At the Truck Stop

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Ashley was feeling particularly horny today. After several orgasms in the morning, during her shower, before breakfast and even once while at the kitchen table having her breakfast. She is dressed, prepared to go to work and thinking of what she could do to herself during the drive to the office. All that was on her mind was a long hard cock. Her lover and boyfriend, John, is away on business and how she misses him. Her cunt begins to get wet again just thinking of the night before he left for his two day business trip.

Just one day away, and she is already like this. John had called her last night too. He described in lewd detail what he would do to her when he’s back. She had masturbated over the phone and cum to his voice alone. Such a lover was John. She couldn’t wait till he gets back and fucks her in the ass in front of an audience in some faraway European country.

Oh well … She quickly opens her toy drawer and grabs a mini vibe and a long, slender dildo. The dildo is ribbed and looks rough but it feels great inside as it rubs up against all the right spots. She jumps into her little convertible sports car and off she goes. The purr of the engine brings back thoughts of John. He could fuck her like a machine. Relentless. Tireless. Bringing her to one orgasm after another. Her cunt is now dripping wet, recollecting those experiences with John.

She is used to the heavy traffic on the way to the office. As she was feeling particularly randy today, she was even flirting with some of the good looking men sharing the same traffic situation with her. Then, one particularly large truck pulled up next to her, plodding along slowly in the jam. On the door of this truck was a painting of a lady, nude, but her arms are crossed at her chest and her legs were also crossed, hiding her private parts. She had a sultry look on her face, as if inviting someone to do something to her. Ashley then noticed the truck drivers hand reaching down to slowly rub the tits on the painting. His experienced hands move up and down the painting, touching every part of her “body”, sometimes rubbing in tiny circles and sometimes pinching. Ashley could have sworn she heard a moan. It could have well been the driver.

Ashley touched a button and the roof of her car slides back. She looks up at the truck driver and notices that he is a handsome hunk. She can’t help herself but spread her legs apart and pull her skirt high up, giving him a good view of her clean shaven pussy. She grabbed the dildo and inserts it all the way into her already wet cunt. With that, he signals her to turn off at the next junction. Ashley nods in agreement, not really knowing what she is getting herself into. Already unable to control her sexual urges this morning, she needs a good deep pounding to get her through her day. Quickly texting her colleagues to let them know she’ll be running late, she pulls in behind the truck and follows it off the highway.

After driving for less than a mile, she notices a truck stop with a small motel right beside it. She gasps and closes her legs but the dildo inside just stimulated her even more. She reaches for the vibe and presses it up against her clit, cumming quietly. Her body shudders a little as she tries to park her car. She sets the roof back up, pulls down her skirt and composes herself before exiting the car. The truck driver, handsome hunk that he is, has just opened the door to one of the motel rooms. Does he have a room there permanently? She begins to wonder if she is really ready for this. Her pussy spasms from the aftershocks of her orgasm a few moments earlier and with that, she makes up her mind to follow him into the little motel room.

The room was dark when she walked in but her eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light. It was a cozy room, the ambience was right. She was most amazed at the large mirrors on the walls and ceiling. The floor looked like it was glass but it was too dark to tell. The warm amber lighting got her into the right mood immediately. She felt her body shudder at the thought of what could happen to her in this place. Looking around she noticed there is almost nothing else but a large round bed. The sheets are satin and dark red with large pink pillows thrown here and there.

Ashley looked around once again but could not see the handsome hunk who has just walked in. Perhaps he is in the bathroom. Oh well, she might as well get comfortable on the bed. She unbuttons the top two buttons on her white silk blouse and pulls up her skirt a little. She arranges the pillow in such a way so that when she lays on the bed, it highlights her in the sexiest way. Still a little apprehensive though, she took a sip of water from the glass on the bedside table. Taking a deep breath, she relaxes herself a little. Moving her hands over her firm boobs, she could feel her nipples harden beneath the sheer silky material of her blouse. She had removed her bra when she was in the car. She moans softly as casino siteleri she pulls on her nipples gently, teasing herself, making her pussy wet. Her hand slowly moves under her skirt, lifting the hem and thrusting two fingers into herself. She looks around the room and it is still empty.

She felt a little awkward and thus she laid back and tried to compose herself. She took another sip of the water and relaxes further. She decides to drink all of the water. It seems to relax her somehow. She feels the urge to touch herself again, this time, allowing her hands to wander immediately down between her legs. One hand spreading her cunt lips wide open while another plunges two fingers urgently in. She curls her fingers inside her cunt, rubbing up against her G-spot, pushing her quickly to the brink of orgasm. She rubs harder and faster. Curling and uncurling her fingers with a rapid pumping motion of short strokes, rubbing directly against her G-spot. Her moans of pleasure fills the room. She doesn’t care any longer. It doesn’t matter. She just needs to reach her climax. Frantically, she uses her other hand to rub hard on her clit. Her body convulses, unbridled lust permeates through her entire being. She loses control completely and begins to fuck herself hard. She pushes another finger into her cunt and that drives her over the edge. Her body convulses, jerking and spasming uncontrollably. She had lost count on how many times she climaxed since this morning. It is only 8:45am now and she was supposed to be on her way to the office.

She sent another SMS to the office saying that she would be on her way to meet a client and would probably not come in for the rest of the day. She’s the boss after all. John had helped her start her modelling agency and advertising firm. Her list of clients is short but very profitable and her models have never failed to deliver the best shows in town.

Ashley adjusted herself on the bed. Feeling comfortable, she dozed off into sweet slumber.

She had only slept for a while but she started to wake up, feeling refreshed and also puzzled at the disappearance of the handsome hunk. She had wished for some deep hard fucking from a strong trucker. John would approve. They share an open relationship. As long as everything is disclosed during their stormy love-making sessions, John would always let her have her fill of men. Scientifically speaking, a woman is able to cum almost continuously while men, after climax, would need to rest for at least 20 minutes. How would it be possible for a single man to satisfy a woman then?

As Ashley slowly rose from the bed, she suddenly realized that she could not. There are restraints on her ankles and wrists. She realized that she only has her blouse on. Her silky blouse sticks to her curvaceous body, unbuttoned. The dim lighting somehow accentuates her firm breasts, particularly her hard nipples poking achingly against the blouse. She could feel the air in the room flowing rather strangely. It seems like the air is caressing her. Touching her intimately. Her pussy begins to moisten again and her nipples stand out even more, harder and more sensitive. She can’t seem to get enough of it today. Looking around, she notices that the restraints were connected to chains. The chains are connected to grooves in the floor. The grooves run up the walls and ceilings. She did not notice them earlier probably because of the large mirrors. The grooves seem to frame the mirrors.

She might as well just wait to see what happens next. Before long, she notices a door open. A door concealed behind a mirror. In walks a rather large man. She could not see his features in the dim light but he has a v-shaped frame, most probably with rippling muscles. Ashley fidgets on the bed, trying to contain her excitement. While he continues to stand there, her excitement increases. Lust courses through her body. She tries to touch her breasts or clit but her bonds do not allow it. Her arms and legs are slowly spread wider by the chains, leaving her in a vulnerable and exposed pose. She notices the huge man walking over to her. She can see his handsome face now, smiling down lewdly at her semi-nakedness. Her pussy quivers as his eyes takes in her sexy body in every obscene detail. Ashley quickly looks down, trying to hide her eyes but she glanced at his cock while trying to hide her shyness. What she saw was unbelievable. He has a huge fuck-rod. Almost as thick as her forearm and a good 10 inches long at least. It was standing straight up as he observes her semi-naked form. Her chest heaves as she takes in a deep breath. Her blouse falls aside, leaving her breasts bare. Her nipples are aching hard, yearning to be touched. To be caressed.

This man moves slowly. She quivers with anticipation, closing her eyes as he hovers over her now. He massages her breasts, pushing them together, bringing her nipples close enough to be engulfed by his mouth, both at the same time. He licks on canlı casino those delicious nipples almost frantically, drawing soft mewls from her honey sweet lips. Her hips move uncontrollably. The pleasurable onslaught on her breasts made her pussy all wet. Soaking with love juices, dripping down to the sheets below, she is getting hotter and hotter. Feeling herself more and more out of control now as she thrusts her chest upwards to his greedily sucking mouth. Her nipples taking in all the pleasure it possibly can. Ashley wants to pinch them hard but the restraints hold her arms apart.

The chains slowly readjust themselves now. Additional straps descend from the ceiling and the large man stands up to wrap those padded straps around various parts of her body. It was a well made machine. WIth a touch of a button, the machine is able to hold her suspended in mid air, in the most open and vulnerable positions. She tries to struggle but it was futile. Right now, she’s in the position akin to a skydiver. Legs spread, bent upwards at the knees. She is looking down to the floor. Her body is flushed with excitement as the chains and straps stop moving, putting her into her final wide-spread position. Her pussy is exposed from behind. Her breasts dangles heavily downwards from her chest, swaying gently.

The man reaches under her to cup both her heaving breasts, feeling their weight in his palm. They are not large but fleshy yet firm, looking absolutely fabulous with or without any clothes on. He gently massages them, eliciting further moans from her. Ashley stretches her legs a little, causing her posterior to be angled a little higher, due to the straps around her body, thigh and upper arms. She feels very comfortable though, almost like floating. Without warning, she feels a long, hot tongue slip wetly into her open vagina. She gasps and screams out in pleasurable delight as the tongue invades her pussy, leaving her breathless to its attack. She looks down and sees a different man now licking her insides, almost able to touch her G-spot. Gosh, he has a long tongue. She rocks herself and starts a slow swinging motion to and fro, allowing the tongue to penetrate her a little deeper each time she swings towards it. The pair of hands on her breasts goes directly to her nipples now, pulling and pinching gently. Tweaking them between thumb and forefinger. She looks down again, trying to get a glimpse of the other man’s cock.

She almost fainted when she saw the size of him. He definitely looks larger than the first guy. With two huge cocks like these, she would surely be split in two when they finally decide to fuck her.

With her pussy well lubricated now, the second guy stands up and lets his cock rub against the moist opening of her excited cunt. She tries to rock backwards to swallow it but he stays just out of range, just allowing his cock to rub up and down her sensitive clit. The enormous tool feels hot to the touch. Her pussy drips even more love juices onto the sheets below. He notices this and uses his cock to scoop up the liquid love, smearing it all over his cock head. Smoother now, more lubricated, he rubs his cock head even harder and more urgently up against her exposed, sensitive clit. She holds her breath in lewd anticipation of his invading cock. She could imagine it impaling itself, grinding itself into her, ripping her apart while pleasuring her to no end. She wants it in her, urgently. She wants to feel the sensations of the long, thick tool fucking her to kingdom come.

She groans out loud in pleasure as his cock begins to work on her tiny, sensitive clitoral bud. She rocks herself backward as much as she can, rubbing up against him harder each time. He then positions his cock slightly higher, allowing the huge head to spread open her pussy lips, letting her feel his girth. Ashley’s eyes were wide open when she realized how big it actually was. The head is almost the size of a tennis ball. She feels it slowly pushing into her, spreading her wider and wider as it inches its way into her moist pussy. She spreads her legs further apart, allowing him more complete access to her love tunnel as he grinds deeper and deeper into her.

Her mouth is open, agape, but there is not a sound from her. She could feel every vein and sinew of his fat shaft filling up her tight pussy. At the angle she is currently suspended in, the large cock rubs directly against her G-spot. With the pleasure so intense, Ashley begins to lose control. Her body trashes about uncontrollably. Shaking, quivering. She squirms and wriggles, trying to swallow the large tool entirely into her hotly quivering cunt. In a sudden, quick move, he grabs her thighs and pulls her towards him as he slams his prick deep into her welcoming cuntal depths. At the exact moment, the other man rubs a vibrator right on her clit. Ashley immediately bursts into a series of uncontrollable orgasms, squirting out around the hard shaft now buried entirely in her cunt. kaçak casino Her body bucks and shakes, trying to break free of the bonds. The man pulls out, almost all the way, then slams deep inside her again. She squirts again, splashing him with sweet cunt honey. Then, he does it again. This time, she screams out in pure lust as her third consecutive orgasm slams hard into her. He suddenly pulls out and away, leaving her to cum and allow the aftershocks of her climax to continuously hit her.

Her pussy yearns to be filled. Yearns for the large cock which has so easily satisfied her with each fucking thrust. Yet, he walks away. Moving to one corner of the room, he stands there just to watch her. Both guys are just observing now. Waiting for the right time to make their move again.

Her arms and legs are shaking as she is slowly lowered onto the bed, face up this time. The straps and bonds manipulate her like a puppet, setting her down gently. She is still jerking uncontrollably from time to time. The aftershocks of her three consecutive orgasms has not completely subsided, causing her to squirt involuntarily again and again. Her hands move to her cunt, covering it, as if shielding herself from more stimulation. She could cum again easily as she is so sensitive. Her mind and her pussy is telling her two completely different things though. She wants to stop but her body is still shuddering from just thinking about being fucked. Pleasure and lust running rampant throughout her young nubile body. Her sexual urges leaping to the forefront as her hands move to caress her inner thighs. She dare not touch her clit directly, not knowing what would happen if she does. She closes her eyes for a moment to revel in the feeling of utter satisfaction. When she opens her eyes again, her body yearns for more.

Since early this morning, she just wants to be fucked. It must have been something she ate or drank as she is never this horny. Her pussy flowing continuously as she reaches down to touch her open cunt lips. She probes gently with a finger, and then two. She curls them up to rub her G-spot. Manipulating herself. Fingering her moist cunt like a bitch in heat, waiting to be fucked. Her pussy juices drips onto the sheets as she now spreads her cunt apart with three fingers.

Then, she suddenly remembers that there are still two men in the room with her. She had been so consumed by her lust and climaxes that she momentarily thought she was alone in the room. She looks around and could see them at the corner of her eye. Her body jerks again, uncontrollable from the waves of lust gently crashing upon her. Ashley licks her lips lewdly as she looks at the two men. They stood still, smiling, with a twinkle in their eyes. She looks down to their torso, at their large extended manhood. They are indeed huge. Almost the size of baseball bats. She yearns to feel them inside her again. After having experienced one of them, she wonders what it would be like to have them both fuck her at the same time. One in her cunt and the other in her tight ass. Her butt clenches and her body quivers at the thought of both the massive pricks invading her at the same time.

Her other hand moves to her butthole, slipping gently inside. She groans at the self-satisfaction she was giving herself. Her fingers probing her cunt and ass at the same time while her mind wanders to those large dicks, imagining that they are fucking her at once. She lifts her ass off the bed and rams another finger into her anus, spreading her ass with them. Her cunt juices keeps the opening well lubricated and she is easily able to get another finger inside to match the number of fingers already in her cunt.

She glances at the two men. She closes her eyes when she noticed them starting to move. She won’t have to wait long.

The two large men in the room slowly moves towards her now. They had let her rest and recover before starting again. One of them removes her blouse completely. Feeling naked and horny, she spreads her legs wide and her hands move to her tits, rubbing and squeezing them together, as if a sacrifice to offer the gods of sex. She closes her eyes as they get closer. She gasps out loud and moans satisfyingly when one of them grabs her knees rather roughly, pushing them back to her chest and instantly rams his large tool deep into her wet, quivering pussy. She is well prepared. Ashley feels like she has indeed become a sacrifice to the overpowering, lustful nature of these well-built men. She grunts her satisfaction as his cock easily thrusts into her and grinds against her G-spot, then burying itself deep into her. Then, he pulls almost all the way out and slowly grinds into her again. In and out again. Ashley is getting well fucked, thoroughly enjoying the stimulation it delivers as each long stroke delves into her deeply.

He is taking his time. Building her climax slowly. Not rushing as she first thought he would when he suddenly slammed into her. The other man is just watching, taking in the lewd, salacious view before him. Watching a sexy, young girl get fucked by his best friend is something he always enjoys. She has no idea what else is in store for her though.

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