Backyard Fantasies Ch. 01

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It was almost 9:30pm when I heard Mrs. Dunn our neighbor coming through the wooded pathway behind our house.

“Right on time,” I said with a lust filled grin.

“Is she in the shower yet?” she asked.

“She just went to get a towel,” I whispered. “She’s already stripped down to her bra and panties though!”

You see Mrs. Dunn is our neighbor as well as my mother’s friend of about six years. She was the one that caught me looking at photos of my mother and various other females on my computer in my bedroom with a pair of my mother’s panties wrapped around my cock. I’d say that falls into the busted category… lol. She had mistaken my door for the door to the restroom. I had thought everyone was downstairs in the living room and dining room area where my mother (Patsy) was having a few of her neighborhood friends and colleagues over from the local high school where she is a librarian. My dad was out of town and I guess she wanted to have some fun.

I didn’t even hear Mrs. Dunn walk in my room but as soon as I saw hear I could tell she liked what I was doing.

“Oh I’m sorry!” I said frantically as I scrambled to cover myself.

She just stood there looking at me. I didn’t know what to do or how she felt.

“Please don’t say anything…” I pleaded.

“Well it certainly looks like someone is enjoying himself,” she said as her eyes drifted from mine to the monitor where I had pulled up several photos to view while I jacked off.

The largest picture was of my mother drying off after a bath. Beside that a picture of a young teenage girl being fucked extremely hard by a much older man and below that I had a video loop of a young girl on her knees opening casino siteleri her mouth awaiting the load of cum from a teenage boy’s cock being jerked off by an older women.

“You certainly have a wide range of entertainment,” she said as she allowed her eyes to drift back to mine.

I was so busted…

“Does Patsy know you have that picture of her?” She asked.

Looking down I almost whispered… “No…”

“Hmmm interesting,” she replied.

“Please don’t say anything… please!” I pleaded.

“Well it’s certainly more interesting in here than downstairs,” she said with a tone that I was unsure of “Well I can’t stay up here long or they’ll send out a search party for me” she told me as she sat beside me with her hand slyly reaching down wrapping her fingers around my now semi-hard penis.

“Wha…?” I was trippin’ out…

“I want to see,” she said as she turned up the sound slightly on my computer allowing the video of the older woman’s lubed up hand to be heard as the young girl moaned in anticipation for the boy’s cum.

She started stroking my cock vigorously as she glanced up and looked at me. I was leaning back, staring at her hand jacking my dick as it turned into a shaft of steel in an instant.

“Feel good?” she said in the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard.

I could hardly reply “Yesssss…”

“Good,” she said as she turned off the video with her other hand and maximized the photo of my mother filling the screen with that image alone.

“Ughh,” I moaned as she tightened her grip. “Ohhh shit!” I nearly screamed while lost in her gifts of pleasure.

While leaning back closing my eyes as Mrs. Dunn jacked my cock I felt her pushing canlı casino the crotch of my mother’s panties up to my nose and mouth. “You wanna fuck your mother don’t you?” she hissed.

“Ohh Yess,” I moaned as she began to just really beat my dick with an intensity I’ve never felt before.

I was about to cum as she firmly wiped the panties all over my face. Suddenly she placed them in my hand and engulfed my dick into her mouth.

“Ohhhhh Fuck,” I couldn’t control myself anymore she was slamming her head up and down on my dick. It was unreal. “Here it, mmmm cums!” I moaned as I blew my load of hot cum into her mouth grabbing her head and raising my hips to meet every thrust of her mouth “MMMMMM! FUCK!!” I cried. I could feel her tongue lapping around the head of my cock still in her mouth with such an intense hunger I thought I was going to fall over. “Holy shit” I groaned as the level of sound from downstairs began to slowly fade back in.

“Mmmm,” she moaned with the most devious grin on her face. “You taste wonderful,” she said with her eyes ablaze.

“Thank you,” I replied sheepishly, my mother still enlarged on the screen.

“So how long have you been spying on Patsy?” she asked.

I hesitated… “Since I was about 13,” I said, still pretty embarrassed.

“Hmmm really?” she replied, fondling my cock now through my mother’s panties. “When did you take this picture?”

“Last week,” I said.

“How do you do it without her seeing you?” she asked.

“I wait until its dark outside. She usually gets a bath or shower around the same time every night and I sneak up to her bathroom window from outside after I’ve adjusted her curtains inside and since kaçak casino it’s dark outside and light inside I can see her but she can’t see me.”

“You’re a sneaky one aren’t you?” she smiled.

“I guess so,” We both slightly chuckled.

“I used to spy on my dad jacking off on occasion through the hallway door so I guess I can relate,” we laughed; her hand now playing with my cock like a little girl playing with a new toy. “How often do you spy on her?” she asked with a look that told me she thought this was hot.

“A few times a week I guess,” I told her.

“What time does she get her bath?” she asked surreptitiously.

“Between 9:30 and about ten till,” I replied; knowing she was up to something.

“How long is your dad away for?” she asked.

“Till the middle of next week,” I told her, starting to get excited myself.

“You guys gonna be around this week?” she asked.

“I have a soccer game tomorrow night but other than that, yeah I think so,”

“Then I guess I’ll see you Thursday if that’s OK?”

“Umm yeah! Sure!” I said very excitedly.

With that she got up, leaned down and kissed me right on the mouth for how long I don’t know… I was floating.

She pulled up, leaned over me and turned the video back on as she looked at me and said “See you later tiger” while tossing me a very sexy wink from her left eye.

“Yeah, see ya!” I didn’t know what planet I was on at that moment. It was amazing! I just made out with one of my mom’s closest friends and not only that, she’s my neighbor!!!

“Hello? Did you her me?” she asked laughing. “Can you see her yet?” Mrs. Dunn asked as I felt her tits pressing into my back as she was on her toes trying to see as well.

“There she is!” I replied eagerly. “She’s closing the bathroom door!” I told her as I felt her hand beginning to unzip my jeans as she still stood behind me…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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