumble from across the room. My pussy twitched like some kind of pavlovian response to his voice. My head started to spin I wasn’t sure if it was from the alcohol rapidly entering my blood stream or pure lust. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was, face down over a pool table with a now empty rum bottle sticking out of my arse.

Si switched places with the barman. He held my hands over my head and I looked up at his face. Blue green eyes, a nose that had been broken in the past, a strong jaw line that was covered in ginger stubble and close cropped ginger hair. I’d noticed he was heavily muscled earlier, his AC/DC shirt was sculpted tightly across a huge chest and arms. He told me his name was Oliver and that I had to hold the bottle still and not let any mess get on his clean floor.

As he said this I felt Si lean down and kiss one of my butt cheeks, this was followed by a hard slap. The sting of it made me jerk up and the hands held me tighter. The warmth of the slap spread out across one cheek and was soon matched by another slap on the other side. Before long the blows were raining down on my backside. As my arse jigged with every slap I felt the bottle slip. I concentrated on keeping it gripped in my sphincter muscles.

Soon my mind was reeling. The alcohol combined with the pain in my arse sent me spinning, the only thing keeping me from oblivion was the pair of blue eyes in front of me. My arse was glowing from the spanking I was receiving and my thighs were shaking and soaked. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. I still felt strange from the rum filling my bowels but it was bearable. I realised I was making small whimpering moans, starting to lose control.

Suddenly the slaps stopped, my arse felt like it was on fire. A warm canlı casino hand started stroking and caressing my sore cheeks. It soothed the pain leaving me quivering from the sensation. I felt my thong being pulled further to one side, a finger run the length of my dripping slit making my hips jerk. The bottle slipped and nearly then out. “hold it still sweetness.” Si ordered as he pushed it deeper. I gasped and pushed back it felt so damn good.The finger was soon followed by a warm wet tongue running the length of me, pushing deeply inside my pussy hole, I had to fight to hold my hips still. He thrust his tongue in and out as a thumb teased my clit, making me squirm and writhe. He had to use one hand on the bottle to hold it in as I was moving so much.

The barman leaned forward and kissed me deeply on the lips. His stubble felt rough on my face as he forced his tongue into my mouth. The tongue working my cunt moved down and Si started sucking on my clit. his beard tickling my thighs as he licked and sucked me. My muscles were twitching and shaking I could feel an orgasm taking over me. I was crying out into the mouth kissing me, my hands gripping his tightly.

As I came hard the bottle was pulled out at the same time, Si moved his face out of the way just in time. I lost any sense of restraint that I had. The contents of my arse gushed out of me noisily, thankfully somebody had placed a bucket between my legs. I was shaking by the time i’d finished. Every muscle I had felt weak, it was like I’d run a marathon. As I recovered I felt a cloth wiping my arse dry.

Oliver let got of my hands sand moved behind me. I could see Si coming towards my face, I could see my juices glistening on his lips and beard. His flies were open and his thick erection was being stroked in his big hand. His hand slid slowly up and down the length as he stared at my body. When he got close enough I could see the tip glistening with his pre cum. I licked my lips in anticipation but he stayed just out of reach.

I felt two fingers slip inside my cunt, feeling very wet I was. They started to curl inside me finding my g spot. I cried out and saw Oliver behind me. His jeans were pulled down to mid thigh as he lined himself up with me. He stepped closer his groin brushing my still sore arse cheeks. Fingers clicked in front of my face drawing my attention back to Si. His hand still moving painfully slowly along his stiff cock. “Watch me sweetness, not him.” I looked at his face and saw his eyes glazed over with lust. I wanted to taste him so badly, needing to run my tongue over that round head, tasting the fluid beading and flowing from the hole. But still he remained to far away.

Suddenly the fingers inside me withdrew and I held my breath, it seemed I waited an age before I felt something larger there. First the head, then after a pause the whole length slammed into me, hard and fast. Filling me completely and stretching me. I grunted and closed my eyes as he hit my cervix, I opened them as he pulled back. He thrust deeply into me over and over again. I was pushing back against him trying to match him thrust for thrust. He felt so huge inside I knew I wouldn’t last long.

As my cries got louder his thumb started pushing inside my arse hole. It felt so much tighter the pressure started to build. In front of me Si started moving his hand faster in time with our rhythm. He was watching intently, his eyes flicking between my rear end were I was being ridden mercilessly and the pleasure written all over my face. His breathing was getting faster as his face flushed and the veins stood out on his forehead and neck.

The cock inside me was like a jackhammer, pounding me relentlessly fast, the thumb in my arse adding to the feelings. My stomach muscles contracted and my cunt muscles tightened. My fingernails dug into the palms of my hands as they formed fists. My body started to twitch and spasm, the cock in me swelled up and was driven hard one last time, burying itself deep inside me. I felt it jerk deep against the very depths of me, hot sperm flooding my very core. His explosion triggered another massive orgasm making me open my mouth to scream.

Si stepped closer his twitching cock head hitting my lower lip. I watched his face as his fist flew rapidly milking his cock into my kaçak casino open mouth. Salty spunk spurted out, hitting the roof of my mouth and all over my tongue. It was a huge load, I kept eye contact with him as I tried to swallow everything he had given me. He pushed himself inside my mouth while I licked him clean feeling him soften as I savoured the taste of him.

He pulled out at the same time as I felt the cock inside me leave with a gush of fluids soaking my inside thighs. I felt wiped out, shaky and dizzy as I collapsed on the pool table, shivering and trying to catch my breathe. Familiar big warm hands started to stroke my shoulders and back. I turned my head and saw Jack his eyes smouldered as I looked at me, I smiled up at him, still not quite with it.

He bent down and grabbed hold of me. The world lurched as he lifted me with a quiet grunt. He easily tossed me over his shoulder, his hand on my arse as I glanced down his back. He slipped a finger into my arsehole as he kissed my bare thigh. “It’s my turn now, princess. Just wait until I get you upstairs.” With that he walked out of the room and up the stairs with me squirming on his shoulder.

He carried me straight to his bed and dropped me unceremoniously on my back. With one hand he ripped my thong off and the other worked his jeans down, I’d already noticed they were undone. He crawled onto the bed between my legs and kissed me hard. His tongue met mine, not caring about the taste of his friends spunk in my mouth. He grasped my ankles, lifting them and bending me double, he looked me in the eyes and drove his thick hard cock into my waiting well used pussy. I felt the cum that had been recently deposited in there oozing out around him as he filled me with a moan.

“I already came just watching you downstairs, so I hope you’re ready for a fucking long night beautiful.” I sighed as he slowly pulled out I reached up grabbing handfuls of his thick wavy hair pulling his face down for another deep kiss. His mouth stayed locked on mine as he fucked me slowly. Every thrust was deep and frustratingly slow. Teasing me with every inch, it was a stark contrast to the hard pounding I’d received downstairs, but just as good in its own way. My toes started to curl and my hips rose to meet his.

The intimacy of it and the slow thrusting soon had me writhing underneath him. My orgasm building steadily before hitting me like a freight train. I gasped and moaned against his mouth as my pussy clenched around him. The small explosions of pleasure seemed to go on forever. He kept thrusting slowly and steadily, until I calmed down again. He pulled out of me still as solid as when he first entered me, all the juices inside me flowed out to run down towards my arse. He pulled his t shirt over his head, revealing the thick chest hair and tattoos that I loved and shed his jeans.

I watched as he started to stroking his hard cock a few times, before he grabbed my legs and tucked them over his shoulders. He rubbed his cock up and down my pussy a few times then lined himself up with my soaked arsehole. He slowly slipped inside, despite being stretched by the rum bottle and its contents I was still tight and he had to push past my ring of muscle. But it felt painfully good as he slowly pushed in, filling me with his fat cock.

He leant forward as he thrust in, his lips meeting mine as his balls hit me. He kept the slow steady pace, deeply sliding in and out. I was soon literally begging me for more, my nails scratching down his back trying to speed him up. He sat up and brought his hand down to my cunt. Two fingers slid into my dripping hole teasing my g spot while his palm ground into my clit. I bit my lip to keep my cries muffled as he watched me squirming.

I was on the brink of cumming again, I pleaded with him to fuck me harder, I needed more to just tip me over the edge. He took pity on me and gave me everything he had. Slamming into me as hard as he could. The room was filled with the meaty sound of his body hitting mine I screamed as I lost control. My arse muscles milking his cock as he swelled up and exploded inside me, his hot cum filling me.

He bent to kiss me again as he began to soften inside me, his hand moved up to my breast cupping and teasing them. I lay breathless trying to recover, my heart beating rapidly and my fingers stroking his hair and back. I noticed his lower body was soaked where I had squirted on him without realising. He pulled out of me and held me in his arms as I drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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