Baseball Annie

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This is my entry in the Literotica Summer Lovin’ Contest. I hope you read it and enjoy it and vote accordingly. It is a story of one aspect of Baseball, the great American summer pastime, and I believe it fits perfectly in the theme of this contest.


It was a Friday night in August as Sylvia Jones shuffled her feet impatiently while waiting outside the door of the Las Vegas Comets’ locker room. The team had begun a home stand with an easy victory that night and that meant the players would be in the mood for a little loving from Sylvia and the other eager women who were waiting next to her. Like her, they had all attended the ball game that night. Some of them had left even before the last outs were recorded so they could wait for their idols to leave the clubhouse and choose them as sex partners for the night, maybe even for the ten day duration of the home stand. The location was strategically chosen because the Las Vegas players would all have to pass through the group of women to get to their cars and pickup trucks in that section of the parking lot reserved for them.

A few days after graduating from her local high school, shortly after reaching her 18th birthday, Sylvia had moved to the city. She hoped and believed she would be able to enjoy frequent romps in bed with her heroes, the players on the major league baseball team that had just been moved to Las Vegas. If anybody asked why she was leaving her home town, she told them she was going to Las Vegas to find a job and attend college. Those goals were both true but, once Sylvia found that employment, she set out to fulfill her true ambition, which was to have as much sex as possible with as many of the members of her favorite baseball team as she could. She had even shaved her pussy that morning so it would be ready for the fun she hoped to have after the evening’s game ended.

There were other young women there too but not so many that she expected to have any problems getting at least one of the Comets to notice and choose her. Sylvia’s dark brown hair, which cascaded over her shoulders to her waist and her pretty face, big breasts and shapely ass could be expected to ensure her the attentions of at least one of the young men on the team. Wanting to make sure those assets were properly displayed, she was wearing a short, tight skirt and a low-cut blouse with no bra under it and she had been practicing moving around braless so her breasts would sway enticingly.

Some people, probably including the player or players whom she hoped would be her sex partners that night and in the future, would call her a Baseball Annie. The epithet was one of mild derision but that didn’t bother Sylvia. She knew exactly what she wanted and was going after it and didn’t really care whether or not anybody disapproved of her actions. That attitude had almost always worked out to her advantage, such as the time it enabled her to go steady with the star shortstop and best hitter on the high school baseball team until he graduated and went away to a big university in the Pacific Twelve Conference with a baseball scholarship.

There were other happy triumphs that had resulted from her going after what she wanted and that night Sylvia’s goal was to fuck at least one member of the city’s new baseball team. She would have preferred to take on more than that, if that were to be possible, but would gladly settle for one man at a time.

The door from the players’ locker room opened and a muscular young man emerged. Sylvia recognized him as Rocky Meyers, the starting left fielder. He had gotten two hits in the game and driven in a run in their victory, besides playing well in the field so she expected him to be in a good mood. The eager girl stepped up to the front of the group and waved.

“Oh, Rocky,” she called to him, thrusting out her chest in hopes he would see her. He may or may not have noticed Sylvia but the woman behind her did.

“Back off, Bitch!” she ordered her younger rival. “He’s mine!” She punctuated her command by a push against the back of the girl she obviously thought of as an interloper.

Sylvia stumbled and almost fell and got no sympathy from the other women who were waiting for the players to exit. They scowled and glared at her and she wondered why, until she saw Rocky walk straight up to the angry woman, hug and kiss her and walk arm in arm toward the players’ part of the parking lot. Apparently, she was a steady girlfriend or even a wife, not a baseball Annie. Sylvia shrugged her shoulders in dismissal and turned back to try to entice one of the approaching players.

She had heard it said that when one door closes, another opens and that was true for her that night. The players had seen the incident and one of them in particular was quite taken by the sexy girl who had almost fallen down. William “Stretch” Simpson, the rookie first baseman, had been looking forward to resuming play at the Comets’ home park. For one thing, he liked casino siteleri the greater ambiance of the home dugout and clubhouse and, more important, he liked the easy availability to him and his teammates of some very hot young women. He noted the succulent ass and hips and tits of the woman who had just been assaulted and knocked off balance and quickly decided she was the one he would approach.

“Are you alright?” he asked her.

Sylvia knew all the players by sight and she recognized his freckles and height and red hair and mustache. “I’m okay, Stretch. Good game tonight.” He had only gotten one hit in five times at bat but had made some excellent plays in the field, probably saving a couple of runs.

“Thanks, but I’m only ‘Stretch’ when I’m on the ball diamond. My name is Bill otherwise. Do you need a ride somewhere?”

“Yeah, Bill. I could use a ride back to where you’re staying tonight. My name is Sylvia.”

They had been standing close together but she moved in even closer until his long arms wrapped themselves around her sexy body and held her tightly. She was built exactly the way he believed women should be built and Bill could hardly believe his luck at running into such a delightful groupie as he had that night. She held his arm as they started walking in the direction of his car.

“Do you come to many of the games?” he asked.

“No, tonight was my first time here. I just moved into town after I graduated from high school.”

He was glad to hear the pretty girl say she had graduated from high school because that would mean she was at least 16, the age of consent in Nevada. “Oh, that explains it because I certainly would have noticed you.”

Sylvia smiled at the compliment, slipped her arm around the man’s waist and they walked like that until they reached his late model Buick. He opened and held the passenger door for her and, when he got behind the wheel, she slid over on the seat and puckered her lips for the big kiss she knew he would have for her. The second time the two pairs of lips met, both mouths were wide open and both tongues went visiting. The horny player and the hot young woman were really looking forward to what they would soon be doing, especially after her hand came to rest on his thigh and moved over to cover his stiffening cock.

Their destination was a hotel a few miles away. Some of the players who would be looking for some action with baseball Annies that night had pooled their money and reserved a VIP suite for the entire ten days of the home stand. The players in the pool were all otherwise unattached, at least that night, and knew there is strength in numbers. They wanted to be sure no woman who joined voluntarily in their sexual escapades would have any grounds for a claim of rape nor would any of the local sharpies be able to run some kind of badger game. The players were used to showering together and generally doing things as a team so none of them had any qualms about having sex in front of the others.

Among other amenities, guests staying in one of those expensive suites had valet parking and a private elevator direct to their floor. Bill and Sylvia were joined in the elevator cab by Oliver Flores, the right fielder and the best hitter on the team, and by one of the women she recognized as having been waiting outside the clubhouse. She didn’t know the other woman’s name and didn’t expect to learn it. The players greeted each other vociferously and she greeted the other man by his first name. He looked at her and at his date clinging to his arm, comparing the two, and looked as if he believed he had not done as well as his teammate.

Sylvia compared herself to the other woman too and would have agreed if anyone had said anything. She had a fleeting thought of sexually entertaining both ball players that night, either one at a time or both at once but decided to wait and see and not push her luck. There could be no possible benefit in antagonizing any of her fellow groupies but a swap of sex partners would almost certainly be enjoyed by all. It would definitely be enjoyed by her.

Bill used his keycard to open the door and the other couple entered first, in a hurry to claim the largest of the beds available. They would not expect to have it to themselves very long but they wanted to go as first class as they could. Sylvia had no idea of the arrangement of the place but Bill led her to a slightly smaller bed which had already been turned down and, while he was standing with his back to it, their tongues and lips shared another long kiss, their most passionate one of the night until then. It was a good start but she wanted much more and was in a hurry to get it so Sylvia gave Bill’s chest a slight push and he sat down on the edge of the bed. Moving quickly, she dropped to her knees and started to unzip his pants.

He smiled and leaned back on his hands to let the sexy girl do whatever she wanted because it was obvious the baseball canlı casino Annie wanted the same thing as he did. After unzipping his fly and unfastening his belt, Sylvia started tugging at his pants. Bill raised his ass from the bed to help her and she pulled them down below his knees and started untying his shoelaces. After removing his shoes, she pulled off his socks and Bill decided to get buck naked, the way he preferred during sex, and took off his shirt.

With her chosen man of the evening almost naked, Sylvia looked with lust at the big bulge inside his jockey shorts. She hooked her fingers into the elastic waistband and pulled and, when he raised his butt again, carefully worked the underwear around his hard cock and down below his knees to join his pants. She finished removing both garments at the same time and pushed them aside so she could spread his legs and kneel between them. Resting her elbows on Bill’s thighs, she fondled his cock with her hand before leaning forward to start licking the head. It felt good to her tongue and she continued taking it farther into her mouth. As she did whenever sucking a cock in a lighted place, Sylvia looked up at the man’s face so she would be able to see the expressions of pleasure as they flickered across his visage.

There were plenty of them as Bill looked down at her and liked what he saw even more than he had before. Her warm brown eyes were looking up at him with what seemed to be adoration and, even as he watched, his cock was sliding into her bright red mouth. When he saw the young woman stumbling in the parking lot, he had mostly looked at her sexy body but he realized she had a very pretty face too. He leaned back on his hands again, prepared to revel in the blow job and whatever else he and Sylvia decided to do that night.

Being too busy relishing the feel of the cock gliding between her lips, she wasn’t thinking of anything else just then. Bill had what was probably the biggest and best cock to ever be inside her mouth, long and thick enough to spread her lips perfectly but not so big that she couldn’t move it around and revel in the erotic sensations she was receiving. As she slowly moved her face down and forward, Sylvia’s tongue was caressing its entire length until the head reached the back of her mouth. She left it there for a few seconds before slowly raising her head and withdrawing her mouth, with her tongue being active all the while.

With just the head nestled between her lips, Sylvia left it like that, licking the slit, while her fingers started unbuttoning her blouse. After shrugging out of the silky garment, she took Bill’s cock into her mouth again but this time she did not stop when the head reached the back. She opened her throat, a trick she had learned recently, and enveloped the entire organ until his curly red pubic hair was tickling her lips and nose. Once again she stayed like that for a few seconds before slowly withdrawing her mouth. This time, she removed his cock, held it in her fingers and smiled around the thick erection at Bill’s very happy face.

He smiled back, wanting Sylvia to continue but not wanting her to rush. While they had been active, two of his teammates had entered the suite and looked in on him before taking their girls to another room. Six members of the Comets had paid their shares of the rent and there were three bedrooms, each one furnished with a king-sized bed which meant each couple would be sharing a bed with at least two other people. During a previous home stand, the same men had made the same arrangement and it had worked well. None of the women had objected and most liked the idea because it could mean fucking or otherwise enjoying sex with two or more of their heroes on the same night. Sylvia was not aware of the situation but she would have been whole-heartedly a member of that more ambitious group if she had known.

Whatever else she might do that night, she intended to begin the sexual fun by sucking Bill’s cock and swallowing a mouthful of his come so Sylvia took the stiff organ back into her mouth and resumed the strokes between her lips. Everything about what she was doing that night was great, from the feel of the hard, thick cylinder stuffing her mouth to the knowledge that she was giving pleasure to one of her heroes to the expectation it would be even better once he had come into her mouth and she got to swallow his semen.

To make it even better, she had removed her blouse earlier, letting her breasts swing completely free. Now, with her tongue and lips not missing a stroke, she continued with the removal of every other bit of her clothing, reaching back to pull off her canvas shoes and pushing her skirt and skimpy panties all the way down her thighs. Lifting one knee at a time, she pulled both garments free and was just as naked as the man she was sucking off.

The blow job was fabulous in every way for Bill too. The absolute greatest were the incredible sensations being received kaçak casino by his cock from Sylvia’s tongue and lips but everything else was just as superb. The visual delight of watching her face moving back and forth while her mouth covered his cock and her pretty eyes gazed at him was something he immensely enjoyed. In addition, there was an informal competition among him and the teammates sharing the suite to see who would bring back the hottest girl and he was confident he was an easy winner that night. The thought occurred to him that he hoped he would be able to bring her back the following night too.

Sylvia didn’t know about that but she would have taken pride in his thoughts if she could have read them. She was much more concerned about how, after slowly sucking his big, handsome cock, she could feel it throbbing inside her mouth and knew he was almost ready to come. Shortening her strokes and tightening her lips and sucking faster, she hoped to bring him to a climax and swallow all his semen before they decided what other fun thing they would do. Sylvia fervently hoped he would eat her pussy but was unsure how to get him to do so.

“I’m ready to come,” Bill announced, realizing Sylvia probably knew it, from the way she had changed the strokes of her mouth. He hoped she would swallow it but he wouldn’t ask her to do so.

She kept bobbing her head until the first gush of come spewed out onto her tongue, pleasing her taste buds. Sylvia didn’t want to stop or even slow down because she knew there was much more semen where the first had come from so she continued stroking Bill’s cock between her lips until he had ejaculated into her mouth twice more. She ceased her efforts only when she was sure no more of the viscous reward would be given to her and squeezed out all the semen remaining in his cock by using a series of long, slow strokes with her lower lip pressed snugly against the bottom of his shaft. After Sylvia had collected everything she was going to get, she swirled it in her mouth to take as much pleasure as she could from the taste and texture before finally letting it slip down her throat.

“That was fabulous,” she said to Bill while smiling at him and licking her lips. “Now, I hope you’ll do the same for me.”

He hadn’t really thought about it but he realized that was what he wanted too. “Just climb up here and lay on your back,” he told her.

She did so gladly and, when Sylvia was lying on her back with a pillow nestled under her head, she looked over at another couple who had started sharing their bed while she was sucking off Bill. It was Bobby Brennan, a second string infielder who was black and fairly old as baseball players went. He had spent the game on the bench, as he usually did but seemed to be partly making up for it with a skinny blonde with short hair. She was on top of him in the cowgirl position, moving up and down and taking his cock in and out of her pussy while her lover’s hands rested on her hips to guide her.

Sylvia didn’t spend much time looking at the other couple because Bill was on his hands and knees between her feet. She raised her legs so he could duck under and let the backs of her knees rest on his shoulders. As she watched, his visage loomed over her body until he lowered his face and started licking up the plentiful juices that had been collecting since she joined the group outside the clubhouse. In anticipation of what she would be doing and from sucking off one of her heroes and swallowing his come, she was highly aroused sexually and knew she would climax after no more than a few minutes of having her pussy eaten.

Once he had finished all her honey, Bill started applying his tongue to one of Sylvia’s hairless lips with long strokes that ended near her swollen clit. Even though that was not her favorite way to have someone eat her pussy, she was already in such a highly aroused state her body writhed under his lingual ministrations. “Mmmmm, Bill,” she murmured. “Oooo, that feels so good.”

Bill didn’t say anything to her because he was having too much fun licking the wonderful, clean-shaven pussy that was moving under his face, especially the way Sylvia’s body was already starting to rock and thrash from side to side. His tongue moved to her clit to begin caressing the little morsel and she started fucking up into his face.

“Suck my clit! Suck my clit!” she urged him.

He did as they both wanted and drew the little darling into his mouth to begin sucking. As his mouth worked, his tongue did too, fondling the swollen sides and top, while the groupie’s pussy rammed up into his face. She sobbed and whimpered in total bliss, until her climax started to overwhelm her and she uttered a joyful cry.

“Yes! Yes! I’m coming!”

Her legs wrapped themselves around Bill’s head and her ass bounced up and down on the mattress while his mouth kept sucking and his tongue continued to lick. Not wanting to be pitched off the bed by her wild gyrations, he wrapped his arms around Sylvia’s thighs and enjoyed the wildest roller coaster ride of his life. When she climaxed, her body spasmed and she rammed her pussy up against Bill’s face for a final time.

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