Better Than a Hairbrush

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I was twenty two and living life in its prime. I’d worked a 75 day shift on a ship recently and, for the first time ever, had a decent chunk of change in my bank account. The day after I got off the ship, I’d decided that I wanted to take a personal vacation of sorts up by a particular lake in Texas. It didn’t take long before I’d secured a small cottage by the lake. Not two days after moving in, I purchased a 20′ sailboat from a local, hoping to enjoy the spring and early summer weather. As a plus, a girl I’d had an on-again/off-again friendship/relationship spent her weekends and breaks with her parents not four miles away from my cottage.

Presently, I was sailing my boat across the vacant lake. It was a gorgeous day on the water. My boat was handling well and I was enjoying the time alone. This lake was relatively quiet compared to some of the others in the region. The only other boat was a sportsfisherman some two miles away from my current location. Other than that, it was all quiet. Only the gentle lapping of water on the hull and the occasional groan from the rigging gave any audible note to the world.

Then my cell phone rang. I groaned and retrieved the offending device from a waterproof box lying on a settee.

“Hello?” I answered reluctantly.

“I can see you!” a female voice yelled happily from the phone.

I scanned the shoreline, some one hundred yards away. I saw a female form doing the equivalent to the funky chicken on the beach.

“I see you too. I’ll be there in a bit,” I replied before hanging up.

A short while later, I turned the boat towards the beach. Some forty yards off the shore, I hauled on the tiller and brought the boat around 180 degrees. I then launched an anchor over the side. I let twenty yards of the chain rattle over the side before I secured it to the mast. I double checked that my cell phone was back in its waterproof box (and not in my pocket) and launched myself over the side.

Eventually I surfaced then waded through the bath-tub warm water to the beach.

“Oh my God, I am SO excited,” the girl proclaimed as I approached.

I stopped in the shin deep water and couldn’t help but grin as I eyed my welcoming committee. She was just a bit past her nineteenth birthday and bubbling with life. The girl was 5′ 10″ tall (only two inches less than my own height) and weighed in at 110 pounds, tops. She was dressed in a white blouse that accentuated her cute breasts and short shorts exposed the majority of her long, slightly pale legs. Her hair was currently dyed brown and piled into a beehive on top of her cute head. For the sake of this story, I shall refer to her as Amanda.

“Happy to see me?” I asked conversationally from the water.

“Very. I’ve missed you so much!” the girl proclaimed.

It had been a whopping four days since I’d seen her last. I’m a mariner and probably always will be. Separation from friends and f****y is a part of life. Being with somebody that couldn’t stand four days apart from me didn’t bode well for any lasting relationship. But, seeing her gorgeous legs made me not really care all that much.

“Well come over here and give me a kiss,” Amanda beckoned.

I shuffled the rest of the way out of the water and walked towards Amanda. The girl darted across the beach and launched herself at me. She jumped into my arms and f***ed her lips, hard, against mine. We stood and kissed for some time before parting.

“Good to see you too,” I stated after taking a much needed breath.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all week,” she bubbled.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

“Of course. I didn’t bring a swim suit though,” Amanda said, eyeing my soaking wet trunks.

“No worries,” I replied.

I then picked the girl up in my arms with ease. I’m six feet tall and weigh 175 pounds. I’m not exactly Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double. But the girl was light so it was relatively easy as I physically carried Amanda towards the boat. As the water grew deeper, I levered her frame up onto my shoulders. The skin on her thighs brushed on both sides of my face. The desire to drop her in the warm water for the fun of it was strong, but I resisted.

“Alright, hop on in,” I said when I’d finally reached the side of the boat.

Amanda wobbled for a bit then basically fell into the open cockpit of the daysailer. Once she was off my shoulders, I waded around and shimmied up a rope ladder hung over the stern. Without any real drama, I retrieved the anchor and pointed the boat out into the lake proper. The wind was kicking up now and the boat buried a rail and, for something without an engine, moved at a good clip.

“Thanks for taking me out today,” Amanda cooed before planting a kiss on my lips after a few minutes.

“Of course my dear, anytime,” I chuckled.

The boat rocked and rolled its way for a solid hour. Amanda and I chatted idly during the voyage. Storm clouds on the horizon concerned the girl (and myself truthfully) but I assured her that we’d make landfall casino siteleri near my cottage soon. The foul weather would miss us, I stated confidently. A return voyage was not a concern, luckily. Amanda was going to stay for dinner and a movie, as well as the night in all probability. Afterwards, I would return her to her mother’s home with my trusty Jeep which was significantly easier than sailing across the lake again.

The boat was still half a mile away from our destination when the first droplets of rain began falling. The wind nearly doubled in the course of a minute then a torrential downpour started. Visibility decreased rapidly and soon I was sailing on but a prayer as we were both thoroughly soaked by the deluge. Amanda cuddled closer to me in hopes of sharing body warmth as she was now growing colder.

“I’m never listening to your forecast again, just so you know,” Amanda moaned.

I was preoccupied with the ordeal of handling the boat in the nasty weather so I didn’t reply. Eventually, the boat came closer into shore. I could barely make out the miniature marina some eighty yards away from our current location. Docking the boat then manhandling it back onto its road trailer in such nasty weather would have been a fool’s errand. Instead, I beached the craft a short distance away from my cottage. The RV park and “resort” where I resided was fairly relaxed about such practices, mercifully. All I had to do was secure the boat to a pair of trees with the anchor chain and a mooring line, then make a beeline for the cabin up the hill.

Amanda was close at my heals as we struggled up the muddy slope a few minutes later. The storm still raged on, sending a flurry of pine needles down from the high trees above, along with copious amounts of water. I was almost at the door when I heard a feminine scream followed by a whimper. I spun around to see the girl sprawled in the mud. Apparently she’d lost her footing and slipped. I reached down and hoisted her up in my arms before she had a chance to protest. It was in this manner that we crossed onto my wind and water-swept front porch.

“Just a second here and I’ll get you cleaned up,” I said before setting Amanda on her feet.

I unlocked the door to the bungalow and led the way in. We were both tracking mud onto the old linoleum floor but I wasn’t really concerned. I quickly shut and locked the door as soon as Amanda had entered. She tottered into the kitchenette and sat down in one of the old wooden chairs at my miniature breakfast nook. Despite her beauty, she looked like a drowned rat with soaking wet clothing and mascara running from her eyes.

“Let me find you a towel,” I said with a shiver.

The air conditioning had been left on when I departed earlier. Now, while soaking wet, this seemed like a poor decision. I retrieved a pair of beach towels from the lone bedroom and returned to the kitchen. Amanda was hugging herself, her teeth chattering. I covered her with a blanket and tried my best to dry her off, ignoring my own discomfort. I managed to dry off her arms and smeared quite a bit of mascara on her face.

“Ugh. I feel disgusting. I just…I just want to go home,” Amanda complained.

“Nonsense, we’ll get you cleaned up then I’ll fix us dinner. The roads will be a

mess right now anyways, I certainly don’t want to drive in it if I don’t have to,” I stated.

“I don’t even have any dry clothes to change into,” Amanda stated, parting the towel wrapped around her torso to prove her point.

I may or may not have made a double take. The girl’s white blouse was now practically translucent. A white bra was clearly outlined. Despite my best attempts in the past, I hadn’t actually seen what was beneath that fabric yet. My imagination though, wasn’t bothered by this fact. I felt something begin to become just a tad less flaccid in my swim trunks.

“Please, I didn’t get to see you much last weekend. I’d really like to enjoy the evening together. I’ve got some old workout clothes you can wear that are perfectly warm and dry. Please…” I pled.

It is just sheer happenstance that I was on my knees, drying her legs theoretically, when I made this request.

“Oh…oh…alright,” she said after awhile.

I led the way out of the kitchen, through the small living/f****y room and into the close-quarters bathroom. A large mirror hung over the compact sink on one wall. An old cast iron bathtub, which was surprisingly large, commanded another wall. Almost as an afterthought, a worn out toilet sat in a corner. In here especially, it seemed quite cold as the wind howled outside. I walked over and cranked the hot water on. Mercifully, very little rust shot out of the spigot before clear water flowed into the tub. I plugged the valve on the spigot and steamy hot water began hissing out of the portable shower head.

“It’s all…” I shivered for a moment “yours.”

The cold was definitely more noticeable now. I looked at the warm water longingly. I consider myself canlı casino a decent gentleman…of sorts. So that meant that I wanted to be chivalrous and give Amanda the first shower. But the idea of sitting outside for who knows how long, in the cold, while she cleaned up was very unappealing.

Before I knew it, Amanda had hopped into the tub. She was still wearing the blouse and shorts. Dark rivers flowed under her eyes and her legs were splattered with mud. Her hair was a mess of pine needles and bobby pins with no definitive shape. Despite all of this, I thought she looked amazing as she moaned happily in the warm water. After a few moments, Amanda glanced over at me.

“You know, you can join me for a little while, right?” Amanda suggested.

The gentleman in me wanted to say no. The rest of me told the gentleman to go fuck himself. I carefully stepped into the tub and closed the curtain behind me. Wonderfully warm water cascaded from above creating immediate relief. After a few moments of bliss, I looked at Amanda’s soaking wet form from toe to eye.

“You are filthy,” I stated bluntly.

“I know, don’t remind me,” Amanda replied.

“Here, let me clean you up a bit,” I suggested.

I grabbed a wash cloth from a rack attached to a wall, soaked it in water then began wiping Amanda’s face. The black rivers continued to flow for a while, but eventually I won that battle. Despite my numerous statements of adoration of natural beauty, Amanda insisted on wearing 8 pounds of makeup whenever she was around me. This was the first time I’d seen her face sans-war paint. The light splashes of acne on her cheeks were a bit more noticeable. Other than that, she looked about the same if not better. I told her as much.

“Really, I don’t think so,” the girl protested.

“Nonsense, you’re gorgeous,” I reassured.

I then rinsed the wash cloth thoroughly and began cleaning the mud off of her hands and arms. I saw a bruise forming on one forearm, but other than that she looked no worse for the wear here. Then I started cleaning off her wonderfully long legs. I started at the very end of her shorts and slowly worked my way down on one leg. For this section, I went down on one knee to make the cleanup easier. This had the side effect of putting me at eye level with the girl’s groin. As I reached up to begin cleaning the other leg, I recognized that I had an erection forming under my swim trunks.

A part of me hoped that the girl would notice the growth and possibly consider doing something a bit R rated than our normal make-out sessions. I had managed to give the girl an orgasm two weeks prior, through her shorts surprisingly enough. At the time she’d reluctantly refused to…return the favor…for me. She’d gone on to explain that her own mother was pregnant with her at the age of 19 and she’d be damned if the same happened to her. She was leery of starting anything at this juncture that would lead to sex and a possible pregnancy. Despite my assurances of the effectiveness of condoms and such, she wouldn’t budge.

I made the mistake of briefly replaying the orgasm event in my mind as I cleaned her leg. By the time I finished with her second leg, my own third leg was Hell bent on stretching the netting in my trunks. I stayed down on one knee for a moment, briefly mortified about the erection. Then I rose to my feet and locked eyes with the girl, hoping she wouldn’t look down.

“There, that’s better,” I stated.

Amanda thanked me by giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

“Can I rinse off real quick, please?” I asked, as Amanda had been standing directly under the shower head the whole time.

“In a minute, I need to wash all of this crap out of my hair,” she answered.

The girl began pulling a plethora of little metal hair pins and pine needles free of her brown hair. Eventually, her hair was free to fall to her shoulders. She bent over to set the hair pins down and retrieve a bottle of my shampoo. For that brief moment, I got a lovely glimpse of her taught buttocks through her shorts. My erection grew even more resilient.

“Oh. My. God. That is so much better,” Amanda proclaimed a few minutes later once her hair was fully washed.

“Good,” I replied, for lack of anything else to say.

I watched as Amanda’s eyes traveled across my body. Much to my mortification and glee she seemed to stop and examine something around my waist line a bit longer than all the rest.

“I guess it’s your turn now,” Amanda stated before stepping to one side in the tub.

I stepped under the flow of water and closed my eyes for a moment, soaking up the warmth. Then I opened them to see the girl standing in a corner, smiling at me. Her mood seemed to be improving significantly now that she was clean again. I leaned over and gave her a peck on her cheek to show my adoration.

“Here, let me do it,” Amanda requested, pulling the wash cloth out of my hand.

To say I was aroused as the girl poured a large measure of body wash onto kaçak casino the cloth would be an understatement. The leaning tower of Pisa in my pants certainly wasn’t going away when Amanda began wiping dirt and grime off of my arms. I could tell that she was trying to be smooth with her motions, but she wasn’t quite succeeding. There was a bit of nervousness as she moved from my arms to my shoulders. She was practically shaking as she ran the soapy cloth across my chest. The apprehension was a turn on, of sorts, I must confess.

“Thank you,” I said, then gave the girl another peck on the cheek.

Amanda continued scrubbing. She had me turn around so she could scrub my exposed back. I obliged and braced against a wall, enjoying the short back rub. Then she reached around and began washing my chest. Then the cloth was on my stomach. Then it fell to just above my waist line. I gulped in anticipation, in hope.

“Do you want me to do your legs?” she asked.

“Please. It’s only fair,” I replied.

The girl pulled on a shoulder to have me turn around. I grudgingly spun, knowing there’d be no hiding my erection now. Amanda bent down on a knee and began washing one of my legs, just above the knee. It felt amazing as she traveled down my leg. Then she was washing my other leg. Then she was finished. I looked down and caught her eying my sea monster for a moment. She glanced up, caught my scrutiny and looked down in embarrassment.

“Feel…feel any better?” she stuttered, coming to her feet.

“Much,” I answered.

I pulled the girl into an embrace and kissed Amanda deeply on the lips. The girl hesitated for only a moment then wrapped her hands around my waist and pulled my wet body against hers. I expected that she’d bow her posterior out to avoid touching my obviously engorged organ. Instead, much to my surprise and pleasure, she ground her limber hips into mine. Her tongue worked its way into my mouth at some point, carefully advancing and probing. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her even closer. The girl gasped in arousal and redoubled her efforts to suck the lips off my face.

I wanted her, badly. She was obviously interested as well. One of my hands slowly snaked up the back of her blouse along her taught, smooth skin. I reached a bra strap and slipped a thumb under the elastic. I slid my thumb around until I felt a bit of padding on one side and a glorious amount of flesh on the other. Amanda cooed and shook her head as if to tell me off for my transgression, but then she relaxed to the idea and resumed kissing me. Her nipples (or at least the one I was in contact with) was like a little cherry pit poking out of her breast, I discovered shortly.

“Something on your mind there my dear?” I asked, struggling for air.

She pressed her lips back onto mine and hummed an affirmative. I was now very excited. How far could I take this? Was I finally going to see home plate? The light at the end of the tunnel? Would the floodgates on her amorous canal finally be open? I had to tread carefully. If I moved too quickly, she’d balk out of apprehension, again. If I went too slowly, the momentum would be lost. I had to take the initiative at just the right moment.

“Amanda, if you wanted…I could do you a favor,” I suggested then ground my hips into hers.

“What kind of favor?” she asked breathily.

I carefully worked a hand down and gently rubbed on the girl’s groin. Amanda quivered on contact and closed her eyes happily. She seemed to ponder this idea briefly, surely debating about the potential of it leading to actual sex. Then, after a pregnant moment, the girl nodded reluctantly.

I didn’t have anything to say as a reply. I merely began gently caressing the front of her pants. Amanda leaned in towards me so I’d be able to hear as she began to pant quietly. Like no other girl I’d ever met, she could be stimulated quickly with only minimal contact. It wasn’t long before the girl was having difficulty standing in the shower. I pulled my hand away, sensing that the moment was right.

“The hot water is going to run out pretty soon. We should get out before it gives up the ghost,” I suggested.

Amanda mewed in annoyance then nodded reluctantly. The pair of us moved out onto a fuzzy bathmat. I retrieved some towels from an adjacent rack. I dried off my upper half then took care of my legs in short order. The girl dried her arms and legs as well. The cold set in quickly and made her shiver. I eyed her for a moment then turned away and, with a semblance of bravery that was only skin deep, I dropped my swim trunks to the floor and proceeded to dry the rest of my body. I wrapped the towel around my waist. I looked over my shoulder to find Amanda eyeing me skeptically.

“I won’t peak and that towel won’t bite,” I stated with a lopsided grin.

“Then turn around already,” Amanda giggled.

I obliged and faced the door, away from Amanda’s gorgeous bodice. The mirror was on the wall to my right. My dominant, i.e. strong, eye is my right. All I had to do was veer my head just a bit to the right…and see a limber flash of flesh in the mirror. Underneath my towel, my arousal continued. After what seemed like an eternity, she slapped on my shoulder lightly.

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