Back Office Games

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As Steve opened the door to the old meeting room, I didn’t know what to expect. He said he has something interesting to show me and, knowing him, I suspected a prank – especially as he was leading me through the unused portion of the building, soon to be sub-let to a different company.

What I did not expect to see is the naked body of Tania, my friend and long-time co-worker, lying on the floor with legs in the air, naked from the waist down.

She was looking agitated, red in the face and obviously humiliated by my presence there.

“You shit, you didn’t! Why did you bring her?!” she hissed, her voice broken by sobs.

“Well, I said we had to spice it up a little as you were becoming too relaxed.” Steve said with the wicked smile. He knelt between her spread legs. “Now we will have an audience.”

The room was almost empty, just some old office chairs pushed to the wall, one desk and two smaller chairs with standard legs, not on the wheels. Those were the ones Tania’s legs were braced on, spread and in the air, making her look like she was at the gynecologist. She was lying on her back on the floor, actually on the blue blanket with the company logo we all got for Christmas. One of her hands was stretched above her head, loosely looped to the leg of the office table with something that looked like panties. The other hand was on her face, wiping the tears of shame and frustration. But she didn’t show signs of getting up nor squeezing her legs to obstruct my view.

“Fuck, just get it over with and let me go. I had enough for today.” she squeezed through her teeth.

“But we are just getting started!” exclaimed Steve. “And you know you love it.” He affectionately patted her crotch, covered by a large patch of unruly pubic hair.

Due to her position, and the fact that she was a middle-aged mother of two, her flashy nether lips were plainly visible, with something yellow protruding between them. My breath caught in my throat when I recognized the object, because several others were strewn on the blanket beneath her legs. It was an office pencil.

Steve caught my eye.

“Ah, you’ve seen our toys. The game is simple…” he pulled the pencil out of Tania’s vagina, picked several more from the blanket and showed them to me on the open palm. “She has to guess how many pencils I put güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in her and then she gets the prize. If she guesses wrong, she gets punished.”

“Why are you doing this Tania?!” I blurted, completely overwhelmed by the situation.

“I don’t want to, he’s blackmailing me.” she sobbed. But, somehow, it didn’t sound convincing. More like a memorized sentence.

“Oh, that’s not true. I’ll show you!” with that, he put some pencils on the floor, and the rest, after spreading her nether lips with one hand he slowly and gently slipped into her, blunt side first. She didn’t say a word, just looked him in the eyes and said “Two”.

It was three pencils.

“Three is always the hardest to guess”. Said Steve as he was pulling them out and showing them to her. Tania leaned her head back in exasperation as he patted her bush. But when he gently combed it with his fingers, her head snapped back up. “Bastard!” she hissed through her teeth.

“She knows what’s coming.” Steve smiled. “And she does like it, although it’s hard to tell.”

Tania opened her mouth for a retort, and at that moment Steve squeezed his fist in her pubic hairs and sharply pulled upwards. Tania’s body jerked up with it, as she screamed deep from her throat.

“Calm, down.” Steve said, back to gently stroking her bush, his fingers straying downwards over her pussy lips. I now noticed that Tania’s legs didn’t leave their position on the chairs, nor did she free her hand from the tangle of her underwear. Did she really want this?

“It seems you are hot.” noticed Steve, and her face really was flushed. “Let’s give you some air.”

He unbuttoned her shirt, office-issued blue with white buttons, and spread it to bare her upper body.

“Let’s also free these puppies.” said Steve and Tania just breathed deeply as he pulled her bra downwards to expose her breasts. They were very white, with big pink red nipples, fleshy and generous, in line with the rest of her figure.

“Let’s try again” said Steve, pushing a bundle of pencils between her flashy lips. Which, maybe because of the trick of the light, somehow seemed slimier than a few minutes ago. Tania released a deep breath from her lungs and said “Three again?”

“Wrong again.” It was four this time. Tania rolled her eyes. “If güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you do not guess correctly on the next round, we’ll call it quits for today.” Steve said.

Tania just nodded and squeezed her eyes. “Go on”. She was trying not to look at me and I was trying to think of something to say or do. But somehow the bizarre situation kept me there, wanting to see it until the end.

After taking the pencils out, Steve proceeded to massage Tania’s pussy lips, stroking between them with his thumb a few times, then raising the thumb to his nose and inhaling theatrically.

“You are ready.”

Tania just looked somewhere up at the ceiling, as he slowly wriggled the same thumb between the cheeks of her ass. A small grunt from her was all the notice of him pushing the thumb inside her rectum.

“This she now really likes, although at the start it was one of the worst punishments.” Steve commented matter-of-factly. He sawed the thumb in-and-out of her anus a few times, before pulling it completely out and offering it to her face. She obediently engulfed it in her mouth, still taking extreme care not to look at me.

“Time for last insertion. Let’s do it then. You can guess it!” Steve was sounding almost like a weight loss coach, and not a coworker who was sexually abusing his colleague. Although ‘abusing’ might not be the right word. After the last ‘punishment’ Tania’s pussy lips seemed to protrude even more and to be even more moist than before. Also, the skin above her breasts was reddish, like a blush was forming there, not quite reaching her face. Looking at her without knowing the whole situation, I would have said she was on the brink of orgasm.

“Three.” she said, almost at the same time with Steve pushing them in.

“Yes! Three it is!” exclaimed Steve.

“And now you will see how she gets her reward.” with that, he pulled the pencils out and changed his position, lying on his stomach with his face over her crotch. After one more over-acted inhalation, Steve started to lick and nibble Tania’s pussy, as she again laid her head back and squeezed her eyes shut. He was using his fingers to separate her lips and massage her, while at the same time lapping enthusiastically with his tongue. For a moment I thought about being in Tania’s place, and feeling that güvenilir bahis şirketleri positive excitement flush.

As Steve changed his position, focusing his mouth on the place where her lips met, while at the same time pushing deeply with fingers inside her, palm turned upwards, I could almost feel the suction on my own clit and his fingertips pressing on my own G-spot. Tania was bucking in place, her abdomen heaving and hands grabbing the blanket. At one moment her eyes focused on me and she panted “Leia, give me your hand!” stretching her arm towards me.

Excited more than I thought possible, I stepped around Steve and squatted down, squeezing her palm in mine. Her hand was very warm and very damp. From this position I could see the top of Steve’s head. I remember thinking his hair is thinning out, and how he was a most unlikely lover, not particularly handsome, nor well built, but he obviously knew what to do with his mouth and fingers.

Tania was trembling, her hand in mine slick from sweat, as was her face, eyes closed in bliss. I was looking at the skin of her breasts, white with reddish blotches, completely wet with sweat, nipples sticking upwards. It was completely unexpected when she tugged my hand downwards, and when I sagged down, hugged me with the other hand a pressed her lips against mine.

I was never interested in women from sexual perspective. I shared a few kisses with sorority sisters during college, and once a girl I barely knew rubbed herself on my leg while we were floating in the hotel pool – that was my complete homosexual experience. The kiss with Tania was completely unexpected and somehow enhanced my excitement, so I just gave into it. I kissed her back, kneeling down, one hand in her hand and another, by some strange fate, on her breasts. It was not intentional, my hand somehow ended there, feeling her nipple poke at my palm, the wet skin asking me to slide my hand over it gently. It really didn’t take long – after maybe a minute I raised my head, looking straight into the lens of the mobile phone camera in Steve’s hand.

“What the fuck are you doing!” I screamed, scrambling to stand up. Steve was smiling.

“Just a few souvenirs, to keep you from telling on us.”

“I wasn’t going to!” I replied.

Tania was also up, pulling on her panties with the content half-smile on her lips.

Steve folded the blanket from the floor, stepped to her an kissed her sloppily on the mouth. She did not seem to mind.

“I hope next time you lose.” Steve said. “My balls are bursting.”

Tania smiled again.

“Save it for tomorrow. Maybe Leia can play with us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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