Aunt Linda Ch. 03

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What has come before:

This story finds our 18 year old protagonist reconnecting with his mother’s older sister on a visit to her home before he starts college in a nearby community. Turns out he’s a lot more grown than she expected and she’s a lot more… everything… than he expected.

All characters are over 18.


Well this wasn’t the trip that I thought I was going to have when Mom suggested I stay with Aunt Linda for a week. Seriously, who would have imagined? Linda is my mom’s older sister and though we had talked on the phone over the years, we hadn’t really been around each other since I was a kid. It seems like a dream that took me from a plane, to Linda’s home, her pool, and then… well, to her.

We were lying on the living room floor, legs entwined and fingers tracing the outlines of each other’s bodies. I was content and astounded. Aunt Linda must have been 43… 44… and was still one of the most attractive women I’d ever met. And here she was naked… with me. Wow.

“So, I’m thinking Chinese delivery and a shower? How ’bout you, handsome?”

“That sounds great… er… I know this is going to sound stupid,” I stumbled a bit, but this seemed important as well, “But what do I call you?”

“Your Grace would be fine… or Bosslady… or maybe Often” she joked.

“Well, yeah… but I’m kinda serious. Somehow I’m not sure if it’s best to keep calling you Aunt Linda when we’re… well…”


“Yeah… I guess. Should I call you Linda?”

“You can call me whatever you like, sunshine.” She ran a finger over my tender right nipple – she had really put the grip on me earlier – and traced a line across my chest, down to my navel and along the line of my (now) semi-hard penis. “As long as you call me.”

Her finger traced a line around the head of my cock and slipped over my now moistening slit. The pre-cum was beginning to flow and my dick was suddenly fully, painfully rigid. “So, do you want that delivery?”

“Uh… sure, uh” Her fingernail lightly scratched along the length of my penis and then circled my balls. She cupped me lightly as I managed to croak “Li – uhnda.”

“Hmmm… well, we’re going to have to order and it’ll take at least half an hour to get out here… maybe longer. So, I think you should go get my phone for me, Bobby. You’ll find it on the bar next to the pool.”

“Eer… outside?” I mumbled.

“That’s where I keep the pool. I forgot to bring it in when I was leading you back here” – a phrase that brought a huge grin to my face. “So, up on your feet and go get my phone. I’m hungry.”

I stumbled to my feet and reached for my swim trunks, when Linda snatched them out of my hands.

“No, no, young man. I didn’t say get dressed. I said to get my phone. Those are two totally different things, don’t you think?” She smiled tightly and I think I could sense a certain amount of calculation there.

“Ma’am, yes ma’am” I barked and stood to attention. Well, the rest of me stood to attention. She had already put a portion of my anatomy at a distractingly firm attention.

I walked to the sliding door and opened it quickly. For whatever reason I was a bit nervous about stepping outside – naked – with an erection. Still, I’d just been out there already and Aunt Linda had gotten almost entirely naked while she was there so it must be private, right? Besides, I’m just taking about 5 steps to the bar and back. So out I popped. Snagged the phone. And, heard the slide-click of the door sealing behind me.

I spun around and dashed up the steps to see Aunt Linda golf clapping.

“Very nice, handsome man. That cock of yours swings in the nicest possible way. I like a man with a bit of a flagpole.”

“Aunt El… er… Linda… very funny… now, could you open the door, please.” I was suddenly aware that I didn’t know where the neighbor houses were in relation to hers. I hadn’t really explored yet. There were hedges, sure, but were they solid. Was I visible from some old guy’s kitchen window or something. The firmness I had exited the house had begun to fade.

“Tut tut, young man. Let’s not see you giving up hope. I’d hate to see your chances flagging.” Linda cupped her left breast in her right hand and dipped her left hand down to her mound. Biting her lip and closing her eyes, I could see that she was sliding her hand over her mound and dipping her finger into her pussy as she dragged it through her labia and over her clit. I believe my body restored her faith in what it could do.

Aunt Linda opened her eyes and took her wet fingers out of her crotch, brought them to her lips and traced the outline of her mouth. I shivered. It wasn’t cold.

Then as she tweaked her nipple with one hand she reached out and traced a heart on the window with her juicy finger.

“Bobby, be a dear and bring me my phone, would you?”

“I’m trying Auntie dearest, but you seem to have… I don’t know… ‘accidentally’ locked me out.” I was bouncing from casino oyna foot to foot now, more than a little anxious to get inside… the house… and Linda.

“Oh dear,” she said with malicious smirk, “I think you’re right. Well, you should definitely find another way in, then. The front door is open, I think.”


“You know, dear… the door… on the front of the house… just around by the gate over there past the pool… slip around the front and you’ll be in” She ran her tongue slowly over her lips, “lickety-split.”

Fuck. Just, fuck. I’m standing here bare assed with a phone and a raging hardon. And she wants to send me around the front of the house for all the world to see. Great.

Ah. Wait. Towels… there are towels by the pool. Awesome. I can do this. I dashed over, grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around my body. This wouldn’t help if someone got close… I mean, an erection in a towel is still pretty tent-like in its erectioness. But, at least this would get me to the front and inside without being thoroughly naked the whole time.

I dashed around the side of the house, found the gate and slipped through. The house was, luckily, surrounded by hedges that made it unlikely that any neighbor on that side of the house would have a look at me. But, when I reached the front yard it was clear that I was going to be on full view of the neighbor across the road. Sure both houses were set back from the road significantly, but if the residents happened to be looking out towards this house… well, they might have some questions. But, what was I going to do? Aunt Linda was playing her little game with me, and I wanted the prize at the end. Also, all the pants I owned in this state were inside… so, best to figure out a plan.

So, I walked toward the front door. I played it cool. I figured that if someone saw me walking around the house in a towel, they would likely imagine that I had just gotten out of the pool from swimming and that I was in a bathing suit. What could be more natural than that? Maybe I heard a car outside and decided to see who was there? Maybe I just needed to get the mail? Who knew? Totally normal. Just us towel wearing men here… strolling around the yard… nothing to see.

I stepped up on the front porch and reached out for the door. Grabbing the handle and depressing the lever, I was – surprisingly- surprised to find that it was, in fact, locked. Of course, it was…

Through the door, I heard, “Bobby? Is that you? Why don’t you come in, hon. You’ll catch your death of cold out there being all naked and such.”

“I appreciate the concern Aunt Linda. Maybe you could, you know, unlock the door since I’m standing out here in full view of your neighbors wearing a towel.” I tried to keep a level tone, but I was getting nervous.

“Hmm, locked you say? I don’t know how it could be locked. I mean my door is always open to naked men sporting erections,” she replied with more than a little bit of emphasis.

Great. Just great. This woman was going to drive me crazy. But the trip seemed worth it. I dropped the towel.

I waited what seemed an age. “Linda? Dear?”

The deadbolt clicked open.

I opened the door and dashed inside. “Fuck, Linda.”

“That sounds nice, but first lets order food, shall we?”

I handed her the phone. She sauntered toward the rear of the house. She was heading toward her bedroom. “Now, where is that number? Oh, there it is.”

We walked into her bedroom and she sat down on the edge of the bed. I stood there, unsure what to do as she stared at the end of my cock, glistening with moisture and bouncing at her eye level. She pressed a button on the phone and I could hear the sound of a ring tone before a click and a voice.

“Hello, China King, please hold.”

Linda handed me the phone and said, “You order it. I’m going to have a snack.”

As I grabbed the phone, Linda leaned in and licked the head of my penis, running her tongue around it with a firm, moist pressure. My grip on the phone tightened. Linda wrapped one arm around my waist and her other hand grabbed the base of my prick. I was completely hers.

She pulled me toward the bed and onto my back before forming an O with her lips and fully engulfing the head of my dick. I may have whimpered.

“China King, thank you for holding. What can I get you today?” the phone blurted at me.

“Wha? Uh. We. I. Uh.”

“Sir? Do you want to order? There are lots of folks in the hold queue.” I thought the server might have been unnecessarily brusque given the circumstances. I mean, really, how’s a guy supposed to order food while his sexy aunt swallows him down to his balls. That’s just rude. The tone, not the blow job, which was amazing, to be fair.

“I need an order of Kung Pao Chicken and Chicken with Broccoli -“

“Side order of dumplings” Linda interjected as she slide one of her hands from cupping my testicles down to my ass running a fingernail over my asshole, teasingly.

“Er… canlı casino side order of dumplings.”

“Would you like egg drop soup with that?” The server asked as Aunt Linda swallowed my prick whole, bringing her lips fully down to my body and engulfing me like no one had ever done.

“YESSSSSSS!” I grunted.

“Well, okay, then. Soup it is. Did you need sodas with that?”

Aunt Linda slid back down my length and then slightly more than gently used her teeth to grip me just below the head of my dick.

“Nooooo. Thank you. We’ve got that … uh… covered.”

“ooookedoke. So, where are we sending this?”

I looked down to Aunt Linda and said quietly “Address?”

Linda slide up my body and over my now quite wet cock. When she was even with my mouth she said, “31 Tuscan Way. Tell the driver not to rush. I haven’t come yet and this boy can’t get out of my bed til I get off.” And she clicked the off button.

“Linda! What the hell? Those people are going to know we’re making love?” I was shocked and a bit off kilter.

“Bobby! Those strangers are going to know that I’m naked, wet, and ready to come. That I’m riding a young man til I come hard and that they shouldn’t rush with the food. Sooooo, they are going to make that food as fast as they can and rush over here on the off-chance that when they get here I’ll be so fucking hot that I would at the very least answer the door naked. And maybe, if they get lucky, fuck them on my doorstep. I hate to wait for delivery.”

I’m afraid, all I could say was, “Fuck.” Articulate, no? Well, you wouldn’t criticize if YOUR super sexy aunt was grabbing you by the hair on your head as she straddled your face, driving your frantically licking tongue into her dripping cunt. I mean, what else do you say?

“Oh, fuck…”

Aunt Linda held me firmly against the bed. I wasn’t restrained, per se, but I wasn’t likely to move while my Aunt was grinding her pussy over my tongue. She had tossed the phone onto the bedside table and was using both hands to balance herself over me. I’m sure I could describe it better if I had been looking on from the doorway, but as I was wrapped in her thighs with my tongue busily attending to Linda’s growing needs… well, it was all I could do to keep up.

I was living in a world of hot, slippery cunt. My best effort to control the situation was simply to use my hands to support her ass. Well, support might not be accurate. I ran my hands over her butt and thanked whatever quirk of fate brought me to this place. Linda was heavenly. Her pussy was flush and full. It unfolded for me and my tongue danced around her labia. I dipped into her well and drank from her. Nothing had ever prepared me for how much I would love this moment. Not only was I worshipping this glorious pussy, but I was … and I couldn’t have guessed this would be exciting… her plaything. Linda was straddling me and using me for her whim. And it was a nice whim. I used my nose to circle her hard little clit and then dip into her cunt. I wanted to absorb her scent. I wanted to wear her juices like a badge.

“Uhnn. Yes, little Bobby… you just keep up with me. I’m going to soak you in my juices and you are going to love it, aren’t you?”

I wanted to say, “Yes, Aunt Linda” but I’m fairly certain I said “Ehhhhuhhhhnnnnnghhhh” instead. But, I’m sure she got the idea.

Linda used one hand to cradle the top of my head. Her fingers ran through my hair. Her grip began to shift my head from left to right… in the course of moving my tongue to juuuust the right spot for her pleasure. Her hips were rocking back and forth and I was quickly becoming less a friend, a partner, or a nephew and almost entirely a tongue to be fucked. And that was pretty okay by me.

As El’s gyrations became quicker and more frantic, I could hear her breathing become much more ragged. Her thighs seemed to quiver as her whole body found itself on the verge of orgasm. I slid my hands from her ass up her back, and then, in one quick motion I clawed my hands inward and scraped my fingernails down her back, along her spine.

Linda grunted, shook, and collapsed onto my face. I felt the full pressure of her weight as she lost the ability to support herself. She was shaking. Trembling. And there was a pretty good chance she was about to fall forward off the edge of the bed. I rolled her over on her back as she twitched and moaned. It might have been in English… but, honestly, I’d stopped listening. I was starring at her twitching tummy… that’s a beautiful thing to see – a body shaking in wave upon wave of pleasure. I couldn’t resist, so I leaned in and flicked the tip of her raging, pink clit with the tip of my finger.

I probably shouldn’t have done that.

Linda reacted in the way that a woman pushed beyond the realm of rational thought might when her far overstimulated, just orgasmed, not yet sane clit is touched. She kicked me. Okay, so not exactly kicked… more slammed her thighs together and yelled “Fuck You!” at me. kaçak casino I think she meant it in the nicest possible way, but she did also clip me pretty good in the side of the head as her legs slammed together to protect herself from any more pleasure.

I figure I deserved it… but I still chuckled a bit.

I spooned in behind Linda as she curled into a fetal position, wrapped her in my arms holding her close. Her body was warm, wet, and finally beginning to relax in the wake of one of the most powerful orgasms that I’d ever been near. It was a nice feeling. A beautiful feeling.

We laid there for what seemed like an age. Well, I wanted it to be an age. It was probably just a few minutes. Still, it felt right. Finally, Linda stirred. She rolled over and faced me. Grabbing my chin, she looked directly into my eyes and sternly said, “You, young man, should know better than to dive into a strange woman’s clit when she’s just had a mind-shattering orgasm. It’s rude. And dangerous to your health.”

I did my best repentant cunning linguist and replied, “Yes ma’am. I’ve learned my lesson. No more oral sex for you.” I’m afraid I did break into a grin, though, so I might have ruined the effect.

She smiled and held my face still as she leaned in and ran her tongue around my lips, kissed the tip of my nose, and then leaned in whispering into my mouth “Learn whatever you want, Bobby-sox, but I’m afraid you’re not going to get to opt out of eating my pussy … I’m spoiled now.” She closed the gap and kissed me passionately.

Pulling away, she rolled to the edge of the bed and sat up. I could see her testing the sturdiness of her legs as she stood. It made me smile. The pink lines running down her back were fading, but were certainly a nice reminder of what we had just done. As Linda walked into her bathroom, I stared at the ceiling and wondered just how I had stumbled into this.

I could hear my aunt peeing in the other room when the doorbell rang. Well, shit. Food.

“Cash is in my purse on the kitchen counter. Pay the man. Tip him reasonably well. Oh, and come here, first,” Linda called from the master bath.

I stepped in and she tossed a hand towel at me with a grin. “You probably ought to wipe the pussy off your face, dude. I’d hate to imagine what they’d think of you.”

We laughed as I ran the towel over my face and tossed it back to her. The doorbell rang again, as I looked around for my clothes. Shit. The living room.

“Hurry up, Bobby, the order is getting cold and the guy is going to leave pretty soon.”

I dashed into the living room and spotted my pants. No time for careful dressing, so I called out toward the door “Just a minute!” as I tugged on my pants commando – but careful of the zipper. I grabbed my shirt and jogged toward Linda’s purse. I slipped the shirt over my head and found the cash as the bell rang a third time.

Jogging to the door, I flipped the deadbolt and opened the door. A 30-something delivery guy was waiting with several bags and a look of impatience. He was a bit too large to be tucking in that work polo shirt, but, hey, he brought me food so much is forgiven.

“Sorry about that,” I said, “Just had to get the cash on my way to the door. I was, uh, on the other side of the house.”

“Sure.” He was, a bit put out, I think, to be greeted by an 18 year old guy and not the naked hottie he had imagined from the order call. Oh well, such are the disappointments of delivery guys. I handed him the cash (keep the change) and took the bags. He started to turn back to his car when I saw his eyes widen and his jaw drop slightly. I wonder… and then my aunt… my very naked aunt… stepped up beside me and said, “Oh, great. The food’s here.”

Linda then slipped past me and was standing directly in front of the delivery guy who was, as I could understand, paralyzed by the uncertainty. Unsure what to do, he stood there gawking. El then squatted down in front of him, grabbed the pool towel that I had dropped when she had trapped me outside and stood back up saying, “You know, Bobby just leaves his towels everywhere… I’m always trying to get him to pick up after himself, but you know teenagers.”

And with a grin, my unpredictable Aunt seemed to vanish back into the house. I shrugged awkwardly and added, “You know, sometimes I just forget” and I slammed the door, flipped the deadbolt and cackled.

I mean, really, what the hell is the story going to be when he gets back to the restaurant? Who knows? But, I do know that I tipped him too well considering what he got to see in the end. And I know about that end. It’s a nice end. The scratch marks are even gone now. Mostly.

“Linda, you’re probably going to rot in hell for that,” I called out as I brought the bags into the kitchen.

Stepping around the corner, Linda smiled and said, “Hey, I promised a show… he got a show… can’t complain about that.”

“True, Aunt El, but that guy has to work the rest of his shift … without relief… and that’s not going to be fun for him, I’d guess.”

“He’s a big boy, Bobby-sox… he’ll manage. Now open up the order, I’m starving! You’d think I’d been fucking all afternoon or something.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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