Birthday Cake

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Regina could feel her body tingle with excitement as she lay in her bubble bath. Today was Todd’s birthday and she was planning to surprise him.

Having been married for 3 years now, things weren’t as intense as they first were, especially their lovemaking. Todd, a software engineer sometimes came back from work sometimes as late as 10pm. He was terribly exhausted and in a grouchy mood. He would just gobble his dinner and immediately hit the bed.

Tonight she was planning to revive his passion with a nice candle light dinner, some fine wine, and a birthday cake. But the main attraction would be her. She was going to wear a low cut blouse that showed the perfect cleavage that Todd liked so much. All matched with a silky black skirt and a pair of stiletto heel of the same color. Only a light touch of makeup will come highlight her lovely features.

In a way, she was hoping that Todd would not pay too much attention to these things, and instead carry her to their bed, rip her clothes off, and savagely pleasure her. But if he was too tired and not in the mood, she was counting on the romantic dinner and her sexy attire to work their magic and get Todd to make love to her until satiated.

All these naughty thoughts were sending tingles of excitement coursing down her body. Her hand wandered to rub her pussy and got her softly moaning with pleasure. The other hand reached up to cup her breast as she toyed with the delightfully erect nipple. She could feel her pussy getting wet as her fingers slowly circled her clit. Oh casino siteleri the feeling was so nice, she thought. She contemplated the idea of getting herself off to take some of the edge off while another part of her told her she ought to get out of the bath and get things ready for her planned evening.

As she lingered in the bath not making a decision, she put one finger inside her soaking wet pussy. A shudder passed through her body. It was getting pretty tough to get away from such pleasure. Another finger soon joined the first as squishing noises filled the bathroom. She curved her 2 fingers rubbing the ceiling of her vagina as she increased the pace of her fingering motion. She had become quite adept at the art of masturbation and had learned how to stimulate her g-spot to please herself when Todd couldn’t. Her breathing had become quite shallow as the fingers furiously continued their dance. All too soon, she felt that familiar feeling building in her loins. The first time she learned how to massage her g-spot, she thought she was going to pee and almost panicked. Now that she had become familiar with it, she let the wave build inside her, and started slapping her pussy releasing a torrent of juice that mixed with the water in the bath. Her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm and it was a few minutes before she could get on her feet again to put on her sexy attire.

9pm and still no sign of Todd… The last 2 hours that Regina had passed waiting for him had only served to exacerbate her tension. She felt on the brink canlı casino of tears as the excitement and sexual frustration of the last few weeks came hitting down on her. “God, why did he have to be so busy” she thought to herself, one again her tears threatening to burst.

After a few minutes, Regina was able to get a hold of herself. “If Todd is not here to fuck me, then I guess I’ll have to make do with what I got” she told herself. Her eyes caught a hold of the bottle of “Chateau Laffite” lay on the table and soon a wicked thought crossed her mind. She grabbed the bottle of wine and carefully examined it. The head was perfect for what she had in mind.

She opened her smooth milky thighs and reached down to pull her thong panties aside. Her clit was peeking obscenely from under its hood as she felt heat spreading through out her cunt. She gave the head of the bottle a few licks to get it wet and placed it at the entrance of her pussy reveling in the chills that the cold glass was sending coursing through her body. She slowly pushed the head inside feeling very wicked and naughty at was she was doing.

Soon she was able to take more of the bottle in as she started to pickup the pace of her fucking. She didn’t know if it was the novelty of the act or the pent up excitement of the last few weeks, but she was feeling herself getting very aroused, waves of excitement rippling through her body with each thrust.

She took the bottle out of her pussy and set it standing on the couch. Holding with both arms, she slowly kaçak casino lowered herself unto it as if she was riding a cock. She started bouncing up the bottle with earnest as her weight was pushing deeper down on the bottle.

She thought of Todd who still hadn’t come home and the thought filled her with anger. She picked up the pace and started fucking the bottle as fast as she could take without pain. She was feeling a massive orgasm building so she reverted to the old position on the couch and started jamming the bottle into her pussy like mad. Soon she let out a scream as her hips arched off the couch and her pussy muscles contracted around the bottle.

She could feel her juices overflowing her pussy and dripping on the couch as the orgasm took a long time to wear off. She took the bottle out of her pussy and held it to her mouth. She felt especially naughty as she cleaned off her delectable juices off the glass.

She stood up, took off her blouse and tossed away her drenched panties. She hadn’t worn any bra since that was the way Todd liked to be around the house. She just stood there contemplating the birthday cake that lay on the low table. “If he’s not going to enjoy it, I might as well take pleasure from it myself”.

She spread her legs on each side of the small table and positioned her lovely ass right over the cake. With one swift motion, she sat herself on it feeling the whipped cream spread on her ass and thighs. She could feel it get into her pussy as she ground herself against the cake or what was left of it. She rubbed it deep into her pussy and ass and even took some cream and smeared it over her heavy breasts.

“I am glad you left me some cake” shot a voice behind her. God, it was Tom! How long had he been there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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