Bikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 04

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I have to thank (Hale) for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable.

Like the rest of my stories there is no real descriptive sex in it. So if you like a story where the sex is hot and fast then this is not the story for you. I like to leave some facts for the reader to use their imagination. In the first three chapters I have told you about the first time our wives turned into exhibitionists, and the resulting orgy with “our group” that had happened after they exposed themselves. We then had to have all those discussions about this newfound morality amongst us. That leads us to this chapter, and the group of us enjoying the continuing fun of those new liaisons. In this chapter we also add a new member to the group.


As I said before, because they were women, April and Amy just had to talk to death the topic of how much they enjoyed that first day of debauchery, and what it meant to them. Of course being women they had to discuss feelings, and other such things until that was the predominate topic they talked about. It’s a good thing the phone companies charged by the month for their service because it seemed like the two of them had grafted phones to their ears for the next week or so.

Al and Amy met with April and I the next weekend at our place to do the finishing touches on the lawn that we had expanded last week. As Al and I finished the work, April and Amy pranced about in those “micro bikinis” again. Of course Al and I couldn’t help it when we got all horny watching them.

Al and I quietly plotted a bit when the girls couldn’t hear us talking. We had a discussion about their teasing us with their almost naked bodies and what we were going to do about it. The two of us decided that if they were going to be teases, then they shouldn’t complain if we took advantage of this new found sexual freedom. Because Al and I couldn’t take any more of the teasing April and Amy were doing, we hastily made a plan for the night.

After supper when the girls were cleaning up and rinsing off a few dishes, Al and I just walked up behind them as they were standing at the sink and untied the strings on their bikini tops. The girls instinctively reacted to this by trying to stop the tops from falling down. Their hands automatically went to their boobs to hold the tops in place. Our hands then went to the strings on their hips and we untied the strings that were holding their bottoms on. The girls didn’t quite know what was going on as we then grabbed the others spouse threw them over our shoulders and leaving those bikinis on the floor headed for the bedroom.

Mind you April and Amy weren’t fighting us too hard as we made our way down the hallway. They were even giggling about what was happening to them. From there it didn’t take much time at all until Al and I were fully engaged in enjoying the other’s wife’s body. There wasn’t much warm up needed because when I touched Amy’s pussy she was already soaked and ready for action. So I just laid her back quickly got undressed, and got between her legs and entered her pussy.

For the next while I enjoyed that tight pussy as she met me thrust for thrust. The best part for me was to be pumping my hard cock into a very responsive Amy and being able to look at April getting herself fucked by Al right beside us.

After we had our belly bumping with each other’s spouse we changed partners. We talked a bit as we swapped partners and Al said to the rest of us that he was enjoying being in the “lifestyle” now. I must say we all agreed with him and agreed that this “lifestyle” was a lot of fun.

It didn’t take me and Al too long to get hard again and as I pushed my rejuvenated cock into a very juicy pussy that April now had, I thought to myself that I definitely liked the sensation of having a sopping wet used pussy wrapping itself around my pole. I thought back to the other weekend where there were a few other guys cum in Amy’s flooded pussy. I remembered that her soaked pussy felt pretty good too. I definitely knew that I was becoming addicted to having sloppy seconds or even thirds.

After that night we were meeting at least two times a month, whenever we could arrange it, to swap partners and we all completely enjoyed the freedom of being able to have an adventurous time with a partner that wasn’t a spouse.

One advantage of this sharing was having our wives so horny all the time that Al and I found we had more staying power than before. The girls had built up our stamina just by wanting us more often and using our bodies at the drop of a hat. The girls also told us that they were enjoying our new found endurance because they were having more and stronger orgasms. Over all, I guess this was a very satisfactory arrangement for all of us.

April and Amy set a date for another orgy/gangbang about a month after that first encounter with the four of us guys. When they first started to confirm a date they were asking us if Ray and Joe could make it so that we would have the original six bahis firmaları participants. Ray and Joe had enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity to take pleasure in our wives bodies, and they told April and Amy that they would attend come hell or high water.

Al and I were pleased that the girls had set another date and were excited, not to mention turned on, about the thought of the two of our wives once again being the focal point of this new adventure we found ourselves in.

Al came into work a few days after Amy and April had set the date and told me that since the two girls had made arrangements for the second party that Amy was almost insatiable in the bedroom. She was wearing him out because the thought of another chance for her to enjoy multiple partners was so sexually exciting for her that just thinking about the upcoming event had her wanting Al all the time.

I knew what he was talking about because all I would have to do was mention to April that she looked sexy as all get out when she had multiple cocks to play with, or just whisper the word orgy, and that was enough to get her juices flowing, and she would jump my bones in a flash. Believe me when I say she had turned from a loving wife into a woman that craved raw sex at the mere hint of it. Our love life had gone from pretty good to somewhere out in the stratosphere.

When the date for our second orgy/gangbang finally came around, we all congregated at Al and Amy’s place for this much anticipated event. Sexual tension was in the air and everyone knew what was going to happen. After a couple of drinks we got a bit more comfortable and Joe again brought out his home-grown weed. The marijuana definitely got everyone relaxed and at ease with what we all knew was going to happen.

I think it was Ray that said that he had had a hard time this last month because whenever he closed his eyes all he could see was April and Amy in those “micro bikinis”. He added that he had been looking forward to enjoying the sight of the girls in their bikinis again. Joe then piped up and said to both girls, “You two look pretty hot dressed like that, you should model those sexy bikinis again.

April and Amy looked at each other and April spoke for both of them when she explained, “Since the last time we all met, Amy and I have come to the realization that we have become exhibitionists, and by flaunting our almost naked bodies we get so horny that we need lots of sex to quench the desire we get. We have discovered that we get a major charge out of walking around displaying our bodies in front of a group of guys. Remember as long as we all agree that this sort of information about Amy and I remain a closely guarded secret that we would both be glad to model for you all.”

Amy added, “I am happy that my body is appreciated by you four guys but if the word gets out to anyone else about how shamelessly I am behaving I will be very upset and that will be the end of it. This arrangement we have is pretty good, so don’t anyone go screwing it up.”

April then giggled like little schoolgirl and added, “Amy and I are serious about this, and we would be happy to model our bikinis for you guys if you agreed to that.”

Amy bluntly told us, “Another thing you guys have to realize is that the only way that you guys will get to see the two of us in our “micro bikinis, doing our teasing, is if you all agree afterwards to keep on fucking us until we tell you to stop.”

There were four very fast replies saying that we agreed with those terms and the girls went off to change.

After April and Amy changed, they started off their little show, by prancing around in front of us, and doing a lot of teasing. It wasn’t until about the third bikini switch they made that they allowed their nipples and boobs to be flashed. After that all pretence of modesty evaporated, as they started to really loosen up and started to vigorously shake their tits in our faces and sit on our laps giving us lap dances.

We all were getting in lots of feels, and the girls were removing our clothes. It wasn’t long until everyone was nude, and we were doing belly shots again. This time instead of using drinks, April had brought along some honey, which we dropped all over the girl’s bodies especially on their pussies and then licked it up. All that tongue action that night tended to get the girls super hot.

Al suggested that seeing as the girls liked all that tongue action that we should start every party off with a lot of it. So we decided that we would start every session by teasing the girls for an extended time by licking honey, or whatever, out of their pussies making sure the girls had plenty of orgasms.

We found that after about ten minutes the girls were hot enough, but we kept up the action for a while longer. They soon were begging us for someone to please fuck them. By this time there was no way that the four of us guys were going to hold back any more, so the orgy went into overdrive. Well needless to say we four guys did April and kaçak iddaa Amy for most of the night, and even managed to outdo our previous performance from the month before.

The only difference in this night’s revelry compared to the month before was Al and I could ravage our own wives as well as the other’s. That meant that both April and Amy had all four of us guys during the night at least a couple of times. Needless to say all three of the girl’s orifices got the treatment from us guys that night, and the girls took three guys at once more than a couple of times.

We four guys got to the point that we were so turned on we never lost our erections, so we kept pumping away even if we couldn’t cum any more. I’m sure that the girls thought all of us guys were on a double dose of Viagra. We fucked both April and Amy until we all were completely worn out. After a shower and rest, we all sacked out in the two beds.

Mind you after a good night’s sleep, the next morning started out with a repeat performance that continued for a couple of hours.

Everyone was even more delighted with the results of this second orgy compared to the first one, even if the girls were fairly sore for a few days afterwards. After that it became a regular thing to do. Once a month we would all get together for our fun filled night of blatant unabashed sex. For the whole month all of us eagerly looked forward to the date when the incredible orgy night was being held.

One thing we discussed after that second orgy was that the “micro bikinis” had all been seen by everyone now and although they were indeed sexy we wanted to have a change of scenery. We all agreed to change things a bit and Ray and Joe actually volunteered to bring out a new piece of lingerie for every gathering just so that the girls could stoke our fires at the start of the proceedings. Hell that sounded like a good deal so we agreed to that.

The agenda for our group sessions after that was, the girls would don their new lingerie and put on a display of their bodies to get us warmed up. We actually found that getting the girls to strut their bodies for us did more to get the girls hot than it did us guys. Mind you, we didn’t take much to get worked up after the girls started to expose their bodies.

Once things had gotten to the “HOT” point for Amy and April they would commence undressing us guys with some teasing of our bodies also being done. They had wanted to do this to us instead of all us just ripping off our clothes and attacking them.

By the time everyone was naked we were super turned on and ready to go. Just too slow things down a bit the honey pot was brought out next so that Amy and April had that oral sex we had decided on. That oral action seemed to wind April and Amy up so tight that after that anything went

With the orgy/gangbangs happening, we soon found that although April and Amy only wanted them once a month, that their sexual appetite in between the parties was a lot higher than it had been before. I must say that Al and I may had been about average in getting sex two or three times a week before the orgy/gangbangs had started but we were getting sex about four or five times a week now. The girls had really come out of their shells since we started with the orgy/gangbangs and had drastically changed their point of view about sex.

Al and I found that between the major orgy times as well as some swapping back and forth we would find our wives wanting to invite either Joe or Ray over for a threesome. So between the dates of the orgy/gangbangs, about once a week the girls had someone else in our beds with us.

Al and I never minded this because it took some of the workload off of us and we still got all we could handle. Mind you Ray and Joe never complained about being asked to join either of the girls.

With all that was happening in our lives the first thing to change was the girl’s everyday style of dress. They now seemed to dress to impress, and show off more skin. In public they didn’t dress too provocatively, but there was enough skin and shape hugging clothes that guys definitely took notice. At home they dressed to please us guys and Al and I loved the additions of their new negligees and sexy outfits that were added to their dressers. Of course those outfits had to be modeled and led to many a night of uninhibited sex.

Amy had noticeably changed how she dressed from her old frumpy self and now appeared to be a different woman. We noticed that she was wearing her hair down now and April and she had gotten their hair styled. The two of them added new clothes to their wardrobe that flattered their body shape. They spent hours figuring out what makeup worked best for them and in the end they looked pretty hot and were even more desirable.

Amy soon found that the guys where she worked were taking an interest in her and always hanging around her work station. She admitted that her viewpoint on her new sex life was a real character booster and that she should have done something kaçak bahis like this a long time ago. Al wasn’t complaining in the least about the guys hitting on her because he reaped the rewards of her coming home horny nearly every night.

April had changed a bit too since our orgies/gangbangs had started. She had always been proper in front of others but adventurous in the bedroom. With the parties once a month, and the extra bed partners every now and then, she now was so sure of herself and her sex appeal that she carried herself with a new attitude. She now definitely knew she was very desirable, and was not afraid to push the envelope a bit. I had always told her she was sexy, but before the orgies she hadn’t really felt that way.

She had always been hit on by guys she had to interact with at work, but she had never paid them any attention figuring they were just being nice to her. That was until one night in the early fall she came home from work and wanted to have a serious talk with me.

April worked at a liquor store in the city and liked the job a lot. That week she had been training a guy that had moved here from Newfoundland. Pete didn’t know anyone in this province and was lonely. She told me that she thought he was a nice guy who was lost and lonely being so far away from home. He hadn’t been here too long and didn’t know too many people.

She apparently was having lunch with him every day, and admitted to me that they flirted back and forth all the time. April then told me that she would like to have him out one night for a visit. I agreed and asked her just what kind of visit she wanted. She said just a friendly visit, but she also admitted she liked this guy a lot and that if anything else happened she wanted to be able to go with the flow.

I reminded her that since we had opened up our relationship that we had an agreement that we could have sex with others but we both had to be present. She said that’s why she wanted him to come out and meet me. She said that he was such a nice guy and that his Newfie accent was a real turn on. I agreed to meet him and she came home the next night and said that Pete would be out that Friday. He would follow her home from work and then have supper with us.

Friday came and Pete arrived with some wine in hand and April introduced him to me. I could see why April liked him he had such an outgoing personality and was fairly good looking. We had pleasant conversation as we ate our meal and as the evening went on with the wine flowing, the two of them were flirting with each other.

As I cleaned up the dishes while the two of them talked at the table I could see where this was leading. When April came up beside me to thank me for cleaning up, I quietly told her, “If you want to take it to the next level with Pete you can.”

April smiled at me and returned to the table and turned to Pete and blurted out, “Do you want to fuck me? I sure want you, so if your answer is yes let’s not waste any more time and get at it.” This surprised him some, and he was a leery for a bit. That was until I told him I didn’t mind, and to have fun.

Well after that, I might as well not been there for all the attention they paid me. I sort of snuck off and left them alone. I sat on the front deck and watched as they came into the front room and sat on the sofa. The sofa sat just under the window, which was open so I could hear everything. He told April, “I want you, but your husband is around somewhere. Are you sure this is OK.”

April told him, “Don’t worry, Bill is OK with this. The two of us are swingers, and have done this sort of thing before,” She gave him a kiss that quickly intensified while they tried to suck each other’s face off.

Pete was soon lost in lust, and I think that if a bomb had gone off he would not have known. I watched through the window as they both tried to get their clothes off as fast as possible.

It didn’t take them long until she was bent over the back of a chair with him behind her pistoning in and out of her like there was no tomorrow. The two of them must have arranged themselves into a half a dozen different positions in the next while, and I could see, that even with him being so turned on, that he was a patient lover. He made sure that April was enjoying the action just as much as he was.

April finally came with a fair bit of noise and Pete soon followed. After a short rest the two of them couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and they started again. This time they both came at the same time and as they came down from their second sexual high I went back into the house. Pete was still a bit nervous until I started to take off my clothes, while telling him that April should be warmed up now and that we should have a threesome with her.

I picked her up and carried her to our bedroom with him following behind. I again got to enjoy April’s used pussy that was still filled with the two of their juices. Pete and I spent the next while making sure that April was well satisfied. Afterwards Pete admitted that this was his first time with a hot married woman in a threesome. He said, “Threesomes are a real turn on and watching a sexy woman as her husband fucks her right after he had was great.”

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