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Author’s note – Thank you for your feedbacks, support and well wishes. It feels good that my work was appreciated. Feedbacks are always welcome, but please make sure to leave your email address =)))

* * *

The day was overcast and grey and the dark clouds that hung low in the evening sky portended rain. Ominous rumbles from the distant hills did little to promise otherwise. But Jenny knew that he would come for he had never missed their weekly rendezvous at the university building. She looked at her wristwatch nothing that it was almost time for him to come. 5.00 pm, he has said – it was ten minutes after that, but she saw no reason to believe that he would not turn up. It was not like Matt to be late, but her faith in his words was as complete as only love and trust could make it.

Sure enough, she spied his tall, handsome figure hurrying through the main gates and towards the library steps where she was sitting five minutes later.

“Sorry I’m late. Jenny, I…” he began in ways of an explanation, but Jenny stopped his embarrassed bluster with an understanding smile and a gentle finger on his lips.

“No explanations required, Matt. I knew that you’d come and I don’t mind waiting. I hope that you didn’t have to splurge on a taxi like the last time.” She said. Matt grinned sheepishly and hung his head in mock shame.

“I’m afraid I did – but I wouldn’t dream of skimping on pretty expenses like that when it is you I’m meeting.” he replied. His broad, open smile spread across his face, lighting it up like a neon sign. Jenny not for the first time felt her heart melt within her breast.

Matt was the most handsome guy she had ever seen. His dark mane of thick, wavy hair accentuated the firm lines of his finely chiseled face, with its startlingly green eyes and prominent chin and jaw line. His regular workouts in the gym had hardened his streamlined physique, till it resembled one of those Greek statues that she had seen photographs of in history books. On the whole, he was the most perfect formed male she had ever laid her eyes on.

They had first met at a college function last month, where he surprised her by singling her out from the droves of the pretty girls that had turned out their best finery for the occasion. He was not a student of the institute and had boasted openly that he had gate-crushed into the party. Since this was not an unusual occurrence, nobody had minded his unwarranted presence and the unattached girls had been all over him in less than no time. Jenny could still not believe that he had shunned the whole lot of inviting girls for a dance and all the consecutive ones too.

The fact was Jenny was something of a ‘Plain Jane’, though not without good looks herself. It was just that she was not the vivacious type and she did not make friends easily. This did not prevent her from attending functions like these, but she long ago resigned herself to being the eternal wallflower in them. Matt, by giving her undivided attention that night had made her feet like Cinderella and had more than willingly let her be wooed by him later on.

In fact, it rankled her that he could meet her only on weekends, though she better than mention this to casino siteleri him. Jenny had been brought up to realize the limits of decency in any situation and knew that throwing herself at this Prince Charming could sour whatever existed between them. What both thrilled and disappointed her was that he had made no sexual overtures to her yet, never deviated from the straight path of courtship at all time. Jenny was not sure how she would have reacted should he have made any physical advances on her, but longed for the experience of finding out.

He was still smiling that luminous smile when she snapped herself out of her thought. She blushed violently.

“Cat got your tongue?” He asked laughingly, looking at her with amusement. “You looked sort of lost there for a moment.”

Jenny flustered but still thrilled by his proximity, answered him with the truthful nature of her thoughts, she was that kind of girl.

“Why, Jenny, I’m flattered. I had no idea that you think so much of me.” He said, a pleased look on his face.

Of course, they had been meeting regularly enough and Jenny had paid him no more than a compliment. But the closeness of Matt’s muscular body to her had taken her on the verge of admitting the fact that she felt hopelessly attracted to him in more than just on a friendship basis. This, of course, would have transgressed the boundaries of decency. After all, what did she really know about this handsome, enigmatic boy who had come into her life so unexpectedly? He told her about his father’s business – Garment Stores, if she recalls correctly and had also frankly admitted that he had dropped out of college long ago to join his family business. But was she justified in considering these sketchy details as sufficient to base a deeper relationship upon? And what did she really know of boys and men and the things that eventually transpired between them and girls? She had never slept with anyone in her whole life…

Feeling his penetrative gaze on her even with down cast eyes, she hunted for something suitable to say. As though he was reading her thoughts, Matt laid his arm around her shoulders and gave her an affectionate hug.

“Jenny, I love you. You know that, don’t you?” he asked. His own concern and condition evident in his voice. It was a tone she had never heard him speak in and it made her look up at him with questioning glance. Her heart was somersaulting ecstatically within her breast.

“Yes…I think so, Matt. Why do you ask?” she ventured, hoping to draw him out of his despondency.

The insecure, confused boy she saw now as he sat beside her had little to do with assured and buoyant Matt whom she got together with every Saturday. They had never discussed these matters of heart before and now Jenny could hardly contain her joy at first mention of love from his lips. Matt fidgeted nervously and Jenny was surprised to see a crimson blush creep over his face. After a long awkward pause he seemed to collect his thoughts to answer. With unbelieving fascination, she heard the words she had longed to hear for so long.

“Jenny…. would you let me make love to you?”

Whatever doubts, misgivings and indecision she might canlı casino have had before were swept away in an overwhelming tidal wave to love for this guy who had become the epicenter of her whole life.

They booked themselves into a small hotel on the other side of the city, where no questions were asked for use of a room for few hours. Matt pleaded with her to him if she had any last moment scruples, but her bashful silence was an enough answer.

Once inside they had closed the door of the musky hotel room behind them, they stood awkwardly in front of each other, painfully aware of large double bed that dominated the little enclosure. Matt finally broke the silence, his eyes averted.

“Jenny, I want you to know that I never…. I mean, I’m still…”He stammered. If Jenny had been surprised at herself for her acquiescence, she was astounded at this completely unexpected confession.

“Neither have I, Matt. Do you mean that I…. I’m you first?” she whispered, her senses soaring with delight and attention. It was as though they had been ordained and affection to court and to culminate their relationship in the most meaningful manner possible. And though she found it difficult to believe that this handsome, outgoing guy could have had no lovers before her, his nervous and unsure demeanor seemed to qualify it.

They undressed self consciously, shedding their clothes without taking their eyes off each other. When they were finally nude, Matt approached her haltingly and took her into his arms. The soft flesh of her small breasts pressed enticingly against his chest. He rubbed himself against her, the hair on his chest teasing her cherry like nipples into excited hardness.

Lowering her gaze, Jenny bit her lip at his engorged penis, which stood stilly upwards with the straining enormity of his desire for her. Jenny felt herself responding – her breath came hot and fast as they slid against each other, getting the feel and meter of each other’s genital.

“God, help me…I can’t stop myself…” husked Matt, encircling the firm cheeks of her buttocks. Jenny’s sharp intake of breath encapsulated the entire gamut of her feelings at this unaccustomed display of intimacy and her mind soared with the maiden acknowledgement of her female charms.

Matt groaned with pleasure as his penis dug frantically between her thighs, which opened reflexively to allow him access to her hitherto unexplored privates. She felt his fingers dig, then claw into her butt and part the cheeks as Matt rubbed his erect manhood along the smooth skin of her thighs. His moans became more pronounced, he gasps for breath as their bodies drew closer and closer together.

His fingers roamed upwards, ranking nails across her back in the passion of his exploration. Jenny gasped with mingled pain and pleasure.

“Matt, please be gentle with me…” she whispered hoarsely. He buried his face in the cleft between her breasts, the nudged to the side to take her hard nipple in his mouth. The feeling that shuddered through her were indescribable – aside from her own private handling of her tender parts – at night under the sheets and with shame of self-abasement upon her – she had never experienced kaçak casino such an onrush of ecstatic sensation. Her nipples throbbed with unbearable pleasure as his tongue licked, encircled and prodded at her and her backed arched backwards to admit him free access.

“Please, Matt, touch me here…” she begged him softly, guiding his hand down to her wet vagina. His fingers parted the vulva gently, rubbing against her clitoris and making her squeal out loud as she approached her summit. Nothing mattered now – nothing but the fusion of their bodies as they melted together.

When Jenny finally groped and found his aching, pulsating member, he was already on the verge of explosion.

“No, not like this. I want you, Jenny – the way it should be.” He groaned. She nodded silently and as she collapsed gently upon the musty mattress, their hands touched and explored each other’s privates. With gentle force, he disengaged himself from their passionate embrace and moved backward to part her willing legs. Kissing her thighs from her knees to the aching, moist cleft, he felt her peak and dissolve orgasm under his probing tongue. Crawling up to her so that their sweat-beaded faces came level, he reached down and guided himself gently into her.

Jenny, completely overpowered by the aftermath of her climax and the onset of the next one, hardly felt her maiden head snap under his tender thrust. They swung back and forth, the contact of his stiff organ rubbing against her vulva, her clitoris and digging deep into her, whirling her senses into a maelstrom that sucked her deeper and deeper into abyss of sexual ecstasy. Finally, they clutched at each other with blissful cries that echoed through the room and beyond its flimsy walls and soared to the height of their mutual orgasm, their bodies fused into an inseparable whole of heaving flesh. And the resting in each other’s arms.

* * * * *

“I’m not responsible if she escapes or the police find her. I promised you prime and fresh material, but from now on it’s your matter.” Matt said. The filthy man that faced him in dim light of the street lamp chuckled displaying tobacco stained teeth.

“Don’t worry about that. What makes you think either of those two things will happen? Has any girl ever escaped from here? And as for the police – they’re taken care of, as usual,” he said, rubbing his thumb and forefinger together suggestively.

“Okay, then I’ll get her. There’ll be more in a month or so. They don’t always come as stupid as this one, you know…” Matt said.

He pocketed the sheaf of currency that the man handed him furtively, looking about in all direction to ensure that the transaction went unnoticed. Then he walked quickly, confidently and with a broad, winning grin on his face around the corner.

“Okay, let’s go. My friend says it’s alright. It’s not as good as the hotel room last week, but at least no one will see us.” he said when he reached Jenny, who was standing unsurely at the road side and looking fearfully at the surroundings.

“Are you sure, Matt? This area, these buildings and these people….” She said plaintively.

Matt took hold of her arm firmly and began to lead her around the corner.

“Don’t worry about a thing, my love. You’ll be alright, he said laughingly as he led her to the grilled cages. A fat woman smoking a cigarette admitted them into one of the open doors. A minute later Matt came out, Alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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