Birds of a Feather, Chapter9

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To the negative Anonymous reader: I have read all of your comments and I would have to agree with you, I make many mistakes. So do about 80% of the other writers on here. Your comments concerned me so much I conferred with one of the ladies whose name I use as a fictional character in this story. She showed me a top selling book she was reading and the twelve errors she had found in the first two chapters, but the story plot was very interesting so she just overlooked the error. I ask her to proof read my chapters but she told me I would learn more if I would do it myself and try to improve with each chapter. Also, she told me to listen to constructive criticism and try to improve on the things they pointed out. When she read your comments, she seem to think you expressed yourself as a person with, “a better than thou attitude” and you probably read the stories to find fault with them because you though you could always do better.(Her words, not mine) I’m not that well read and don’t know you at all so I would not judge. Just so you know, I will continue to write and will listen to advice and try to do better but PLEASE, a type “O” I know enema is enema, which I have correctly used many times in these chapters. I appreciated good advice but being a smart ass about it is not necessary. Thank you for your help… Treborkat

Birds of a Feather, Chapter 9, (Oh happy day and the surprise of our lives)

Friday morning was here and the end of another workweek. We were up early, showering, dressing, eat breakfast and was on our way to work. Kathy was in a very good mood. She was constantly kissing and touching me and it really made me feel great.

We were a little early so we detoured by her house to pick up the mail and check the place out to be sure everything was okay.

On the drive to work Kathy couldn’t keep her hands of my cock. She had me pushing so hard against my pants it was causing me some pain.

I parked and when we got out of the car, Cindy and Beth pulled in beside us. As soon as Beth stepped out of the car, she noticed the bulge in my pants. She called out to Cindy, “They’ve been playing in the car again, and Frank’s got a boner.

We all laughed as I walked close behind Kathy to help hide my condition. Once inside Kathy gave me my big hug and a long, lingering kiss, and then walked on toward the other building.

This old guy, Gus, was standing by his machine watching as I walked toward him. As I got closer he started smiling, “You’re one luck man Frank Howard. That woman loves you like my Nellie loved me and that’s better than all the money in the word. I patted him on the back as I walked by, “Gus, you’re so right on all accounts,”

Cindy comes to the office to bring me a breakdown on a new design we were due to start running on Monday. I was looking at her while she was going over the details. I thought how amazing she was. Kathy and I had been involved in wild, unbelievable sex with her. Yet, here she was discussing business with me in a professional manner that would rival any top executive anywhere.

She looked at me and asked, “Are you paying attention to what I’m telling you.” I laughed and told her, “Yes, some of it but I’m not at all worried about it, I have a highly skilled professional looking after it and I know she will pull it off without a hitch.

She just looked at me for a minute then said, “Don’t even try that shit on me Big Boss Man. You’re just trying to chalk points to be sure I’ll invite you and Kathy to the big party next time.”

“No Cindy, I said it in a joking manner but I did mean it. You’re good and I hope good things happen for you here.

I could tell it embarrassed her a little but it also makes her feel good about herself. I grabbed my clipboard and we started out of the office when the phone rang. She waved over her shoulder as I turned back to answer the phone.

It was Hank calling to be sure we were still on for to night. I started to tell him yes when a streak of mischief hit me. “Yes, tonight will be fine or we can do it tomorrow if the would be better.

There was complete silence for a second then Hank said, “Tonight would be fine. I don’t think we can make it tomorrow.” There was a short silence again then Hank asks, “Are you going to be free tomorrow, do you and Kathy have plans?”

It was all I could do to keep from laughing; I knew I was right; he was planning to be at Al’s house. “Oh shit, I forgot, we ARE going to be tied up this weekend. Tonight will be fine.”

I give him directions to Kathy’s house and we agreed on 6:30 PM and dinner afterward. I still had a hard time believing this party of Al’s was going to take place but I was beginning to get excited about it.

Cindy and Beth were all smiles all afternoon. Cindy stopped me when I was making rounds. She show me some up-dated specs on the new line we were starting Monday. Just before I walked away, Cindy told me they should get back home by the middle of the afternoon Sunday and asks if it would be okay to call and fill us in on the weekend.

I was not sure what time we may be home, so I told her to make it after eight and we looked forward to hearing all the juicy details. She give me a hi-five and said with a big smile, “Sure thing Big Boss Man.”

I told her she had better be careful with that Big Boss Man Shit, it could come back to haunt her. “No fucking way, a woman taking your job, NO FUCKING WAY. You know s well as I do, if you move on up they’ll give your job to a man. I just smiled as I walked away and left her wondering.

At lunchtime, I met Kathy in the hallway by the cafeteria and told her about my conversation with Hank and I thought he and Mr. Horton would be the surprise guest at Al’s party.

She told me she was thinking the same but she just couldn’t get her mind around Hank, the man who was about to take over the company, and Mr. Horton, the present owner and also old enough to be our Farther would be naked at party with us, much less having sex .

I saw Cindy and Beth setting at a table along the back wall. We went through the line then went to the table to set with them.

Both women were very up beat. I knew the reason for it but knew we wouldn’t be talking very much about it. We just didn’t talk about these things when there was chance we may be overheard.

Beth said Cindy told her we had talked about women becoming supervisors and asks if I thought it was possible. “Yes, I know it’s more than possible. I think either or both of you have just as much of a chance as any man working here. I think our new boss is more interested in results than gender“.

Beth looked around to be sure no one was near us then said, “I‘ve been so fucking hot today. My pussy is soaking wet. I‘ve even thought about going to the restroom and masturbating to see if that would help.

“Would you like for us to go together and I could eat your pussy,” Kathy said with a big smile. Beth smiled back, “Fuck you bitch, stop teasing me, it just makes it harder. You two should be there with us this weekend, them we could eat each other’s pussy and make us both happy.

As we left the cafeteria, Kathy and I hugged and kissed as we headed back to our work areas. As Cindy and I walked back to our area she told me she wasn’t sure why but she was very nervous about the weekend party

I could relate to her situation but I couldn‘t tell her so. I only told her I was sure they would be fine and have a great time.

The afternoon pasted very fast. I had everything in order and was ready to go at five, sharp. By the time I reached the parking lot Kathy was there and we were on our way home.

We were in and out of the bathroom, dressed and out the door in record time. Kathy asks how I felt about tonight. I told her I was a little nervous, things seem to be moving so fast, sometimes it was a little hard to keep up.

Kathy gently squeezed my leg and asks, “Dose that include things between us?”

I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to me, “Honey, the one thing in this world that I’m sure about is US. I have never casino oyna had what you give to me and I’m not just talking about sex.”

“Are you telling me you don’t want to have sex with me any more?” “Hell NO, that’s not what I was talking about.” I glanced over at her to see an ear-to-ear grin. I laughed, “You little shit, you know what I was talking about.

As we approached Kathy’s house we saw a new BMW pull in the drive. We pulled in behind it just as Hank stepped out of the car. Kathy said, “Damn, a BMW, the poor guy is almost walking.” we both laughed as we stepped out of our car.

The door on the right side of Hank’s car open and his wife stepped out. It was still light enough we could get a good look at her.

She seemed to be a little shorter than Kathy . She had short, blond hair and from what I could see, seems to have a well-proportioned body.

We all walked to the front of Hank’s car. He turned to us, “Hey you two; Frank and Kathy, this is my wife Patty.

Patty extended her hand to me and I noticed the soft hand but firm grip as we shook hands. She turned to Kathy but instead of an extended hand she put her arms around Kathy’s neck and hugged her.

Kathy looked a little shocked but returned the hug. Patty said, “I’m so pleased to meet you both, I’ve heard so much about you, I was really looking forward to meeting you.”

I was wondering what she had heard and I was sure Kathy was thinking the same thing.

Kathy walked ahead of us to open the door and we followed. As soon as Patty stepped through the door she started, “Oh look at all the room, look at the large den, Oh, Hank, it’s so big.” She asks Kathy if she could see the back yard before it got too dark.

Kathy walked through to the sliding doors, open them and stepped aside for Patty to see. “Oh Hank, come look Honey, there’s so much room. The kids will love it.

I thought what’s going on here; this woman is part of a very wealthy family. Kathy does have a nice house but this has to be simple and minor to Patty.

As Hank and I started toward the back door he said, “Please forgive Pattie, we’ve been living in a condo for the past three years. We’re both county folks and we have felt like shut-in’s the past three years. She was really hoping you had a big back yard.”

We walked through the rest of the house and Patty was like a little child with a new toy. She kept hugging Kathy and expressing her deight with the house.

I couldn’t help but notice every hug from Patty was a little tighter and lounger each time and Kathy was doing the same in return.

Hank asks if she would consider renting it furnished. Kathy told him there were a few personal things including her clothes; she would need to move out but everything else could stay

Hank took a note pad out of his pocked and wrote something on it then handed it to Katy. “If we can agree on this figure we will have a lease drawn up effective the first of the month.

Kathy looked at the paper, her mouth dropped open, and she started shaking her head. Hank, I could never charge you that, it is way too much.

She handed the paper to me, then I was the one with the surprise look. “Nonsense, we pay more than that for the condo and it‘s just a place to get out of the weather. This wouldn’t be just a house, it would be a home and we would love that.

Kathy said she needed to think it over for a few minutes. She walked through the house, stopping in every room and looking around.

“Okay, I still think it too much money but I have plans for it and I wanted to be sure there was nothing here I felt like I wouldn’t walk away from. This is not my home anymore, I live just down the road with the man I love.

Pattie jumped up and latterly screamed for joy. She run over to Kathy, threw her arms around her neck and gave her a really bug. Then she gave her a couple of kisses in her cheek. Patty pulled back a little then gives Kathy a big kiss in the lips.

I could see Kathy blush a little but she return the kiss. Hank laughed a little, “I think your lady had pleased my lady very much.” Several thought run through my mind but I just held my tongue, waiting to see how things worked out.

“Hey you guys, I’m getting hungry and a good glass of wind would go good right now,” I said as I turned toward the front door.

Hank followed us to the restaurant and as we walked across the parking lot, I noticed Kathy and Patty were holding hands. Hank noticed also but didn’t seem to give it a second thought.

We set at a round table near the back of the dining room. Kathy was on one side of me and Pattie was on the other side

They all ask if I would order the wine then we all ordered staked with the sides of our choice. The food and wine was all great. We were all very relaxed and the conversation became a little more personal. Kathy and I told them about our former marriages, our divorces and our plans for the two of us to be married.

They told us they had been married for eleven years, had a son, 10 ½ years and a daughter, 9 years old. They had a very happy marriage and made an effort to keep it fresh and exciting.

Again, several thought run through my mind but I just kept quite. As these thoughts run through my mind I was very much aware of Patty constantly touching Kathy, holding her hand, caressing her cheek and a couple of time lifted Kathy’s hand to her lips and gently kissed her fingers.

We finally left the restaurant and walked back to our cars. We stopped at the back of the cars. Hank and I shook hand and exchanged a friendly hug. I was facing Kathy and Patty at the time. Patty and Kathy embraced in a tight hug, and then I watched as Patty took Kathy’s faced in her hands and gave her a long lingering kiss on the lips. “Thank you, my sweet Kathy. You have made my day in so many ways.

Patty then walked over to me, put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her, kissing me hard on the lips. I was expecting her tongue in my mouth but it didn’t happen. When she pulled back, she looked at me and it was as though she could read my mind, “We do have to save something for later don’t we?”

I glanced over at Hank; he was standing next to me looking at the girls with a smile on his face. He leaned over and give Kathy a light kiss on the lips, “I’ll have all the papers drawn up by Monday evening Patty will have to leave Wednesday, so it would be great if we could work things out by then.

Kathy told them this was all so new to her, just tell what she needed to do and when and she be there.

Even as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I could tell Kathy had something on her mind. She was very quite and seems to be deep in thought.

Finally I asked, “Okay young lady, what’s on your mind. She slipped over closer to me and laid her head on my shoulder. “Honey, am I in trouble with you, do you think this sex thing is getting out of hand?”

I took a minute to think about my response because there were times I had wondered the same thing. “Kathy, my love, I understand what you are asking and I have wondered about it my self. Since our first little get together until now, it’s like every sexual fantasy I’ve ever had and some I had never thought about has come true. None of this would ever have happen if it were not for you. Am I upset or angry with you? “NO”. Am I excited about all the sexual activity; very much so.”

Kathy then ask, “If we go to Al’s party and if we are correct about the surprise guests, have you thought about the fact we may be having sex with the owner of the company we work for and his wife both of whom are old enough to be our parents?”

I started laughing, “Yes, I have also thought about the fact that our new boss and his wife would also be there and have no doubt Patty is gonna jump your bones. I think she has a crush on you.”

“How do you feel about having sex with someone as old as the Horton’s, “She asks with a questioned look on her face?

“You know, I’ve give that a lot of though as well as possibly having sex with the whole Muller family. I’ve decided I’m going to ride this thing as far as it goes as long as you and I agree. I wouldn’t have a hang up anyone of legal age canlı casino as long as it pleases us both.”

“Kathy had a kind of sassy smile as she said, “So anything goes as long as we agree and it’s okay for me to be a little pushy, RIGHT”

“Honey, It’s okay for you to be a lot pushy and I’m sure I’ll love the results.”

When we arrived home Kathy asked, “Frank, I know this will sound weird but I was wondering if we could just shower, go to bed and just cuddle tonight.”

“Of course we can baby, don’t get me wrong. I love all the sex but that warm all over feeling is still at the top of my list”

We walked hand and hand to the shower and enjoyed gently washing every inch of each other. We dried each other off then headed to bed. Even though we were still naked and spooned very close together, it was still about love and not sex.

We were up early Saturday morning and I could tell Kathy was very excited. I was teasing her by caressing, massaging and licking different parts of her body.

We took turns getting each other ready with our enemas, her douche and shared a hot soapy shower before dressing, threw a few things in an over nigh and headed out.

We were very nervous as I rang the doorbell but all that seems to disappear when Helga open the door wearing only a bright smile. I was surprised that a woman her age with two kids to her credit looked as sexy as she did. She had a great looking set of tits with very hard, perky nipples

She hugged Kathy and gave her a firm kiss on the lips, then turned and did the same to me. It was not a real French kiss; instead, she flicked her tongue across my lips a couple of times.

Helga ushered us into a small room just off the foyer, it was like an oversize walk in closet. She showed us a wide verity of sexy outfits for man and female. She also showed us where we could hang our clothes and told us we could ware any of the items there or just join her and get naked.

Kathy was giggling like a young schoolgirl as she removed her clothes. I followed her lead and in just seconds the three of us was standing looking at each other’s nakedness.

Helga didn‘t try to hide the fact that she was checking us out. I inhaled quickly as Helga wrapped her hand around my semi-erect cock.

“Ah YES, just as Amie told us, you have a very nice cock head. Please don’t be shocked by my boldness. You’ll find there are almost no bounders at the private greatening. Feel free to indulge yourselves and do whatever pleases you.”

Helga still had her hand around my now fully erect cock and was lightly squeezing it from time to time.

Kathy and I both had been staring at Helga’s very long, hard nipples. Kathy lean down and sucked one into here mouth. I imminently took the other nipple in my mouth.

Helga moaned as she squeezed a little harder on my cock. She laughed as she released my cock and pushed us both away, “Okay, enough of this, we have greater adventures ahead.”

She walked over to a small cabinet and opens one of the doors. She looked inside a second before she found what she was looking for.

When she turned around, she was holding an unusual looking harness. It looked similar to a strap-on harness but all of the attachments were on the inside.

She held it up so we could get a better look. “Al designed this new toy, we’ve all tried it and he wanted Kathy to try it to see how she likes it.

It was designed with padding on the leg straps, waist ban and a wide strip that went from the front to the back of the waistband. The wide strip had a vibrator inside the front. It was about six inches long and curved up a little. There were two small silicone, butterfly looking wings just above it. There was another vibrator inside, on the backside. It was about the same length as the one on the front but a little smaller around..

Helga then took a bottle from the cabinet. She told us it was the new Karma sutra, cherry flavored, eatable liberation. Moreover, it was the slickest lube they had ever had.

Helga handed me the battle and ask if I would minding applying it to Kathy’s pussy and ass. Kathy was smiling as she used her fingers to open her pussy lips. I applied a generous amount of lube to her pussy lips then pushed two fingers into her pussy. I had to agree with Helga, it was the slickest lube I had ever used.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and moved behind her. She pulled her ass cheeks apart to give me better access. I poured my palm full and pulled my hand up through the crack of her ass, moving my hand around to coat my finger with the lube.

I placed two fingers against her little rosebud and pushed a little. My fingers were so slick they just popped inside her little shit hole. She moaned and pushed back to get as much of my fingers as she could inside of her..

Helga was patiently standing by allowing us to play a little. She moved over to Kathy and helped her step into the harness. Kathy aligned the front vibrator with her pussy and I aligned the other one with her ass.

Helga pulled up on the harness, causing the toys to enter Kathy’s two orifices. Kathy let out a loud moan,”OH I LOVE IT”

Helga pointed out that the little wings rested on either side of Kathy’s clit. Helga smile as she removes a small remote control from the cabinet. “Honey, get ready, the best is yet to come.

Helga was standing in front of Kathy when she pushed a button on the control. Kathy screamed and threw her arms around Helga’s neck to keep from falling to her knees.

My first thought was something had gone wrong and was hurting Kathy. Then I saw the big smile on her face as she reached an instant orgasm.

Helga smiled at me, “She’s okay, it had the same effect on the three of us.” Helga let go of the button and handed to control to me. She pointed out the on/off button and the two buttons to control the front and rear speed.

She asks Kathy if she would like to keep the belt on for now. “OH YES, Frank, just hit that switch any time you would like.

Helga told us we needed to go. Al and the girls are out by the pool playing. They are probably thinking we got lost.

As we walked through the house I was thinking, “The special guest will most likely be outside with Al and the girls”

I was wrong, I only saw Al, Amie and Morgan but what a sight it was. All three were naked. Al was lying on his back on a long pool lounger. Morgan was humping her pussy hard into her Father‘s mouth.

Amie was on the other end with Al‘s cock buried to the hilt in her asshole. She was leaning back, breaching herself with her hands on Al’s legs.

Morgan was leaning forward with her arm stretched out, uses two fingers to fuck her sister’s pussy. There was a constant sound of grunts, moans and groans coming from the three of them and I knew they had to be getting close.

The three of us walked over next to them. Morgan and Amie looked at us and smiled. Amie puckered her lips and I leaned down and gave her a passionate, deep throat kiss.

I turned to face Morgan and saw that she was looking at Kathy and the harness she was wearing. She also saw the control in my hand.

She smiled as she held her hand out for the control. I handed it to her as she also puckered her lips. As I leaned down and pushed my tongue into her throat, I heard Kathy let out a cry of pleasure and dropped to her knees beside me.

Morgan was sucking hard on my tongue and groaning as she was jacking her hips back and forth on her Dad’s tongue

Everything started happening at the same time. Kathy wrapped an arm around my bare leg and I could feel her entire body jerking as she reached another massive orgasm. I could hear Al‘s muffled moans as he attempted to raise his hips. At the same time, Amie was screaming, “YEAH, FUCK YES, FILL ME UP DADDY.”

I was so turned on my cock was oozing pre-cum like a leaking facet. When I broke the kiss with Morgan, she noticed the dribbling from my cock. She leaned over and licked the head of my cock. It felt so good I thought I was going to cum in her mouth.

Morgan took my cock in her hand and pulled me around toward Kathy who immediately took it deep in her mouth.

We were kaçak casino all startled by the sound of applause. Kathy and I turned around, Morgan jumped to her feet and Al propped up on his arm to see Helga standing therewith a naked Walter and Maggie Horton as well as Hank and Pattie Lewis, all clapping their hands and grinning ear to ear.

Maggie said, “Damn, that was one hot fucking show. Even at my age, my pussy is dripping wet from just watching.”

“Oh Maggie, you know that big pussy of yours is always soaking wet” Pattie said as she placed her hand between Maggie’s legs and pushed a finger deep into her pussy.

When she pulled her finger out I could see the glistening wetness as Patty put it in her mouth and sucked it clean.

Amie was still setting on Al’s cock as the others walked over to us. Maggie asked Amie, “Honey, are you saving the ass cum for me.”

Amie laugher, “I sure am, I thought you would like that and I hoped you’ll share it with me.” “Well, if your Daddy deposited a good load maybe I could share a little with everyone.”

Walter and Hank helped Maggie get down on her knees behind Amie. As soon as Amie rose up and Al’s cock slipped out of her ass, Maggie was quick to cover Amie’s asshole with her mouth.

I watched Maggie as she sucked the cum out of Amie’s ass. I was thinking what a wide open, no barriers party this was going to be.

I realized these people has entrusted Kathy and I with their very personal secret and I was going to convince them it was a good decision.

Amie was straining to push all the cum out of her ass and into Maggie‘s mouth. When all the cum was pushed out, she relaxed a little and turn around to face Maggie.

Maggie opens her mouth just a little and let a small amount of cum ease out onto her lips. Amie licked across Maggie’s lips and turned to show us the small dab of cum on her tongue. Then she pulled her tongue in her mouth and swallowed.

Walter and Hank helped Maggie back to her feet. She then repeated her cum sharing with Walter. Hank was next and she continued until she had made it around to everyone but me.

She was smiling when she turned to me. “Frank, all the cum I have left is on my tongue. Would you like to suck that off?”

I had never seen a person as old a Maggie naked before, much less kiss one but here I was, not only willing to kiss her but turned on by the thought of taking her cum soaked tongue in my mouth.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her to me. When our lips met, I open my mouth allowing her to push her tongue inside, as deep as it would go.

Her lips were very soft but her tongue was very rigid and long. I sucked it as though it was a small cock until there was no cum left on it.

When we broke the kiss Maggie told me, “Honey, you’ve got my big pussy hole all wet and slick again.” Everyone, including Maggie, laughed at her comment.

Patty had moved up behind Kathy, reached over her shoulders and started massaging her tits. Kathy had her head laid back against Patty’s stomach, just above her pubic hairline.

Al was still lying on his back. His deflated cum covered cock was lying back against his stomach. I had a strong urge to take his cock in my mouth. Before I had time to think about it very much, I picked up the limp peace of meat and took it in my mouth.

I could taste his almost dried cum and his cock stated to grow in my mouth. I heard Kathy say, “Oh fuck Baby, suck that cock. Hell yes, suck him good”

I felt a face close to mine and looked over to see Patty looking into my eyes as she sucked one of Al’s balls in her mouth. I heard Al let out a long sigh of pleasure as Patty and I synergized the sucking of his cock and balls.

I jumped with surprise when I felt a warm hand wrap around my cock shaft. The hand was very slick with the Karma sutra lube. The hand moved up and down my shaft a few times then up across my scrotum.

The hand massaged my ball for a couple of seconds before it moved on up through the cheeks of my ass. I could feel the coolness as more lube was poured slowly down the crack of my ass.

The hand then spread the lube all over my ass, circling a finger around my little rosebud then pushing against my asshole hard enough to enter to the first joint of the finger.

All this attention was really getting to me. Al’s cock was about the same size as mine but with a very small cock head. I was doing my very best to get it as far down my throat as I could. I could taste his constant flow of pre-cum as it leaked into my mouth.

Patty was still licking and sucking Al’s balls and I could tell he was getting close to shooting his load down my throat.

Suddenly, the hand that had been so playful stopped. I could hear female voices whispering and giggling behind me but I couldn’t tell for sure whom the voices belong to…

I felt a set of hands on each of my legs, pulling them further apart. Then I felt a tongue licking across my scrotum, up the underside on my shaft and on up to my cock head.

Just as this wonderful mouth sucked my cock in until it touch the back of their throat, Al dumped his first shot of cum down my throat

At the same time, Patty whispered in my ear, “I know you’re not going to be a greedy little pig and keep all that cum for yourself.

Al didn’t have a lot of cum this time so I pulled back and held the remaining shots in my mouth. His cock was starting to soften, so I let it slip out of my mouth.

I turned to meet Patty’s waiting, slightly open mouth. I pushed my cum coated tongue into her mouth and she hungrily sucked it clean.

I didn’t want to interrupt the owner of the wonderful mouth that had inhaled my rigid cock so I very carefully propped myself up on the edge of the lounger, allowing Al to get up.

As he rose up, he leaned over and gently kissed me on the lips. He smiled, “Great work Mushroom, hope I can return the favor.

As he stood up, I felt hands pulling my ass cheeks apart, and then felt a wet tongue touch against my sphincter. My shit chute was very slick with the lube, so it didn’t take much of a push for the tongue to slip inside.

I was now able to turn around to see who was providing all this pleasure. I could see Amie’s eyes looking at me over my ass cheeks. When I looked between legs, I recognize the top of Helga’s head.

I took a quick look around the room to see what everyone else was doing. Kathy had removed the harness and was on her knees setting next to Hank. She was slowly sucking on his cock but her eyes were locked on the three of us.

Water and Maggie was standing next to Kathy. Morgan was on her knees between the two of them. I did a double take when I saw what was going on there.

I hadn’t noticed Walter that much until now. Morgan’s mouth was wide open, sucking the head of his cock and had her little hand wrapper around a cock shaft. It was as big around as a beer can and a good 9 to 10 inches long.

Morgan had her other whole hand buried wrist deep in Maggie’s pussy. She would pull her hand out far enough I could see her knuckles, and then she would shove it back in, bringing a loud moan from Maggie each time.

Al and Patty was still on the other side of the lounger, Al was kneeling behind Patty with his arms around her massaging her tits and hard as a rock nipples.

Amie pulled back and asked, “Are you ready Mom.” I heard a muffled Uh Huh. Suddenly Amie pulled my ass cheeks even further apart as she pushed her tongue deep into my ass and started moving it back and forth.

At the same time, Helga took my cock so deep in her throat I could feel her lips pushing into my pubic hair. The combined action of the two women causes me to scream out as my cock shot line after line of cum down Helga’s throat.

I fell forward on the lounger as Helga and Amie now slowly licked my cock and asshole. Kathy moved over next to me, took my face in her hands and kissed me hard on the lips. When I opened my mouth, she pushed a large glob of Hank’s cum into my mouth.

As I swallowed the cum I though, “This is gonna be an exciting, busy weekend

Al ask, “How about we take a break and get a little something to eat and drink. I heard Amie laugh as she said, “Daddy, Mom and I are eating just as hard as we can.” Everyone laughed as we began to get ourselves together…

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