BMOC: The Innocent Ch. 03

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This is a stroke story. It’s ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, everyone is bi (or at least the women are) and people can fuck for hours without chafing.


As I dressed, Alyssa busied herself cleaning up Kelly. Both of them were deeply in need of it. I’d just fucked both girls at one, sliding my cock in between their slippery wet pussies until all three of us came, and as a result they were both pretty thoroughly drenched with cum and cunt juice. We were planning on leaving the classroom we’d occupied in favor of Alyssa’s dorm room, but neither girl would go until they were squeaky clean. And since they didn’t have a shower, or any towels, or really much of anything at all the only option was for them to use their tongues.

Kelly had been on the bottom during our three-way fuck, so she’d come off the worse when I came. She was a young blonde, just eighteen years old, and until just a little while ago she’d been a virgin. She’d been visiting our college as a prospective student and wound up staying with Alyssa. Kelly was cute, with dirty blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes, and a lithe young body that must have gotten her plenty of attention from the boys back home. She was also a Christian, who’d made a purity pledge at some point, promising to remain unsullied until marriage. But unfortunately for her—or at least for her pledge—Alyssa was one of my women, and more than little bi, so when she saw the fresh-faced high schooler Alyssa had to have her. She enlisted my aid, and together we seduced poor little Kelly, introducing her to carnal pleasures that the girl could never have imagined. Now, Kelly had given her first hand job, her first blow job, and had her first fuck. What’s more, I had her promise ring as a trophy.

And the night was still young.

The nasty double-fuck had made me cum hard, and Alyssa wasn’t really making much progress trying to lap up all the pearlescent goo that was covering the younger girl’s body. I’d left lines of cum all over her, with a veritable river ending up between her tits and spilling into a small lake in her navel. Plenty had hit Alyssa too, and it was steadily dripping off, making a new mess on Kelly just as fast as she could clean up the old one.

Kelly, for her part, was trying to help, scooping up some of the spunk with her fingers and licking them clean. Even so, by the time I was dressed, the main thing they’d accomplished was spreading the mess around. Kelly’s tan skin was now covered in a thin sheen of sperm. “You made too much of a mess, mister,” Alyssa said. “We’ll never get clean now.”

“You’ll just have to get dressed and go home dirty, then,” I replied. “And don’t bother with your underwear.”

Alyssa slid off the desk and offered Kelly her hand to pull her to her feet. It took them a moment to find their clothes. Kelly had been wearing a yellow sundress, and she found it first. When she pulled it over her head, the sweat and cum and cunt juice that covered her made the light, floaty fabric cling to her curves, leaving very little about her shape to the imagination. Kelly saw my eyes on her and blushed and looked away. It was a cute mannerism. Alyssa had found her top, but was still looking for her jeans until Kelly spotted them. The young blonde went over to pick them up, kneeling down until I told her to stop. “Bend at the waist,” I instructed, and Kelly did just that, the damp dress riding up and revealing a little hint of her freshly fucked pussy. It was a little thing, but little things count for a lot, and more importantly it served as a demonstration of my control over her.

Kelly handed Alyssa her pants, and she shimmied into them, turning away from me as she did so I could watch her cute little ass shake. She didn’t bother putting any underwear back on, and when she turned back around it was clear she’d just been fucked—her nipples stood out proudly under her tank top, and slowly spreading dark spots marked it where my cum was soaking through the fabric. Alyssa went to stand by Kelly, and together the two of them made for quite a sight—one blonde All-American girl, one dark and lovely dancer, both bearing the signs of our vigorous sexual activity.

Once we were all ready, we left. I had Kelly’s promise ring in my pocket, and we took her Bible as well, though we left all their underwear and more than a little cum. The cleanup wasn’t our problem, but the Bible had her name in it, so leaving it would have been a mistake. The trip back to Alyssa’s dorm room was brief and uneventful. Kelly was jittery, looking around nervously the whole time and keeping to shadows where she could, but we didn’t see a soul up close. Alyssa, meanwhile, walked proudly by my side. I think she’d have done the walk naked with cum leaking from every hole if I’d asked her.

Kelly was at her most nervous while we waited to get into Alyssa’s dorm. Alyssa took her time getting her keys out, and that left Kelly standing with us in a pool of light by the door, her dress clinging wetly to her skin, her hair askew, her lips casino oyna red and swollen from giving her first blowjob—and out in public without underwear for, I suspected, the first time in her life. An errant breeze might have flipped up her dress, or an errant hand from yours truly. Which is exactly what I did, lifting the back of her yellow sun dress and cupping her ass while Alyssa dug out her keys to open the door and let us in.

But no one came along to witness her state, and soon enough we were safe inside Alyssa’s room. Like most of the dorms on campus, it was made for two. There were two desks, two chairs, two dressers, two built-in closets. There used to be two beds, but Alyssa and Melanie had become very close and nowadays shared one bed (at least, when one or both of them wasn’t busy with me). Getting rid of the second bed gave them space for a cheap wood-frame futon and a footlocker. The futon was nothing special, but the footlocker was their toy box. Kelly’s small overnight bag was on the floor by the futon. Melanie was away for a few days, sadly; I would have loved a foursome, but c’est la vie.

I was last in the room, and I closed to door behind us. Kelly was standing in the center of the room, looking down at the floor, her hands clasped shyly behind her back. Alyssa mimicked her stance and said, “I know you probably want to do more to us, mister, but you made us too messy. We need to get clean so you can make us dirty girls again.” She took one of Kelly’s hands and placed it on my crotch. I was, of course, hard, and it was obvious that I was even without touching it. “I think he likes that,” Alyssa said. “Come on. Let’s go take a shower. Mister, there are some videos on my computer if you want to watch something while we get clean. They’re… they’re dirty videos, mister. But I think you’ll like them.” God, did my cock throb as Alyssa talked.

She told me to turn around and pulled some clothing out of her closet and her dresser. I assumed—rightly, as it eventually turned out—that she was grabbing some slutty little costumes for herself and her guest, and she wanted them to be a surprise. I heard the bathroom door open as she put the clothes in there and came back. Taking Kelly by the hand, she said, “We’re going to go get clean for you, mister. Please wait for us.”

I nodded—you could have run a heard of bulls through the building and it wouldn’t have gotten me out of that room. They left, Alyssa leading Kelly into the bathroom, and within a few moments I heard the water running. I turned my attention to Alyssa’s computer. I knew full well that there was porn there; I was in most of it. Alyssa, it turned out, liked watching me fuck, and so we’d filmed ourselves numerous times, as well as encounters with other women. Sometimes Alyssa joined in, sometimes she filmed, and sometimes she wasn’t even there. There were also some other videos, short little things about ten minutes long, in which Alyssa played with herself and talked dirty to the camera. I fired up one of those, a newer one that looked less than a week old, one with an unfamiliar filename.

Alyssa’s familiar visage popped up on the screen. It was a close-up, her face filling most of the frame. Normally, she wore little to no makeup, but in this video she’d gone all-out; she had on mascara eyeliner, and possibly a bit of blush, and her lips were painted a pale pink. Her dark hair was loose, framing her face. I was struck again by how beautiful she really was. Her eyes may have been her best feature. They were brilliant, verdant green and they sparkled with life. She was smiling, smirking really, and it called attention to her delicate lips and her high cheekbones. Her expression showed her confidence, her bone-deep knowledge that she was smart, funny, sexy, and a whole host of other things. All this was conveyed in just the first few seconds of her staring silently into the camera.

Hey, Alyssa has an expressive face. And maybe I was reading into things a bit.

Video-Alyssa started to speak. “Hello, Sir,” she said. “I wanted to show you something.” The camera pulled back slowly, first revealing that Alyssa was completely naked, and second that she was holding a truly enormous dildo at waist level. “I bought this, Sir, because it reminded me of you. It’s almost as long as your cock and almost as thick.” She paused and licked her lips. “It’s the biggest one I could find.”

Her hand stroked the plastic cock, fingernails grazing its surface. “I want you to imagine that this is your cock. I certainly am.” Her voice was measured, steady, but there was an undercurrent of raw desire in it as well. She let a long string of drool spill from her mouth onto the dildo and started to work it in with one hand, then continued. “I haven’t seen you in two days,” she said, “and I needed something. I made Melanie lick my pretty little pussy and eat my asshole but it didn’t work.” Melanie was Alyssa’s roommate; since our first threesome, Alyssa had made Melanie into, well, her bitch. She’d hinted to me that some nights, she made Melanie sleep on the floor canlı casino of the foot of the bed, like a dog, and I knew she made Melanie service her at least once a day.

On screen, Alyssa kept talking, her strokes of the dildo growing faster. “So I bought this toy. It’s not as good as you but I need to be filled. And maybe someday you’ll see this and then you can fill me better than this fucking toy.” She lifted her legs and spread them wide, making a V shape that drew my eye right to her pussy. It was, as she had said, a pretty pussy; she kept herself waxed or shaved, and its lips were just a bit puffy. Her skin was pale, but right now she looked a bit pink—due to arousal and her roommate’s attentions, no doubt.

“I wish you were here, Sir. You could beat my pussy to punish it for being so greedy.” She started to smack herself with the dildo, and I actually winced—she was hitting herself pretty damn hard, and the heavy plastic cock had just enough flexibility in it to get a bit of a whipping action going. Each smack made her twitch, but she kept going, hitting herself at least a dozen times. By the sixth I had my cock out and was—very slowly—stroking myself. I didn’t want to cum. Well, I did want to cum, because shit, cumming is great, but I didn’t want to cum right there and then. So I kept things slow, a nice, steady, constant amount of pleasure, while I watched Alyssa use her toys and talk filth.

Once Alyssa thought she’d punished her pussy enough she brought the fake dick up and smacked it against her chest, hitting her sternum, her breasts, her nipples. She wasn’t hitting herself as hard now, but it was still enough to make her pale skin turn pink. “Beat me with your cock, Sir,” she said, her voice husky. “Punish me for thinking a toy could replace you. Show me… ggk” She cut herself off there, shoving the toy down her throat until she gagged. I knew Alyssa could suppress her gag reflex; she could deep throat me, and the toy was smaller. But this was for my benefit, and she knew that sometimes I liked to see a woman gagging. So she jammed the dildo into her mouth and coughed and choked and gagged and generally made a mess of herself. There was spit running out of the corners of her mouth, and her eyes filled with tears as her face turned red.

Suddenly, from the bathroom there came a stream of profanity. Alyssa was yelling at the top of her lungs: “Fuck! Shit! God-damned cunt-licking bitch! Fucking get your tongue in there!” I smiled. I’d been expecting to hear something like that. Alyssa probably knew I wasn’t going to leave them alone tonight, and while she’d objected earlier she genuinely loved getting other girls to go down on her. She didn’t often return the favor, and I figured she didn’t want me realizing just how much she liked making other women service her. In any case, I had suspected that Alyssa was going to give Kelly some extra training in the shower, and the cries coming from the bathroom showed I was right.

Her yells diminished in volume and transformed into satisfied moans, and I looked back at the screen. In the video, Alyssa had finished stuffing her throat, and she looked a mess. The camera was once again centered on her face. Her mascara and eyeliner had run, leaving black trails down her cheeks. Her lipstick was ruined, smeared badly, and I was confident there was plenty left on the dildo as well. Some of her hair had fallen in front of her face, partially obscuring one eye. She was talking, and while I’d missed the first part of what she said I did catch this: “… and I want you to do this to me. Make me look like this and then go to work on all my other holes. Destroy me. Even if I beg you to stop. I deserve it for being such a fucking filthy girl.” Then she stopped talking, and fixed a steady stare on the camera again. For a few moments, there was nothing but the soft sound of her breathing, and then it ended.

The moans coming from the bathroom reached a crescendo. I didn’t dare start another video; Alyssa knew just how long to keep me waiting, and I was going to be ready for them to return. I stripped and laid down on the bed, by cock stiff as a board thanks to the video I’d seen and the sounds coming from the bathroom. It laid on my stomach as I folded my hands behind my head and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long. Soon enough the water turned off, and I could just make out some quiet conversation between the girls. I was sure that Alyssa was giving Kelly instructions as they dried off and, I suspected, got dressed in something sexy. And a few minutes later I was proven right again.

The bathroom door opened. Warm, wet air billowed out, and in the doorway stood two visions of loveliness. Alyssa had indeed chosen some costumes for them, and they both had dressed up as schoolgirls.

Alyssa had her own costume. She once told me it was actually her old high-school uniform, but with some substantial, ahem, modifications made. There was a navy blue pleated skirt that perhaps had once come down to her knees, but now it ended just below her ass. As she moved, in fact, I could see kaçak casino point where her firm little bubble-butt started. She also had on an untucked short-sleeved crisp white button-down shirt, unbuttoned just enough so I could see the lacy fringe of whatever bra she’d decided to wear underneath. A few of the bottom buttons were undone as well, showing off some of her midriff and her navel. A loose tie dangled from her neck, navy blue like the skirt. She’d put her hair in pigtails, and put on just a bit of makeup. I don’t know if she guessed what I was watching, or she heard, or if she just knew me well enough to guess what I wanted, but she had put on some blood red lipstick and some black eyeliner and mascara.

Kelly had on a uniform as well. She didn’t have one of her own, of course, but Alyssa had dressed her in Melanie’s. Mel didn’t go to a high school that required uniforms, so hers was a costume, and it was a bit less authentic than Alyssa’s but every bit as sexy. On Kelly, it looked good. Melanie was taller and broader than Kelly, so the skirt came down to mid-thigh and the shirt was a bit loose, but Alyssa had done wonders with it. The shirt had been left unbuttoned except for a single one, just under her breasts, and it looked like she’d put a clip on the back to pull it tight. The bra underneath must have been one of Alyssa’s, because it was too small, and it made Kelly’s C-cups bulge out and up. There may have been some other tricks at work there—I’ve heard you can use makeup to make cleavage seem more impressive—but I didn’t really care, because it all made Kelly look like a busty schoolgirl slut straight out of a porno. Her makeup matched Alyssa’s, and her hair fell loose around her face. She still had on her cross on the gold chain around her neck.

The two girls stood in the doorway, backlit by the lights from the bathroom. Alyssa had her hip cocked and one hand resting on it. She’d fixed me with a cool, confident stare as soon as the door opened. Kelly, in contrast, seemed a bit shy. Her hands were clasped behind her back, and her head was down. She too was looking at me, expectantly.

I sat up in bed. “Ladies,” I said.

Alyssa reached over, took one of Kelly’s hands, and her led her to me. They stopped by the bed. “Excuse me mister,” Alyssa said, once again pitching her voice higher than normal. “My friend here has something to ask you.” I looked at Kelly. She blushed and refused to meet my eyes. “Come on, Kelly,” Alyssa said. “You said you wanted it.”

Nervously, Kelly spoke up. “Mister, I want to be a sl… a slut.” She stuttered a bit but forced the words out. “Alyssa told me sluts have more fun, so I want to be one. And she said you are the best at teaching girls to be sluts.” I saw her throat move as she swallowed nervously. “Can you teach me to be a good slut, mister?”

Well, how could I say no?

Watching Alyssa’s little video had given me some nasty ideas. I stood up. “Of course, Kelly. By the time you go back home you’re going to be a fantastic little slut.” I pushed both girls to their knees, my cock bobbing in the air between their faces, and continued. “You’ll be able to teach all your friends if you want.” She nodded, her chin bobbing in time with my dick.

I grabbed Alyssa by the pigtails and pulled her in front of me. “For now, Kelly, just watch. I’m going to show you some of the things sluts do. Watch this dirty slut and see how she acts.” I gave Alyssa’s pigtails a sharp tug and she immediately and automatically opened her mouth wide. Hey, she’d been well trained. Her eyes were bright and clear, challenging me to use her the way we both wanted. I slid my cock in past her painted lips and let it rest on her tongue, just for a moment, and then my grip tightened on Alyssa’s hair and I started fucking her face, just like she’d done to herself on her video.

Her pigtails made great handles for me, letting me hold her more-or-less in place as I put her mouth to good use. Alyssa knelt there and took it, keeping her lips locked to me as I stuffed her full of cock. This wasn’t the first time we’d done this, and when she felt the tip of my spear pressing on the back of her throat she swallowed, opening herself to me and letting me plunge deep into her.

Wet, sloppy choking noises soon filled the room as I battered against Alyssa’s gag reflex. She might have been a deepthroat artist, but that didn’t help much given how I was using her. Her eyes fluttered; Alyssa was trying to keep them open, but involuntary reflexes kept forcing her to blink. Soon enough tears gathered at the corners of her eyes and drool started to spill past her lips. My shaft was stained with streaks of blood-red lipstick. Kelly watched, wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

“Your job is to please men,” I told her. “If they want to fuck your throat you should learn to love it like your friend here.” She nodded. “Look down,” I said, “between her legs. See her fingers? See how she’s rubbing her cunt while I use her?” And sure enough, Alyssa was doing just that. One hand had slipped into her shirt and was pinching and twisting her nipple, but the other was underneath her skirt. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties, but if she was they weren’t stopping her; her fingers were rubbing her clit in small tight circles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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