Birthday Present

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This is my first effort at writing any kind of story, and I have made a conscious effort of writing an erotic story, selecting taboo sex – incest! Though incest is just a fantasy, if my story is offending, I apologize. I will be grateful to the reader if he/she were to give me their valuable comments/guidance.

Birthday Present

How can I forget the day when I turned 18!

It was mid morning when I opened my eyes to the chirping of my parents, in chorus they said – “Happy birthday darling.” and they both kissed together on either side of my cheeks.

The day could not have started better, to be wished by the people whom I love most, from whom I get unlimited love.

While having breakfast, I pouted my lips and asked – “Dad, mom, where is my presents?”

“You will get the best present honey, but you will have to wait for it till night.” Mom’s reply made me to wonder what she has in mind, as she winked at Dad.

After a while, “Girls, I need to go out, catch you in the evening.” Dad said.

“Mac! Don’t be late, and no drinks, today is going to be big day for Daisy and I want you back latest by 6 in the evening!” Mom’s stern voice warned Dad.

“Mom, I am going for my shower.” I yelled and went to my room.

I undressed myself and looked at the mirror to see how my 18-year-old body looks, hmmmm not bad! Thought myself. I saw my image with brunette hair, deep blue eyes and gorgeous lips. My body is trim and athletic from playing Squash all my life. I am tall. Oh! And my perky breasts are definitely a sight to see, the trimmed pussy should be mouthwatering, the way the boys at my school drools over my breasts and legs are definitely moral boosting.

Somehow I could feel the tingle between my legs and my hands unknowingly went to touch my pussy and my fingers started to caress slowly. I felt the wetness and suddenly in my mind I saw the image of my parents who were fucking one night last week, which I accidentally saw, as I was about to enter their room to collect a novel from their collection. As I was standing out of their door in darkness, I think they didn’t see me.

My legs stood ground and had refused to leave, I watched my mom sucking my dad’s cock, though I could not see it from where I stood, I could make out she was just doing that, then she just rode my Dad, Oh! What a sight it was, I could feel my pussy dripping and imagined myself in her place, other than imagining what else I could do?

Needless to say I could sleep only after putting a finger inside my pussy!

“Daisy, what’s taking so much time darling?” Mom’s voice came over the bathroom’s door.

“Almost over Mom, will be out in 2 minutes.” I said as I came out of my dream and hurried myself to complete the shower.

Wrapping a towel around myself I came out and saw Mom sitting on my bed.

“What’s up Mom?”

“Honey, come over here?”

“Let me dress up Mom?”

“It’s alright baby, you don’t have to worry, and after all I am your mother.”

“Yes Mom.” I went and sat near her.

She took me in her arms and hugged me, kissed my forehead and whispered – “my baby has grownup so big and is a sight to see.”

“Mom, you make me feel shy!” I said trying to cover myself properly.

She laughed, “Hon, don’t tell me no one has seen you like this!”

“It’s true, Mom, I have never allowed anyone to see me without my dresses.”

“What?” she was astonished to hear me saying that. “Baby, no boys…?”

“Mom, why don’t you ask me direct? You want to know am I a virgin? And to tell you the truth, I am…”

“Oh! My baby… I am sorry to embarrass you…”

“It’s alright Mom, I don’t really mind.” somehow I started liking the discussion we were having!

I think even she was getting a hang of it.

“But Honey, don’t you ever try to please yourself?”

“I do Mom, but only with my fingers.” I giggled.

“Oh! Poor girl, don’t worry, Mom and Dad will take care of you from now onwards…” Mom winked at me.

“I don’t understand Mom?” I was really totally at a loss.

“That’s the reason I came to you darling, then one thing led to another and here we are…”

Still there was blankness in my face.

“Listen to me Daisy, we told you about the surprise present for your birthday?”

I said, “Yes, I remember and still wonder what it is.”

“Let me be very open, both me and your Dad have discussed it, and that’s the reason he went out, so that we can have that girl to girl talk. We had a suspicion that you are still a virgin and you need casino oyna some one special to take your virginity, who is caring, kind, treats you as his jewel in the crown. Is there any better person than your Dad to give you all the pleasure?”

I just could not believe what I am hearing; there was astonishment, surprise and amusement all at once on my face.

I stammered and didn’t know what to say, “Mom…. You mean… Dad… and me…?”

Mom hugged me tight and said, “yes baby, yes, but only if you want to…”

I just could not believe, ” Mom, looking at the way you have put it, I think Dad is the best, he knows how to handle me, and even I was thinking of loosing my virginity, but I would have lost it to some jerk! But Mom, you okay with the idea of Dad…”

She cut me short and said, “Darling, the idea was mine and I convinced your Dad with logic, so I will be very happy if Dad does it for you.”

“Mom, you are so wonderful.” I kissed her softly.

She was all business, “It’s almost time for your Daddy to be home, now be a good girl and get ready, wear that short black skirt with white tight tops and wear those sexy lingerie, don’t tell me you don’t have it, I have seen it in your drawer, those see through dress will make your bra and panties look sexy… I am also going to get dressed up in the same fashion, lets give that old man a heart attack! come on girl it’s show time…” she kissed me and left the room.

Ooooof! What a dream, I tried to pinch myself to check, ouch, no it’s not one of those wet dreams, it’s real and happening!

I took a long time to dress, I went inside the bath, and thought my pussy hair needs some trimming, then had a shower again, I put perfume on my earlobe and between my tits. Applied light make up, and flesh color lipstick. Don’t know why, but I took out my sleek wristwatch and wore it on my right wrist, tied my hair in ponytail. Took out my lingerie, it’s a shear silk material with lots of lace, the white bra hugs my tits so nicely and the feeling it gives… my black panty is actually a work of art… over that, I wore my short black skirt and tight white tops I gave myself a look on the mirror, I could see the bra and panty which was matching with the dress I wore. I was blushing like a bride!

“Girls! I am home.” Heard Dad’s booming voice, I looked at my watch, it was half past 6, and the old boy did try to keep up his time!

“Mac, you are late, and hope you are not drunk!” heard Mom’s warning.

“No, Sue how could I? Do you think I have the guts to disobey you?” Dad had a mocking voice.

Giving myself another ten minutes or so, to soothe my nerves, I walked down the stairs to where my parents were sitting on the Cashmere rug, which was spread in the living room, saw quite a lot of soft pillows strewed across. The lights were taken out and there were some perfumed candles already lit around, giving it a real romantic aura. Both Dad and Mom stood and looked at me with shear disbelief in their eyes, Dad had opened his mouth and didn’t know what to tell.

Mom recovered fast and said, “Mac, that’s our baby… you like what you see?”

“I just can’t believe it Sue, she is mind boggling, vivacious, we have really given birth to some one who is really a wonderful thing to have with us, I am so happy darling, I am proud…” he was just blabbering.

“Mac, Mac, calm down honey, I know the feeling, don’t get exited, now come lets all have our supper together.” She led us to the dining table, I was made to sit at the head of the table where Dad usually sits, he gave all of us a small drink of an exotic red wine and toasted it for my happiness, all of us just nibbled at some food as the thoughts were elsewhere!

“Washing tomorrow!” Mom declared as we finished the food, we went back to the living and sat on the Cashmere rug, so soft and so exotic. Dad played music on, the soft voice of Cliff Richard singing “Every body has a summer holiday…” was so soothing and gave a romantic atmosphere.

Mom moved near Dad and kissed him hard on his lips and slipped her tongue inside his mouth and slipped her hand over his crotch. And took Dad’s hands in her other hand and placed it over my thigh, may be just to break the ice. I could feel an electric shock passing over my spine!

All of a sudden I felt Dad’s hand caressing my thigh, and saw Mom moving over, I looked at Dad, and I was blushing, he held my chin up and looked at my eyes and said, “Baby, I am honored.” then he kissed softly on my soft lips, felt his tongue licking my lips, then he slowly pushed canlı casino it inside my wet hungry mouth, the way he played with his tongue inside my mouth gave me a fresh tingle in my pussy, he moved his right hand to my left tit and was trying to find my nipple over my bra and tops, from the corner of my eye I could see Mom moving out to the room, may be she thought of giving us some privacy to break my inhibitions, as if I have any!

Dad took me in his arms and made me to lie down on his lap, he bent himself and again started to kiss me, this time he took my lips separately and started to suck on it, I started to moan softly… he raised his head and removed the buttons of my tight tops and unzipped the skirt taking out both of them. Now all I had was my sexy white bra and skimpy black panty!

Dad, was having an eyeful, as I was still lying on his lap, I could feel his hard cock pressing on to the back of my head, I could feel it throbbing, felt like to feel it in my hand, moved my hand over his boxer shorts and started to rub it… Dad gave a moan….

“Baby…” he moaned and bent himself and undid my bra and panty. I was all in my glory wearing nothing other than my wrist watch to give my Dad the sight of his life, he was moaning to himself and took my right tit in his mouth and started to nibble on the nipple, his one hand was holding the other tit, and felt his other hand moving down over my belly… and started to caress my thigh. I held his head tight to my tit as if I never wanted Dad to leave my tit.

He released himself from my tit and made me to lie down on the soft rug, he started to trace my body with his lips stopping every now and then, he inserted his tongue in to my belly button and licked it for a while, and then Dad continued his journey down….

I could feel his hot breath over my thighs as Dad gave himself a proper look of my trimmed pussy; a soft moan escaped his throat. He started to kiss from my toe and slowly moved upwards, I felt his day old stubble on my smooth thigh, I could feel his nose just touching my pussy lips, I started to buckle as if my pussy wanted more attention, I think Dad felt my urge and obliged by planting a full mouth kiss squarely on pussy lips, he was kissing just the way he kissed me on my mouth, first a soft kiss, then slow insertion of his tongue inside and moving it all over… Oh! God! What a feeling…

“MMMmmmmmmmmmmm…………. Dad…”

Now Dad took my cunt lips individually in to his mouth and started to suck it…

Felt his tongue searching for my swollen clit, finding it he started to tease it with his tongue, and then he took it between his lips and sucked it…

Felt something bursting in me and realized that I am going to cum!

DDDDDDdddddaaaaaaad………. I am cumminggggggg…… and held his head tight between my legs…

Had a terrific cum, but before it subsidized felt another wave, but this time Dad stopped himself and looked at me with all the affection,

“Daddy, can I hold your hard cock and kiss it?” Oh! Those words just slipped out of me, I had never used such words in my life, and sex is such a thing, which will make you to say such things!

Dad, didn’t mind me talking dirty, instead he said, “Sure babe, but not now, today it’s your day and you are going to get all the pleasure.” Then he whispered to me, “Darling, are you ready for Dad’s hard cock?”

“Yes Daddy, yes, pop my cherry dad, be the first man to be in your daughters cunt.”

Don’t know from where I was getting all these vocabulary, I was acting as if I was a bitch in heat and yes, that I was.

Dad placed a soft pillow below my back and took his cock in his hand and slapped over my cunt lips, then he moved his cock head over my cunt and slowly started to push it inside, he must have moved an inch or two then he withdrew himself out disappointing me, but before I realized he was out he pushed in again this time reaching down a little bit more and again he withdrew completely out… he did this couple of time making me wanting more and making me to yell…

“Dad… don’t tease me anymore, I want all of your cock deep inside me, pleaseeeeeee….”

This time he felt some resistance and even I felt a slight pain, “Dad… it hurts” I whispered, I don’t know when Mom had made her entry naked, she started caressing my head and consoling me. “It’s going to pain for a while baby, don’t worry it’s worth it. Mac, I am going to hold our baby girl on my lap and don’t tease her anymore, just give her all of yourself.” She winked at Dad; Dad gave one kaçak casino hard push,

I had closed my eyes, before I opened my mouth to scream, Mom covered her lips over mine and my scream became a whimper… Dad didn’t move for almost three minutes and held me tight soothing me… ” It’s over baby, it’s over, relax just relax, Mom and Dad will take care of you honey…”

I started to feel Dad’s cock pulsating inside my cunt, and my cunt started to get its life once again…

Dad must have felt myself pushing upwards wanting more… he pushed himself still further down… when I opened my eyes I could see dad kissing mom, “hey guy’s its supposed to be my day and I need to get all the attention, I just lost my virginity and people are already ignoring meeee.” I laughed at them.

Mom slipped my head out of her lap and placed another pillow there.

“Daisy, he is all yours.” And sat just watching us, I could see her pussy glistening with wetness, I felt pity and being generous said, “Mom, next round is yours.”

“Now, Dad, fuck me hard,” saying this I squeezed my cunt muscles around his cock.

Dad gave a loud moan and did the needful by giving hard thrust one after the other, I held my legs tight around him using it to pull him inside every time he moved away to make another assault on my cunt.

“Dad, If at all there is another heaven, I don’t want it, what I am having now is just heavenly, fuck me more dad, fuck your baby girl more….”

“Yessss baby, yesss, I am fucking my own fabulous daughter’s tight cunt, Sue, Daisy’s cunt is goooood, don’t feel like coming out of it, want to stay there all the time…”

“Hey, stud, don’t forget to fuck your wife too, I am sooo wet and horny could use myself to that famous cock for a while, but I can wait till Daisy has her share.” Mom laughed.

Dad held on to both of my tits and squeezed it hard, I took his small nipples between my fingers and gave it a light pinch, Dad moaned aloud and looked at my face, now I tried to slip my hand between our body and held his balls in my hand and squeezed it, Dad gave a big howl…. And shouted… “Sue, this daughter of ours was a virgin couple of minutes ago and now all of a sudden she has turned Pro.” And this time he started to fuck me real hard, humping in to me all the way inside and moving out and again pushing him inside with all the force…

I could feel my heart beating faster, and yelling and moaning at a time…

“Dad, you are the best man, fucccccckkkkkkk meeeeee, and cum inside meeeee want to feel you cumming inside meeeee, make your daughter cum for you dad… I want to feel the way mom feels when you cum inside her wet cunt… yes, yes, yes, yes Dad, that’s it, harder, harder, still harder, your daughter’s cunt is all yours Dad, fuck it as you please, YYYYyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….”

Suddenly I felt Dad giving me a jerk and holding me tight and at the same instant even the dam inside me was about to burst…

Dad, I am going to cum… Mom, I am cummingggg…. Dad is making me to cum…

“Yes, baby, yes… me too… cum baby cum… lets cum together… God, what a cunt my daughter has, and I am going to cum in my own daughter’s cunt! but Sue, is it okay if I cum in her?” I don’t know all of a sudden why he got the doubt, being an experienced woman, Mom got it, “It’s alright Mac, since two years I have put her on Pill, you can cum in her and don’t leave any, empty all your seed in her.”

Hearing this Dad just pumped in air, and started to fuck me with a new vigor, as there was no restrictions for him, he fucked me and fucked me and.. And I held on to him as if I am going to drown myself in our combined cum…

I held tight on to his back and scratched it with my nail and yelled… “now Dad now, I am cumminnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg……., pleassssssseeeee cum in me nowwwwwwwwww”

“Ya baby, I can feel your clit throbbing, and here it is babyyyyyyyy…. Daddy is cummingggg in you…. Darling…”

I thought, it’s never going to stop, I could feel dad’s cock jerking in me filling my cunt with all his seed, at the same time I was feeling my clit throbbing and throbbing and cumming all the time…

When I opened my eyes, Dad was still inside me, though he was getting soft inside me, he was looking at my face and caressing it then he bent down and kissed my lips and said – “Happy birthday darling.” And moved out of me, I had tears of happiness, and looked at Mom, she moved over me placed herself on top of me, her cunt just pressing my cunt, her tits pressing mine, and she kissed me full on my lips and said – “”Happy birthday darling, hope you liked your present!”

End for now.

Note: If I get encouraging comments, then I can think of continuing this story.

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