Bloody Good Fun: Waking Up

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The sun turned my skin gold as I watched it splash over my bare arms. The bed was warm and inviting, as it had been for the past two weeks, since Will and I met. Snuggling closer to him, he instinctively wrapped his arm around me, rubbing my hair in his sleep. Heaven had never felt so real, and I certainly had never been so loved. For a while I laid there, my head on his chest, off in my own world; when I felt a slight gush between my legs, I smiled, and gently started to run my fingertips up and down his body.

Will stirred a bit, and then opened his eyes and smiled, kissing my forehead and rolling to face me. My hand had now found his cock, and noticing his enthusiasm, I took it upon myself to give it a few playful jerks while I ran my tongue over his lips.

“Good morning,” he mouthed in between kisses. “Looks like we’re in for a long day, starting this early.”

I bent my head back, feeling his eyes on me, trailing down my neck, falling on my nipples. Just his gaze alone brought a wave of inexplicable sensations tingling down my body. He started kissing my cheek, running his hands over my stomach, working his way down until he felt my pussy. He ran his finger up and down my lips, parting them slightly so he could rotate my clit, just enough for me to buck my hips up toward his hand.

“No no…not so fast.”

Will was the ultimate tease, any woman’s fantasy. I whimpered a bit and bit my lip, waiting for the reprimand. I knew whining wouldn’t casino oyna get me anywhere; if nothing else it would slow the process. He stuck his finger in my mouth so I could clean off my juices, which was his way of telling me that he controlled all the pleasure I’d receive for that day–or any day, for that matter. I started to pull back though, when I noticed the rusty taste that blood leaves in the mouth. What I had felt earlier wasn’t just arousal, I had started my period.

Will looked at his fingers and noticed that I had drawn away for a reason other than just being stubborn, and an amused smile crossed his lips.

“What’s the matter? Afraid of a little blood?”

He sucked hard on his own fingers, cleaning off every bit that I hadn’t. It seemed as if he was enjoying the taste. After he had finished, he continued on with kissing me, trailing down my body, and plunging his tongue between the folds of my cunt. I tensed up, not knowing really if this act turned me on or disgusted me, then relaxed when I realized that he was lapping up my blood and juices with a fervor I had never saw him possess. He nibbled and bit at my lips and clit in the fashion that a dog would when nipping into a raw piece of meat. he allowed his chin to help nudge me open further as he worked down to tongue fuck my hole, licking and sucking as if there would be no tomorrow. My periods always start heavily, and I couldn’t help but wonder how strong that taste was to him, or canlı casino why it drove him so wild. I could feel my hips grind against his face, my hands stroking through his dark hair, and when I looked down and saw those ice green eyes staring back at me intensely, I exploded. My body wracked as I forced his face against me, riding his mouth, allowing him to suck out every last bit of cum I could produce at that moment. My body started to go limp and I lay back on my pillow, and Will kissed back up my body until he lay beside me. Without thought to even protest, I let him explore my mouth with his tongue, the hot fluids still resting on it. I could feel our chins start to stick together, and pulled back to look at him. His face from nose down was a rust color, and smelled strong with pussy. He laughed again at the expression on my face, the uncertainty I had about the way I was feeling.

“In all my life I have never wanted to eat a cunt so bad, and in all my experience, there has never been a woman orgasm so hard. You can’t tell me you aren’t enjoying yourself.”

I blushed, knowing he was completely right, and smiled. “You’re right,” I said, letting out a small giggle. “This has started out as a very interesting day.”

“That’s the spirit, little one.”

Will hopped out of bed in such a way that I couldn’t help but notice the massive erection he had. I would have given anything to have him inside me, but he lived by the ‘good things come to those kaçak casino who wait’ motto. Reaching out for me, I rolled over and grabbed his hand, letting him help me up. There was a huge stain on the comforter we had laid on, one that would never come out, no matter how much pretreatment was done to it. We went into the bathroom and I stood on the mat as he started the shower, the heat from the water radiating immediately into the rest of the room.

“Ladies first.” He bowed as he held the shower curtain back for me to get in, making me laugh at the spectacle he was making of himself.

Climbing in behind me, he grabbed me around the waist and kissed the back of my neck, making me arch back toward him. I closed my eyes as the water hit me, trickling down my breasts and over his hands. He didn’t linger long before he was washing our faces and bodies, almost as if he didn’t intend for us to take any time to waste. I pouted in protest as he went to turn off the faucet, wishing I could have a bit more time, and a sound swat on my ass made me put a different expression on. I lowered my eyes, waiting on further instruction.

“Now now pet…you have no idea why I am hurrying us, so there should be no lip from you. Besides, with what I have in store, you’ll have to take two or three more showers today to keep clean.”

I looked up alarmed at him, wondering what he meant. I could gather that I would be getting dirtier, but the fact that my period was somehow going to be the focal point of the day made me quite nervous. Nevertheless, I knew he would never steer me wrong, so I wrapped in my towel and followed him back to the bedroom, ready for the experience ahead of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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