Birthday Present Ch. 02

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Holding Rachel tightly to my chest I give her another long kiss and ask her, “there is going to be more to do day goddess?”

Rachel dropped the her fake Russian accent ever since her first orgasm smiles that taunting grin that I know all too well means I have fallen into her trap like always.

“Why my sweet love, Jordan, you really think I’d have dressed up and made both my best friends her get all dressed sexy just for looks babe? It is your 18th birthday a man only does that once and it is my job to make sure my new man doesn’t forget how great his girlfriend is at gift giving!”

Rachel stands again and I can’t help but stare at her once more, her long golden brown hair falling all the way down to the middle of her back, standing easily at 6’5 in her high-heeled boots. Her perfectly toned legs covered in thigh high stockings where they meet her black and red lace crotch less panties and her 38C breasts locked behind her fiery red corset.

Quickly Rachel’s friends race to her side giggling both acting as her servants to only listen and do and practice her biddings. Rachel begins whispering to her friends and they both giggle and smile occasionally looking over at me now sitting on the bed fully taking in the three women standing in front of me. Rachel’s friends, Amy and Victoria, never before have I once truly took in these to women that now were in black corsets long fishnet stockings and simple short black high heels. Amy is same height as myself at 5’9, with supple B sized breasts, jet black hair and dark brown eyes that in most lights appear black, and with the blood red lipstick mixed with her natural olive skin tone makes her look very exotic. Victoria is 5’6, wearing the same outfit as Amy, yet she has paler white skin making her lipstick appear even redder, yet her eyes sky blue and shoulder length blonde hair gives her the look of a classic fifties pin-up girl.

All three suddenly turn and stand shoulder to shoulder in front of me. Rachel says in a commanding voice, “Jordan lay back down on the bed and do as your told or else!” I lay back down on her king size bed as told butt make sure to keep my eye on the three of the girls as to not lose track of what is to happen next. Rachel slaps Amy on her cute tight little ass. Amy lets out a soft little yell and dashes around the bed so she is on the other side of me. Victoria goes without encouragement and stays on the same side as Rachel. Amy and Victoria climb on the bed at the same time. Both girls staying below my waste they give me soft smiles of knowing. Rachel comes up to the side of bed and stand to watch casino oyna over watch and stay in control of her two servants and myself. Amy and Victoria wait for Rachel to give them permission. My cock already stands hard and ready wanting just from the site of three goddess. Victoria leans down on Rachel’s signal and takes my whole cock into her mouth and begins to suck and play with my cock, yet she quickly stops when Rachel slaps her ass with the crop, on this Amy leans in and begins her work sucking and licking. Both girls begin licking and sharing my cock between the two of them. Rachel watches as her servants begin their work. I am quickly moaning in pleasure the two women working magic with their mouths on my cock.

Rachel suddenly barks at me, “Jordan no cumming till I say! Now start rubbing me! She grabs my arm and pushes my hand up between her legs all five of my fingers get pushed into her. Making her shiver lightly in pleasure.

I smile knowing how much Rachel loves being in charge and getting to watch her friends work and my touch. I do as she commands and begin to thrust my fingers in and out of her tight wet pussy. I take my thumb to rub her clit with every upward thrust of my hand. I move quicker and quicker to pound her as much as I can. I twist my fingers together to form more ridges for her. Rachel’s moans begin to mix the air with my own moans.

Amy and Victoria keep stroking, licking and kissing the head of my cock. Holding pleasing it, the waves of pleasure send sparks of pleasure throughout my body making every part of me feel pleasure! I begin to feel the pressure of the girl’s sweet oral worship of my cock pushing me to need to cum.

“My sexy commanding goddess, Rachel please please let me cum now! I need to!” my moans growing louder.

“No! Damn it, not yet, not till I desire you to cum!” Rachel says between clench teeth and sexual grunts. I begin thrusting my fingers faster and harder into her pussy, with the thrusts her moans grow louder and heavier, she grinds down on my hand as I work it up. With one final hard thrust of my hand she releases a pent up orgasm her sweet honey flowing over my hand dripping to the floor. Rachel lets out a soft sigh of relief.

I feel myself no longer able to sustain going and holding back cumming after the girls work and feel myself cumming hard. Amy has her mouth over my cock at the time and takes in all the sweet cum, swallowing it all.

“Damn it Jordan did I ever say you could cum!” She slaps her crop down on my chest leaving its red outline. Rachel leans over grabbing Amy by the hair and pulls her in canlı casino giving her a long hard kiss to taste the warm cum on her lips. When Rachel finally releases Amy from the kiss a person could see Amy having a heart flutter from the powerful kiss of Rachel. “Now I have to punish you Jordan because you have failed to follow my rules.” She slaps the crop into my thigh leaving another red mark. Rachel grabs my arms once more and cuffs me back to the posts. Rachel climbs onto the bed and straddles my face her pussy still glistens with her cum. She suddenly drops hard sitting her pussy down hard on my face, forcing me to take in her pussy and eat her once more.

As I am happily licking at Rachel’s pussy, she pulls Victoria over and has her stand over Rachel’s kneeling form. Rachel spreads open Victoria’s slender legs and begin to lick her pussy, she slide her tongue up through her lip up to her clit giving it just the slightest brush. Victoria shivers as Rachel begins her magic on her. Amy moves over and begins to suck on Victoria’s beautiful breasts her nipples stand out hard begging for pleasure. As lick and suck on Rachel’s perfect clit she works on Victoria. The sweet moans of women begins filling the air, Rachel moans right into Victoria’s wonderful cunt licking faster and pushing for Victoria to cum onto her face in sync with Rachel’s own orgasm. Amy sucks on Victoria harder her sweet nipples rolling in her lips. Amy reaches down and massages one of Rachel’s ample breasts. Rachel pushes hard down onto my face making it harder for me to breath but I do not fight loving the sweetness of her pussy covering my face. Eating it faster licking sucking her sweet clit. Rachel lets out a hard load moan her body shacking from her orgasm she slide over and lays down next to me on the bed a look of bliss on her face.

“Mm god, Jordan you really can eat pussy.” Rachel smiles at me, her body feeing almost completely fulfilled. As Rachel lays in bliss cuddling close to me, Rachel wrapping her legs around my own lightly rubbing her still wet pussy against my legs. Victoria and Amy both go to the foot of the bed. Victoria gives an evil grin that only could be seconded by Rachel.

Victoria pushes Amy back onto the bed spreading her legs wide Victoria dives in and begins to lick her sweet little pussy. Amy tenses feeling the new pleasures to her pussy. Victoria reaches up and massages one of Amy’s breasts her other hand begins to penetrates Amy’s tight little cunt. Victoria thrusts three of her fingers in and out faster pumping her beautiful pussy harder and quicker. (While this happens Rachel undoes kaçak casino my cuffs so we can both sit and watch Rachel’s best friends enjoy each other’s tight little pussy’s. Victoria’s bouncing blonde head moving faster and loving the sweet taste of Amy. Victoria thrusts her three fingers in and out twisting her fingers as she thrusts working the tight lips apart and back together. Amy shakes with each thrust of Victoria’s hand. Victoria licks Amy’s little clits, and works around her beautiful pussy lips. Amy lets out a whimsical moan as Victoria sucks in her sweet clit and thrust her fingers in hard and deep cumming for Victoria.

Watching this I feel myself rejuvenated and ready for finally taking the sexiest woman here. “That’s it Rachel!” I flip her over and pin her to the bed and smile knowing she is now going to be my sexy little girl! “You know you’re going to be all mine now babe!”

My cock hard and ready holding Rachel down she wiggles around to tease. I lightly push my cock into her still wet and tight little pussy. Her lips clench down on my hard cock. She is sweet and tight. I begin rhythmically thrusting in and out of her. Rachel thrusts back with her sweet hips. I let out a mild moan feeling her warmth’s.

“Mmm Jordan harder!” Rachel screams back as she pounds faster back. I hit her harder thrusting her back loving her tight cunts hot wetness, I push harder and faster I keep her down to the bed loving her shacking breasts. Rachel’s sexy breasts bounce with our rhythmic thrusts. I kiss Rachel hard on her lips, I gently bite her lips Rachel’s dark red lipstick covers my own lips lightly. Suddenly Rachel rolls us once over so she can ride my cock hard and fast and be back in power. She thrusts hard bouncing fast up and down up and down on my cock. She bounces up and down her pussy pounding down hard onto my cock. “Oh god yes Rachel! Please go harder babe!”

She bounces faster, I thrust up hard into her sweet cunt, Amy and Victoria have since finished their fun with each other and come over and begin to rub Rachel’s breasts as we fuck each other. Going closer and closer to cumming Almost in perfect since Rachel and I cum together her pussy squeezing my cock hard filling her with hot cunt.

“Mmm, thank you my sweet sexy goddess!”

“Happy birthday, babe! Hope this was special enough for you.” Rachel gets up and grabs her tossed aside corset and panties and begins to leave, “come girls time we shower, “Babe, come meet me in the shower you need to get better to take me to dinner still!,” Rachel smiles and winks at me. God I love that chick I never will complain getting to be with her again. I watch as Rachel’s tight beautiful bar ass walks out of the room followed by her two friends both of their hair messed up and make up smeared yet both looking weak from the pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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