BLOOD DIAMONDS Chapters 21 – 25

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BLOOD DIAMONDS Chapters 21 – 25Chapter 21Wassamassaw Island… July 1stI woke up when I heard Dad clumping around up on deck. After so many years working at the post office he seemed incapable of sleeping past 5am. Mom could sleep right through the noises he made while getting ready for work. Now that he was retired, the noises he made not getting ready for work woke her up. No one wanted to wake up Mom before she decided to wake up! So Dad would come out to my boat and wake me up instead.I started the coffee maker and by the time I’d finished doing what needed to be done in the head, I had enough extra strength coffee brewed for two cups. Going up on deck I was surprised to see Genevieve there with Dad. Even sleepy-eyed with a head of slept-in-hair, she was beautiful in a long, thick robe. I quickly ran back below deck with Genevieve’s laughter following me. Putting on a t-shirt and shorts over my boxers I reappeared on deck. “Sorry. I wasn’t expecting company this early, Genevieve.””Is okay. I see man no shirt, no pants once maybe twice,” she laughed. “I sleep so good. But wake when hear Signore Kershaw. Is past noon Italia time. You papa say we come, drink coffee, smoke, so no to wake you mama.””You could’ve at least told me she was here,” I muttered to Dad as I passed him his cup of coffee. Dad just smiled. He’d done his practical joke for the day. Genevieve just asked for straight black coffee and after another trip below she had her cup and I sat in the stern next to her to sip on mine.There was a little fog this close to the water, but it would burn off soon. That reminded me. “Genevieve, if you come out alone and you think you see a log in the water or on the lawn. Stay away. It might be an alligator. They are making a come back in South Carolina. They’re why Dad and me have put in the fences running down both side of the lawn. We haven’t fenced in the Waterway section yet.””Alligatore? Qui? I watch good, Jeem!”Both dad and Genevieve were smoking cigars that dad had bought at a convenient store. I wasn’t in the mood so I didn’t light up. We passed the morning watching the fog lift. When we were ready for a second cup of coffee I led Genevieve on a tour below deck before returning to hand Dad his cup. Genevieve didn’t have her translator so we kept the small talk small.Mostly I tried to warn Genevieve of the horde about to descend for our annual family reunion. I have three brothers and between them they have five sons. I have uncles and aunts on Mom and Dad’s side of the family and their c***dren had wives and c***dren, and so on and so on… “Some of them will start showing up today since it’s a Friday. If you start feeling like it’s too much, just say so. You can hide on my boat.”When Dad left to start breakfast, I asked Genevieve what she wanted to do today. “To shop be first. I to look for place to photo models but no, uhh, macchina fotografica?””Camera?””Sì. Camera. Must have camera to look part. Ahh, I no want hurt you papa feeling, but sigaro è merda! Ahh, is shit. I get much better cigar for him. Us. I no smoke much. Maybe want much better cigar later.”^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Today across the chest of Genevieve’s t-shirt it read, 100% Natural! No additives, No fillers… As soon as we entered the mall, Genevieve headed for the tobacconist store and spent a half hour picking out the perfect cigar for her and Dad to enjoy later. I thought cameras would be next. Instead, Genevieve spent time in each clothing store looking over their stock. There was no hesitation whether or not to buy something. Holding a blouse or skirt for two seconds before replacing it or tossing it to me to hold as she breezed on to the next rack. With the much practiced eye of a true shopper she eliminated entire sections of clothes with a glance. She didn’t buy much until she saw the Frederick’s of Hollywood store. The line of clothing they had in there probably couldn’t be worn by 90% of all females. Genevieve was one of the lucky 10%’ers as she ohh’ed and ahh’ed over the selection.One pair of jeans was snatched off the rack and Genevieve ran for the changing area. Emerging a short time later she gathered her shirt up to just below her breasts as she turned in front of a mirror. I was admiring the long, slender expanse of skin from her hip bone to her breasts when Genevieve exclaimed happily, “Look! Is my size! Look, look! Leg long even me! I wear heels with!”I don’t think she could have been happier if the jeans had been solid gold. With jeans that could be worn with heels in hand, naturally a shoe store was next. “Nothing here good,” was her estimation of the stock after taking in every shoe at a glance before heading for the next store.I found out that Genevieve was right about being used to men looking at her. Stopping to watch her. Turning to watch her from behind as she walked away. No, not walking. Striding along. Her long legs stretched out into long, graceful strides that covered ground quickly. Her back straight, shoulders high and head up just as you would expect from a model trained to strut down a runway, it was as if she was telling everyone, This is who I am! Look all you want.Genevieve did notice me noticing and put her hand through my arm, “Is okay, Jeem. They to look since me before model. I tall, men think pretty. How me to hide? I no try. I be me. Is good with man with me. Other man no try meet. Maybe no say bad thing, ask me do bad thing. You protect me that.” With her hand through my arm, maybe I began to stride, too.The camera was actually the quickest thing she bought. She just pointed and said, ‘I take that’, before leading me on to the next clothing/shoe store. We were in one of the last stores in the mall and I was eyeing what I wished Genevieve would wear while she went through the racks like a hurricane. I thought I was being discreet until a voice from behind and next to my ear made me jump. “Ahh, I see what want me buy. You be good boy. No hurry, hurry me. I go buy. You have boat? I need buy swimsuit for boat,” Genevieve laughed.I tried to protest, but my heart wasn’t really in it as Genevieve led me to the swimsuit aisle. She began looking through the suits with the same practiced eye she had all the other racks of clothes and began telling me, “Once, when I young, me, two girls, friends, we drive, drive to beach where suits not worn? We think we so grown up. Smoke, drink, take off suits. Like men look us. We like look men no suits on. Laugh, point. Have good time, ahh, no think of sun. Time…” Genevieve leaned closer and said softly, “We burn things in sun no now covered by suits, sì? Hurt to sit. Hurt to wear shirt! The, umm,” Genevieve held her hands in front of her impressive chest. “The tops? Reggiseno? Brassiere? Ohh, much hurt. We no so happy on drive to home! Mamas no so happy when find out,” Genevieve finished with a laugh and then swept a hand at the racks. “All this good for you mama, Jeem, but no what man like.””Maybe you’re not thinking like a man then,” I taunted.”Okay. You to do this man thinking,” Genevieve crossed her arms under her impressive chest and dared me.I set down all the bags I’d been carrying and moved down two sizes until I found a bikini bottom with ties on the sides. Holding it up I asked, “Would this bottom fit if you let out the ties?”Genevieve started laughing. “I see man thinking now. Yes, bottom fit. And no what mama like. No to top. It look funny, no the sexy like man want.””I not mama. I like much,” I leered, falling into Genevieve’s way of talking. I moved back to her size on the rack. “I’m not sure how they measure, umm, women, in Europe, but here I would say you are definitely, ah, larger than most, so what a thinking man would look for is…” I found various bikinis in the same pattern as the one I was holding and… “Is a bikini top in a size B,” Genevieve shook her head, Look funny, “or C-cup.” Genevieve ran a critical eye over it and nodded. “Now, we switch the tops while
no one is looking… And there you have a bikini mama no like.”Genevieve laughed and applauded. Grabbing another swimsuit from her size at random, she said, “I like this man thinking. I buy one mama like. Buy man thinking swimsuit mama no see.”^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^After the mall I drove the Ferrari out to a point of land close to Slick Willy’s place. It was at least half a mile to Willy’s little island and because of the marsh grass all but invisible except for the roof. His pier was invisible.”This clump of trees is the closest we can get to watch Willy’s place without Willy watching us,” I explained.”No good place. What that,” Genevieve asked, pointing to a tower.”For cell phones. That one covers the entire island.””We go look?”I drove Genevieve to the tower base and parked. Genevieve got out and rattled the locked gate of the chain link fence that surrounded the tower. Looking up she shook her head. “No place stand no be seen. Is more tower?”I called up a map on my I-Phone and showed it to her. “There’s another tower here on the mainland, but it’s in the opposite direction from Willy’s place. And it’s like this one. Anyone looking up will be able to see you.”Genevieve looked from my I-Phone to her translation machine as I continued to zoom the map larger, “This speck here is Willy’s little island. See the Waterway and all this marshland… That’s a good five or six miles of Waterway and marsh from the closest spot on the mainland. And the mainland is mostly just swamp over there. Even climbing a tree won’t let you see that far because this marsh grass can grow pretty high. And you might have to share the tree with a snake.”Genevieve scowled. “So we do this how? Where look see big boat we no be seen?”I drove Genevieve back to the same spit of sand we’d been on and pointed. “See that clear bit of water? Channels like that run all through this marsh. My boat was built for speed and doesn’t draw much water, uhh, it doesn’t sit deep in the water. If I take off the mast and lighten it even more, tomorrow, right about when the sun is going down, I can take my boat up one of these channels.”I won’t have to go very far before only someone in a plane will be able to see me. But I can climb onto the deck over my cabin and I’ll be able to see over the grass. As long as I don’t show any lights at night, I can stay there easily for two or three days.””Why you say ‘I’ alla time, no the ‘we’,” Genevieve asked suspiciously her green eyes narrowed.Oh, crap…”Lt. Dan and I never thought of you wanting to go. My boat is a sailboat, not a powerboat, Genevieve.””This matter why?”Oh, crap… Her eyes are getting that cold look…”It matters in the amount of fuel it carries. My sailboat’s engine is to be run for short periods… Ahh, no long time. …while maneuvering, ahh… Moving in small places. Everything after that you use the sail. My boat won’t carry enough fuel to run the engine while sitting in the marsh waiting for the yacht to come. I can’t carry more on the deck in barrels, too much weight. I’m not even taking a full load of fuel so the boat will ride higher out of the water.”No engine means no power to the batteries. No air conditioning, no water for bathing or the toilet, no cooking, no nothing… When sailing there’s a little weather vane that connects to the mast that turns a generator to supply power to the batteries. But the mast will be gone, too. It’s already over 90 degrees out here. It’s not going to be a pleasure cruise out in the marsh.””So think I be Barbie Doll, too? Like New York City policia? I put pieces together. I track boat come here. I do this and now you say, Go home, Barbie Doll! Non credo Mi sono fidato! Sei come tutti gli uomini!””No!” I had no idea what she was saying, but her tone and hand gestures were unmistakably angry.”Solo perché ho bel viso e capelli biondi! Pensi che io sia buono solo per il cazzo! Ehh! Uomini!”

“Genevieve, no! No to whatever you’re saying! Of course not, no go home. No go home! Just stay at Mom and Dad’s place for a couple of days going around the island just like you are a location scout. Believe me, Genevieve. If that boat does show up and there’s an arrest made you will get the credit, I promise. But, it’s going to be miserable out there on the boat. Hot, humid, smelly… The only toilet will be to pee over the side of the boat or use a coffee can.”Genevieve walked over to the edge of the sand and before I knew it, had her jeans and panties down to her ankles and was peeing into the marsh. “There! Girl can pee over side like boy. Maybe no like boy, but can pee! Girl can use coffee can!””Alright! You win! Please, just pull up your pants before I have to arrest you! Jesus, the road’s right there for crying out loud.” I turned away from a perfect view of a very perfect ass until I heard the sound of a zipper being zipped. When I turned to face her again she had her arms crossed under her chest and a satisfied look on her face, but her eyes were still suspicious.”I go boat?””Sì, you go boat,” I replied defeated. “If you’ll keep your pants pulled up we have a lot of things to buy before we go boat.”We trudged through the sandy soil to her car.”Nice butt.””Grazie.”Chapter 22Wassamassaw Island… Afternoon, July 1stTo bolster Genevieve’s cover story I drove her around the island. That didn’t take long since the island isn’t all that large. From our small beach on a small out-lying island reached by a short causeway, to the bridge over the Waterway to the mainland, she’d get out of the car and pretend to take pictures. She was honked at by cars passing and greeted by people walking by. Everyone seemed to know who she was and why she was on our island. At least the story we’d come up with.Back home we carried bags of supplies to my boat and stowed them below. Dad and my Uncle Burl were on the boat and I asked them if they’d help me unship the mast. Dad was quiet and then asked, “What’s going on, Jim?” Before I could answer he was already shaking his head. “Don’t try to lie. I know you better than anyone. You, both of you, are up to something. Everyone else might be fooled, including your Mom, but not me.”Uncle Burl noted, “Y’all just took a lot of groceries down there for a boat that don’t have a working galley.”I looked at Genevieve and she looked and me and shrugged. “You no can trust papa, you no can trust no one.” I asked her to show Dad her cred case. While Dad and Uncle Burl looked at her Interpol ID, I filled them in on the real story. “But, Dad, if Mom knows then she’ll tell Aunt Al who will tell Aunt Brooke and then Aunt Amber… Pretty soon it will be all over the island and Willy will hear. I think Inspector Bujold has done a great job at detecting and has a decent chance of being right. All we need is to leave tomorrow and lay low in the marsh for a couple of days to know for sure.””Hate to be you when your Mom finds out she’s been lied to,” Uncle Burl said with a smile. “But we can get the mast off and lighten the boat a bit. Finding a reason for the two of you to slip off alone on the boat… Well, girls and boys have been slipping off to be alone for a long time now.”Genevieve passed out cigars to our new partners and this time I took one as well. She was right, these were much better than what Dad bought. Plans were made and introductions were given as more of the family arrived.”Just remember one thing, Jim,” Uncle Burl said after the mast came down. “You hoodwinked your Dad and me right along with everyone else. No way in hell will I ever admit to Brooke that I knew something and didn’t tell her.”While we worked on lightening my boat, Genevieve was working the crowd. Thirty minutes in my bedroom and when she came out… I wouldn’t have believed the transformation if I hadn’t seen it. From t-shirt wearing girl-gone-shopping to fashion model on a walkway on our patio in less than an hour. My oldest nephew followed her like a puppy dog. Genevieve charmed old and young effortlessly. At least until it became to much for her and she walked down to the pier. There was a pinched look around her eyes. “All people talk talk fast, Jeem. Two, three all same time they to talk me. I get headache. I want get auto. Dark window, place. Quiet. No bright. No talk, talk, talk. Drive, be alone if okay?””Of course it’s okay, Genevieve. Just be alone and clear your head. No way do we want to take a chance on a migraine developing. Go drive, relax.”Evening, July 1st… Charleston, S.C.”You wanted to see me, Boss?””Yes, come in and sit down, Kenny,” Slick Willy indicated a chair in front of his desk. “I hope you don’t have plans for the Fourth. We’re going to leave that morning to go to the Island House.””Nothing I can’t break, Boss.””Good. Have the car ready and, Kenny, drive down now and store some firepower in the house. I don’t want anything in the trunk when I’m in the car. It’s only going to be the two of us there for the meet, but I want us to be the best armed.”After Kenny left the office, Willy looked at the headline from a news article he’d pulled up on his computer. Billion Dollar Diamond Heist… Always before if there was a shipment in or out of the country at his Island House, he’d never been there in person. That way, if something went wrong, he could always claim to be shocked that people he’d trusted and counted as friends would abuse his trust like this! To use his property as a smuggling hide-a-way was unforgivable.Willy had never personally gotten his hands dirty with the nitty-gritty business of smuggling d**gs and stolen goods both in and out of the country. Willy had never gotten his hands dirty with silencing witnesses before, either.But for a billion dollars… If I play this right I can make it sound like the people who showed up with the diamonds double-crossed Don Carlos and wanted the money and the diamonds. I was just caught in the crossfire… For a billion dollars…There was no doubt in his mind that only something this big would bring Don Carlos to the United States. There was also no doubt in his mind that the only one leaving his little island house with a billion dollars in diamonds, was going to be him!Evening, July 1st… Wassamassaw casino şirketleri IslandI locked the gate behind me and drove off satisfied no one knew of my little surprises. After I crashed the party on Willy’s island, I might need the maximum confusion to cover my and Grandfather’s escape. The little surprises I’d spread about the island should do the trick. Grandfather could just sail out of US territorial waters. I already had my own route planned.I slowly drove past the causeway to the small island the meet would be on and couldn’t see any reason why the chain that blocked it would stop me even if it was locked. Even from here, the closest I could get, I couldn’t tell if there were any lights on in the house out there.Good… I’ll have lots of privacy to settle the score with my former partner.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I told Mom where Genevieve had gone and why. She was very sympathetic. “Oh, that poor thing. Everyone wanting to talk to her at the same time and she has to go from English to Italian and then back again. No wonder her brain got all tired out. I’ll tell everyone to talk more slowly to her.”I was pretty sure Genevieve was going to have to put up with my relatives talking slow and loud from now on. Americans have this mindset that if we talk loud enough everyone can understand us. Ah, well, she could put up with being talked to like she was an idiot for a few more hours.The work on my boat went well. Telling everyone I was getting her ready to be hauled up on shore to clean the hull seemed to be plausible enough no one questioned it. The mosquito netting didn’t need to be used out on my Dad’s pier. Motionless in the marsh was another story. I made sure it was ready for Genevieve and me to put on the
stern or we’d be going crazy for two days swatting at the damned things.Genevieve came back just as the sun was setting and parked. She seemed much more relaxed and the tense look around her eyes was gone. “I go beach. Park. Listen quiet music, close eyes. Take medicine. Some time medicine stop big headache. Sometime no. Take nap. Head much good now.”Many of my clan had arrived while she had been gone so soon she was being led away by mom for introductions. Many others had already left to go to their motel rooms for the night. Next year I’d have the two smaller cabins ready on the boat and there’d be a need for two less motel rooms.A July day in South Carolina lasts a long time and Genevieve was yawning when she appeared beside me and whispered, “Why all speak loud me? I hear good.” I just shrugged.Sam and I were sitting in the yard sipping on a last beer before he and Kendra had to leave to take their k**s home. Sam and I had been friends since grade school. Whether it was bullies trying one of us or on the football field we stood back to back and shoulder to shoulder. In some ways he was closer to me than my brothers. Sam had moved out west after high school while I went into the army. We both moved back to the island about the same time. He’d joined the force at my urging about a year later. Next detective exam he was due to take it and I was hoping he’d become my junior partner.If Genevieve thought I was auto crazy, that was before Sam had arrived before she’d left to fix her headache. Sam had gone crazy over Magnum’s Ferrari. He’d lifted everything lift-able, opened everything open-able and inspected everything inspect-able. He’d been giddy when Genevieve handed him the keys and said, “You go drive.”We were both sitting, sipping and watching Genevieve.”Implants?”I considered everything carefully. The shake, shimmy and bounce under her peasant blouse as Genevieve moved before shaking my head, “No.””D?””Double D,” I replied. We’d known each other so long few words were needed between us.”Five dollars.””Done,” I agreed and then sighed. “No way to find out.””We could…”I shook my head at the idea. “What? Sneak into my old room and look through her underwear? Jeez, we’re not in high school anymore.”We both stood up.”I just need to use the toilet.””Me, too.””You keep watch?””Done.”Chapter 234am, July 2nd… Jim’s Boat”Jeem? Jeem? No sleep! No you sleep!”Waking, I saw Genevieve bending over me with a small flashlight in her hand lighting my cabin.”Genevieve? What? What time… What’s wrong?””No wrong. Is good time leave. We go now, no question later.””What? We can’t just…””Yes, yes,” Genevieve interrupted. “We to go later, yes? Why no go now? No one see. No question us now. Later many see, many question. Boat ready, yes?””Yea, the boat’s ready,” I answered and yawned. Sitting up I gave what Genevieve had said some thought and she was right. Later today it would be harder to find a time or a reason for just the two of us to leave. Cousins would be wanting to go for a ride. Men would be wanting to go just to be with Genevieve…I was awake enough to see where Genevieve’s eyes were looking and the grin… Grabbing the sheet, I pulled it over my crotch. “Jesus, Genevieve. It’s just something all men wake up with.””Si, this I know,” She laughed. “If man looking me boobies okay? I looking man then be okay, too. You look boobies when you no think I see. I look you!””Jeez, Genevieve. How’d you feel if I woke you up and just stood there looking at your… Whatever,” I grumped. She just grinned wider.”Okay, okay! I think you’re right. Now would be a good time.””Si! So get boat to go. Why you wait?””I’m just in my underwear. Would you give me a few minutes to dress?”Genevieve nodded and waited.”Alone?!””Ah, so bashful,” she said leaving the cabin. “You no make model. Model dress, take dress off many see.”Yea, well, models didn’t wake up with a boner…Genevieve waited on deck while I put the coffee maker on for a full pot and used the toilet. A very quick shower and my first cup of coffee later I appeared on deck and handed Genevieve a cup. “If you need to use the head now’s the time. Very soon it’s coffee can only.””Head?””It’s what the bathroom is called on a boat.””Why to do?””I don’t know. It just is.””Is stupid then. Bathroom is bathroom on land, on water.”I didn’t argue. Starting the engines, I disconnected the electric and water lines and asked Genevieve to cast off the lines.”Cast off lines?””Untie the ropes to the pier.””Why no just say untie ropes?””On a boat a rope is called a line.””Why to do?””I don’t know. They just are.”Shaking her head while muttering something in Italian, she cast off the lines. Engaging the engine I eased my boat away from the pier and guided her into the middle of the Waterway. There wasn’t much light from the quarter-moon, but there was enough to keep the boat in the middle of the Waterway.I didn’t expect to meet other boats this early, but every holiday brings out the boaters who only take their boats out once or twice a year and then make believe they are Admiral Nimitz. Usually a very drunken Admiral Nimitz. Steering the boat from the stern made seeing directly ahead difficult so I asked Genevieve to go forward to the bow and sing out if she saw anything I might hit.”Bow?””The front of a boat. The rear of a boat is the stern. Just keep an eye open and tell me if there is anything I might hit and if I need to go port or starboard to avoid it.””Port? Is place boats are.””It’s also the left of a boat. Starboard is to the right.””Head, lines, port, starboard, stern, bow,” she said and threw up her hands. Walking forward she stopped and pointed a finger at me. Speaking in a tone that discouraged any argument Genevieve informed me, “Molto stupido! I speak English! No this boat talk. I go front, you stay back. I say to left, I say to right. No stupid boat talk!”Without the mast, I was able to slide under the bridge to the mainland without waiting for the drawbridge to be raised. I knew this area well, and after the bridge was behind us I brought the boat over to starboard and drifted to a pier behind a house that was for sale. Tying up to a cleat, I cut the engines as Genevieve called out, “Why to stop?””Just a second,” I yelled back and went for another cup of coffee. I decided that with Genevieve on board, coffee counted as a necessity and began brewing another pot. It didn’t use much battery power, anyway.When I got back on deck Genevieve was in the stern waiting. I watched my coffee disappear from my hands with a Grazie and Genevieve’s empty cup take its place. “Why to stop?”Coffee was definitely a necessity with Genevieve on board. Getting another cup that didn’t disappear, I called up the map on my I-Phone again and showed Genevieve. “If we kept going we’d get there while it was still dark and we’d waste fuel just motoring about. See here? The other side of Willy’s place, there’s a small, barrier island. No one lives there. Now, here’s the same view using Google Earth pictures from a satellite…”You see, all these channels all lead into a central small lake. If we go past Willy’s, take one of these channels near the barrier island to this small lake, or lagoon or whatever it’s called, we can anchor and should have a good view from the raised deck over my cabin. If we can’t see, we can take one of these other channels that leads towards Willy’s island until we can.””Ah, so wait here for sun.””No, we work and wait for sun.” I took Genevieve with her flashlight below deck and dumped out the canned food we’d brought on board from a cardboard box. Getting scissors and duct tape we went back on deck. “See all these portholes…””Small windows? Why called portholes? Ah, I see! If port is left, then windows on right is to be starboardholes? Sì?””No. It… It’s… I need more coffee.””I,
too, more coffee. Grazie.”Fortified with more coffee I began again. “These port… small windows, can reflect sunlight. Umm, bounce sunlight. Flash, flash…””Ah, Sì.””You cut the cardboard into pieces to cover the port… small windows, and I’ll tape them into place.” Working together it didn’t take long to cover anything glass or metal that might reflect a stray beam of light. Afterwards we sat and drank coffee until the horizon began to turn pink. I cast off and began to motor towards Willy’s place.In the light of pre-dawn I could appreciate the amount of long, lean leg shown off by the shorts she was wearing. Even this early in the morning the temperature was already in the mid 80s. I was not looking forward to what the temperature would be in the afternoon. Passing by Willy’s place Genevieve got her first look at the long pier that extended from his island out into the Waterway. It was at least a hundred yards long to reach past the marsh grass to deeper water. Continuing, once out of sight of the house, I cut the wheel to port and began searching for a likely looking channel.The third channel looked wide enough. I slowed even more and entered. With Genevieve using a boat hook to push the bow around while telling me what direction to steer, we didn’t have as much difficulty as I’d imagined. I’d been thinking I’d have to do a Bogart from the movie The African Queen. Getting into the water to pull the boat past shallow areas didn’t appeal to me. I didn’t need to do that for which I was very grateful. I didn’t want to find out the hard way if leeches, or other blood sucking critters thrived in salt water marshes or not.The lake turned out to be just a clear area that looked much smaller than it had on the map. Killing the engine, we used boat hooks to push the boat against the reeds on the side closest to Willy’s place. Tossing forty pound anchors off the bow and stern, I shortened the lines, ahh, ropes, and tied them off.Keeping low, I climbed on top of the raised deck over the cabins and carefully raised my head. Willy’s island was about three hundred yards directly ahead. The pier was off to the left and maybe four to five hundred yards to its end, but from here we should have no problem seeing a large yacht if one showed up. Genevieve poked her head up for a look and agreed we were in a perfect location.While the morning sea breeze kept the insect population down, I broke out short aluminum poles and the mosquito netting. With duct tape holding the ends to the boat’s railing, we soon had the entire stern, ahh, back of boat enclosed and bug proof under a low mat of netting. Before sealing the last few feet of netting I cut swamp grass and tossed it on top of the netting to provide some shade. We had to crawl or duck walk under the low netting, but it was better than swatting bugs for three days.With the sun rising and the reeds blocking what little breeze there might be, we were both sweating by the time we were finished. I placed the cushions from the stern, ah, the back, benches onto the deck, floor, since it was now the only place we could sit upright without our heads hitting the net above us.Genevieve looked at the netting securely taped down all around us. “Where be place pee over side?””I lied,” I said and wiped the sweat from my forehead. “It’s coffee can or nothing from here on. Welcome to Hell, Genevieve.”Chapter 24
My boat… Morning, July 2ndWatching bugs bounce off the mosquito net quickly lost its entertainment value. “Ready for breakfast,” I asked Genevieve.” Sì! What we eat?””I have a treat for you. A real American delicacy, ahh, good food,” I added as I went below. Coming back on deck I handed Genevieve a plastic fork and the delicacy. “Vienna sausages, crackers and a bottle of water.”I opened mine, speared a weenie and bit off half then crunched into a cracker. “Mmmmmm, yummy!””This buon cibo americano?” Genevieve didn’t seem convinced. “What meat this,” she asked, holding up the can to read the label. I reached over and pushed the can down.”If you read the label you won’t eat it,” I explained. “Just make believe it’s ground up bacon.” She put the can down and munched a cracker. “What’s the matter, Genevieve, regretting your decision to come out here? Just think, if you’d listened to me, right about now you could be sitting down in an air conditioned kitchen at a table heaped with eggs, biscuits, white or red-eye gravy. Fried ham, crisp bacon…””Stop! You make fun me.” She gave me a stare. “You no let me forget this, ehh? Me want come when I maybe stay? Eat good. No be hot.” She crunched through another cracker and smiled. “Is good I bring things.” Going below, she returned with… Beer? Ice cold beer I found out when she trailed the bottle against the back of my neck as she sat down.”How… I don’t even have a refrigerator on board yet!””I go rest head? I buy two big… box? Hold ice, keep ice cold. Keep beer cold,” she took a long drink and burped. In a lady like way, of course. “Keep two box in car. Bring two box to boat when all sleep. Big two box. Much beer.”Unwrapping the other thing she was holding, she took a large bite out of a hamburger. “I put in bag, no leak? Put top ice. Have many,” Genevieve mumbled past a full mouth.I saluted her with a weenie on the end of my fork. Munching through my breakfast while watching Genevieve swill cold beer and eat a hamburger made my crackers taste even more tasteless. But it would be a cold day in the marsh before I’d break down and ask for one. Yep! My will power is stronger than steel! I’m a rock! A very cold day…”I’ll stop making fun of you if you’ll share the beer.””Okay, is to be deal.”I went below and got a beer that was cold and delicious. I’m not weak willed. I’m just always ready to compromise. To meet a lady halfway. To see the other side of an argument. To… Okay, I caved. But it was dark, German beer! Not that weak crap we Americans call beer.I hadn’t really paid attention before but now looking around in the gloom I saw the other chest and a mound of Genevieve’s luggage. “Genevieve? Did you bring all your things from the house?””Sì. Now you mama give room to other who need. But I in hurry, I forget phone. Leave table next to bed.”As if conjured by the word, at that moment my phone rang. Caller ID said… “Umm, hi, Mom. Good morning.”I won’t repeat what was said. Luckily for me, Mom had guests in the other room so she didn’t get to say all she wanted. I had no doubt those words would come when I returned. To summarize, I was to get my butt home after dropping of f a certain ‘Italian woman’ who, If this is the way she behaves as a guest, she’s no longer welcome in my home. I crawled back on deck under the netting.
“You mama call?””Yes. Guess you heard, ” I answered and plopped back onto my cushion. “I’m in deep shit and you’re no longer welcome in her home.””We tell real story her,” Genevieve said unconcerned with a wave of her beer bottle. “She no be mad.””Yeah, right.” I hung my head and shook it ruefully. “Admit why we really took off without telling her is because she’s a big mouth gossip who can’t keep a secret. That will really smooth things over.”Genevieve scooted until she could put her arm around my back for a small squeeze. Resting her head on my shoulder, “I sorry, I bad luck. I go get all mad where I go. New York City police. My boss. You mama. All get mad.””It’s not your fault,” I told her and then clinked the necks of our bottles. “Beside, a few more of these and I won’t care.””Maybe, phone off? Then you mama no call, maybe say bad thing she no mean. Thing be sad she say later.””That’s not a bad idea. Sure as hell she can’t get any madder at us if I don’t answer when she calls back.” Putting action to my words I turned the phone off and placed it on the bench behind me. Settling back, Genevieve’s arm went around me with her head resting on my shoulder again. I was suddenly very aware that this was the first real physical contact we’d had other than touching hands now and then.”You be right, too. More beer is answer.” Crawling for the hatch, uh, door, I was very aware of the movement of that shapely stern, uh, back, that passed me. Getting us more beer, Genevieve sat next to me and though she didn’t put her arm around me again, she was close enough for me to smell her perfume. Hot and sweaty and she still smelled wonderful. We nursed our second beers and with the help of her translator, she told me about her family.”Great-grandmama, she no like Mussolini. Hitler. She see how things to go in Germania. Europa. When Hitler casino firmalari invade Polonia, she send youngest son, my grandpapa, to America. Familia have many ships then. She send many ships with son to America. Tell him make company. Give him much money. Tell him become rich American for familia.”She do this all before Italia enter war. Grandpapa become American citizen. Make big shipping company in Pacific where no war is. Make much money.”Things bad for Italia when Mussolini declare war. Family there very hard times. Mussolini find out ships gone America, not like. Call great-grandmama traitor. Very, very bad time. Great-grandmama die under arrest. Then Giappone, Japan, attack America. Italia, America at war. US Navy need ships bad. American son say, God Bless America! Sell ships to US Navy. Take money, invest in other companies. Make much more money.”War ends and Italia very poor but American son now very rich. Return to familia. Take money and help Italia to build back. Make big company. Grandfather give company to father. Father to give company to older brother, me. I not woman of business. I have company title, get salary, have the stocks, but do nothing. Let brother vote stocks. Is for older brother to run company. I get more money from stock dividends when business do good. Brother run company good. But always, in room where business is, is only one big painting, big painting of great-grandmama. Who protect family. Who die for family.”I no woman of business like great-grandmama. So I play. Do model. Do men,” she said with a grin and bumped my shoulder with hers. “Play, let brother work. Say, Why the hell no!, when uncle ask become polizia. I find I like.”It was my turn for a beer run. I began telling her a few stories about my growing up, but, “My life just isn’t as interesting as yours. No traveling the world. No modeling for a prestigious magazine. You do know that every man on the island is looking for old issues of Victoria’s Secrets to look for your photos,” I added as an aside. “No nude beach run with friends and getting sunburned where the sun don’t shine.” She laughed at that. “You’ve probably skied the Alps and swam the most beautiful beaches in Europe.””No. I try the snow ski. Is cold! Long way for blood to go feet,” she laughed and stretched out the amazing length of her legs to point at her feet. “Feet always cold! I be beach bunny not snow bunny. And light on snow it bright. Give headache. I like beach, sì. But light on waves… Umm, flash, flash like camera lights. Give headache. I go beach where sun set behind beach. Like you beach here, sun set behind land, sì? I go swim when sun is to be low. Still warm, no bright. Life no so much exciting now, ehh?”It was Genevieve’s turn for a beer run. She had beer and two cigars when she returned. Getting an even burn on one she handed it to me and lit her own. She nodded when I told her to blow the smoke down instead of up so we wouldn’t be sending up smoke signals above the grass.We smoked and drank half our beer in silence before she sighed. “We okay persons. Have good job. Have money. Okay, okay. I more money,” she admitted with a small laugh when I glared at her. “But we have good job. We good people. Good family. So why we no married,” she finished wistfully.”You haven’t asked me yet,” I answered feeling a little light-headed after so many beers.That caused her to laugh a good laugh while she leaned away to swing a good punch into my shoulder. “You no serious for no girl?””Once. But it was a high school crush more than love. I went into the army and she went to college and we both professed undying love for each other even though we had to be separated for four years.” I stretched out my legs beside hers and leaned back remembering. “We planned dreams of getting married after college and the army. Then we just drifted apart. She’s married now over in Atlanta with three k**s. What about you? You must have had many men crazy for you. Fashion model. Rich. Beautiful. Smart.””Si, many. But maybe I so smart I see men see rich, beautiful? No see me. No see smart. You see me beautiful? You see smart, too?””I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met,” I said in complete sincerity. “And I’m smart enough to know that you know you’re beautiful.” This time I punched her in the shoulder, but much lighter. “So stop fishing for compliments. And, yea, you’re incredibly smart. Much smarter than I am. You put all the pieces together about this meeting. You speak I don’t know how many languages. And you’re a woman who knows how to chose fast cars, great beer and good cigars. I’m not seeing a downside to you.””I think you to have no this downside, too. Easy talk to. You listen me. You no hurry, hurry me when shop. But now I to see downside to beer. I to use coffee can now,” she laughed.”Yea, it’s time to see to our, uh, arrangements,” I said and led her to my cabin. There was enough light coming through the edges of the cardboard over the port… small windows, that though gloomy we could see without the flashlight.”Oh! Is so hot here.””Yes. At least on deck the heat rises. Here the heat just builds up like an oven,” I explained as I handed her an empty plastic coffee can with a lid and pointed her to the head, ah, bathroom. “We have plenty of cans. Just do what you need to and close the lid back. When one is full or to smelly, we’ll just use another can. We’ll empty all of them later so we’re not sitting motionless in a sewer for three days.”I went back on deck and Genevieve was gone long enough for me to wonder about the capacity of her bladder when… Wow!Genevieve stood on the steps from the cabin to the deck where her head just grazed the netting. Turning to show a full 360 view she asked, “You like man thinking bikini? Is to hot for bra, shirt so I just to wear this.””It’s very, ah, nice,” I finally managed to say. It was incredible! The top covered almost nothing except a portion of the bottoms of her boobs and her nipples. That left a lot of boob showing above the material and spilling out to the sides. And they were spectacular. The back of the bottoms left lots of tight flesh show
ing and the front… Well, I knew who on the boat was the one who’d recently had a bikini wax. “Very, very not what mama would like!”Genevieve laughed, “I say I wear you for no hurry, hurry me when shop. I wear now. It hot so good not wear much,” she said while crawling on her hands and knees past me to sit back down. This caused mesmerizing movements in all the right places.She also had a large plastic bottle and a towel in her hands. Sitting she squirted a handful of a clear gel that smelled like alcohol and rubbed it over her face. Wiping with the towel she told me, “It the ‘hand sanitizer’? Si? Clean sweat and feel cool for little time. Bring much.” I watched as she squirted another handful and used this one to rub over her neck and everything not covered by the little triangles of her bikini top and used the towel again. “You do back, now?””I’ll do that right after using the coffee can,” I said and tried to move to disguise my erection. Sweating in the heat and gloom below deck I waited, trying to will my erection down. No luck. It had been a while since I’d been with a woman. It had been forever since I’d been with a woman who looked like Genevieve. The best I could achieve was a semi-erection. At least I could piss with a semi-erection.Back on deck, Genevieve handed me the bottle and as soon as I began rubbing the gel over her back my semi-erection went back to full. While her back was towards me I used a hand to, ah, arrange things in my shorts and pull as much of my t-shirt down as I could.After rubbing her back clean she turned and squirted a glop of gel into my hand for my face. I gotta admit, I did feel cooler with the sweat and skin oil wiped away. “Now to take shirt off. I to do you back, you to do front.””No, that’s okay.””But, you feel much good,” she said and then nodded as if understanding. “Oooh. But I see you no shirt on boat. You good body. You no be shamed.””I’m not ashamed. I just feel better with my shirt on for now.”Genevieve looked puzzled and then understanding dawned. Looking down she grinned, “Oh! You no want me see erezione! A, umm, hard on! You try hide. I think is sweet. I see you hard on when wake you. You have the nice, big erezione,” she said while trying to raise the bottom of my shirt.”Hey!” I tugged my shirt back down. “Would you mind not, you know, staring at my… Look, just give me some time and I’ll be more comfortable.”Genevieve started laughing. “Jeem, I see man before. I not una vergine. I see hard on. Many time. Take shirt off. Essere comodo… Be comfortable. Maybe no hard be comfortable. We be on boat much time. Put shirt on top erezione if make comfortable.”What the hell? She already knows… I took off my shirt and… “I right! Big erezione,” Genevieve laughed and pointed.”Not helping my comfort level, Genevieve!” I glared at her and dropped my bunched shirt over my lap.”I be sorry, Jeem. Woman have this, too. You think capezzoli, umm,” Genevieve pointed to her nipples which were very definitely outlined in the thin material of her bikini top. “You think is made by be cold today?””Yeah, right! Jeez, like I’ll really calm down if you keep talking about your nipples, Genevieve.””I think you cute you shy. Jeem, we be on boat long time. We no be shy.” Genevieve swept a slim hand indicating our cramped space. “There no place be shy, but you room and very hot there.”Screw it! Genevieve was right. There was no place on the boat that I could go where I wouldn’t be less aware of her. I wasn’t sure how far Genevieve was willing to ‘no be shy’ but now was as good a time to find out as any. Turning towards her more fully, I put one arm on the cushioned bench behind her. With my hand on her shoulder I began slowly drawing her to me while leaning in for a kiss. If I expected Genevieve to be surprised, I was the one surprised instead when with no hesitation Genevieve threw her arm about my neck and pulled me to her. Instead of me kissing her, she met me halfway with her lips and they were as large and soft and kissable as they’d looked. I had no idea if I was kissing her or if she was kissing me as she brought her fingers up to my chin to guide my mouth this way and that as our lips would meet and then part. Both of us could taste the salt of our mingled sweat as our kisses continued and deepened with the swift darting tips of our tongues.I put my hand on her slim waist and brought it up to touch her side boob, stopping when Genevieve pulled back. Smiling, she looked me in the eyes while bending her arm behind her neck to untie the knot of her bikini. Turning her back to me in clear invitation, I untied that knot to watch her toss her bikini top away. As we both leaned forward to continue our kiss, my hand moved to cup and mold her breast. She was heavy and filled my hand as I lifted and felt the weight of her. Sweat made her skin slippery as I ran my thumb over the hard nipple causing her to break our kiss and take a quick breath. Letting it out in a soft sigh, she smiled and looked me in the eye. “Feel good. Long time no man,” she admitted softly. With our mouths parted, I leaned over and took her hard nipple in my mouth. Sucking on it caused her to take several more shuddering breaths. After letting me suckle for several seconds, she leaned back to pull her nipple away. She took my hand away from her breast and said, “Wait, wait.. Me turn play.” Reaching, she tossed my shirt away and put her hand on my erection through the material of my shorts.Sitting up on her knees, Genevieve used both hands to undo my shorts. I brought my hips up as she pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees and then took my shaft in her hand. Wrapping her long fingers around my base, Genevieve moved them up towards the tip and smiled, “Is thick.” I was. I’m not gigantic like a porn star, I’m between seven and eight inches in length, but I do have a thicker than usual penis. At least, if former girlfriends are to be believed. I’ve always tried to be careful to let a girl adjust to my girth before any hard sex.I was hard and rigid as she continued to run her hand up and down my shaft. “Is very good cazzo. Io so che si sentirà meraviglioso dentro di me.” Smiling, she used her thumb to spread the drop of pre-cum she’d milked from the shaft around the head of my penis. Continuing to stroke me she leaned forward to lick the next drop that formed. Still kneeling beside me, she twisted her long hair into a rope she could hold out of the way with one hand. The fingers of her other hand went back around my cock, stroking my shaft as she leaned down to slide the tip between her lips. Letting more of my shaft slowly fill her mouth until she had all of me.Damn, it had been so long since… I was already close to coming with just her touch. As she continued blowing me, I reached to cup her dangling tit in my hand. Molding the heavy flesh that filled my palm… Her mouth was a warm and wet temptation as she started bobbing her head up and down over my groin. In almost no time I was… “Genevieve. I’m going to come if you don’t stop.” Genevieve’s mouth didn’t halt in it’s rhythm. A long ‘Mmmmmm’, from her throat was Genevieve’s only sign she’d heard me as she increased the rhythm of her hand and her mouth began sucking harder on the head of my shaft. Her tongue swirling around the tip.”Genevieve,…” I tried again and then just lost control and came. Genevieve removed her hand and clamped her lips around me as my hips thrust upwards, pushing my cock deeper into her mouth. She didn’t try to pull away as I came over and over deep in her mouth. Finally, with a last thrust and groan I was finished.Genevieve tightened her lips harder around the base of my shaft as she began sucking lightly while moving towards my tip. Keeping her mouth tight around the tip, her hand milked the length until she had every drop of cum. Closing her lips as they left my tip, she raised her head up and leaned back on her ankles. I watched as she used her tongue to play with my cum. Swallowing fina
lly, she smiled. “Was good you?””Very, very good.””Lei è stato molto pieno di sperma. You had much, much cum.””I tried to tell you that…” Genevieve put her finger to my lips to shush me.”I no do if I no want to do. I like you my mouth. I like you taste. Know make you feel good.” Sitting up straighter on her knees and leaning in for a kiss, she pulled back and laughed when she sensed my hesitation. “So like man. No kiss after in mouth.”She found her beer bottle and took a mouthful and let me watch her swish it around her mouth before swallowing. “Is good! Beer cum! Good breakfast,” she declared slapping her flat stomach. Taking another mouthful she gargled and swallowed. “There, no cum. Just be beer,” she said brightly with a smile and then whispered as she leaned in again, “and me…” This time I didn’t hesitate.Breaking the kiss, I breathed, “God, Genevieve I want to…”Putting her finger to my lips to shush me again, Genevieve whispered between brushing my lips with hers, “I like man be man when to love. No you say, I want. No you say, May I. No you say, Can we. I like man that Do! You want, you do! No talk…” Genevieve leaned in to deepen our kiss and then pulled away slightly. I could feel her lips move and her breath on my lips as she softly told me, “You want, you do! I say no? You stop. I no say no… You do more,” Genevieve nipped and tugged at my bottom lip with her teeth. “Simple, sì?””Sì, very simple,” I replied as I pushed her prone on the cushions and untied her bikini bottoms. “No talking, no asking. Just do.” Genevieve’s hand was there to grasp my penis again to guide me between her legs. She was wet but I pushed slowly to give her time to adjust. I have no idea what she breathed out in Italian as I took her deep.Once all the way inside her and lubricated with her wetness, I began taking her faster and harder. Genevieve began meeting my thrusts with equally hard thrusts of her hips. Genevieve cried out in Italian again and spread her legs wider as I rose above her on locked elbows to thrust with more power.”I no say no! I no say no,” she cried out and continued to meet me thrust for thrust as I took her hard and fast.Chapter 25Evening, July 2nd… My boatThe first time we had sex was the best sex of my life. Genevieve proved she was true to her word that I should take charge and do what I wanted without asking. She was the most responsive lover I’d ever had. Despite the heat she was very ready to wrap her arms and legs about me. To let me lie on top of her for more kisses when I wanted to slow down our love making to make it last. At the same time she wasn’t shy in telling me when she wanted me to move in a certain way to increase her pleasure.She came while I was poised above her, taking her with long, hard thrusts while she was fingering her clit. Telling me, shouting for me to move, ‘Like that! Like that! You to keep like that!’, as her fingers and my cock took her closer to orgasm. When she began to come I could feel the tips of her fingers moving frantically over her clit. The sight and sound of her coming made me lose the small amount of control I had.I came seconds after feeling her pussy spasm and grip my shaft, clenching in orgasm. Knowing I was coming seemed to drive her orgasm even harder. Knowing she was coming harder made me come harder as our orgasms seemed to feed off each other a good long time until we both were spent and gasping for air. Only because it was hot and I didn’t want to smother Genevieve by falling forwards on top of her kept me above her on locked arms while still moving slowly inside. Even the slight movement of my cock sliding in her pussy caused her to shudder and gasp as her orgasm began to lessen.Finally separating us by sitting back on my ankles, I was exhausted and gasping for air, near to passing out from the heat. But it was all worth it as I knelt between her legs and watched as Genevieve gradually began to breath normally. Moaning as she straightened her legs. Her hair was dark with sweat as it framed her face. Taking güvenilir casino a deep breath and blowing it out, Genevieve opened her eyes to focus on me. Smiling lazily she breathed, “I very be right. You to have much nice, big erezione. Fill me good. Much good cazzo. Much good fuck.”Sitting up, she put a hand between her legs. Moving until both of us were facing each other and sitting on our ankles as she repeated, “Much, much good erezione,” Spreading her knees wider while relaxing her hold on her outer lips, she smiled and said, “I no make mess.” Both of us watched as our sex dripped into her cupped hand. Straightening her back, Genevieve put her other hand on her stomach. Breathing out a long breath to relax her stomach muscles, Genevieve pushed her hand hard into the pit of her stomach and more cum dripped into her other hand. Finally convinced she’d milked every drop she could, Genevieve smiled, “You leave much cum in fica. I like much cum.” Raising her hand she began to lick away our sex like a cat with a bowl of cream.It was one of the most erotic acts I’d ever seen. If I hadn’t just come, I was certain I would have had another erection in seconds. Once her hand was clean, Genevieve leaned forward to push me to lean back over my ankles. Leaning further she raised my limp cock with one hand so she could suck my cock into her mouth again. I was too hot and exhausted for even her mouth to make me more than partially hard. When she had me as clean as her hand she sat back on her heels again with a satisfied smile, “See? No mess.”Sitting down next to each other with our backs against the stern bench we both let out satisfied, tired and sweaty sighs. “I like play with cazzo when soft,” Genevieve said with a grin and ran a fingertip along my shaft. “Can take all in mouth, play with tongue.””I don’t think I’d stay soft for very long in your mouth.””It be good, too. To feel cazzo grow. You grow much nice. Fill me. Umm, stretch good, Jeem.”Reaching beyond me, Genevieve retrieved my almost empty bottle of beer and swished the warm beer around her mouth before swallowing. Slapping her stomach she grinned, “Ahh, I to like this beer cum!” Swishing the last mouthful of beer and swallowing she smiled. “No cum now,” she said and leaned in for a long, deep kiss. Maybe no cum but she still smelled of sex. Sliding down, Genevieve gathered her hair out of the way again and laid down with her head cushioned on my thigh. I just admired the long, lean length of her.”I’ve never seen anyone do… The, ahh, the pushing on your stomach thing.””Oh, I think I to do I skinny.” Genevieve poked her flat stomach with a finger. She reached, taking my hand and guided it to lay flat on her stomach. “I to put hand here, sì here, I to feel you move. I like feel you move in me,” she said. I began to run my hand up and around the long length of her flat belly. Sweat helping my hand to slide over flesh. Cupping and squeezing each breast before traveling down her body to massage thighs. Genevieve sighed out a long breath and I felt her muscles relax more. Closing her eyes, she continued in a drowsy voice. “I push, push so no mess. I like taste man. I like taste girl. I like when both, umm, mix? Sì?” Genevieve smiled slightly, “And no drip, drip, drip mess to clean, sì!””Yes, mix. You like the taste… Have you been with another woman?””Oh, sì. Many time,” Genevieve answered casually, yawning, as her words slowed. “I, uhh, how to say…””Bi-sexual?””Ahh, sì! The bi-sexual. I like the man. I like the woman. I like you…,” Genevieve’s last word was the barest of whispers.”And I like you, too,” I told her, then realized she’d fallen asleep on the last word. I stayed quiet and motionless. She could use my thigh as her pillow for as long as she wanted. With her face relaxed in sleep she was even more beautiful. Damn, Genevieve was easily the most beautiful, exciting and desirable woman I’d ever met. I began to dread when our time on the boat would end.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^When Genevieve woke up about an hour later my stomach was grumbling and I was sure she was ravenous having eaten nothing since a light breakfast. After quick trips by both of us to use the coffee can, I brought out the sausages.Telling Genevieve we should save the burgers for the night when it wouldn’t be so hot, this time she didn’t turn her nose up at the Vienna sausages. She ate her can with crackers and water I’d put in her ice chests instead of beer. Reaching for another can of sausage, “They ok,” was her verdict.”There is other food, canned chili and stew, but it’s just too hot to have anything heavy in our stomachs.””This be true. We have mariggiare. Umm, Una siesta spagnolo. In Spanish, mean to rest when hot.”Genevieve had put away her translating machine to conserve its battery. We seemed to understand each other pretty well without it. “How many languages do you speak, Genevieve?”She considered this as she chewed through the last weenie in the can. “I have this thing I do. I hear language much, I learn fast. Is just gift. I do okay, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Swiss German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish. She counted then off then added, “Last four need translate machine more words. Slavic language no so good.””You left out English.””English no so good.””I think your English is pretty damned good. Much better than my Italiano. And I always thought Italians had dark hair like Sophia Loren.””Top Italia I from. Umm, near Austria, Switzerland, Italia meet. Hear many languages. Many people pass, travel to, many places. Top Italia many more with yellow? hair.””Blond.””Ah, sì, blond. I forget word. Light skin. Is why have blond hair.”I considered all the languages she’d listed while Genevieve munched through more crackers. She’d seen so much more of the world than me. Done so much more…”What you want say,” Genevieve finally asked with merry eyes and a smile. She not only understood me better but was learning to read me, too.”Uhhhh, it’s just… Before you fell asleep we were talking and, ahh, I was curious if… Do you have a pref…” I remembered to keep my words simple. I’d never talked to a woman who was admittedly bi-sexual. I was curious. Curioso. I might not be bi-sexual but being with Genevieve was making me bi-lingual. “Do you like one more than the other. Men or women?”She snorted around a cracker to keep from laughing. Swallowing, she took a sip of water to clear her mouth before answering.”You no have worry, Jeem, Sì? I like the cazzo. To be with woman fun. I like taste. I like how make woman feel. Move. Oh, is much fun. But to have good, good fucking I want man,” she said decisively.”Have you been with a man and a… I’m sorry, Genevieve. This is none of my business.””Jeem, I no timido giovane vergine, uh, shyness young virgin? I be with man, woman all same time. I mean when say I no like man who no be man! You to ask. You to do what you like. I maybe no answer. Maybe say no. Maybe I say do this now… You not know if you no be man.””Okay. One more question. Are you still hungry?””Oh, Sì! I try to no be the pig but…,” she said reaching for a third can of sausages while I laughed.After eating we cleaned our hands, faces, chests and backs with hand sanitizer again. This time I cleaned Genevieve’s magnificent front and her back and she did mine. It felt good to feel clean even though sweat broke out almost as soon as we were finished. Genevieve lit a cigar and we sat sharing it in compatible silence, blowing smoke at the deck and fanning it to nothingness with our hands while sipping beer and enjoying a few minutes of feeling clean.I was amazed at how comfortable I felt sitting naked next to a naked Genevieve after only a few short hours. Maybe it was the beer and the heat. Maybe it was knowing we had uninterrupted days and nights of being naked together that took the hurry out of trying to make love again.Genevieve must have felt the same way. Sure as hell she wouldn’t be shy when she felt like sex again! She wasn’t shy at smiling at my cock when it would twitch when I became aware of just what I had sitting next to me. It was during one of my twitch times, as she playfully ran a fingertip up and down my length, that she asked, “Big boat, if come, how we to see so no bug to get us,” she asked waving her other hand at the netting that kept us from standing up. “I no like bug bite.””The small hatch, uh, door, in the overhead, umm, roof of my cabin, ah, room,” I struggled to concentrate enough to make my boat words into land words with Genevieve playing with my growing hard on. “I taped a lot of netting around the outside of it. When we need to look, I’ll just lift you up through the door. There will be plenty of netting for you to kneel on the deck to see over the grass.””Sarò come il cazzo di un uomo in un preservativo,” she said with a smile. I didn’t know what she said but I did catch the word cazzo. I laughed when she made me understand.”Yes, you’ll be like a cock in a condom. It’s a little late, but speaking of birth protection…””I on pill. I have other, day-after-pill, too. I no worried.””Good,” I said and began pushing her onto her back. “Because I want to make you ‘no worried’ many times.”Laying beside her, I began sucking on a sweat flavored nipple. Putting her hand behind my head, Genevieve pulled my mouth harder against her full tit. “I no say no then many times,” she moaned as I bit carefully on her hard nipple.Genevieve continued to no-say-no to every position I wanted her in. She was always ready to take me in her mouth when I wanted to slow things down because I was close to coming.Genevieve told me how she liked having her tits played with roughly. She was in missionary while I knelt between her legs and moved slowly inside her while testing how roughly she like tit play. She really liked her large tits to be squeezed and molded hard and her nipples pinched until I knew it had to hurt. But she never said no and her hips began to move with mine as she yelled, ‘Più forte! Più veloce! Fottere me veloce!’I wasn’t sure what she was saying, but from the way her hips were thrusting upwards I was pretty sure I knew what she meant! Holding her legs behind the knees, I pushed them until her knees were against her shoulders. In this position I could drive into her straight down. Something a former girlfriend had told me was very pleasurable to her.Genevieve certainly seemed to get pleasure in being bent double if her cries of, ‘O, Dio! Dio, Dio, Dio!’ were an indication. A blush began on her face and quickly spread to her neck and chest. On her fair skin the blush stood out as obvious as a sunburn and her cries changed from what I’d heard before to something new. I swear to God she was barking!With every thrust I made, a small arf! was forced from her throat in rhythm with my thrusts. Her neck and back began bowing up from the cushion as muscles contracted and the arf! arf! arf’s became higher pitched as she came closer and closer to orgasm. I put her ankles on my shoulders and with my hands now on the deck, I increased the force of my thrusts.When she did come it was wild and glorious to watch as her body spasmed under me. I was close to coming so I continued as hard and fast as I could while her orgasm lasted and lasted. The arf’s were gone, replaced with continuous, high pitched cries that came from a gut tense with muscle contractions and past a throat bowed backwards until only the top of her head touched the cushion.The scream cut off suddenly as she panted and her body began twitching in final orgasm just as I came inside her. She stilled under me with gasping breaths and I was wondering if she’d passed out when she began muttering, ‘O Dio, O Dio, O Dio…’, softly to herself.I wanted to stay inside her forever, but I just didn’t have the strength to support my weight on my arms any longer and it was way too hot to make Genevieve suffer under my weight. She let out a soft, drawn ou
t moan as I pulled out and then grew silent again as I collapsed beside her. Both of us were sweating buckets and breathing hard. She moaned again when I reached and pulled her thighs together and muscles resumed their normal condition.When her breathing had slowed to normal she took a huge, deep breath and blew it out, ‘O, Dio! Sono venuto così difficile! L’orgasmo enormo…’ Opening her eyes she focused on the netting above us and said, “I come big!”, as if she couldn’t believe it.”Si. You come very big.””You come?””Si. I come very big.” Genevieve’s laugh as I spoke her broken English was wonderful to hear.I put my hand over her stomach and pushed. Genevieve laughed again and swatted at my hand. Taking my hand in hers, she slid my hand over her sweaty stomach to the correct place and told me to wait. Taking a long, deep breath, she began letting it out slowly and I could feel her stomach muscles relaxing. At the bottom of her breath Genevieve whispered, “Now to push.” My fingers pushed in at an angle and I could feel deep muscles contract in time with the pushing of my fingers. Genevieve giggled, “Make mess now. No hand there catch.””I’ll clean it up,” I told her and pushed more. I stopped playing but didn’t take my hand away from her stomach. Genevieve’s muscles relaxed more and her voice again went lower and slower as she closed her eyes.”I to want l’orgasmo enormo more.”Leaning over to kiss her, “And I want to make you l’orgasmo enormo many, many times.””You speak lingua Italiana bad,” Genevieve told me with a weak smile.Sitting up, I got the pillow I’d brought up from my bed and put it under Genevieve’s head. I spread hand sanitizer from her neck to her knees and wiped it off with a towel. Pausing to massage her thigh muscles until they were loose, I watched as her face went still in relaxation. Between one breath and the next, Genevieve pulled the pillow with her and rolled over towards me onto her side asleep.Deciding that a mariggiare wasn’t the worst idea in the world I stretched out on the cushion beside Genevieve and fell asleep, too.My Boat… 1:30am, July 3rdWe were on our backs sharing a cigar while enjoying the cooler night air. Away from street lights and other normal lights in the night we seem to take as normal, we could see the Milky Way clearly illuminated. Off to the north the lights of Charleston made the horizon a barely seen dull glow. We’d had a long, lazy evening and early night of making love when the mood hit. Napping when exhausted from sex and the heat.I passed the cigar to Genevieve, rolled onto my side and propped my head up to watch her make the cigar tip glow and blow a cloud of smoke to the sky. In the darkness of a thrown together nest of padded seats, blankets and pillows, Genevieve was beautiful even after a day of sweat and sex. Reaching, I took her breast in my hand and ran my thumb over her nipple before running my hand down and over her stomach. Lying down, her stomach was so flat that her hip bones were very prominent as was the mound above her pussy.Moving my hand lower I ran a finger through the small triangle of soft, blond hair that was all a Brazilian wax had left between her legs.”You to wanting more fica?” There was enough moonlight that I could see the grin on Genevieve’s face.”No… I mean, yes, I want more fica but not right now. I just like to touch you.” During the long night Genevieve had entertained me by translating English vulgarity into Italian. Fica = Pussy…There was no hurry for us to have sex again. We’d had three more sessions of sex during the long hours between our mariggiare and now. I’d brought her to climax with my mouth before sex the first time. Another time, she’d straddled me cowgirl and used her fingers and my cock like a toy to masturbate to orgasm, yelling in Italian as she called for me to fuck her hard.The last time I wanted to see if I could make her bark again. I did. After coming many times, I was able to last longer and her orgasm rose and peaked, rose and peaked several times as she arf’ed all the way. Watching her spasm through her orgasms was the best thing I’d ever seen. The final time she peaked, she came so hard I was certain she’d passed out for several seconds. I’d continued to use her until I came as she began regaining consciousness. Her l’orgasmo enormo was as much fun to watch as they were to cause.I was already looking forward to the next time I made her bark. My hand moved up from the thatch of hair back to her breasts. Even lying down, though they flattened out they were full and rounded, barely sliding to the sides of her chest.”Voglio le tue mani su tutto il corpo. I to like you touch me, Jeem,” she said and passed the cigar back to me. I laid down and she rose up on one elbow to run her hand down my chest to my stomach. “I like touch you. But now I go use coffee can.”While she was gone I watched the stars and thought how much I was going to miss Genevieve when this was over. Not just the sex. The whole package. She was like living energy, being near her was like being near a roaring bonfire. She was always ready to laugh and smile at me. With me. She answered questions honestly without embarrassment. She asked questions with equal frankness. But she also knew how to be silent and still with me. Never needing to fill the silence with talk just to hear her voice. But even silent it was impossible not to feel her energy. Damn, I was falling for a girl who’d be gone in few days.I finished the cigar before she returned and sat on my thighs. Leaning down to kiss me, her nipples trailed over my chest. Dueling with my tongue before kissing her way around my neck and whispering in my ear, “I ready now. I no say no if…” Her voice trailed off for my imagination to fill in the ‘if’ as she sucked on my earlobe.”Oh, God, Genevieve… I mean O, Dio… I would love to ‘no say no’ with you. If I were still a teenager I’m sure I could. But, I think you may need to wait a few more hours. I’m sorry…”Genevieve shushed me with a finger again and whispered, “Shhh, you no be sorry. I use you cazzo much good today. You take time sleep. I use again you much soon. I much like have you cazzo in me fica.” After a long, soft kiss, she moved off me. It was cool enough for Genevieve to stretch out, pressed against my side with her head on my shoulder in the crock of my arm and one hand on my chest and a leg over my thighs. This time it was me who fell asleep between one breath and the next.

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