Breaking the Friend Zone

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This is the story of my first experience with another guy. I had never had any thoughts about guys in this way. This happened to me with my best friend that I had known since the first grade. He was practically family. We were always in the same class and always on the same sports teams. This all started happening the summer after we graduated high school and we were both 18 at the time.

My name is Jake and my best friends name is John. We were both very active boys growing up. We would ride our bikes or skateboards everywhere and always enjoyed going to the park to play whatever we were in the mood for whether it be basketball, football or even Frisbee golf. We would often spend the night at each other’s house and always have a good time.

It was the first month after we graduated that we started staying up later, and later since we had no school to worry about. We started going to the gym late at night because there were less crowds and we had all the equipment to ourselves. We would usually take a shower at the gym because sometimes we would go out afterwards. We never minded seeing each other naked as we always had when we were at school and thought nothing of it.

I might add at this point that we were both having a particularly bad dry spell when it came to hooking up with the girls from school. We would go to occasional parties but had been striking out lately. We didn’t really mind this too much because we were always getting into trouble and having fun together anyway.

One night while we were finishing our workout though John mentioned he had been going on a dating app looking for a quick hookup.

“So I downloaded this app with all these girls on it.” He said as we got to our lockers.

I twisted in the combo to my lock.

“Oh nice, any luck so far?”

“Yeah, I’ve been sending out messages to a bunch of girls. Only a few have responded.” He said with a grin as he disrobed.

“What’s so funny.” I started smiling because I knew that look. I could tell he had something juicy to tell me as we headed to the showers.

Even though the gym was usually dead at this late hour we always used the stalls opposite to each other in the very back of the shower room. The stalls were almost completely open with just a short partition where the shower head stuck out.

“Well the app I use allows you to send chat messages and pictures.” He said boastfully with a sideways grin.

“Oh! You got some pictures?!” I said excitedly because I know he would eventually show me.

“So this girl named Veronica messages me and I know I have a good chance because her profile pic is a picture of her massive cleavage showing. We started chatting and then outa nowhere she sends a selfie similar to her profile pic but in a different top.”

“Very nice! How big are her tits?” I asked

“Big.” He said definitively looking at me in the face with a smile.

At this point, even this small talk was starting to get my blood flowing. I tried to move toward the shower partition to cover myself. As I moved closer to the shower head I looked over and noticed John was starting to get a little bigger himself. I have to admit I was a little shocked but it was understandable since neither of us had got any in a while.

“Then I compliment her tits and she starts talking dirty. Telling me that she is always horny and wants a picture of my dick. So I tell her I want to see her tits first and she sent like 3 pictures of different angles of her big ol’ melons! And her nipples were perfect bro.”

Ok now I was in trouble because I started to get an erection. I turned away from John pretending like I was washing my side off but I knew I couldn’t do it forever. I’m not one to brag but I need to tell you that my cock is bigger than average and isn’t easy to conceal once I get hard. My cock is circumcised and has a slight upwards curve. The weight of it also makes it very bouncy when I get hard.

I was so nervous. Not once out of all the times we had taken showers together had I ever got an erection in front of John. I couldn’t think of what to do next because I couldn’t stand there and wash my side forever so I turned back to the shower and bent over and bent my leg in front of my hard cock as much as I could.

“Damn dude that’s bad ass!” I complimented and looked over at John.


e was turned away from me at this point too and he looked over his shoulder at me.

“Yea dude he tits were awesome.”

I thought maybe he was trying to hide his boner too because we usually never are in these awkward poses. I decided that we had been friends for so long that I didn’t need to hide it anymore and that I could just explain that this story had got to me.

I stood straight up with my hard cock sticking straight out with the water cascading off of it and waited for him to look back.

He then turned over his shoulder again to say something else but his attention was immediately diverted to my throbbing member.

“Sorry bro, been a while since casino oyna I got any action and thinking of those tits got to me.” I tried to put a little laugh as I halfway tried to turn away in embarrassment.

“Oh my god, dude!” He exclaimed and just like that I thought our friendship was over and he would never talk to me again.

Just as all hope was lost he turned around to reveal he was also very hard! I felt like I had just been saved from falling off a cliff. Sudden catastrophe turned into jubilation.

We both sort of laughed and checked each other out at the same time. His cock was only a little smaller than mine but he was also circumcised. The head of his cock was bigger than mine though and looked like a helmet. His erection was very straight and pointed at an upward angle.

“Wow man I was so scared right now. I thought you would freak out.” I said with a sigh of relief.

“I was thinking the same thing! But fuck it man let’s get outa here before someone sees us.”

We both grabbed our towels and tucked our cocks up in the makeshift waist bands. We got back to the locker and our cocks had subsided slightly as we started to get dressed. We were both still hard enough though that our cocks wiggled around more than normal.

“No homo but you’re packing some heatthere dude. I’m kinda jealous.” He said breaking the silence.

“Yea it does the job.” I said proudly.

We got dressed and headed out of the gym. We went back to our normal banter and had a few laughs about both getting hard in the showers. We had planned on Eric spending the night and playing video games all night.

“Alright man I’ll see you at the house.” I shouted from my open car door.

One the drive home I couldn’t help but think about the sight of John’s cock. Never have I seen him hard and I thought to myself he had a pretty decent looking dick. It was a nice shape and very proportional. What was I thinking? Picturing his dick and that I thought it looked nice? I turned the radio to drown out my thought and drove home.

“Have you beat that last level we got stuck on last time?” John asked while we walked into my house.

“Almost. I think I got it figured out tho. Watch, I’ll show you.”


e headed upstairs to my room and turned the game on. I had snuck a few beers from my dad’s refrigerator so we could catch a buzz. We played for about 45 minutes when John’s phone went off.

“Oh shit dude it’s Veronica!” He exclaimed staring at his phone.

“Lemme see them titties dude.” I begged and dropped the game controller looking toward his phone.

He showed me her pictures and indeed she had very nice tits and her face wasn’t bad either. I could feel my cock twitch.

“She asked what am I doing.” He said to me, as if he was asking me what he was doing.

“Tell her you are lying in bed admiring her tits.”

He obeyed and then she asked him if he thought she was hot. We decided to tell her he needed another pic to make a final decision. She said ok and we sat there waiting. In the mean time I imagined all the different pictures she could be taking and I could feel my cock starting to strain against my loose sleeping shorts.

“She’s taking forev….” I got cut off by the incoming message tone.

She had sent a short video of her in a white shirt using her hands to push her tits together and bounce them up and down. Wow that was hot and my boner was raging. We both sat there smiling and watching it over and over. Then another message came thru:

“Ok well now it’s your turn :)”

We both read it and then looked at each other dead in the face like “what the hell are we gonna do?”

“Send her a picture.” I said laughing. Knowing that he wouldn’t just whip it out in front of me.

“Ok I’m gonna go do it in the bathroom.” He said excitedly.

He got up and left the room and came back shortly. I was just smiling because I knew he felt a little embarrassed.

“What did she say?” I asked curiously.

Just then the phone went off and we looked at the message. I could still see the photo of his cock at the top of the screen, he didn’t attempt to hide it. We were both pretty buzzed so we didn’t mention it. I again was admiring the shape of his cock. He had taking a weird angle photo and you couldn’t even see his whole dick, just the head and a little bit of his shaft.

“She said I could do better than that.” He read off his phone.

Just then, in my alcohol intoxicated and horny state I got a nasty idea.

“I’ll be right back.” He said sullenly as he started to head for the bathroom once more.

“Hold on man I got a better idea.” I said as I stared into the air as if it was just coming to me.

“You only sent her a picture of the top half of your dick, right? So let’s just take a full picture of my dick and send it to her.”

I was hard and my dick was hurting in the confined space of my shorts. I was so horny I just wanted to take I out and honestly, a part of me wanted to show him canlı casino my dick. I thought back to how exciting it was in the shower and wanted that feeling again.

“Alright! Go for it man.” He said excitedly handing me the phone.

“Man I don’t want to get caught by my dad drinking his beer, so I’ll just do it in here.”

He didn’t disagree so I took his phone and turned around and pulled the front of my shorts down allowing my cock to bounce out. Damn I was proud of my cock. It looked even better after the beers. I admired the way it curved upwards and I could already see a drop of precum on the tip.

I took his phone, lined up a shot straight down at my erection and snapped a photo. I turned back around so we could wait for the reply and I handed the phone back to him. He looked down and check out my picture.

“Nice one dude.” He complimented my photography while staring at the picture of my cock.

I didn’t bother trying to hide the tent in my shorts and I could see John was also sporting an erection.

The ringtone went off.

“Wow, I’m impressed babe.” She replied.

“I want to see more.” She added.

John didn’t say anything. He just handed me the phone as I reached for it at the same time. I didn’t bother turning around this time. I needed John to see my cock now. I was so horny and my cock was throbbing. I stood up and let my cock bounce out again.

“We already seen each other cocks man, fuck it.” I said coolest way I could.

“Hey dude I don’t care, no biggie.” He trying to sound just as cool.

I turned sideways to get a profile shot and let John take in the length of my cock. I held the phone towards his face with the camera on.

“Am I in the shot?” I asked knowing full well I wasn’t.

I wanted my cock to be out as long as possible with him looking at it. My cock was bouncing with each beat of my heart. At the same time I used my cock muscle to give it a few bounces for good measure.

“Na man here lemme center it.” He said taking the phone and turning it in my hand.

“There.” He said and let go, so I purposely moved it out of frame again.

“Just give it to me, I’ll take it.” He said a little frustrated.

He took the phone and took his time getting just the right shot. He then sat back down on the bed and I stood there and grabbed my beer. I left my cock out as I took a big drink tilting my head back and pushing my hips forward. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw John look over to check out my cock. I smiled.

“She said she’s got something special for me.” He said looking up from his phone.

“She damn well better.” I said holding my beer out to cheers him.

We drank our beers and I opened another one. I still had my cock out and on display.

She then sent a video of her fingering her pussy. We both watched and I started to stroke my cock. John noticed and looked down and saw what I was doing and turned the camera towards me.

“She’ll like this.” He stated.

He started filming me jerking off with one hand and started rubbing his own cock with his other hand. After he sent the video he pulled his cock out of his shorts too and we were both rubbing our cocks nice a slow.

“Hey thanks for letting me send pictures of your cock man. I don’t think she would be happy with mine as much.” He said thanking me.

“Na man. You got a nice looking cock too. To be honest I kinda suggested to show off my cock to you.” I confessed.

“Really? Well I guess I should admit after seeing you hard in the shower earlier I secretly wanted to get another look at that monster.” He joked.

We both chuckled a bit from realizing we were thinking the same thing again. I got up with my cock out, and pointing toward the ceiling, grabbed it by the base and started waving it at him.

“Well here ya go! Enjoy!” I said laughing. Then let it go and we watched it bounce till it stopped.

Waving my cock around for John felt so good and it also felt so naughty at the same time. I had never felt this horny before. It felt so wrong and that thought made me even harder.

“I wish my cock was curved up like yours. It looks really good bouncing around like too. Lemme try that.” John said as he stood up.

He grabbed his beautiful cock and started waving it around and let it bounce freely. We were standing facing each other as I watched him playing with his cock and so I started playing with mine. We were waving our cocks up and down admiring each other.

“I’ve got an idea. Let’s see who’s cock can bounce the longest.” I suggested

“Oh man I think you got me beat but I’ll give it a shot.” He conceded.

“Ok here’s the rules.”


“Rule one: you only get to use one finger to press down on the head and then let it spring back up.”


“Rule two: No bouncing on your heels to make it bounce longer.”


“Rule three: you have to press down as far as you can.”

“Well duh…”

“But here’s kaçak casino the catch. Rule four is we push down each other cocks.”

“Alright!” He said excitedly.

“You ready?”

The anticipation was killer. I just made up a game that would allow me to touch his cock with that really nice helmet. His shaft was smooth and vieny all the way up to his nice head. It looked even better to me now knowing I would get to touch him.

We took a step forward and then reached out together with one finger. I started pushing down on the tip of his cock. Wow was he hard but he was also soft and so warm too. It felt great to touch a different cock than my own. At the same time he started pressing down on my cock and I could feel it starting to strain. Both of our cocks were turning a darker red from the pressure.

“Ok on three.” I said.


Damn his cock felt hot and so hard I didn’t want to let go.


I could tell he was enjoying this as much as I was. And we both were moving the tips of our fingers to get a better feel. This was amazing.


We let our cocks fly! His was bouncing up and down and mine was bouncing in a little circular pattern. We both laughed as we watched our cocks move around between us. We were so close they almost touched, which gave me my next idea.

“Hey do you wanna sword fight?” I asked, venturing into new and exciting sexual territory.

“Hell yea.”

We grabbed our cocks and started hitting them together. It was more like a cock fight and I was loving every second of it. His cock felt so good rubbing up against mine and we stood there hitting each other with our cocks as if it was our new favorite game. We both knew that the rubbing was the best part and we slowed down the pace and focused on rubbing our cocks together like we were trying to start a fire. My cock being a little bit longer and curved I was doing most of the movement sliding my cock head from tip of his head and down his shaft. I then started rubbing my cock up against his fingers at the end of my thrusts. On the fourth time going for his fingers he opened his hand and grabbed my dick head.

He held his fingers open and I kept sliding along his cock and pushing my head into his fingers. Then he went for it and grabbed both our dicks together and started stroking them up and down. Fuck. The feeling of his cock right up against my cock and his hand stroking up and down felt incredible.

I took my hand off my cock and let him go to work. He stroked our cocks up and down for a while then let go of his cock and focused on grabbing mine. I took the opportunity to see how his cock felt in my hand.

I was exploring his cock up and down. It felt so nice and his head was my favorite part. It was big and soft and had a big edge to it. I rotated my hand all around it so I could feel it every way I could think of.

Then I took our cocks together again and started stroking them up and down. I got the sudden urge to get a closer look at his cock. I got down on my knees and held his cock in front of my face and stroked up and down. I lifted it up and down and it looked so beautiful at that moment. I pulled his cock down and I licked his tip to see what it felt like. It felt even warmer on my tongue and I got some salty precum too. I took another lick of his precum and tasted it. I couldn’t resist any longer. I took his big cock head into my mouth. It was amazing. He thrust forward and I felt his shaft slide past my lips.

I started bobbing my head forward and back, sliding his cock over my tongue.

The feeling of his cock filing my mouth was so new to me I closed my eyes and was totally immersed in the feeling of his hot cock in my mouth. It was so hard and his head so soft at the same time. I could still taste the precum dripping out. I started to slow down so I could feel it inch by inch sliding into my mouth. All the way out, I took a look at it and then back into my mouth. I started focusing on his head, it felt the best on my lips and then I reached up to cup his balls too. They were warm and felt like mine but just slightly different.

He then pulled his cock out of my mouth and I looked up to see what was wrong.

“Come lay down.”

I obeyed without question and layed on my bed. He then layed down so we were in a 69 position. His cock was again in my face as I felt him start to suck on my cock. I could hear him humming in pleasure as he sucked his first dick. My cock was too big for him to take it all in so he started using his hand on my curved shaft. It was the best blow job I ever received and made me even more cock hungry. I started sucking his cock all the way to the back of my throat. I could not get enough of it. It was so good and his head felt amazing. I couldn’t take it anymore and I started to cum. As soon as I started coming I could feel his cock start to pulsate and the hot cum start to hit the back of my throat. I started swallowing it as I tried to swallow his whole cock. His cum filled my mouth and gave his cock a new flavor. I kept sucking until his cock was completely clean. He pulled out and I had to take it in one last time. I thrust my head forward and got his cock in my mouth again. I didn’t want to stop.

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