Barbara Runs The Gauntlet Part 2

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Barbara Lewis woke up Sunday afternoon around 3pm. She began to plan her second try at the Sex Gauntlet that she had failed at the night before. This time she decided to wear no underclothes, just flip flops and an old dress that she wasn’t very fond of into the whole thing. The thinking was that if she had ended up failing again tonight then she wouldn’t lose any of her good clothes.

Barbara also put a small bag together which she put a small pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of old sneakers into. Before she would enter The Gauntlet again, she would hide this bag somewhere outside the building, this way she would have some clothes and wouldn’t have to dig a trash bag out of any dumpsters.

The clock quickly got to 5:00pm and Barbara left her apartment and took a bus to the red-light district arriving there at about 25 minutes before six o’clock. She went to the alley that was close to the exit she had ducked into naked the night before and hid the small bag of clothing along with her house key and bus fair. At six o’clock Barbara entered the building and made her way to Mr. Mills’ office.

Mr. Mills: “Hello Miss Lewis. I’m so sorry to hear about your failure last night. I can get your things for you if you like?”

Barbara: “Mr. Mills you can put those things into the money room again because I would like to run The Gauntlet tonight.”

Mr. Mills: “Miss Lewis, I must give you fair warning; tonight isn’t a normal night here. Tonight it is double stakes and the rooms are all interracial. Are you seriously up for that?”

Barbara: “I have been thinking about it for a full day now and I really do need that prize money. I’ve never had interracial sex before but I haven’t got a choice I’m on the verge of losing my car.”

Mr. Mills: “Very well then Miss Lewis. You know the rules and you know the consequences. Here is another bag. Please remove your clothing and you may begin.”

Barbara began to undress as Mr. Mills again stared at her with that weird creepy smile he had on his face when she had stripped before him the night before. It still made her very uneasy. Once naked, Barbara proceeded to enter the door to the first hallway and was surprised to see not three doors, but six. She turned quickly and looked at Mr. Mills.

Barbara: “Six rooms? Six???”

Mr. Mills: “Why I thought I explained that everything was doubled tonight. There IS a silver lining though; the prize money is doubled tonight too.”

Barbara liked that and turned back to the hallway. She decided to choose the door marked ‘D’. Once inside she heard the familiar locking of the door behind her. She walked to the podium and read the directions:

[You have entered the Ass Licking Room. Ten Black men will enter the room and you will spend the next two hours licking their assholes and taints clean.]

Ass licking? Barbara’s morale sank. Here she was taking the bull by the horns and coming into this second gauntlet try with motivation and the first room she chooses is the nasty act of sticking her tongue in a bunch of black men’s dirty asses. The ten men began to file into the room and they lined up in two lines on either side of Barbara with their backs to her. Barbara began and stuck her face into the first man’s asshole. Her tongue went to work licking his dirty anus and hairy taint. It stunk just as bad as she envisioned it would. After a few minutes, she moved on to the next man’s corn hole. Each man had a slightly different pungent odor varying in degrees of stench. They all were hairy but some were very hairy. The two worst assholes were an overweight guy and an old guy that looked to be over sixty years old.

The deed was long and tedious and the casino siteleri two hours never seemed to end. Barbara thought about what type of porno is made out of licking assholes and it made her stomach turn to think of what kind of individuals would be into such a dirty display. The two hours finally came to an end and Barbara seemed to have her tongue in all the men’s assholes at least on three separate occasions. Her face reeked and she couldn’t wait to use the hallway shower.

[You have entered the Monster Cock Double Penetration Room. Two black men with 12-inch cocks will penetrate both your vagina and anus for the duration of the next four hours. Every hour the men will alternate their positions.]

It was at this point that Barbara realized that this try at The Gauntlet was going to be a marathon. Every task was bigger and longer than the last and she was only past hallway

. Two black men, one about 5’11” and the other about 6’4” entered the room with their 12-inch monster penises swinging close to their knees. Barbara’s mouth hung open as the taller one positioned himself on his back on the mat and ordered her to impale her pussy onto his large black baseball bat.

She stood over him with a foot at each of his hips and stared down at the black snake that was pointing straight up to her and marveled for a moment. These penises cannot be real Barbara thought to herself. She then crouched down and started to feed it into her pussy and she felt her vagina walls stretch like a balloon around a long bed post. It took a full 2 minutes to get four inches of it in and Barbara was already secreting her juices all over it.

She then leaned forward on his chest and he slowly pumped his pipe into her. The second man was lubing up his own monster with one hand and was generously rubbing lube in Barbara’s tight asshole with the other. A few moments later and he was pushing the head of his large cock through her tight o-ring and Barbara started to moan in both pain and pleasure as the two men stabbed at her body with their enormous black bones. If it hadn’t been for the anal she had received the night before, there wasn’t a possible way these two behemoths could be sliding into her ass with the relative ease that they were doing.

The two men piped Barbara’s two sex cavities for the next four hours, dumping their sticky discharge when needed and switching holes hourly. Barbara herself had climaxed several times as well. Her pussy was stretched open like she was giving childbirth, and her asshole was gaped to a record maximum. The feeling was unbelievable. Barbara felt so full and she actually began to slightly wriggle her torso while they pumped into her to help screw them deeper inside her body.

When the four-hour session had ended, it took a while for Barbara to regain her composure and get herself into Hallway
. She stepped under the curtain-less showerhead and washed away the excess sperm and sweat. While she rinsed herself she started to contemplate her next choice of doors.

Barbara chose door ‘F’ and it was a penalty room so she had to return to hallway

. The last six hours had been for naught. It was now just after midnight and Barbara felt defeated but she was still determined to get herself thru The Gauntlet. She stared at the doors again and crossed door ‘D’ from her list because she didn’t want to lick assholes again. She finally settled on door ‘A’:

[You have entered An Anal Sex room. You will lie across the padded side of the table in a doggie position. Ten guys will enter the room and you will take each man’s cock deep into your anus for two full hours. The men will shoot their semen into your asshole. When the hour is canlı casino completed, you will find a shower area to rinse your body off in the next hallway area.]

Barbara walked to the table and got herself into position across the table. Her ass was still sore from the four hour DP room but at least it was now opened and this session should breeze by without much pain. The ten black men filed into the room and for the next two hours they piston-ed their dicks in and out of poor Barbara’s sore asshole and sprayed more black seed into it. She had more cocks in her sphincter in the last two days than a porno chick might have in a year. The guys finished up and it was now time for hallway

again. Barbara couldn’t remember what door cost her six hours the last time and she worriedly hoped that she wouldn’t pick it again. Luckily she found a rest room in room ‘C’ and spent the next hour healing her tired body especially her behind. In hallway
she would encounter something different.

[You have entered a Machine Fucking Room. You will be penetrated in your vagina by a large black 14-inch dildo for two hours time. Position yourself on the table facing your legs to the wall and the machine will activate. You will then have sixty seconds to enter the dildo into your vagina before it starts it’s course.]

Barbara hurried herself into position on the table on her back and her legs up on the wall. A little door opened up and a large rod with a giant dildo pushed through the wall. She feverishly used her saliva and pussy juices trying to cram the large rubbery tool into her cunt. She achieved getting the head of it in with a few seconds to spare before it started to slowly pump itself forward and back. Barbara began to rub her clit to produce more wetness so that the machine could pump into her easily. This thing was huge and it felt like it was splitting her in two as it started to pick up speed after each thrust into her womb.

Barbara started to moan in pleasure as the dildo punched in and out of her building up a pleasuring friction and speed that couldn’t be achieved from a man’s fucking. Orgasm after orgasm, the young woman was losing her mind in ecstasy and she began to involuntarily bang the wall with the heels of her feet. The two hours flew by and when the end finally came Barbara felt a little disappointed. This room by far had been her favorite one and best sexual experience. She thought about what the possibilities were of buying a machine like this someday. After more hallway composure this time in , Barbara chose the ‘F’ door.

[You have entered a Blow Bang room. 6 black men will enter the room and for two full hours you will be required to give all six of them oral sex. You will also be required to swallow any semen that they release and you must not stop until the two hours are complete.]

For the first time that night Barbara was going to use her mouth and give her vagina and asshole a rest. Six black men entered and Barbara positioned herself on the mat on her knees and went to work sucking their black poles. It had almost been a full 24 hours since she had a penis in her mouth and she was savoring this session and hungrily sucked her partners deep and hard into her throat. When the two hours ended she moved on to hallway .

She chose door ‘A’ and it was another rest room. An hour later she entered hallway

and she chose door ‘E’ which ended up being another Blow Bang Room, which made Barbara sigh in relief. She sucked and swallowed 6 more black cocks in the next two hours and afterwards found herself in the last hallway for the first time that night, hallway

Mr. Mills words ‘choose carefully’ started kaçak casino to ring in her head as she stared at the six doors. One door would be the money, one of the end doors would most definitely be a penalty door, and the other four would lead to the street. In the end she chose door ‘A’ and it was a penalty room sending her back down to hallway

. Barbara’s rationale on picking an end door was that she had a 50/50 chance that she would pick a penalty room and she had it in her mind that the other one just had to be the money. She was wrong.

By this time the early morning hours had bled into the late morning, and now it was early Monday afternoon. Barbara hit two more penalty rooms in that time span and also hit the Double Vaginal Sex room and the Pussy Licking room where she licked the pussy of the fattest black woman that she had ever seen in her life. This woman was close to 500 lbs. and pulling her fat folds open just so Barbara could get her head close enough to reach her tongue into her large stinky vagina proved taxing.

Mr. Mills had told Barbara that there wasn’t a time limit on completing The Gauntlet if she was still in play and hadn’t ended up on the street yet so making it to hallway
seemed to be the only way she could end today’s gauntlet without using an exit door that would disqualify her from future gauntlet tries. It wasn’t until 7pm Monday night that Barbara reached the last hallway again and she chose door ‘B’ which deposited her on the street.

Barbara covered her boobs and pussy with her arms as people walking by hooted and hollered at the sight of her pale oversexed-looking naked body. A few men even slapped her ass as she ran by them into the alleyway and found her stashed bag of clothing. She dressed quickly and walked out to the bus stop and slumped down on the bench exhausted.

Barbara sat and stared at the building of The Gauntlet and realized that she was not only losing Sunday night but Monday night as well because it would be another day before she could try her luck again. That left only four days before the bank would repossess her car and this downward spiral of her life would pick up speed.

Tuesday afternoon, Barbara Lewis arrived for her third try at running The Gauntlet for a one o’clock start. Mr. Mills greeted her again and gave her encouragement. She removed her clothing and proceeded to hallway

and chose the door marked ‘C’ which ended up being the sex machine room. After an hour of machine fucking Barbara continued on to hallway

and chose door ‘C’ again and it was a penalty door bringing her back to hallway


Barbara chose the sex machine room again and when she got through that she picked door ‘B’ in the next hallway. It was the pussy licking room and she had to suck the pussy of another overweight white woman for an hour. She then arrived in hallway
and picked door ‘A’ and whacked into another penalty room bringing her back to square one.

It seemed that every time Barbara reached another hallway level, she would pick a penalty room and would end up having to restart again. And every time she went back to hallway

, she would start with the sex machine room again. It was 11pm when she finally found herself in Hallway
and she ended up on the street again ending her third gauntlet try.

On Wednesday Barbara returned to the red light district for her fourth run of The Gauntlet. It wasn’t very productive and it ended just as early and unceremoniously as the third try did a night before. She now was at wits end. She had two days left to win the money or she would have to waive goodbye to her car. Her body was very raw from all the sex she had been having over the past four days and her craving for more of it strangely started to grow. Barbara sat at the kitchen table and looked at her pile of bills again and started to weep.

To be continued

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