Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 11

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Darlene’s husband had political connections. Under pressure from the mums he had arranged for the State Governor and his wife to be Guests of honour at a Gala Ball and to open the new Scout den.

The Governor’s wife, who was widely recognised as the boss in their partnership, loved ballroom dancing especially waltzing.

The Boy Scout Mothers asked me to make special arrangements for their husbands to attend ballroom dancing lessons.

Classes were held every evening. We joined a group that had started a few days previously. Most of the wives attended the dancing classes. Most men claimed they were busy.

After the first three or four nights, I was the only male from our group. I took turns dancing with Jackie, Darlene and four other members of our group. Their husbands realising that they were in trouble for not attending picked them up after lessons.

I started dropping in on Angelique. She loved dancing and had offered to improve my performance. We settled into a routine where we always had a quickie first.

She would help me as I pushed up her skirt to bend her over the back of the lounge. We had discovered that in this position, I could enter her ample arse while playing with her hairy pussy or her large soft hanging tits.

With my cock firmly embedded in her hairy arse, I would lean forward to lie on her back, and then with one finger frigging her clit, I would milk her nipples. Within minutes Angelique would takeover.

She had a unique anal technique, where she worked her interior muscles and her body, to bring me to a point where there was nothing I could to do to stop myself from pouring into her.

The wonder of Angelique’s earthy body, especially her large willing arse, excited me more and more, no matter how many times we fucked.

Because time was short, it was always what she called “a quick butt fuck.” “That’s the type of performance I like” she would say as she straightened her clothes, “now let’s fix your other performance.”

We would waltz to her music collection, and practice my kissing until her husband Con, came home. He would join us dancing. With their help I learnt what Angelique called the “Foreplay” side of ballroom dancing not just the formal steps.

Dancing cheek to cheek with our bodies close, Angelique told me “modern dancers don’t know what they are missing.”

She whispered instructions “Move your body to the music, very lightly roll your cock against my pussy. Massage my breasts with your chest, again just a faint movement not to obvious, but deliberately use your hands to feel me and stroke me, All the while you must make sure that anyone watching would not realise what you were doing… It has to be subtle, calm on the surface but trying to start a fire underneath. “With a good partner this is the closest thing I know to public foreplay.”

Nodding at her husband she whispered “we used to get each other so hot we could hardly wait to get off the floor.”

I was determined to try out her technique at our next dancing lessons. The response was immediate. My partners became more relaxed, their bodies pushing closer to my ever willing bulge.

Sonya, a well endowed blonde of Scandinavian extraction, asked would I dance with her.

As we swirled around the floor, I deliberately pushed back so I could stare down at her breasts which were glued to mine. Her breasts were enormous, but it was her nipples that drew my attention. I remember thinking that they stood out like spikes on a wartime sea mine, and were probably just as dangerous. casino oyna We were pressed so close together that when I moved my chest trying Angelique’s technique, one nipple was nearly forced out of her boob tube.

She had been singing quietly in my ear. I rolled my hips bringing my rampant prick to a position that allowed it to innocently massage her pussy. As the slow romantic dance continued, I did everything but fuck her with her clothes on. The movement of that prick stopped her singing in mid word. She turned her face to mine and I swear she shuddered and came.

“You” she started to say and then seemed to change her mind; she pressed her pelvis tight against me, poked her tongue out erotically and licked my lips “My god if this is dancing, I should have taken it up years ago.” “We should do this more often.” She whispered. “I can’t wait,” I huskily replied, as I returned her to her seat.

Before the husbands turned up to check on progress and pick up their wives, I had to repair to the restrooms to clean up the wet spot on my slacks. Our group stood talking and joking together for some time before they all finally left.

I returned to the now dark car park to find Sonya waiting beside my jeep. She had worn a long skirt and a long boob tube at dance class, but now she only wore the tube. “We have 10 minutes,” she said huskily,” my husband is expecting me.”

With that she grabbed my zip, slid it down, dropped to her knees, and took me deep in her mouth. “I love a hot cock in my mouth,” she said speaking with her mouth full, “I had forgotten how hard a young cock can get.”

Later that night at home on my bed, all I could remember was the urgency of the milking of my prick.

Sonya’s long fingers massaged my balls, whilst her head bobbed up and down as her thick lips encircled my cock, taking it all in, No gagging. No gasping for breath, Just a hard driving in and out until I blew.

Sonya snorted through her nose swallowing it down. She looked up at me rolling her eyes. She smiled, opened her mouth and allowed a small amount of cum to dribble out the corner of her mouth

I didn’t want it to finish, I ran my fingers down my prick squeezing the last of my cum down her throat As it dribbled its last drop, I moved to help her to her feet. “Come here I want to see these beauties.”

Sonya rolled her top down around her waist, lifting her breasts out of her bra. They were enormous…Massive but not sloppy.

“Do you like them” she said as she took them out, and stepped back holding them with her hands underneath. “Do I bloody like them,” I said, “I fucking love em.”

I kissed her, biting down on her lower her lip, “take you hands away I want to see them without support.” She withdrew her hands, her massive breasts sagged but they swung free. “They are fantastic,” I said, as I dropped my head to take one of the enormous nipples in my mouth.

“They are much larger than they appeared,” I groaned as I pulled them up to suck in another mouth full. “The bra helps hide their size,” Sonya moaned. “I am embarrassed by them sometimes, so I keep them under control.” “My husband calls me a cow and makes fun of my size. He doesn’t like to go out with me unless I strap them down.”

I pulled my head back to look again. I stroked and massaged them “Don’t be embarrassed.” I told her as I bit down on an enlarged nipple.

“I’d love to go out with you. I don’t want you to strap them down.” “I have never seen tits this big and beautiful before. I want to tell my mates about you. When I do they canlı casino will think I’m bullshitting, they won’t believe a beauty like you would go out with me until I show them your magnificent body.”

“Lets have coffee tomorrow after college. There is a coffee shop just outside the front gate.” “Are you sure, do you really want to be seen with an old lady like me out in public?” she asked.

“Are you kidding?” “I want to see you, and be seen with you, I want the whole college crew to be jealous.” “Really?” she moaned as my mouth returned to her nipples and my left hand found her dripping cunt.

She had not only removed her skirt but her panties too.

I was excited and rough, pushing one finger after the other into her cunt. It was large and soft. It seemed to open up, as all of my fingers fought to enter.

It only seemed like seconds, before I was able to insert my whole fist. With my hand deep in her cunt, I slowly opened my hand, palm up, then Just by opening and closing my hand I tickled and stroked inside her cunt.

She grabbed my wrist and pulled away saying “take it easy.”

All this time we had not kissed. We soon made up for lost time kissing and stroking each other. As our juices leaked from our bodies, I pushed my fist back wriggling to get it in again. “Ten minutes is all I can spare,” she said pulling away. “I will pick you up from college tomorrow.”

She walked away her backside twitching “Sonya” I yelled, “Remember Don’t wear a bra tomorrow. Wear something sexy.”

When I left college the next afternoon, Sonya was waiting. She wore a tiny black leather mini skirt, an even smaller leather top, black stockings and high heels. Her breasts and nipples strained against the half opened zip.

She looked magnificent. She greeted me with a kiss. “No bra” I asked. She nodded. “Yes.” “You’re fucking incredible” I exclaimed

Some class friends joined me .They were hanging around wanting an introduction. Sonya kissed them on the cheek holding them tight so they could rub against her tits.

Some of the cheerleader’s squad strolled past chattering. None of them could hold a candle to this “hot momma.” She was more than twice their age, and in the sexual excitement stakes left them for dead.

Sonya was hot. She really stopped the traffic as my mates slowed their cars to say “good day” or to park and dive in for a kiss. She was every cunt struck young mans idea of a hot fuck.

She revelled in it. In the car as we drove away she was hot and excited.

At the coffee shop I could not keep my eyes off her tits. They were fantastic, straining the zip of her small leather top. I remembered from dancing that one of her nipples was wayward and again a nipple was edging out. I spied it and my prick hardened until it was uncomfortable in my pants.

Raising my eyes to look directly into her eyes I said earnestly, “I don’t want to share you any more.” “I want to fuck you.”

“Where can we go?” she asked.

“Let’s just get out of here before I go crazy” I replied

As we drove I was trying to think of a place to go. These days I spent my “making out time” in bedrooms. In the meantime Sonya drove into a new housing development, drove to an area of unsold land and parked under a large tree looking back over the estate.

I hopped out and went around opening her door. As she stood up, I kissed her, nibbling her lips, using my tongue. I reached for her top, but she beat me to it pulling the zip open letting her giant tits fall free.

Her extraordinary kaçak casino nipples stood out before my eyes, I couldn’t believe their size. My cock was struggling to rise in the restriction of my pants. But my mouth was not constrained. I licked and stroked her soft sweet tits, nibbling at her nipples, all the while I could not help moaning how beautiful they were.

“You are beautiful, I love you breasts, I whispered with my mouth full, as I sucked a large nipple into my mouth.”

“My fucking cock will burst if I don’t get to fuck you now.” I cried.

She turned around bending over with her hands on the bonnet of her car. Her tits were now completely in my control hanging down into my hands. I pulled and pushed the nipples like you would milk a cow.

“Fuck me” she moaned, “fuck me, and fuck me.” I took one hand from those mountainous tits and ran it down over her more than ample thighs. Pushing her thong down out of the way my fingers entered her moist cunt. She moaned, arching her back pushing back.

I had seen stories of fisting in books; I was determined to try it. I pushed all my fingers in and then my thumb until I had gradually pushed my fist inside. I rammed my fist in and out.

She screamed .Oh! Oh! Oh my god that’s great,” as I continued to ram my whole fist in and out. All of a sudden she pushed back, then pulled away, “Fuck your hand I want your fat cock,” She cried as she turned offering me her arse.

I dropped my slacks down around my ankles and slammed my cock hard into that fantastic arse. She in turn slammed back into my stomach nearly winding me. Grunting and puffing I kept up a steady assault. The muscles of her large arse gripped me as though it was virgin territory. I could feel them massaging and holding my prick as my foreskin was pushed up and down. Bloody hell I whispered, “Your arse is really fucking my prick.”

She threw her head back looking at me over her shoulder, what did you say? She asked.

Returning my hands to her tits, pulling her nipples out as far as I could, then pinch and twisting them. I told her, “You have an educated arse its fantastic.”

I don’t know whether educated was the right description, but it was the largest I had fucked, and yet it was close and tight as it milked my dick.

“Stick with me and you will get a real education, she laughed, Bucking and pushing back harder and harder.

Grabbing one of my hands Sonya stuffed it down and into her cunt. Before I realised what was happening, she quickly pulled my slippery wet hand out, slipped it between her lips, and sucked it deep into her mouth.

Sonya was hollering. “I love it I love it.”

In my unthinking passion, I sucked love bites on her back and shoulders. “Don’t mark me” she cried. “Oh shit sorry: was my response. Her cry was too late she would wear my marks for days, creating reaal problems at home.

Our bodies slapped together, sweat pouring down, making our bodies slippery. We were grunting, groaning, moaning swearing and cursing as we fucked and fucked.

A building gang drove past, saw us locked together, slowed and gave us a cheer. We were too far gone to care. We kept going, On and on, on and on, slipping and sliding, our temperatures rising, until we came to what I thought was a conclusion.

Not yet done, she pushed me away, turned around, grabbed my well used prick and inserted it again this time in her cunt. Slower now we worked our bodies to a peak as we kissed and cuddled, “I love you,” she whispered, “You make me feel like a real woman.”

“Please,” she was begging and pleading “don’t forget me.” “I’ll do anything you want.”

“Ring me anytime,” “I want to be your fuck toy.”

With my fist again deep in her cunt I promised.

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