Bi-times with Frank and Penny

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Bi-times with Frank and Penny … © Alex Carr.

Frank and I share a flat in a high tenement block, the only drawback is that we have to share the bathroom with the adjoining flat which is occupied by two young secretaries working at the same firm as we do.

But it turned out not to be such a drawback because it gave me the opportunity, along with Frank, to discover some very joyful intimacies with one of the girls called Penny and later, well will mention that soon…

Always being the nosy one and looking for a cheap thrill (according to Frank but I notice he didn’t object!) – Penny, I discovered when I delicately tried it, had left the bathroom door unlocked, so I very slowly opened it to have a look- see. She was a sweet, sweet girl of I reckon in her twenties and her flat mate too, she had the most seductive figure and looked really good in jeans, lots of blonde hair and always a great smile.

Would this be my opportunity to get a gander of how Penny looked without jeans or anything else for that matter?

No luck, she had the shower curtain closed but I needed something to quell my aspirations shall I say – and bagged for a pair of her cute panties which were laid on the bathroom stool.

“See anything?” Frank piped up just as soon as I’d closed the door quietly.

I showed him the blue and white laced silk panties clutched in my hand.

“You first, Pete!” Frank gleamed snatching the underwear from my hand and nudging then into my face, twisting them over my nose as I frantically sniffed. Needless to say I got an immediate very hard erection of which Frank was very aware and took no time at güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri all taking my bulge over my jeans with his hand wide opened, by which time I had taken the soiled panties back, finding the crotch and enjoying the scent of woman I adored so much.

“I reckon you are enjoying, Pete” Frank said having now undone my zip, taken out my cock with a very nice jerking motion which, added to the sniffing of girl’s panties made for the most wonderful and intimate experience., “there must be something in those panties that spurs you one big time, and I mean very big time.”

I felt him stretch my cock back, teasing my foreskin over the red and crimson plum which Frank loved to suck so much. I showed him the soiled panties and let him have a sniff, he rubbed them delicately into his face and took long slow sniffs with those incessant moans I knew so well of Frank when I felt his deep fuck inside me.

Now, I took his cock out of his jeans, I loved Frank and wanted for us to share everything, his cock was soon gratified in the most delightful way as, he, still smelling and sniffing Penny’s panties, I felt his gush come hot and strong into my mouth, dribbling down my chin, he was quick to take my cock again firmly and his sucks were out of this world as always they were and very soon, me perched on the edge of the settee, Frank knelt between my thighs, he took the full spurt into his mouth as his hands worked my balls.

Frank and I had been together for a long time and I guess we wanted to expand our experiences to satisfy our carnal bi-sexual leanings, and this new experience sort of made the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri idea so very much appealing. We were both into sniffing and tasting each other a lot, it was part of out ‘thing’ but to sniff the scent of a female was a bonus.

Well there we were, completely exhausted after our hectic exchange. We did not even hear Penny come out of the bathroom but there she was, towel wrapped around her delicious body, staring at us.

I cant tell you just how embarrassed we both were but Penny didn’t blink and eyelid:

“I might have known it was you guys who took my underwear” (there was me still clutching her well sniffed and wet panties in my hand.)

But soon the ice was broken when Penny burst into outrageous laughter , so much so the towel covering her had slipped off her body and she was stood there as bold as you like with seemingly no inhibitions at all. He body looked wondrous, appealing and very, very faceable.

“So are you going to let me into some of the action, guys? After all I was good enough to leave the bathroom door open for you.”

Turned out that she had deliberately left it unlocked anticipating some action, She said her life just lately was dull – and since she had dumped Joseph who was a dick- head, she needed some real excitement in her life, that she thought we were both highly attractive and she ‘wouldn’t mind’ at all.

“But this guy you dumped, did he not love you, Penny?” I asked because she looked to be the type of girl that was as much charged with emotion as she was everything else

“Don’t talk to me about love” she snapped. “Been there, güvenilir bahis şirketleri done that, so lets just chill Huh, the three of us, I would like that?”

Penny was easy to love, to touch, feel and explore. She said she had fantasised about having it with two guys and wanted just to try. I said just for her to let herself go and that she did without any problem at all, she was about to live here fantasies to the full and to feel her sucking me as Frank fucked her was heaven, then came the sharing and changing positions, each of us taking turns with Penny and she with us.

Now I could enjoy the sniff of her for real and when she nestled her gorgeous ass and warm wet pussy into my face so very slowly, I was in my element. She was all woman and she did not object to each of us having her ass too, she was beautiful and loved her sharing those very deep intimacies with us, it wasn’t long before we were all sprawled satisfied and contented on the thick pile carpet, Penny gasping that we would all probably need a shower now.

But I told her I never wanted the smell of he to go away, the smell of her fuck and the feeling of her throb inside both ways. She smiled so beautifully and actually thanked us for giving her such a wonderful time.

We were still sprawled out when he flatmate entered , noticing us and commenting saying she might have know that is where Penny was, because she was always talking about us.

Penny happened to be soothing our well done essentials with a delicate squeezing motion and it was obvious that her flatmate liked what she saw.

“Share and share alike?” she said and soon we were at her mercy and no messing, she had a few fantasies to live out too and we just couldn’t wait, already Frank was busy looking up her skirt with a very new erection emerging underneath Penny’s hand, and seeing that, and watching, imagining how it would be with her, mine was soon firm again and heaven had returned….

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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