Boys’ Club Ch. 02

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John took a deep breath as he stood at the base of the stairs, his hand on the doorknob and his eyes closed. He steadied himself and opened the door.

Ten men were standing on his doorstep, just as they had a year before. “Come on in, guys” he said, forcing a smile. They filed in and followed him up the stairs to the living room.

He was nervous, of course. Who wouldn’t be? Last time had gone extremely well, but that didn’t calm the unease in his stomach or steady his hands. As much as he felt excitement and anticipation, he also felt fear. He was about to watch these men use his wife for their own pleasure, after all, how could he not? As they climbed, he heard one man say to another “I’ve been looking forward to this one since last year. She’s my favorite.” He couldn’t help but smile at that.

“Tell me about it,” the man had replied. “My wife really enjoyed hearing about this one. Shame they’ll never meet, she could learn something!”

A third man joined in. “I had to tone it down when I told my wife,” he said. “I can’t have her knowing there are women here so much hotter than her. She’ll make me quit.”

As they reached the top of the stairs, he took another deep breath and tried to calm himself. He walked to the center of the living room, quietly passing Leigh, who was standing at the center of the half-circle ring of chairs. As she had a year before, she was wearing a dress, this time a black one with a low neckline, along with a blindfold and a pair of earplugs. Her beautiful brown hair was down, gracefully draped over her shoulders. She licked her lips in anticipation as the men took their seats.

“Good evening, everyone,” John began. “I’m sure everyone already knows the rules, but just to be sure, I’ll go over them once before we begin.” He took yet another deep breath and slowly exhaled. He’d heard this speech over a dozen times and given it once himself, but he still took his time to make sure he got it right. Screw-ups your first time hosting were easily excused, but by your second turn, you should have things down pat.

“As you know, from the moment you entered our home until the moment you leave, you are to remain completely anonymous. My wife here may not at any point know your name or anything about you. You may talk quietly amongst yourselves or to me, but since the earplugs are not perfect, you must keep your voices down and under no circumstances speak to…” he paused. “The hostess.”

It felt so strange referring to his wife as if she were an inanimate object, some kind of toy only there to amuse and please the group. But in a way, that’s exactly what she would be for the next hour. She was flesh and skin, breasts, pussy and ass, she was there to be ogled and touched, poked, prodded, and enjoyed. That she enjoyed it almost as much as these men did was of course important to him, but for the purposes of the group, her pleasure was not the main item on the agenda. At least not for most of the night.

He continued. “She will begin fully clothed, as she is now. Each man will have a few moments to approach her and do with her whatever he desires, provided that he uses nothing but his hands and that he stays within the bounds of reason. I will be the judge of whether a guest goes too far, but the parameters are broad and the intent is for you to have wide latitude to get the most out of your time with her.”

He looked out at the faces of the men. Not a single one of them were looking at him. All of them were fixated on his wife, standing almost perfectly still, her hands at her sides, her light brown skin almost glowing. Her chest moved slowly, her breaths deep and conscious, her breasts heaving with each one. He thought he might have heard a foot tapping in anticipation, and more than one man seemed to be wringing his hands.

“After each man has had a turn with her, I will undress her completely. Then, each man will again have a few moments to approach her and, again, using only his hands, fully enjoy her body. You may feel free to move her as you see fit.”

He paused again, though even later he was not sure whether this was for dramatic effect or to steady himself. “Again, throughout this process, she may speak to you. And she will.” The group laughed, some clearly nervously, others genuinely. The anticipation was getting to be too much for some of them, it seemed. “But you may not speak to her.

“After each man has had a full opportunity to enjoy her body, she will be given a chance to enjoy it herself while you all watch. She will sit in a chair and bring herself to orgasm, either manually or with the use of a vibrator.

“Are there any questions?” he asked. It was the first time some of the men looked at him since they’d sat down.

“Nope, no questions,” one man volunteered for the group. The others laughed. “Well, are there? Or can we get to it? I know I’m not the only one who’s been waiting for this.” He slouched in his chair with some embarrassment.

John smiled. “Well, I didn’t expect to see any questions, so, let’s get started.” He paused again. “Since this is no one’s first casino oyna time, there is no set order for tonight, so I will take volunteers to go first.”

Ten hands shot into the air, all eagerly. He’d not seen that at any of the previous events, and it caught him off-guard. He expected to see several, but not a clean sweep. He hesitated, unsure of who to choose. He looked over the assembled group and, as he often did, thought of them not by who they were so much as what the “hostess” was like at their house.

There was David, the man with the 30-something blonde trophy wife with soft creamy skin, D-cup natural tits, and a pussy that had been literally dripping when he took his turn with her naked body. There was Brian, the man whose middle-aged wife had actually cum twice before her masturbation round even began thanks to the vigorous fingering she’d requested from every man during her naked round. And of course Jerry, the man whose wife, an almost stereotypically sassy black woman with large breasts and a sizeable ass, who had taunted one man who dared spank her too softly.

“Tom, you can go first,” he said, instead electing to go with the man whose event had been his first, whose tall, thin redheaded wife had now on two occasions reacted so powerfully to his touch. She’d moaned and talked dirty to him in a near-whisper when she mostly trembled and stayed silent for the other men. Both times she and Tom had hosted, she’d worn the same purple dress and black lingerie, the stark contrast of the dark fabric against her pale skin and red hair alluring, her small patch of naturally red pubic hair fulfilling a longstanding curiosity for John, one he enjoyed greatly.

Tom burst to his feet, making no effort to hide his enthusiasm. He strode confidently up to Leigh, whispering something excitedly under his breath which John could not make out. He had a smile on his face and there was passion in his eyes. John saw Leigh’s body tense as he grew near, probably feeling his footsteps through the floor, and heard her breathe in sharply. He held his breath in anticipation, too.

He touched her left hip first, running one hand over her stomach while putting the other one on her lower back. He moved them in opposite directions, bringing one to rest on her ass while the other cupped her right breast. Her body relaxed and she let loose a soft moan as he massaged her from both ends. He switched breasts and ran his hand back and forth over her ass, massaging both for the remainder of his turn.

As Tom walked back, John selected Nathan, whose wife fit the classic model of the curly-haired, starved-past-the-point-of-hotness Jewish woman, who enjoyed having her nipples twisted and her pussy slapped. She’d been dressed conservatively when John arrived, and he was surprised to see how into it she was. The other men, used to her preferences, had really given to to her, and she had responded with gusto. For his part, John had contributed some vigorous fingering and a few good pulls on her nipples.

Nathan had been a little rough with Leigh during their last event, perhaps because of his own wife’s desires, and John was going to keep an even closer eye on him. He walked over to Leigh slowly, but with purpose. He passed all the way around her before stopping directly in front of her and placing his hands directly on her breasts. He made circles around her nipples with his fingers, eliciting a deep moan. She leaned into his touch, stretching her breasts outwards, yearning for more. “Come on,” she said in a low voice, her first words of the night. “Don’t tease me…”

“There we go,” John heard one of the men say to his neighbor. “I’d been waiting for her to pipe up.”

“I know, right?” the neighbor responded. “Probably the best part…other than her ass, of course.”

The first man laughed and nodded. “I dunno. So many of these ladies try to be all confident and sexy, but she pulls it off so well…” he trailed off and both returned focus to the show in front of them.

At the front, Nathan had given in to Leigh’s prodding and was now firmly grasping and massaging her breasts. Were it not for the two layers between them and his hands, and for Leigh’s moans of delight, John might have been concerned over how hard he was going at them. Even now, even when he was giving her over to these men to use as they saw fit, his protective instincts for his wife still cried out against anything that might cause her pain.

Nathan’s time was now up and John selected another man to take his first turn. He chose David, whose eyes had not broken with Leigh’s body since the evening began. During their last time hosting, David had been awkwardly intimate and nonsexual with Leigh, as he had been at the subsequent three events. But about six months ago, after a prolonged absence, David had returned to the group with enthusiasm. John had a feeling Leigh would enjoy him much more this time around.

When David and his wife hosted, John had been surprised to find that she was so sexy. She was almost 20 years David’s junior, and she wore a tight, short, low-cut dress that canlı casino itself left little to the imagination. When David stripped off the shelf-bra she wore under it, her large breasts fell barely an inch before bobbing back and holding firm. Though not a particularly active participant, her body was more than sufficient to entertain them.

Leigh again tensed as she felt David’s approach. Her lips quivered and he saw her clenching and relaxing her hands. He ran his finger up the underside of her arm, and she squirmed. “No tickling,” she said. “That’s cheating. If you want to see my tits bounce, just wait until the next round and bounce them yourself.” The group laughed and, as if in response, David moved quickly to her breasts, placing his hands underneath them and, while cupping them with his fingers and palms, ran his thumbs over her nipples.

“Can you feel them getting hard under there?” Leigh asked seductively. “I can’t wait to show them to you boys again.” She moaned while he rubbed her and moaned deeper when he shifted his hands, placing his palms over her nipples, and squeezed her breasts firmly and fully. “That’s it, that’s it,” she said softly. “Very nice…”

“This is what I mean!” John heard one of the seated men say to another. “That shit is golden.”

As David walked back to his chair, John said “Ok, Brian, you go ahead.” Brian stood and walked slowly towards Leigh. He was the oldest man in the group, and though only in his early fifties, he seemed older. Despite being almost the same age, his wife had the body and energy of a much younger woman. They were founding members of the group and had hosted John’s second event, his first time with an older woman. Then and in the other of their events John had attended, she had shown a lust for being touched and used, and her orgasms belonged in a hardcore porn movie: certainly loud and impressive, but a little fake and over-the-top. But both had been fun evenings nonetheless.

Brian walked behind Leigh and placed his hands on her hips, sliding them up and down. She smiled and sort of swayed in his hands, almost doing a little dance, which prompted another light laugh from the group. Brian moved his hands down to her ass, massaging it. She bent over slightly, showing the men in front of her a little more cleavage and giving Brian better access to her ass. He slapped it lightly and she let out a playful yelp. “Finally, some attention on my ass. All these breast-men out here, it’s good to get a little variety.” Another laugh. She knows how to control a group of men, that’s for sure, John thought.

Brian ended his turn with a firm spank, which earned him a little growl from Leigh. For the next turn, John chose Michael, the one who had invited him to join the group. He’d previously known him as a mild-mannered man married to a quiet, unassuming woman with short brown hair and small breasts. But John had quickly learned how much he was missing about Michael at the first event he’d attended, where he watched Michael slide his finger into Tom’s thin wife’s pussy and then put it in her mouth, making her taste herself. She’d enjoyed it, but the gumption had surprised him and, it seemed, one or two other members. He’d later watch Michael vigorously, almost brutally, finger Jerry’s wife in the ass while spanking her, which she very much enjoyed.

But almost as surprising was Michael’s wife, a woman who John had almost never thought of as a sexual woman until they’d hosted. Whenever they’d met before, she’d always worn loose jeans and a baggy t-shirt. But that night she’d worn a tight, low-cut dress and high-heels, the only woman to wear shoes while entertaining. During the clothed rounds, she’d been extremely vocal and dirty, seemingly a whole different person, though, again, it felt a little over-the-top and forced; she clearly was a different person with the blindfold on, but not nearly as much as she wanted them to believe. When Michael had undressed her, John saw that she was wearing black lace lingerie, a push-up bra and skimpy thong panties. She kept a full bush, though it was neatly trimmed, and her body was much sexier than he’d anticipated. As with the previous round, she’d been extremely active, pleading with John to “stick three fingers up my cunt” while simultaneously fingering her asshole. He’d done as he was told and loved every second of it.

John had been nervous when Michael’s turn came when they’d hosted previously, but Michael had been much gentler with Leigh, perhaps because she was the one woman who he actually knew personally. John knew perfectly well that the reason he’d been invited into this group was because Michael had lusted after Leigh, and John had been told by other members at other events that Michael had nagged them to consider John as an additional member despite having previously rejected three others, including a man married to a national TV reporter widely considered to be an extremely attractive woman, on account of the group being too large; they’d never intended to grow beyond ten couples, they’d told him. It was only after Michael showed them Facebook photos kaçak casino of Leigh that they had changed their minds.

Michael approached Leigh with a clear purpose. He walked right up to her and lifted her dress up. With his other hand, he went straight for her pussy, placing his fingers on it over her panties and rubbing vigorously. She yelped in surprise and said “Jeeze, no warm up? You just go straight to the good stuff, huh?” She bit her lip and moaned at his rubbing. “Fuck, it feels good, though. I bet you want to get under these panties, don’t you? You want to touch my warm, wet cunt huh?”

John saw at least one man adjust himself in his chair, knowing that there wasn’t a man in this room without a hard-on at this point. He was having a hard time hiding his. Michael continued rubbing her pussy, but he let go of her dress and let it fall, covering her pussy and his hand from view. He moved his hand up and, of course, used it to enjoy her breasts, massaging them each in turn. She threw her head back and moaned deeply.

As Michael walked away, John considered who to send up next. There were five left, two of whom had not been present for their last event. Both men had a conflict but after hearing about how things had gone the year before, they made a point of attending this time. Jerry, who had actually been here last year, had actually rescheduled a surgery he had been scheduled to perform so as not to miss this.

“Jerry, you’re up,” John said, feeling it necessary to reward that kind of dedication. Jerry’s wife had openly mocked the men when they’d hosted, though they all seemed to enjoy it. John had gotten into it with the rest of them, spanking her with his full strength both over her dress and on her bare skin, and the hard fingering he gave her ass had been really hot for both of them.

A large man, Jerry nonetheless bounded from his seat up to Leigh. As he had the last time they’d hosted, Jerry went directly for Leigh’s ass; given his own wife’s figure, that was perhaps unsurprising. Jerry massaged it, almost lovingly, sliding his hand over the top near her lower back, then down underneath at her upper thigh, then in-between, covering the whole of both cheeks. Leigh moaned. He lifted up her dress and ran his fingers along, then just under, her panty line, which elicited another moan. He pulled it back and let it snap back into place with a crack. “Oooo,” Leigh said sexily. “I like that.”

Next, John selected Alan, another of the founding members. Alan had hosted the month after their first time, and John had been disappointed with his wife. She was an older woman with bleached blonde hair who’d had extensive, relatively poorly-performed, plastic surgery all over, and she was not an attractive woman anymore. Though she’d been very into it, her dirty talking was awkward and forced, and it added little. Only 5 other members had attended that event, the lowest turnout he’d seen. That compared to this, where every eligible man was in his seat.

Alan walked calmly to Leigh and did much the same as he had done the last time they’d hosted; he went directly for her breasts, followed by her ass, massaging and kneading each in turn. Leigh moaned, but it seemed almost polite more than genuine. At this point last time, she’d told him after, she was already eager to move onto the next round, and he could see it in her face. Where before there was fire and nervousness, now there was a touch of boredom. Oh how quickly perspective changes, John thought. Who would have thought the idea of strangers groping her while she was blindfolded could seem pedestrian?

After Alan came Kevin, another relatively senior member of the group. Kevin was married to a short, Asian woman with large breasts. John’s time with her was another first for him, and he had a better appreciation afterwards for why Asian women are so popular, though he’d never felt that pull himself. She’d worn a low-cut dress that showed a lot of cleavage, and even during the clothed round, John had enjoyed touching her. He felt large and powerful next to her small frame, and he’d delighted in the delicate sounds she made as he’d played with her tight pussy, which she clearly enjoyed.

Kevin’s turn was, again, nothing special. He’d been one of the members who’d missed their last session, and he seemed just happy to be able to touch Leigh. He was gentle with her as he explored her whole body, spending little time in each place, her ass being an exception; there he spent several minutes. Leigh’s ass was clearly one of her main draws to a group of men whose wives for the most part were, as white women tend to be, somewhat flat in the back.

Next came Rick, the last of the remaining founding members (the fourth had divorced his wife soon after the group began and had not remarried, so he was no long active). Rick was an extremely wealthy man, and his wife was an extremely ostentatious woman; during their event, she had worn elaborate jewelry and an expensive dress, covering bedazzled lingerie and a body which clearly received frequent, fancy, spa treatments. Her skin was blemish- and wrinkle-free despite her age, and her pussy had been the smoothest John had ever felt. As far as personality went, however, she had been relatively boring, and her event had not been as good as it could have been.

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