Black Magick Ch. 08

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“Hey, Nick! Did you ever fantasize about fucking someone in the ass?” Susan cooed in her son’s ear as he lay on top of her, rubbing his cock across the slit of her pussy.

“Oh! How can you even ask that? You know I’d do anything to fuck that lovely ass of yours,” Nick said, dipping his cock into her sopping wet hole, making his mother moan like a slut.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! You’re so damn naughty!” Susan squealed. “So, are you going to fuck me in the ass or aren’t you?”

Nick glanced in the direction of his sister, Elisabeth and her friend Amber, who were hiding under the diving board. He was terrified of what they would think if they saw him fucking his mother in the ass. Susan turned her head to see what he was looking at, but he pushed her back and kissed her roughly on the mouth to distract her.

“Come on, Mom. Let’s do it in the bedroom. Just doing you in the ass will be kinky enough, we don’t need to do it outside. At this rate you’re going to turn me into a total slut.”

His mother laughed and slapped him in on the ass.

“You’re my boy-toy. You’re going to fuck me anywhere I want to, any way I want to.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Nick replied reluctantly, realizing he would get no choice. He pulled his cock out of his mother’s pussy and navigated it towards her ass.

He placed the head against her rosebud and began to push, trying desperately to remember to be gentle. But he needn’t have bothered. His mother’s ass seemed to reach out and swallow him whole. His cock buried itself inside of her so quickly that it was almost alarming. Nick began to pump himself in and out, completely forgetting about the less-than-innocent girls who were watching him. He was fucking his mother up the ass, for crying out loud! The muscles squeezed his cock completely differently then they did when he had fucked her in the pussy. It felt completely new to him.

Susan pressed her thumb against his anus, and he gasped.

“Where’s the toy you had before?” she asked in a husky voice. “Are you hiding it from me, you naughty boy?”

“Oh, I must have left it with my clothing,” Nick said. “I can only leave it in for so long.”

His mother pushed her thumb into him, making him squirm, his cock moving back and forth in her ass.

Oh damn, how he was enjoying it! It was just so fucking dirty! His cock throbbed with passion, and with every single thrust he thought that he might come.

He was so distracted by the pleasure that he barely remembered the girls hiding underneath the diving board, and when he thought of them lying there, watching him with their innocent schoolgirl eyes, it acted to only make him hornier.

Damn, he was such a pervert, but he totally couldn’t help it. Sex was so much fun. Wasn’t this the reason why he had started masturbating in the first place, despite the guilt he always felt afterwards? And damn, fucking his mom was so much more fun than any of the naughty little fantasies he had had while he was pumping his cock in his hand!

He loved the feel of his balls smacking against his mother’s ass as he fucked her. He loved the way she moaned like a cheap whore as he thrust in and out of her ass. He loved the feel of her skin, her smell. Every little detail was making his cock throb on the verge of climax. Oh, it was so damn hot!

He slowly became aware of Elisabeth creeping out of the pool naked, and his heart gave a little shock. He had to completely stop moving in his mother’s ass for a moment to keep from coming as the intoxicating combination of apprehension and lust coursed though him.

Nick reached under himself to stroke his mother’s soaking wet cunt, making her moan even more and completely soaking his hand with her juices. He nibbled on her shoulder blade in hope of distracting her from Elisabeth.

What the hell was his sister doing, getting out of the pool? Was she trying to get him in trouble? The bitch! He wanted to give her a good pounding with his cock for being such a pain in the neck. She was practically begging for it, the tease!

And her body was so incredibly hot. Oh! Her breasts were so perky, and her clean-shaven pussy was so young and tender looking, like a flower that was just beginning to bloom.

Just thinking about it made Nick lose control, and he spilled his seed deep into his mother’s ass. He was a little embarrassed for coming so quickly, but he loved the way his mother’s ass muscles milked his cock, just like her pussy did a few hours ago, and yet somehow completely differently.

Elisabeth stood in place, as though mesmerized by the hot sex that was happening right in front of her face. Her hand actually dipped down between her legs to pleasure herself. Damn!

Nick pushed his mother over and snaked his tongue into her sopping wet pussy, trying desperately to distract her from the naked Elisabeth only a couple of feet away, who was now all-out masturbating while she watched.

What the devil possessed Elisabeth to be so stupid and careless?

Nick began to lap at his mother’s pussy as though his life casino oyna depended on it, his heart racing desperately. With his mother’s legs around his head, he couldn’t see what Elisabeth was doing, and he could only pray that she recovered her wits enough to find another hiding spot.

Susan moaned and moaned, thrusting her hips into Nick’s open mouth as he tickled her clit with his tongue. Juices ran down his throat, nearly making him choke, but he was afraid to stop. If his mother wasn’t distracted, she’d turn around and see Elisabeth. And try though he might, Nick couldn’t figure out a way to tell whether Elisabeth had left or not.

Nick tried to make wild arm gestures to ward Elisabeth away, because his jaw and tongue were becoming tired and he didn’t know if he could keep pleasuring his mother so frantically for much longer.

“Susan, you little hussy,” Nick heard his father laugh as he closed the sliding glass door behind him. “Don’t you have any shame, using your own son as a plaything like that?”

“Well, someone was too busy with work to play with me, and I was still horny,” his mother said, sulking like a little girl that has been denied ice cream.

Nick continued licking his mother’s pussy even though he was pretty sure he was now safe. His father would have noticed Elisabeth if she hadn’t hidden somewhere out of sight.

His father unexpectedly stuck a finger up Nick’s butt, and Nick gasped into his mother’s pussy, causing her to climax.

Samuel grabbed his wife by the hand and helped her stand up around Nick, who was lying on his belly on the sun chair.

“Now that I’ve helped your sex toy get you off, will you forgive me enough to go shopping?” Nick’s father asked, kissing his wife’s hand dramatically.

Nick stared at this open-mouthed, his face dripping with his mother’s juices and his cock hard again.

“Are you two leaving?” Nick asked, trying not to look too excited about it. He was secretly hoping he’d convince one or both of the girls to let him fuck them after his parents left.

His mother looked at him intently, her eyes narrowing. “Yes, we’re going to go replace the sex toys you stole from me, and maybe invest in a couple more interesting devices if the mood hits me.”

Nick had to keep himself from drooling as he imagined his mother browsing through sex toys. It was a very pleasant image. What would she wear, he wondered absently. Black leather? Would she bother to keep her breasts covered in a shop like that? The idea drove him wild, and he wanted to come with, despite himself.

He had never been in a real sex toy shop before, and he was dying to see what one was like.

“You’re not coming,” his mother said as though she read his mind. “The shop is for people twenty-one and older, you’re not old enough. Besides, your sister’s going to be home from school soon, and someone should be there to greet her when she returns.”

Remembering Elisabeth brought Nick back to his senses and he smiled and nodded.

“Yes, mother. I’ll be good and clean up before my sister knows I’ve been naughty,” he said, looking perhaps a little too amused. His mother’s gaze narrowed on him just the tiniest bit more.

“Make sure you do,” she said sharply. “I don’t want your perversion affecting your sister.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that,” Nick said with just a touch of a smile. He thought Elisabeth was already twice the pervert he was.

His mother seemed satisfied and simply slapped him affectionately on the bottom before walking into the house, hand in hand in with her fully clothed husband, wearing nothing but her opened white robe.

Nick stared as she left, drinking in the look of her butt hidden behind the thick white cotton. Has he really just been lucky enough to ride that lovely ass? Maybe, even now, his cum was leaking out of it as she walked. And for sure, the pussy juices that dripped down her legs were his handiwork. It was his touch that had tickled her clit, his jaw that had wrapped itself around her sopping wet cunt. He could hardly believe it! It was too good to be true.

Nick felt a pair of breasts brush against his back and realized that Amber had come out of hiding. He wanted to throw her to the ground and fuck her brains out, but he couldn’t just do something like that to his sister’s best friend, especially since she was still a virgin!

He moaned like a slut, feeling her soft flesh against his back.

“Oh! You drive he crazy, you little witch,” Nick groaned, turning around and kissing her softly, beginning to massage her breast with his hand.

Amber moaned softly and opened her mouth so that Nick could kiss her more deeply. Oh, she wanted it so badly. Nick knew she did, and he wanted her too. His cock was standing straight up like a flagpole, threatening to explode at any moment.

He let his cock brush up against her. His tongue slipped into her mouth. He remembered the feel of her mouth on his cock and how quickly she had brought him to climax, and the way Elisabeth punished her for canlı casino it.

Would his sister want to punish Amber again if he fucked her? And should he care? It was so damn hot to see Amber swimming around in the pool with her bikini wedged up herself, it made his cock ache to think of it.

Nick let his cock rest against the entrance to her pussy, loving the way her smooth skin felt against his cock. Oh, it was a feeling to die for! He wanted to fuck her. Oh, he wanted it so badly!

Amber pushed a little closer as she began to writhe and thrust her hips against him.

He was going to do it. He was going to grab his cock in his hand, and he was going to guide it into her, and then he was going to fuck her until he came again, even if he couldn’t last very long.

He was going to have her!

“Hey, what’s taking you two so long?” Elisabeth asked, popping out of the bushes. “Oh, shit!” she exclaimed, staring at Nick’s hard cock beginning to push into her best friend. “Oh, come on, are you two are just going to fuck outside and leave me all alone to watch? What are you, sadists?”

“Oh sorry, little sis, are you feeling left out?” Nick asked.

“Damn right I am! I fully intend to fuck your brains out before Amber gets the chance.”

Amber opened her mouth to protest, but Elisabeth interrupted.

“Since when are you so big on fucking me?” Nick asked with a little smile. “You’ve always given me the idea that you weren’t that interested.”

Elisabeth just rolled her eyes. Amber giggled. Nick felt a little embarrassed and decided to just shut up. This wasn’t the sort of conversation he ought to be having with his little sister.

“Now, Mom said I need to get all cleaned up so I can be a good example to you ladies,” Nick said, grabbing both girls around the waist and pulling them next to him. “Now if one or both of you girls want to supervise me, you can come and make sure I do it right.”

Amber giggled. Elisabeth stamped her foot.

“Fine, you two go take a hot steamy shower, like the pathetic pubescent high school students you are, and I’ll be in my room doing some real magick.”

“God, you don’t have to be such a bitch about it!” Nick exclaimed.

“Oh, what sort of magick are you going to do?” Amber asked, suddenly very interested. It was obvious to Nick that Amber thought the prospect of performing more magick was much kinkier than having straightforward sex with him, and began to wonder, perhaps not for the first time, whether he had a chance at competing against his sister for her best friend’s affection.

“Oh, I’ve been thinking for ages that it would be fun to try to summon Grandma’s ghost,” Elisabeth said with a little laugh. “You two probably don’t know it, but she began losing it towards the end with her illness and all. She began complaining about how her only regret was that Grandpa never once gave her an orgasm.”

“Wait one moment! I’m not letting you call back Grandma’s spirit just so you can fuck her, you crazy little slut!”

“Hey, watch who you’re talking to! I’m a really powerful witch!” Elisabeth exclaimed, stamping her foot down in the mud dramatically. “And I’ll be doing it for Grandma’s own good! Don’t you know that unfulfilled desires hold you back from going into the afterlife? What sort of granddaughter would I be if I didn’t drag her back and eat her pussy once or twice? Maybe if you’re nice, she’ll yet you jump her old bones!”

“Eew, gross!” Nick exclaimed. “I’m not into necrophilia!”

“No, necrophilia is having sex with dead bodies,” Amber corrected him. “You’d be having sex with her spirit, it’s entirely different. I’ve heard of a woman who enjoyed having sex with spirits so much she gave up living men entirely.”

“Oh, and who was that?” Nick asked suspiciously.

“Oh I forget, either Emily Dickinson or Sarah Winchester or maybe both,” Amber said with a little giggle. “It’s been a while since I stopped reading my erotic ghost story chronicles.”

“Come on! It would suck if Mom and Dad came back while Grandma was still hovering about,” Elisabeth said, pulling her brother and her friend by the arm into the house.

“Ok, I suppose I’ll come help,” Nick said grumpily. “But I’d better take a shower first, I’d like to get the smell of sex off of me.”

“You’re wasting your time,” Elisabeth said as Nick disappeared into the bathroom. Amber laughed.

Nick sighed deeply and collapsed against the bathroom door. He was so exhausted. Why in Heaven’s name was his little slut sister going to make him fuck his dead grandma, of all people? What, did she think that if he was willing to fuck their mother, he’d do anything? Their grandmother had died at a fairly young age from cancer, when he and Elisabeth were only small children, but still, she’d be a bit old, and even worse, dead! Nick shuddered.

He turned on the shower water and stepped under the stream, enjoying the hot flow of water over his skin. He felt strangely dirty, sort like how he used to feel when he had dirty thoughts about his kaçak casino sister, but different. Now he felt more worn out, as though he were an old rag that has been wrung out one time too many.

Their grandmother! His sister was a freak! He lathered up his body, taking extra care to get underneath his armpits and just above his cock, where most of the smell lingered.

Nick’s cock quickly swelled back to hardness as he lathered up his public hair. He laughed, a little guilty, and decided he ought to wash that too.

He was risking becoming completely insatiable.

Nick opened the door to his sister’s bedroom without knocking. Hell, it wasn’t as if she had anything he hadn’t seen just twenty minutes ago!

The two girls decked the room out in candles again. This time, they were thick and white, like the old-fashioned candles in horror movies. Both of the girls were wearing just a little bit of make-up and clothing and had teased their hair out to the point where they looked rather Goth.

Nick chuckled to himself. It was like they were trying to impersonate something out of a bad teen magazine.

“Oh, quit it,” Elisabeth said and Nick almost burst out laughing watching her black-painted lips begin to move.

“Special clothing for special occasions,” Amber said, handing Nick the eyeliner. “When summoning spirits, it can’t hurt to go a little Goth. If you want to participate in this ritual, you ought to play the part too. Every little bit helps.”

“But I don’t have anything Goth or kinky to wear, you two know that!” Nick protested. He wasn’t feeling right about this new development.

“Well, maybe I should just draw some magick symbols or something on you then,” Amber offered. “We really can’t afford to fuck this spell up.”

“I’d normally be reluctant to have a dick like you participate in something like this, without being properly initiated or anything, but we’ll probably need you,” said Elisabeth.

“My cock and I are at your mercy,” Nick said dramatically, manhandling his dick as though presenting it for the girls’ appraisal.

“Oh, good. You get to be the sacrifice,” Elisabeth said with a sinister smile.

“Oh hell no! I’m going back to my room,” Nick said, beginning to turn away, but Amber grabbed his shoulder to stop him.

“A sexual sacrifice,” Amber explained. “We’re going to use your sexual energy as a medium to summon your grandmother’s spirit from the other plane.”

Elisabeth went to a little jewelry box and pulled out a girl’s bracelet, which she snapped onto Nick’s left wrist.

“This used to be Grandma’s. She left it to me before she died,” Elisabeth said seriously. “It will help us channel her.”

“She’s not going to materialize in my body, is she?” Nick asked, beginning to panic. He wasn’t liking the idea one bit.

Elisabeth only shrugged and pushed Nick onto the bed. She leaned over him seductively and bent to kiss him. Her mouth was so soft, so sensual, that Nick began to forget his worries just a little. Elisabeth tied his arms to the bed, but he hardly noticed. He didn’t notice, either, when Amber took the eyeliner and began to draw symbols on some of the exposed areas of his skin.

Elisabeth began to kiss her way down his body. It was every bit as good as everything he had ever fantasized about. His sister, young though she was, seemed to know tricks that his mother had either never learned or somehow forgot, and the feel of her mouth on his body alone was almost enough to make him come.

When her tongue began to swirl around his cock, Nick thought he had died and gone to heaven. Oh, he loved it. It was so dirty, so sinful to be giving into this pleasure after he had wanted it for so long, and it felt so good.

Nick was getting hornier and hornier. He felt a woman’s crotch descend onto his face and began to eat her pussy, completely unaware of whether it was Amber or Elisabeth or even the spirit of his grandmother.

Chanting rang in his ears, but he was much too far gone to pay attention to it. His cock was positively pulsing with desire. It seemed that every little attention was paid to him. Every ounce of his flesh was pleasured to the point of ecstasy, and yet he did not come. He just became hornier and hornier.

The room seemed to get warmer. It seemed darker, too, as though one or two of the candles that lit his sister’s bedroom had burned out. A cold breeze seemed to run though Nick’s body.

He felt so light and yet so heavy, and the fire in his loins was intense. He was so damn close to climax and he wanted to come. He wanted to come more than anything else in the world. If only his hands could move, he’d pump his cock or stick it in one of the girls, willing or not. He couldn’t take it anymore! He needed to come. It would be their own fault for tormenting him, the little teases.

And then suddenly, with an apparent burst of light, he came. He was too far gone to know if he squirted cum and whether it landed on him or anywhere in particular. His body seemed to writhe and convulse, as though he were possessed, and the sublime pleasure refused to dissipate but continued to torment him. He felt like he was drowning in a warm pool of white light and there was nothing left of the room he had been in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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