Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 49

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 40). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 49 – Plans For a New Home. Learning to Fly


There were about a dozen of us standing in the middle of the field we euphemistically called The Farm. I didn’t like that name. I wanted something more like Tara – the fictional plantation in Gone With The Wind. It didn’t even need to sound that dramatic. I even wanted a pastoral feel to the name since we were in the country. I had put out the need for a better name to everyone, and declared I was the judge and jury on what the winning name was. In fact, I wanted every one of us to love the new name.

Standing around in the early afternoon sun were Elsa, Cindy, Sheila, Melanie, KC, and me, plus Greg, Kim, Pam, and Sean, Lucas and Marcia. In the distance along the new access road there were several other security staff, along with our cars.

Greg and Sean had set up a large folding table where about forty large blueprint size pages showing the design of the house lay spread out and held down in the breeze by some rocks. A large portable computer also graced the table. There was also an easel with about ten foam board sketches and plans on them large enough for everyone to see. A bungee chord kept the boards from blowing away in the light breeze.

Greg started the presentation. “This is the first draft of the house plan for you. You’ve all had input to it, even Pam and Kim, and a few others such as Barnes, Marshall, Deke, and so on. On the ground behind you, you can see various colored stakes of different heights.”

Greg walked over to one. The stakes like this orange one map out the perimeter of the main house.” He unfurled the first page of the large sheets and we all looked. “This is one version of what the front might look like. The entry way would be between those blue stakes off of a circular driveway on this side of the house.”

Greg continued elaborating on room arrangement and showing on the computer a ‘fly through’ of the house. He also pointed to various rooms on the plans on the easel.

Sean picked up, “A connected ‘out’ building will house the vehicle fleet, yard maintenance equipment, ten golf carts to get around in, and a full-size gymnasium. Along the backside of the gym is an indoor firing range. You already have an outdoor range down by the runway. Adjacent to the far end of the gym are also several workout rooms, some with mats and some with equipment.” He went on detailing the various components.

Elsa then talked about the sleeping wing of the house and the upstairs rooms, a three-story structure housing six master bedroom suites and ten smaller bedrooms. She explained, “This is to be a party house. We will be able to accommodate about thirty-eight people sleeping over in various configurations, providing there is some bed sharing.” She giggled. “More could probably sleep if we include sofas and futons downstairs.”

Lucas stepped forward and pointed at part of the plan; “We have separate quarters for onsite security staff closer to the roadway. The entire property will be fenced and state of the art sensors will warn of intruders. Cameras will be used extensively throughout the property and inside rooms. There are two safe rooms in the house; one near the main master bedroom that Mark and the girls will use, and one closer to the main living areas. I’ve run this design past several other security firms specializing in this kind of thing and they think our design is the best they’ve ever seen.” Lucas also went through and detailed various aspects of the plan and other security arrangements for the property.

Greg then came forward and talked about what the girls and I should do now, basically pouring over the plans with a red pencil in hand, questioning, improving, editing, adding, deleting, modifying, and on and on. He then walked us around the house stakes, giving us a sense of the views we’d have from various windows, and canlı bahis the distances involved.

When they were all finished about two hours had passed. I suggested we all swim since it was a warm day and the water was a beautiful temperature. We walked down to our sodded area beside the river and stripped down, and then the twelve of us got in the river and swam around.

The buzz of conversation was all about the house – room arrangements, sizes, floors, function, appliances, doorways, windows, and even gimmicks that would be nice to have.

We had a dozen chaises and chairs scattered around on the lawn near our swimming hole, plus Elsa had gotten a large shed installed to house the water toys, towels, and even serve as a changing cabana for our more modest friends – if we ever found any.

Also in the shed was a gas refrigerator than ran on propane. Instead of running electricity a mile to service the only the shed, Elsa had arranged for the site to be self-sustaining providing we got a periodic delivery of propane. There was also a gas grill and several gaslights.

Melanie and KC played hostess and got everyone drinks, as we sat around and chatted. Despite our nudity, no one seemed intent on starting anything sexual, or if they did, they were doing a good job of hiding those needs.

During our chat, I asked Lucas, “Say, what’s happening with our not-so-good-friend Myron Tanner?”

Lucas snorted, “He’s still in jail. Bail has been revoked three times now. He’s considered both a flight risk and a hazard to you and your family. He comes up for a psych evaluation very soon. Just to be on the safe side we did take out a restraining order, but it’s kind of hollow with him incarcerated. He comes up for trial the end of next month, although his lawyers keep arguing for release and extensions.”

“Do any of us have to testify?”

“I think Elsa and Cindy, since there were the ones about to be shot by him. The video and pictures they took of him from that sidewalk café are indicting. Further, the police found the remote control for the drone in his apartment as well as the makings for the fake bomb.”

“He’s a nut case.”

Lucas said, “We recommended the psych exam, but it hasn’t happened yet.”

“Why’d he go after us? His termination from my company?”

“Precisely. He feels you personally were to blame for the loss of his job. He expanded that to the girls when he found out they were close to you. You are all in the news, you know. He claims he never wanted to hurt any of you, only to harass the bejesus out of you. With the gun and a few other things they didn’t mention, the police think that he was escalating things and that personal harm would have started to occur very soon. It’s one of the reasons the DA ask for revocation of bail.”

I watched Cindy gather up her clothing and dress. She said something to Elsa, and then ran up the hill towards the trailer and the cars. I figured she was going to the bathroom, but she didn’t return. I’d find out later what was happening, I felt sure.

About an hour later, during a lull in the conversation, a small high-wing Cessna circled the property three times. The naked women all ran out in the open and waved frantically at the small plane that was up about five hundred or a thousand feet.

I sauntered out, still naked as everyone else was who had been sitting around talking. I asked, “What’s all this about?”

Elsa pointed up at the plane, “That’s Cindy. Today was her first flying lesson. Isn’t this great. She’s going to be a pilot. Eventually, she’ll use the runway here on the property.” Elsa pointed in the direction of the grass landing strip.

I studied the small plane as it eventually leveled off and then headed off to the east, more or less away from the city. In those few seconds, I realized how important aviation was about to become to many of us in the family.


I was envious of Cindy and her flying so I decided to take lessons too. I asked her whether my taking them would piss her off because I was treading on one of the things that made her unique.

To my surprise, she was enthusiastic that I join her in her new hobby. She jumped up and down, “We can study together. There are many exams we have to take, lots of book and practical knowledge, plus we have to take oral tests and flights tests all along the way to being good pilots. This will be like a two year journey, just as we’ve been doing with martial arts and the handguns.”

Thus, I found bahis siteleri myself a week later on Sunday morning at the Air Ranch Airport getting into a Cessna 152 after learning how to pre-flight the aircraft to make sure the wings and tail didn’t fall off while we were flying. The small airport was about ten miles from our new property and away from the city.

Cindy and I had parallel lessons that day. Her instructor took her to the northeast and mine took me to the southeast to a practice area. I learned about the controls, the feel of the plane, the sounds at various engine settings, gliding and sink ratios, the instruments, and the ‘sight picture’ for straight and level flight. Gradually, I got introduced to standard-rate turns and then steep turns around a point.

Suddenly, my flight hour was up and we headed back to the field. I learned about radio procedure. I could hear Cindy radio her position and intent in a halting voice – ‘Air Ranch Airport, Cessna 1604 Xray is five miles to the northeast landing on runway one-four.’

Wes Silver, my instructor that day, coached me about calling in on the Unicom frequency, and I duplicated Cindy’s radio message with our own tail number and location information. Wes pointed out Cindy’s plane long before I spotted it. We watched her enter the downwind leg, turn base leg, and then set up her final approach, as she descended to the runway.

About the time she set down Wes coached me through the traffic pattern and the appropriate power settings – downwind, base, final approach, flare, and landing. He had me taxi back to our parking spot and then push the planes into their spots with a tow-bar.

I was leaping around outside the plane with Cindy after my first lesson I was so elated. This was almost as good as sex and I vocally declared that. Wes and Scott Stone, Cindy’s instructor, stood and watched us carry on with skeptical looks on their faces.

We finally settled down, and I looked at the two of them. I asked, “What? What’s wrong?”

Wes laughed, “Flying is way better than sex.”

Scott shook his head, “I disagree; it doesn’t even come close. Sex is the quintessential perfect moment for two people.”

I shrugged and tossed out, “Oh, how limiting; only two people. I like sex with a much larger group of people.” The two guys looked at each other with a tinge of shock.

Cindy and I helped tie down the planes and strolled off to the office. That day, I went home with a pile of books, manuals, special maps, and a couple of neat little devices to help me learn how to plan a trip and navigate. Wes also gave me a list of apps to get for my iPad and a list of doctors so I could get a third-class medical certificate that basically stated I could see the ground on a clear day, hear whether the engine was working or not, and was generally healthy enough to fly.

Mark was fascinated with the two of us learning to fly. He peppered us with questions about what we’d done, what the planes were like, what our instructors said, did, and told us to do, and on and on. I’d rarely seen him interested in something like this outside of business except for my sisters and me, the new house, and our sex parties – and not necessarily in that order.

Mark had to fly to Phoenix for a day trip on Thursday. Cindy and I drew straws to see who’d get to ride in the jump seat in the Cessna Citation X on the trip. She won. Mark thought he’d have one of us as a companion; instead she rode the entire trip in both directions in the small jump seat that unfolded between and slightly behind the captain and first officer’s seats in the front of the plane. Further, she didn’t go with Mark to his meetings; instead, she stayed with the plane at the remote airport and talked aviation to everybody including our pilot.

John Morris, our senior captain and frequent pilot of all Worthington aircraft, talked to her the entire trip and a lot on the ground about flying, the private pilot’s curriculum and beyond, and his experiences. I got the same treatment from him a week later on a trip to Seattle and back. He was a gem, and he also knew more about flying than anybody since the Wright brothers; he had 24,000 hours of flight time and there was probably not an airport in existence where he hadn’t landed at least once. He’d even flown in supplies to both the north and south poles for various expeditions doing polar research.

Cindy and I filled our weekend days with our avocations. Our bodyguard activities occupied a good part of Saturday: bahis şirketleri martial arts, urban survival, knife throwing, handgun training, and an aggressive exercise regime to keep us near top physical performance. The exercise program also followed us in the week, but the Saturday portion was especially intense with our trainers and instructors.

Sunday mornings, we were at the airport. We did an hour of ground school with Wes or Scott, and then each of us flew for sixty to ninety minutes with one of the instructors. If time and the weather cooperated we sometimes were able to get a lesson in on Tuesday and-or Thursday evenings if we left work early. The other evenings we were doing our book learning and a DVD ground school course that kept putting us to sleep so often we kept having to back up and replay entire lessons.

Wes and Scott signed us off for solo flights after we each had fifteen hours of flying under our belts. They cut the shirttails from our shirts and hung them at the airport with others who had soloed with them as instructors. After that we split our time between solo flights practicing basic flight maneuvers and flights with instructors. Cindy and I both took our cross-country trips on the same day. I went in a large circuit to the northeast, and Cindy to the southeast. We stayed to the east because of the large Terminal Control Airspace for the city airport that overlay Air Ranch Airport that we flew from. That airspace also overlay the small airport we made at The Farm.

We got introduced to night flying in the fall when the clocks changed. Going with that, we also got our introduction to flying on instruments, even doing stalls and stall recoveries on instruments. We were constantly praised for smooth flying; no jerky motions, no over controlling, no white knuckles holding the yoke, and so on. Good cockpit habits were drilled into us on every flight.

All work and no play make Jill a dull girl. We made sure to maintain an active social and sexual life with Mark and our sisters. Weekday nights we were together, and often practiced romantic and loving sex with one another. Mark, of course, was the center of it all, but when he was occupied with one or two of us, the rest of us knew how to play well together.

Mark watched each of the videos we’d made with Troy and Dan over and over again, often while fucking one of us. They really excited him, I think because he hadn’t been there, yet here we were on his large screen TV fucking wildly with a relative stranger. The videos were pretty good porn by any standards.

We were having what were basically sex parties every three or four weeks, usually at the condo, especially as chilly weather started to reappear and we didn’t want to be outside at our swimming hole by the river. Besides the six of us, the others in attendance usually included Andy and Margo, Don and Edie, Jon and Amber, Greg and Kim, Sean and Pam, Lucas and Marcia, and the extra single guys Deke, Ryan, Mike, James, and Carter. If everyone showed up, which was rare, we had eleven women and twelve men.

One night after we were lying around in a sexual stupor after some marvelous lovemaking sessions, Mark asked me, “You know how to get in touch with Troy and Dan, those guys you and Cindy fucked at the hotel a couple of months ago?”

“Yes, I have their emails and phones.” I made sure to add, “I’ve never communicated with them since that night.”

“Why don’t you invite them to one of our parties? Where are they from?”

“They were both from the Atlanta area. They work for the same company and were here on business – something to do with specialty foods.”

“See if they can come. Tell them to bring their wives or girlfriends. I’d love to watch the two of you with them again only in the flesh. Since they’re handsome fellows, I assume they’ll have gorgeous wives as well … and, you know how I like new pussy.”

That last statement shocked me and brought me to a standstill. My radar must have been totally broken the night we met those guys, and Cindy’s too. I talked to her out of earshot about Mark’s request.

I asked Cindy, “Did you ever ask either Dan or Troy if they were married or had girlfriends?”

“Errr, no. It didn’t seem to make a difference that night. We just wanted to get laid and have some extra-relationship fun. It was a one-night stand, at least it was until now. I heard Mark ask you to invite them to one of our parties.”

“Let me call Troy and see what the lay of the land is.”

“You just want to get laid on the land, right?”

I smiled at her play on words and pulled my cellphone out as I walked out on the balcony to put the word out about our next party. This might get really interesting very soon.

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