Boundaries Ch. 02

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Author’s note: Please read the series through in sequence. As a series that attempts to tell a story with a realistic pace and strong character development, much of the nuance can be missed if a reader jumps into the middle of it. So, without further ado…


Kaylee and I hadn’t spoken to each other about our interlude in the clothing boutique’s dressing room, which suited me fine. Whatever was developing needed to proceed at her own pace. I didn’t know if anything like it would happen again but I was sure that bringing it up would spook her. It was best for my headstrong girl to figure things out for herself.

The dressing room episode broke the ice, though. It worked a reversal of sorts. I became self-conscious of my own attitudes and desires, which caused me more reservation about undressing and walking around the house. Kaylee wandered around in her underwear half the time. I did my motherly best not to gawk.

Two weeks later she appeared silently around the corner of the kitchen – in that naturally light-footed way she does – holding a new-found prize.

She smiled with glee, “Look what I found!”

I didn’t glance up, busy cooking dinner, “That’s great, hun.”

She huffed at my dismissal.

“C’mon! Look!” she whined like a kid of twelve, instead of an adult of eighteen.

I should have known before I turned around. I assumed the money would be for dresses and tops but, in proper Kaylee fashion, it included a few fancier items. I squelched a sigh as she presented her new garment — blue and white satin hiphuggers.

“That looks a little.. spendy.” A mom tone came through despite my best efforts.

“Don’t worry,” Kaylee waved away my concern. “I bought some other less expensive things, too. I just couldn’t resist these! Aren’t they cute!”

“You know that I’m not always going to be giving you money,” a lecture poured from my mouth. “With college and everything. I’m going to have a heck of a time just paying off school expenses.”

It was a topic raised often, but it never seemed to make an impression. Maybe it was her just not having experience budgeting or her aunt and uncle lavishing her with gifts. If my otherwise levelheaded daughter had a weakness, it was with money.

“I know, mom,” she rolled her eyes in the way teenage girls the world over do. “I totally have a savings account and everything. I can save.”

True, she had a savings account. We opened it together when she was fifteen. But it still had the original one-hundred dollars in it, plus a couple bucks interest. She hadn’t deposited a cent since that first day at the bank.

I was about to launch the second stage of the money lecture when Kaylee tugged down her black knee-length skirt and dropped it to the floor.

She wore pantyhose beneath the outfit, yes, but beneath the embroidered hose she was clearly bare. I saw more than I should have but my eyes couldn’t turn away. My lecture stopped immediately and a distinctly improper feeling unfurled in my belly and migrated down between my legs.

Lithely, she pulled on her new panties — with perfect balance, as she lifted each foot, and slid them on. As soon as she smoothed her new panties across her hips, she cocked a dancer’s slender hip to me.

“Admit it. They’re pretty.” she demanded.

I looked at her, beaming, with her new underwear over the top of her hose.

“No seams, either,” she continued. “so I can wear them when I’m dancing, too.”

She ran her hand across the front for emphasis. I nodded, giddy while staring at my kid in her underwear.

“Don’t they look good on me?” she asked.

She twirled with her hands high then stuck her slender rump out at me and wiggled it. They formed perfectly to her fit dancer’s body like she was an underwear model. I nodded numbly, unable to form words.

She looked back over her shoulder, still bent over. “You can check them if you want.”

My mouth felt like a desert. My fingers twitched at the thought of feeling the satiny material next to her body. I seriously didn’t know how to do it without feeling and acting like a lecher.

“How about later?” I begged, thinking quickly. “Dinner’s done.”

“Oh? Good. I’m hungry!” she chirped, not bothering to pick up her skirt and sat down at the kitchen table in her get-up.

She seemed so natural throughout dinner, including talking about college. It felt absurd having a serious conversation with her while she was dressed (or undressed?) like this.

“I had this idea to save money,” she said, brow furrowed. “I thought about staying here with you during school. To save on living expenses.”

I paid half attention to her as my eyes wandered down to her underwear and taut legs.

“Besides. If I lived on my own, I’d have to learn how to cook now. Wouldn’t I?” she grinned and giggled as she forked food into her mouth.

I smiled weakly, distracted. A vivid and ridiculously lurid image popped into my head: my own daughter laying over me – driving into me with a strap-on, really giving it to me in that casino siteleri get-up, her thrusts powered by her strong legs and ass.

She was barely done eating before she put her leg on mine, spreading and exposing herself to me.

“Wanna touch them now?” she asked casually, as if she were showing me a new skirt.

“Touch?” I repeated, food almost falling out of my mouth.

I stared at her wondering if she noticed my furtive glances throughout the entire meal.

“The satiny material. It’s really nice,” she continued smoothly.

I couldn’t help myself this time. I hooked a finger and thumb underneath the edge and rubbed. It felt really silky.

“Yeah, it’s nice,” I agreed, entranced.

“What about the gusset?” she asked.

I looked into her eyes and she stared back at me steadily. I gulped and my eyes traveled slowly back down to my daughter’s splayed legs, eyes directly on her intimate – mound.

I slipped my finger down to the gusset. My gaze flicked upwards and her eyes were following my fingers intently. The back of my fingers could feel the heat of her straining pussy through the nylon of her pantyhose. Her eyes rolled back, and her stomach quivered.

“You okay?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“O-oh, I’m fine.”

She quaked and steadied herself, struggling for nonchalance. “Just when you did that… sensitive.”

I drew my hands along her legs to her knees, feeling her muscles ripple and stretch beneath the sheer hose. The moment seemed to pass for her.

“I’m sorry about that,” I apologized.

“No worries,” she dismissed, her leg dangling and swinging off the end of the chair. “Just didn’t realize, like last time. Thought the tights would blunt it.”

I slid my hands back along her legs and to her hips, tested the underwear’s waistband and flex.

“They seem snug and elastic enough. Good fit,” I assessed. “In any case, I will be more careful next time. Sensitivity and all.”

“Oh no.” Kaylee shook her head and then moved. “It’s funny saying this but it actually feels kinda… like electricity?”

My stomach lurched and I blinked. Did she really just say that?

“I guess. Don’t worry about it though,” Kaylee continued.

She seemed way too calm about this.

“D-do you want… any other… underwear checked?” I ventured.

“Ugh. That’s alright,” Kaylee giggled. “Thought you would like these since I know you like satiny things.”

She lifted her slender leg off my lap and leaned in to kiss me on the cheek.

“So, good purchase?” she asked.

“Good, …” I managed the first part, but not the ‘purchase’ part.

“Cool. I’m going to try on the rest of the stuff I picked up,” Kaylee announced cheerily as she walked away. “Thanks for dinner!”

* * *

“Look, that’s her!” Kaylee pointed to a girl leaning against the front of her dance studio. “See, I told you I would show you!”

I was picking up Kaylee after ballet one evening. My daughter was waiting at the curb. We were just starting to drive away after Kaylee climbed in when she pointed her out. I had teased Kaylee that I’d heard all about this mystery girl but she hadn’t brought her over yet.

“That’s Kristen,” she continued.

The autumn wind stirred up and Kristen shivered and folded her arms. She wore a thin-looking green sweater. The red-haired, leggy dancer wore nothing else against the weather. The breeze rustled her ballet skirt.

“Should we drive her? It’s getting chilly,” I asked, concerned.

“Her dad will be there like any minute. She just called him,” Kaylee explained, staring.

“Okay,” I replied remorsefully and, with one last motherly glance at little Kristen, I eased the accelerator forward.

Trapped in the car with me for the ride home, I used it to my advantage, grilling Kaylee thoroughly about Kristen. She had never really talked enthusiastically about her boyfriends, even though she had dated a little bit and saw some of them for extended periods. She just never seemed enamored with anyone she met.

Kristen was a different matter. Kaylee seemed more animated about her. I surmised that it might be the case, since I had never heard any interest from Kaylee in girls. This would be her first, as far as I knew.

“No, she’s not my girlfriend!” Kaylee groaned, embarrassed, as we walked in the door.

I eyed her as she threw her ballet bag on the couch and fell into the cushions, arms crossed. She wasn’t mad, but it entertained me and the teasing I gave her was probably more over-zealous than I realized.

“Oh, honey. I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable. I just realized that what I said probably went too far. I’m just happy for you,” I conceded.

This was probably her first serious girl-crush and I needed to take this more tactfully.

She looked up at me from the corner of her eyes, acknowledging my attempt at an apology.

“I just like her mom. I don’t know if she is my girlfriend,” the words seemed to come out of her forcefully.

Kaylee could be sensitive canlı casino sometimes.

I smiled and slowly walked over to her, sat beside her, and put my arm around her. She looked up tentatively and then cuddled into me, wrapping her legs around my lap.

“Sorry, honey. I’m just interested. I don’t usually hear much about who you like. You’ve been talking about her a lot lately, is all. It’s nice to see you excited.” I patted her thigh.

I got a half-smile for that consolation.

“How did you know when you liked your first girl?” she asked me finally.

“Oh,” I laughed. “Well, it just happened for me. I don’t remember exactly how any more. It was a few years ago, you know.”

It was an evasive answer but a necessary one, since my first “girlfriend” was my sister and Kaylee’s aunt. I didn’t want to give too much away.

“Oh,” she said, disappointed.

“I can say this…,” I perked up, realizing that this was one of those rare times my fiercely independent daughter was looking for some advice. “Honey, if things seem to be progressing, then it’s probably best to say something to her.”

Kaylee shifted uncomfortably.

“Well,” she looked at the hem of her ballet skirt. “We did, kind of, — kiss.”

She winced as the last word came dribbling out, not wanting to say it.

“Okay. Wow, I guess that’s a start!”

Her eyebrows mashed together. “Wait. What?”

“It’s good, it means she feels the same way.”

“Oh,” she giggled, surprised. “That’s not what I expected you to say at all!”

“What did you expect?”

“I dunno. I guess I thought you would be mad that I was, y’know, doing stuff with her,”

I paused for a moment, reflecting on my own experiences with girls at Kaylee’s age. I had thought about this before, knowing that if she showed an interest in girls, that they would come around too. I knew she liked boys well enough and had prepared my hetero-dating responses a long time ago. Girls were an entirely different thing.

How would I have wanted my mom to respond if I showed an interest in girls at Kaylee’s age when I was still living at home? My first thought was that I’d want my mom to be supportive. I remembered being confused enough trying to navigate the world at that age without having to come to terms with my own bi-sexuality; a sexuality that much of society still scorned.

I gave her my wise-mom smile. “All I know is this, kiddo. You are at an age when you can make your own decisions — and should.”

Kaylee beamed. “Ooh, at least there’s one thing we agree on!”

She laughed my daughter’s beautiful laugh.

I stroked her hair. “I’ll be honest. I wish I had a mother that understood my confusions at your age. So, I’m trying to be that kind of mom,” I confessed.

Kaylee’s smile hitched up to one side. “Ummm… so just to be clear… kissing and stuff… is alright?”

I gulped, feeling an awkwardness that I was giving her far more latitude than the vast majority of parents would. But, it also felt freeing to give her a safe harbor, opportunity, and understanding that I hadn’t dreamed of at her age.

I snorted, laughing, remembering our first birds and bees talk. “Well, if she can get you pregnant by it, you two can’t do it!”

“Not funny,” she feigned being mad.

“I honestly thought you’d go out with one of those girls that wanted to kiss you. Katie or… who’s the other one?” I admitted.

“Lori. Katie and Lori.”

“… and Lori.”

“No, they are like totally lesbian for each other now. I see them at school and still talk to them,” Kaylee shook her head and chewed her lip. “They just want to kiss each other now.”

“Well, if they’re in a relationship it’s natural.”

“I guess.” Kaylee shrugged.

My daughter yawned and daintily lifted her legs off my lap.

“I should go to bed, any ways. I’m tired,” she said from behind her hand, which she used to block the yawn.

“Good night, honey. Sleep well.”

She stopped after a few steps and turned around.

“You know, you’re actually a cool mom, by the way. Talking with me and trying to understand what I’m going through. Other moms would just try to make me do what they told me to,” she thanked. “You’re different. Better.”

My heart warmed. That was one of the sweetest things I’d ever heard from here.

I loved my daughter.

* * *

It was another week before I met Kristen and I masturbated furiously the whole time.

Behind my eye-lids late at night, as I writhed under my cotton sheets, danced a leggy red-headed ballerina. I stroked my wet pussy lips, gasps escaping my lips into my empty bedroom. Kristen laid next to me, embracing me, a sleek leg wrapped around my hip. Her fiery hair whipped and thrashed, her hips rolled into my fingers, as she whispered how she had never been touched like this.

Shuddering at that sexy thought – I came, unleashing a torrent onto my fingers. I felt her hair tickle my breasts as Kristen came with me. My orgasm lengthened, amplified at the thought. My body kaçak casino shook from the electricity coursing through it, gasping my lust through clenched teeth, until the incredible flood was over. I laid there, sweaty sheets clinging to my damp skin.

“Kristen’s coming over tonight,” Kaylee reminded me earlier one morning – later in the week.

Kaylee brushed her hair in my bathroom as I showered. I wasn’t sure why Kaylee insisted in getting ready in my bathroom many times. She had one of her own.

“Great. I can finally meet your mystery girl-fr… friend,” I corrected myself, poking my head out from behind the opaque sliding glass door of the shower.

Kaylee informed me on several occasions that they were just dating. I still wasn’t used to it.

My daughter frowned a little. “Just don’t embarrass me. Okay, mom?”

I nodded. I looked forward to finally meeting Kristen.

“Okay. So, I won’t show her all the pictures then. Just the ones when you were a baby. Wouldn’t she think those are cute?” I stuck my tongue out for extra emphasis.

“Mom!!” Kaylee whined, tossing a towel she found hanging on the towel rack.

I swung the shower door shut just in time and the towel smacked harmlessly against the glass. I laughed hysterically

A nervous Kaylee prepped me the evening Kristen visited, informing me that this wasn’t a big deal and that they were just going to hang out in her room. The big meeting was merely going to be an introduction and that was it.

I didn’t hear them come in, preoccupied by putting some newly washed sheets in a closet and A Flock of Seagulls blaring in the background. I closed the door to the closet surprised to see both of them standing there, holding hands.

“Mom, this is Kristen,” Kaylee introduced. “Kristen, this is my mom, Jennifer.”

I smiled. “I prefer, Jen.”

Kristen was more beautiful than I noticed on that dark night. My eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to her legs. She was tall, about a head taller than Kaylee, and her blue eyes were alive with youthful curiosity. Her skirt, far shorter than any Kaylee wore, fell to about half-thigh. Her legs went on for miles.

“Nice to meet… Jen-… you,” she said nervously, holding out her hand.

I took it, noticing it was really cold and clammy, her eyes downcast slightly, and we shook. When she pulled back and Kaylee grabbed her hand again, she fumbled a little bit, obviously embarrassed.

“It’s alright, Kris,” Kaylee looked at me nervously. “My mom understands.”

I picked it up. “No worries, kiddo. I had a few girlfriends at Kaylee’s age, too. I’m just glad to finally meet you.”

I eyed Kaylee slightly at my use of “girlfriend”, expecting some kind of response, but she didn’t seem to notice.

“Please make yourself at home,” I continued. “I’m going to make dinner in about an hour. If you are hungry, Kris, you can join us. I’ll make extra,” I offered, trying to be hospitable and make her feel comfortable.

“Thank you,” Kristen smiled, seemingly more comfortable at the invitation. “Ms. Hart”

“Easy with the Ms. stuff,” I sassed. “Jen is fine.”

“Cool. Just let us know when it’s done,” Kaylee remarked, already tugging Kristen towards her room.

“Nice to meet you,” Kristen called over her shoulder, waving slightly, giving me a long look before she was pulled into Kaylee’s room.

Kaylee certainly made the introduction short like she said she would.

Kristen seemed like a nice enough girl. And even prettier up close. As I finished putting the sheets away and cooking dinner, I couldn’t help but think about what they were doing in there. My kinky mind was hard at work and it wasn’t long before my panties were wet with the thoughts of what Kristen and my beautiful daughter might be up to behind that closed door.

* * *

Once Kaylee got over the initial discomfort of introducing me to someone she was dating, the three of us actually got along together well. I tried really hard, at the beginning, to just let them be. I didn’t want to seem intrusive, which is something I wouldn’t have wanted my mom to do with my girlfriend at that age. Kristen seemed to take a real liking to me very quickly and, consequently, Kaylee relaxed to the point where the three of us were hanging out together.

Kristen even liked spending time with me occasionally. She saw me in the evening, a couple times, coming over early and waiting for Kaylee while she was busy, away at a financial aid meeting. We bonded over clothes, some 80’s and 90’s music we both liked, and the occasional celebrity gossip.

“So, what movie will it be tonight?” I asked as I finished washing the last of the dishes.

Kaylee, Kristen, and I watched movies together occasionally. Kristen slept over with Kaylee a few times and during one of those evenings Kaylee suggested we also watch a movie. I suspect it started as just a way to be nice and inclusive but it turned into something that we continued.

“Kristen and me picked out a movie called Lenora,” Kaylee replied.

“New to me. What’s it about?” I asked.

“It’s an older flick. From the 70’s,” came Kaylee’s voice after a pause. “It’s about a girl who meets a vampire.”

“Interesting…,” I shrugged. “I never thought you were into horror movies, Kaylee.”

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