Bad Weather Brewing

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First off, thanks to those who sent me feedback on “After School Special”. I took a lot of the advice from your feedback and tried to use it in this story. So I hope you like it.


Nick stood on the back porch and looked up at the darkening sky. It was strange the way the sky was moving. It was as if a dark green blanket were being draped over the Earth by unseen hands. Nick felt his arms prickle with goose bumps as a cool breeze wafted over him.

Thunder roared in the distance and Nick could see shards of lightning touching down in his neighbor’s yards down the road.

“Nick? Does it look bad?” Nick’s beautiful wife Lauren was in the living room looking out the sliding glass door at her husband. She was crouched up on one end of the couch with her legs under her. She clutched the TV remote and flipped channels rapidly.

“Yeah. It’s getting pretty nasty,” said Nick. “Hear anything about the weather yet?”

Lauren shook her head frustrated, “No…just these assholes talking about the Middle East.” She pressed the clicker harshly as if her frustration would speed up the process. Finally the channel stopped on the weather channel.

“Op! Here we go! Nick?” There was a lot of tension in her voice. She turned the volume up so Nick could hear it from outside. Nick turned his ear towards the open glass door. He listened to the meteorologist.

The weatherman spoke firmly and to the point, “If you’re outdoors right now, I urge you to seek shelter immediately. As you can see,” his hands drifted across the background map as if he was using magic to produce the stormy images, “…major thunder storms are heading towards Woodbine County, Harrison County, and parts of southern Fletcher County. So far no touch downs as of yet, but several twisters have been sighted in the vicinity. Now if you’re in your car, pull over to the nearest overpass and…”

Nick walked into the house and stared at the TV screen. He could see grayish swirl logos that indicated where tornadoes had been seen. There were three logos near his neighborhood.

“Shit.” Lauren cursed quietly as she listened to the instructions the weatherman was laying out. Nick saw his wife’s nervousness and walked over to her. She turned and watched him approaching.

“You forgot to shut the door.” Lauren said.

“It’s fine. If there’s tornadoes coming we need to open up all the windows.”

“That’s right.” Lauren turned back to the TV Nick looked down at her. She shivered as cold outside air blew across her. “Burr…” She said.

Nick looked around for a blanket. There were none. So he sat down next to her and pressed his body against her legs. He wrapped one arm around her and pulled her into him. He rubbed her thigh, using friction to warm her leg. Her bare leg was smooth and tight from exercising.

“You alright?” Nick asked her.

“Yeah I’m fine. I hate storms.” Lauren sighed as her heart beat quickly.

The weatherman droned on about the approaching tornadoes, “…this just in. A touch down has been sighted. If you are in this area, seek shelter now. Again I repeat, a tornado has been sighted at___”

Thunder crashed loudly.

The lights in the house flickered. The TV went off and the VCR, microwave, and all digital clocks reset themselves back to 12:00am.

Nick felt his wife’s thighs clench as the thunder shook the house. Her eyes closed.

“Shit. I hate this.” Lauren said. “I always hated storms.”

“I love it.” Nick stated calmly, in hopes to calm his wife down.

“Oh hush.”

Nick smirked. He turned the TV back on to the weather and turned the volume up.

Footsteps could be heard above them in the bedrooms. The steps became quicker as they bombarded down the stairs. The source of the noise peeked around the corner of the stairwell and ran downstairs. It was Katie. Nick and Lauren’s 18-year-old daughter. She was wearing a black, one-piece skirt that clung to her body like a form-fitting piece of tissue. The first thing that Nick noticed when she ascended the stairs was that the skirt only came down to the mere top of her thigh. She skipped into the room and over to the open door. She held the sides of the door and leaned her blonde pigtails outside.

“Is it gonna rain?” Her question was kind of stupid considering how dark the sky was at 5o’clock in the evening. Plus the lightning and thunder made it very obvious. Not to mention the electricity flickering.

Nick was about to answer the high school senior, then stopped short when his eyes spotted the bottom of Katie’s small ass, peeping from underneath the black material. He didn’t see any panties at first, which made him gulp, but then she bent over a little more. She didn’t realize that she was exposing her black thong underwear to her father’s eyes. Nick couldn’t stop his eyes from traveling down the length of her smooth legs. His gaze fell all the way down to the crinkled white socks that rested on top of her high top tennis shoes. He felt guilty for looking at his daughter this way. He shook it casino oyna off and his fatherly instincts kicked in.


She eased herself back in the house and skipped over to her parents. She stopped in front of them and placed her hands on her hips.

Nick raised an eyebrow and looked at her up and down. Again.

Katie raised her eyebrow and waited patiently, “Yes?”

Nick finally asked, “What are you wearing?”

His blonde headed daughter rolled her blue eyes and slouched, “Oh come on Dad. It’s clothes. It’s just a skirt.”

Lauren turned her attention over to Katie. When she saw what Katie was clad in, her mind forgot about the storm for a moment.

“Oh I don’t think so!” Lauren chastised her daughter.

“Ugh! What?!” Katie pouted in her usual sweet-valley bitch routine. “I’m 18 now Mom! I can dress however I want!”

Lauren’s voice raised, “Are you yelling at me?!”

“No.” Katie’s voice suddenly softened.

“Turn around.” Lauren instructed, “Let me look at you.”

“Okay.” Katie did as she was instructed and turned half circle.

Nick just watched as this hot teenager turned her ass towards them. Again he gulped.

“Katie. I can see your ass and you’re not even bending over.” Lauren said. “And what’s with the pigtails? You’re not eight.”

The girl turned her head back to her parents. The blonde pigtails flipped against her small face.

“All the girls are wearing their hair like this tonight.” Katie said as a matter of fact.

“Tonight?” Nick asked confused.

Katie, “Yeah. It’s Holly’s birthday and we’re going to Club Pie.”

“What?” Nick asked bewildered.

Lauren finished, “Have you not noticed the big storm outside? You’re not going anywhere!”

The look on Katie’s face could’ve stopped rush hour traffic. She became so mad that she became incoherent. She began to pace back and forth in the living room.

“Oh come on Mom! We’ve been planning this for two months now!”

Lauren said, “I’m not going to argue with you!”

Katie said, “This is…”

Crash. Lightning struck a tree in their backyard. A huge branch came crashing down, knocking down power lines. The lights went out immediately and a transformer exploded. The explosion radiated the room with light for ten seconds.

Katie yelped, “Ahh!”

Nick felt Lauren gasp for air and tense.

Hail began falling, leaving small marbles of white ice all over the back patio.

“Daddy?” Katie suddenly sounded like a little girl again.

Nick immediately got up and pulled his wife with him. With his other hand he grabbed Katie and yanked them to the basement stairway. The man grabbed the battery-powered lantern hanging on the wall inside the stairwell. All three family members ran down the stairs as another roar of thunder rocked the house.

They went to corner of the basement next to the washer and dryer. Nick left his wife and daughter standing idly by as he ran over to shelves and grabbed a chest full of blankets and quilts. He quickly brought them over and dumped them. Then he went to the other side of the room and grabbed two tiny mattresses from extra cots they had for overnight guests. When he brought them over he lay them in the corner and threw the blankets over them. The two frightened women stood by as Nick prepared a place to sit.

Wind was blowing hard against the windows. The sound of patio furniture and trees falling could be heard outside. Lightning temporarily lit the basement sending shadows all over the walls.

Nick got down on the cot and sat against the corner. He reached up for Katie who was now crying.

“Come here baby.” Nick said as Katie took his hand and eased herself down on the cot mattress. She turned and sat between her father’s legs with her back to his chest. His legs were sprawled out on either side of hers. Nick reached around and held Katie close to his body. His arms reached across her small chest as she reached up to hold him there.

Lauren sat down next to them and put her back against the wall. She took some blankets and spread them out over herself and her daughter and husbands legs.

Hail pelted against the basement window making the sound of a dozen woodpeckers trying desperately to get in.

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” Katie whined as the noise from outside was getting louder and louder.

“It’s okay honey.” Nick tried to be reassuring for his frightened child. It was difficult to maintain focus when the petite figure was pressed tightly against him. He was pretty certain her dress had ridden slightly and her scantily clad bottom was pressed up against his hardening crotch.

Lightning flashed in a streak of continuing blazes. Thunder followed in a barrage of earth shaking booms.

Nick closed his eyes and winced with fearful pleasure as his daughter’s jolts caused her small body to rub up against his tented jeans. He squeezed her harder in hopes that would calm her shivering, but he was really trying to stop the incredible sensations that stimulated canlı casino his pelvis. The stirring in his groin was overwhelming.

“Mommy?” Katie called to her mother.

Lauren looked at her with an equally frightened gaze. “What sweetie?”

“I’m sorry I yelled.”

Lauren nodded and shut her eyes. She leaned her head back against the wall in utter exhaustion. She wasn’t taking well to the storm. As calmly as she could she reached under the blanket and reassuringly rubbed Katie’s upper thigh.

Katie shivered as her Mom’s cold hands touched her skin.

Once again Nick shuttered. His own thighs squeezed together, wrapping Katie in a tight leg hug. He felt her bare legs rub against his. The stimulation from the gorgeous creature in his arms and the storm raging outside was driving Nick insane. And this was his daughter. His little girl. He shouldn’t be feeling like this towards his little girl. All he could do was sigh and do his best to withstand the awesome feelings.

Lauren felt faint. She rolled her head back and forth against the concrete wall as a thousand thoughts shot through her mind. Was this storm getting worse? Was it going to hit them? How would they know? There’s no electricity. They can’t find out. What if a tornado is coming? Would it wipe them out? Their home? Their neighbors? Their lives? She would never get to complete what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to see Australia. She wanted go scuba diving. She wanted to experience a lot of things. Especially when it came to sex with Nick. She wanted one last romp in the sack with the love of her life before she died. With the sound of trees falling apart outside, Lauren began to reevaluate everything in her life.

Katie whimpered softly and leaned her head back against her Dad’s shoulder. One of her blonde pigtails flopped up into Nick’s face. He shook it off and looked at her soft, young face.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She breathed heavily and this caused her small chest to heave up and down. Nick felt his hard-on rub between the firm cheeks of her ass. He looked at her face and sighed every time she inadvertently stroked his cock.

Lauren was flustered beyond belief. She continued to caress Katie’s thigh and began to feel a strange feeling tingling between her own legs.

The hail outside was getting bigger and more frequent. The wind seemed to have turned into a solid object that was trying to crash itself through the basement window.

Lauren and Nick looked up as another wave of Lightning filled the night sky. Mud, trash, and other debris were piling up outside the glass window. The wind blew all of it away and then replaced it with new debris.

Lauren looked at her husband and daughter. She was breathing heavily.


“What is it?” Nick sounded concerned.

“We’re gonna die, aren’t we?” A tear rolled down Lauren’s cheek.

Nick wanted to say no, but then the house started to vibrate heavily. The shelves began rattling and the washer began to knock against the dryer. As he witnessed this, Katie’s head was up and looking around with a frightened expression. The sounds coming from outside reminded Katie of the Dinosaurs approaching in Jurassic Park.

Katie said, “That’s a tornado, isn’t it?”

Nick was pretty certain it was, “I’m afraid so.”

Lauren got up on her knees between Katie and Nick’s legs. She leaned over her daughter and kissed Nick passionately. Nick was a little taken back when his wife’s tongue entered his mouth, but he complied and kissed her back. Lauren’s knee inadvertently pressed into Katie’s pussy and began grinding into it as she made out with her husband.

“Mom, stop.” Katie said as her mother unknowingly sandwiched her between herself and Nick.

Lauren and Nick ignored Katie’s whining.

Lauren broke the kiss and looked deeply into Nick’s eyes, “Just one last time. Please Nick. I can’t bear the thought of not getting that cock of yours in my pussy one last time before we die.”

Nick gulped hard. His erection extended to its full length within the confines of his jeans. It pressed hard into Katie’s bottom. Katie gasped as she felt her Dad’s stiff penis poke into her.

Katie’s head turned to her father. Nick looked back and saw the look of confusion and panic on his young daughter’s face. She looked so helpless. This gave her a very sexy glow and Nick felt a ping of lust shoot through his spine. Katie with her hair up in pigtails gave her a forbidden quality that most every man could recognize and most definitely want. He looked back at his wife.

Lauren was breathing heavily as more thunder began shaking the house. She knew in her heart that this was going to be her last chance. A sixth sense was telling her that if she didn’t get sex now, it would never happen again.

The screaming wind wailed its awful screams right next to their house. Nearby a shed was picked up by the twister and instantly reduced to ruble. A lawn mower was taken up and tore free of its blades, which shot kaçak casino out in four different directions.

Lauren could see the dismay in her husband’s face. But she could also see something else. It just struck her that Nick was eyeing their daughter Katie in a very non-fatherly way.

Nick shook his attention away from the hot teenager and tried to stare at his wife normally. “What about Katie? We can’t do anything in front of Katie…can we?” Nick did his best to sound concerned.

Lauren said, “Nick…we’re going to die in a matter of minutes. Nothing matters anymore.”

Without consulting her scared little girl, Lauren scooted back and leaned her head down between Katie’s legs. She quickly pulled Katie’s short skirt up and put her face next to Katie’s thong covered pussy.

Katie suddenly tensed with fear, “Hey! What? Mom?”

“Nick, help me.” Lauren instructed.

Nick saw his wife’s position between his little girl’s legs and began trembling with excitement.

Nick said, “What are you talking about?”

Lauren began to caress the inside of Katie’s firm teenage thighs. Katie clasped the tops of her Mom’s hands but couldn’t stop them as they massaged her flesh.

Lauren looked up and Nick and smirked, “What do you think I’m talking about?”

His cock was aching in the confines of his jeans. He wanted this, but was so uncertain if he should.

Lauren continued, “I know you want this Nick. I saw the way you were looking at her ass.”

Katie’s head spun toward her father’s. She stared deeply into his eyes as if she were being betrayed. As Nick looked at her soft upturned nose, he squeezed her with his thighs.

Nick said to Katie, “Baby, I…”

A tear formed at the side of Katie’s eye and fell down her face. This made Nick’s heart ache. He reached around her small petite body and held her firm belly. He dug his fingers through her clothes as his brain fought the urge to ravish her.

“Oh give me a break Nick!” Lauren lightly bit the side of Katie’s inner thigh. “This is your last chance to do anything about it. You know I’d never approve otherwise.”

Nick stared at his wife with a look of complete bewilderment. He wondered what had gotten into her. This whole situation was beyond comprehension.

Again the house shook. Thunder crackled loudly.

Lauren finally put things into perspective, “We’re gonna die soon. I’m going to get mine. Katie might as well join. Besides, I’ve never done it with a woman. Katie is a teenager wet dream. Might as well enjoy it.” Lauren smiled coyly at Katie.

The teen couldn’t say anything. She just stared blankly at her lust-crazed mother.

“Nick, help me now.” Lauren instructed.

Without thinking, Nick reached around and grabbed Katie’s legs under her knees. He spread them out and lifted them over his own legs so she sat with her legs open wide. Then he reached between her legs and pulled the thong away from her pussy giving Lauren a close up view of Katie’s shaven mound.

“Oh Nick. Her pussy is so small. You’re gonna like fucking this.” Lauren said as she stuck her tongue out and began a vigorous lashing of Katie’s tiny pussy.

Katie gasped loudly and grabbed onto her Dad’s legs. Her head fell back against her father’s chest and she whined loudly.

Nick took this opportunity to begin grinding his tented jeans into Katie’s tight little ass. He felt her cheeks clench around the shape of his cock as he pushed himself against her. As her blonde pigtails brushed past his face he leaned his head over and started kissing her face.

The stimulation was too much for Katie. She started whining as her Dad kissed her cheeks. She twisted her head away, but this only gave Nick access to more of her face. He kissed her chin and then her neck.

Lauren was occupied flicking the young girl’s clit with the tip of her tongue. Then she put her mouth completely over the small pussy and sucked it into her mouth. Then she inserted her tongue up inside and tongue fucked her wildly.

“Mom!” Katie shouted over the loud crash of thunder outside. The young girl’s head turned toward her Dad’s for help. Like he was going to put a stop to this.

“Dad, help…” When Nick saw the vixen’s head turn toward his face, he forced his tongue into her mouth and proceeded to kiss her passionately. Katie moaned into her Dad’s face and kissed him back. She was so frightened by the way her parents were using her that her only instinct was to allow it. She inserted her own tongue into her Dad’s mouth like she was making out with a boy friend. Then the kiss broke.

“Daddy…” Katie cried.

Again Nick’s heart ached for his daughter, but his cock was aching even more as pressed himself into her firm ass cheeks. Before she could call his name again he leaned in and covered her mouth with his.

Nick felt Lauren take the thong into her fingers and pull it away from Katie’s small opening. With his hands free he reached up and yanked down the fabric holding in his daughter’s perky tits. Her hard nipples were exposed to the cold basement air. Nick took both tits into the palms of his hands and roughly squeezed them. He loved the feeling of her prickly nipples rubbing the inside of his hands.

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