Bree 10 – My Wife and My Ex Fiance

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My Wife and my Ex-Fiance
May 2012

This is the story of two ladies that have come to share my life, permanently, one my wife Kate, the other my ex fiance, Amber.

In some areas of the story, time lines have been accelerated.

My wife Kate is five feet nine inches, stunning dark cinnamon redhead, bright sparkling emerald green eyes, dark skin complexion, very firm high set full large breasts that has a very pronounced European up-tilt to them as befitting her Irish-Nordic ancestry, small nipples and small aureoles. When I was first introduced to Kate, I thought (and so did many people) that her breasts were surgically enhanced due to the size, shape and extreme firmness, but they were not, just blessed with great Irish-Nordic genes! Shortly after we had become engaged, Kate was solicited and pictured one year in the Playboy Hottest Girls On Campus (non-nude pictorial) magazine feature and as her swimsuit photo shows, she has a flat muscular abdomen with a pronounced ripped definition and darkly suntans very well. Kate has a very lovely, very firm small tight shapely muscular ass.

Part of the photo-shoot was at the Playboy Mansion and Kate was “chaperoned” by my parents because her parents were overseas on a business trip while I tended to the ranch. In reality my parents had the fullest trust in Kate and they just wanted to see the famous mansion they heard so much about and seen on television having been part of that generation growing up when Playboy was a big world-wide enterprise with Playboy Clubs in the major cities around the world. While there Kate had a private audience with Hugh Hefner who inquired if she would consider posing for a layout, extremely impressed with her rock hard very ripped body and her impossibly impressive voluptuous very firm natural assets. Despite the money and fleeting fame Kate turned it down. While comfortable posing in a very skimpy Rio style bikini, she was not going to do full or partial nudity publicly (except at the ranch when no one was there!). My parents even got to meet Hugh Hefner personally. After politely inquiring where they were from he seemed fascinated hearing about the ranch and its operations and he wound up inviting them to lunch. Later that afternoon Mr. Hefner again talked to my parents after he had looked at the ranch’s website and much to my parents surprise Mr. Hefner wanted to send some staff out to look the ranch over for a photo shoot he was planning for “Hottest Cowgirls!” My parents cordially told Mr. Hefner he as well as his “girlfriends”were welcome out at the ranch anytime!

Amber is also the same height as Kate 5’9. Amber has long beautiful light blonde hair that shimmered like yellow-white gold and sparkling bright blue eyes. Her breasts likewise are large yet very firm with small nipples and small aureoles. Amber also has lovely slim curvy hips and a small tight shapely muscular ass that keeps guys dreaming about her (and that ass!) during the day and especially at night!
Amber also possesses the ability to achieve and retain a beautiful dark tan that even surpassed those of the fabled Southern California girl. While extremely beautiful, she was never unapproachable and quite personable. For one year Amber was a Hawaiian Tropic model until the job pressures interfered with her academic work and university was more important.

Kate and Amber apparently are blessed with great genetics jut like their mothers, who are in the mid-40’s and late-40’s respectively. Both women unabashedly can still rock bikinis – and I am not talking about the modest ones! Both mothers in their bikinis put the majority of high school and college girls to shame and envy with their well-toned hard firm bodies and firm large breasts and still can cause whiplash in any male, teenage years or older, and will continue to do so for years to come!

Oddly both Kate and Amber have much in common, both loved strenuous weight training, mountain biking, extreme winter sports, horseback riding and jogging which keeps them in peak shape with toned bodies and well defined and ripped abdomens.

I myself am six feet, three inches tall, lean and rangy with stocky shoulders from spending a lot of time outdoors, having grownup on the very large family ranch in the Rocky Mountains and competed in rodeos. I have bright blue eyes and sandy-brown hair. I had learned to play a guitar at an early age and by the time I had entered junior high school I had mastered the twelve string guitar. I am also lucky to be blessed with quite a good voice. I played in a few bands off and on throughout high school and university always being the lead guitar and lead singer. I am personable but very shy as well, and easily embarrassed, especially around and with women – especially with women whom I have been intimate with and who loved to share things with their girlfriends…like I am very fortunate to have a very thick and very long penis, little more than twelve inches and almost three inches thick.

Amber and I met during our freshman year and became engaged during our sophomore year, however, we both mutually ended our engagement during the beginning of our junior year. Amber had some unresolved issues with a old boyfriend who kept popping up. While Amber never cheated on me or showed the slightest interest in another guy, this character seemed to hold some type of sway over her and he would show-up or make his presence known that he was in town. Amber never would tell me what it was but I could tell there was some fear associated with it. I mean the guy was smarmy and a smart ass, flaunting his family’s wealth. He was small in statute, actually four inches shorter than Amber and in reality, reminded me of a skinny weasel. He was a salesman for his daddy’s company and never went to university, considering himself too smart and too rich for higher education. He naturally assumed he was better than everyone else. And from what I had seen or heard, he treated all women poorly and all women he encountered instinctively shied away from him.

After countless arguments trying to get Amber to divulge what influence this bastard had on her I grew frustrated and told her we better separate until she could tell me what it was with that guy. But she never did and I could not marry a woman who withheld secrets from me. Amber returned the three caret marquis engagement ring despite my insistence she keep it. As the slight argument grew over my insistence she retain the ring, the more I saw hurt develop in her eyes so I relented and sadly pocketed the ring.

Still I did not part with the ring, hoping one day I can convince Amber to take it as a priceless memento of our everlasting loving friendship. However, we still remained best friends and still deeply cared and still loved each other very much, and we still very frequently did things and activities with each other. Our mutual friends did not know of the broken engagement, certainly not by the way Amber and I still acted with each other and we were still together almost as frequently. Often, whimsical looks and more than chaste kisses goodbye and hello would pass between us but Amber would never budge.

Now, I was introduced to Kate by some mutual friends of Amber’s and I, Amber and Kate casually knew each other. I was very upfront with Kate when we first met that I still had very strong feelings for Amber, that I would always love her and she will always be my dearest best friend. Soon, Kate and I began seriously dating and it was Kate that brought up the subject she still wanted Amber and I as well as her to still be friends, because it was quite obvious to her that Amber and I would always be very, very dear to each other, a fact I could not ever deny, and Kate was extremely curious how two people who loved each other as much as we did can remain such close loving best friends after a broken engagement. I on the other hand wondered how I wound up with such a understanding fiance and wondered even more at Amber’s readily acceptance of Kate and I’s relationship without a hint of jealousy.

Oddly and very strangely, Kate and Amber quickly became very close and very dear friends once they discussed what they had in common (besides me!) and the remarkably similar things both enjoyed doing. They even on occasion went back to each others parent’ s homes for weekend visits. It was a little disconcerting for my fiance and ex-fiance to always be hanging out and doing things with each other, as well as both hanging out at my house with Amber frequently spending the night in the spare bedroom. Especially, with both of them sitting watching movies at nights wearing all too short sexy robes and plenty of exposed bare thighs and scantily clad intimate areas as both Kate and Amber almost exclusively wore thong/G-string panties. Both Kate and Amber seem to find great amusement in watching my discomfort when they dressed like this, cracking some crude sexual innuendo regarding me and my current relationship with both of them. Most times one would sit on either side of me and during the course of a movie I would find Kate and Amber both holding my hands or one holding while the other caressed me.

Additionally, Amber still went with Kate and I out to the family ranch for long weekends and holidays each time we went, both Amber and then Kate had instantly fallen in love with my parents and the ranch when they were first brought out, and my parents equally showed them the same love, even still with Amber after our broken engagement. My parents reassured Amber she will always be considered the daughter they never had, in addition to Kate now as well. They kept in just as close contact with Amber as they did Kate. My parents openly expressed to both Kate and Amber they were the daughters they never had and both will always be considered as such not matter what happened in the past and what may happen in the future. I being an only child seemed to reinforced the deep feeling my parents had for the both of them.

Amber and Kate dearly love the ranch and the large 7200 square foot modern rambling rough hewn timber log and native stone mountain lodge with wide glass expanses that drink in the surrounding mountain views that my parents and I call home. Connecting corridors made of stone, timber and floor to ceiling glass walls provide scenic links to different sections of the rambling house. These interior breezeways give added autonomy to the house’s distinct components. Each expansive bedroom with its own fireplace is in its own separate wing and also has an extremely large custom master bath, each constructed entirely of native stone including fully the walls. Each master bath has an exterior wall made entirely of glass from floor to ceiling to take advantage of the stunning year round views. Each bathroom has a very large clear glass nine foot by nine foot walk-in shower that you could look out thru and see the scenery, yet each master bath is positioned to afford privacy. The walk-in showers have multiple powerful body sprays that will about peel skin off at full spray.

Both Amber’s and then Kate’s favorite past time is riding horses up in the mountains. Both Amber and Kate marveled at the family heritage and dynasty having the ranch over one hundred years, that I was the last of the family line being the only child, and clearly understood the responsibility and privilege that had passed from Amber to Kate to ensure that I was not the last of the family…

In addition to ranching, my parents had fully remade and given the ranch an extremely profitable second income by turning it into a year-round resort/spa, had fully embraced ecotoursim and the ranch has became a popular theme wedding destination in addition to the year round corporate and couples retreat. The ranch itself consists of 35,000 mountainous acres and is surrounded by National Forest lands. In essence we have millions of never to be developed acres surrounding the ranch and gives us the opportunity to run cattle and horses over this vast area. We are kept extremely busy with the ecotourism that goes year round with winter sports and activities – cross country and back country skiing, snowmobiling, watching wildlife to summer activities, leading horse pack trips, camping trips, fly fishing as well as the spa/resort.

My parents built twenty large rustic but very exclusive guest cabins with all the modern amenities, each cabin is unique in design, more like mini lodges, with a great room and large fireplace, a master bedroom with a fireplace and are around 1200 square feet each. Each guest cabin has its own hot tub and for privacy they are all scattered over one thousand acres with none of the cabins or the main lodge in view of each other. No power lines are in evidence anywhere on they ranch as they had all been buried. Wildlife abound around the ranch with deer and elk and since they are not hunted get quite close to the cabins and the main lodge always looking for handouts.

In keeping with the main design criteria so all the structures on the ranch are not visible to each other, my parents also had constructed in a secluded area a very large free form heated horizon pool. After their visit to the Playboy Mansion, my parents totally remodeled one end of the pool with not one but two swim-in grottoes which to their amusement they modeled after the grotto at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion.

In fact Mr. Hefner had sent them the design plan of the Playboy Mansion grotto, except my parents added some extra features like waterfalls concealing the entrances, a multitude of powerful water jets and aerators installed to mimic hot tub jets except on a very much larger scale, tiny colored LED lights in the water and also embedded in the walls and ceiling of the grottoes, twinkling on and off mimicking stars, hidden speakers, underwater speakers so you can actually feel the music thru the water, and a electronic privacy sign on the outside entrances for couples wishing some privacy. I will state that Kate and Amber cause quite a stir each time they go to the pool when guests are present wearing their tiny Rio string bikinis, their very firm voluptuous breasts and their ripped rock hard fit bodies that could easily grace any fitness magazine.

After getting my graduate degree it was understood and indeed welcomed that I was to return to the ranch and head up the operation so my parents can gradually slip off into retirement. Fortunately, first with Amber, then with Kate, once it appeared we became serious, I early on let them know what my future will be. Most girlfriend’s soon-to-be fiance’s would probably dread having a boyfriend whose future was already planned out not only for him but also for the girl he is to marry!

Within a short year, Kate and I became engaged, having fallen deeply for each other within a few dates. Oddly, it was Kate that insisted on telling Amber, alone, about our engagement, which had led to our first ever argument as I felt it was my place to tell Amber. I came home later, to find both Amber and Kate curled up on the couch together, faces tear streaked and eyes shot thru with redness but holding each others hands.

Entering our senior year, Kate and I decided to have a winter wedding during our graduate year. Both Kate and I as well as Amber would earn our under-graduate and graduate degrees in five years. During this year and a half, I noted that Kate and Amber grew even more exceptionally close with each other. When I was with them while we were out they would frequently hold hands with each other as I held Kate’s as they chatted non-stop at each other. More often, I found myself in the middle with each one holding one my hands. I certainly was the envy of many a covetous look of both sexes alike as we walked around campus, two drop-dead, firmly and bountifully stacked, extremely fit women each holding one of my hands. Occasionally Kate and Amber even spent the night at each others apartments during “girl’s night out” events. Kate usually stayed at my house all weekend long and most times Amber was there as well. With as much time as Amber spent with Kate or the both of us, I certainly was curious as Amber never mentioned about going out with another guy nor did I see how she had the time to do so she was with us so much.

Now when Amber and I were a couple, we both greatly enjoyed watching adult movies, especially the fantasy, parody’s or sci-fi ones which are easily available from an upscale adult movie and toy store that is near campus. The owners were both a young middle age married couple that had graduated from the university. They also recognized by having an establishment that is very upscale in décor, lighting, lively music, discount incentives and employing attractive coeds at much better wages than restaurants could pay, they would attract a lot of university students, and it is extremely popular with the students much to the ire of the university administration, especially when the owners stage special events and bands at outdoor venues. The store also carries a very impressive selection of pleasure devices, massage oils, incense and lingerie. Amber also had accumulated quite a variety of “pleasure devices”…

When I Kate and I first started having sex, she surprised me one day stating it was time she and I went to go rent some adult movies and she had heard the store had received some new interesting “toys”. While I knew Kate had a few “toys” in her bedside table, I was unaware she had more until she showed me! Furthermore she knew all the coeds that worked at the store!
Further, Kate told me she and Amber had very intimately discussed what types of adult movies they each liked, what kind I liked and what kind of toys each had, even borrowing or swapping with each other!

That evening, Kate had changed into a new sheer robe with open weave fishnet G-string panties prior to settling in and watching a new sci-fi adult film. The open weave G-string clearly showed her denuded pussy and as with Amber, both women had previously utilized the laser hair removal clinic in town. Both women have had their entire genital areas denuded, leaving either just a very small decorative triangle or short narrow stripe above their pussies Kate and I already had split one bottle of champagne and always kept several more in the refrigerator. I asked her if she was ready to start the movies but she said to wait because Amber was coming over for the night to watch them as well.

Seeing my startled reaction in which I blew champagne out of my nose, Kate innocently inquired

“do you really have a problem watching porn flicks with two very beautiful, scantily clad, horny women…?!!!

Kate had me speechless! Surely she was not thinking what instantly flashed in my mind as would any guy would think! I could feel my face turn beet red and I knew she knew what I was thinking.

Kate gave me a sexy husky laugh and then stated

“don’t worry soon-to-be-husband, we both are not going to jump your bones even though we both have told each other explicit stories about your prowess and are always thinking of new things you and I have yet to experience! Amber is bringing over a new toy to care care of her needs later after we go into the bedroom to take care of ours!

Then in a sly voice and a sexy smile she added

“but that does not mean there may not be wandering hands , with us and with each other and you! And maybe Amber and I may give a demo on each other for you of that new toy she is bringing over!

I resolved to get myself drunk as fast as possible but so did Kate and Amber and when those two got drunk they get very silly with each other, but this time sexy silly, and it helped that both adult sci-fi movies were comic parody’s. It was made even funnier when Amber showed up, it was clear she had already been drinking and then Amber pulled out of her overnight bag not one but two, fourteen inch long and thick anthropomorphic fantasy dildos! While the oddly shaped dildo heads were small to facilitate entry, the rest of the shafts swelled rapidly in size. Amber disappeared into the spare bedroom with her overnight bag and emerge wearing an extremely short semi-sheer charmeuse robe which just barely covered her ass cheeks. Before she sat down, Amber stood in front of us and with her legs widely spread slowly raised her short robe, revealing her two-tone deep V-front lace-up G-string which beautifully and fantastically enhanced her very flat muscularly ripped lower abdomen.

I worried during the first part of the movie that Kate and Amber would want for all of us to have sex together and very scared of seriously damaging not one but two loving and dear relationships, perhaps irreparably. However I saw how silly drunk the two of them were quickly getting and gradually began to relax as they started cutting up more and more with each other.

Belt sashes became looser and more and more beautiful bare breasts became more exposed along with midriffs. The girls started cutting up more with each other, getting more physical, each occasionally leaning over me and jabbing a huge dildo at each others scantily clad pussy, each of their hands intentionally but causally grazing my continuous erection in my jeans. Finally, both were physically wrestling each other on top of me and trying to jab each other with dildos, robes completely loose and hard nipple breasts totally free and bare. They were so caught up in wrestling each other shrieking with laughter they did not notice I angled myself so they would roll onto the thick carpeted floor where they continued to try to pin each other and playfully wield the dildos. Eventually most of their robes had come off in some fashion, just barely clinging on, then even these fell off completely as I gazed upon two incredibly beautiful mostly nude wrestling women, large and firm hard nipple sweaty breasts grazing against each others bodies, dildos being wielding manically. Then, somehow, both at the same time managed to maneuver each other into a 69 position, each scantily clad pussy very vulnerable to attack and with renewed shrieking maniacal laughing efforts, both fully waged all out attack on each others pussies trying to shove dildos past thin wisps of material. Kate was on top of Amber, yet it was Kate that suddenly emitted a high pitch hysterical shriek as Amber struck home and started widely corkscrewing the dildo around and around. With disbelief I watched as Amber managed to thrust three inches in then Amber started hysterically shrieking as Kate found entrance with her dildo but before Kate could get much of it in, Amber bucked Kate off. I got clear eye shots of two dislodged very wet panties…

Both girls sat there disheveled heavily breathing then both burst into hysterical giggles then laughter. Both drew on their robes but did not belt them then resumed sitting on either side of me as they drained an almost full bottle of champagne. Both were sloppy drunk and I was soon startled to find both leaning against me. There I sat with two mostly naked women leaning against me asleep, robes openly parted completely baring breasts, porn movie blaring. What was I to do? I slowly eased my way up and then I picked up Amber and carried her to bed, then I put Kate to bed…

Kate and I married in the late summer just prior to starting our one year term of graduate school. We were going to wait until Christmas break but we wanted an outside wedding at the ranch in the mountains we both so loved, Amber was Kate’s maid of honor. Many more nights passed of shenanigans with Kate and Amber acting up with each other in front of me but not as intimate as that one night, though I did see plenty of completely bare breasts from those two that slowly slipped into view as we watched movies or as they cutup and roughhoused with each other, and the thongs/G-strings both wore left very little to the imagination – on the contrary, it just enhanced it! I remained continuously baffled with Kate and Amber’s extremely close relations not only with each other but with me as well. Never had I heard of a fiance and a ex-fiance becoming not only friends with each other but very best and dear friends. It was as if the two women had reached some agreement that while Kate is marrying me, my ex-fiance Amber will continue to be allowed to be extremely close to me as well, but carrying this relationship to the extreme with Amber’s frequent stay overs and both women’s non-nonchalant attitude about how much skin Amber exposes to me especially when watching the type of movies we did in company with each other. I mean really – how many guys can sit with their wife and his ex-fiance watching porn movies together, both women scantily sexily provocatively clad and the wife not caring if your ex-fiance’s breasts are totally exposed! And each women caressing each other while watching the movie! Oftentimes intimately! I have very vivid “impure” thoughts about Amber now just as I did when we were dating and then engaged and it is seemingly enhanced by now being married to Kate – a woman just as beautiful, well-endowed, fit and just as engaging as Amber!Especially seeing how intimately they acted with each other!

To put my turmoil at ease I finally screwed up the courage to ask Kate how she could not be bothered with Amber’s continuing close relationship to the point of holding hands with me, giving me somewhat not chaste quick kisses hello and goodbye and both with their near nudity at times with me and watching the types of movies we do together.

To my utter bewilderment Kate blew off my inquiry stating that I had seen Amber totally nude countless times before so it should not bother me especially with her being around when Amber was doing it. Kate further proceeded to state she knew I still loved Amber and always will but now Kate and Amber both deeply cared for each other as well, closer than any two of them had ever experienced with any of their other best girlfriends, further, she wouldn’t ever dream of thinking or doing something that may ever cause Amber grief or heartache. And with that pronouncement Kate firmly dropped the subject without addressing any of my other concerns…

Shortly after we returned from our honeymoon, one night Kate and I got a call from the hospital Emergency Room, that Amber had been severely beaten during an assault. My name was in Amber’s wallet as the contact in case of emergency, even after two years after our broken engagement. After we arrived, we found she had been badly beaten and traumatized, but mercifully not raped and that it had happened at her apartment. Amber’s ex high school boyfriend had been stalking her for years as well as confronting her trying to intimidate her back into a relationship, even physically threatening Amber if she doesn’t. I caught up with him one time and let it be known in no uncertain terms as I slammed him hard up against a stone wall to leave Amber alone, but the little slime ball persisted despite my efforts, a restraining order and the police. It was hard to keep track of him as he did not live in the area but still back in Amber’s hometown, but his family business often brought him thru the area. The bastard had managed to force his way in and then beat her when she pointedly refused to resume what she had broken off in high school and after Amber tried to call the police to have him arrested for violating the restraining order. Neighbors heard Amber’s screams and the police quickly showed up in time to arrest him before he left as he was still beating and kicking Amber…

The morning after the assault while Kate stayed with Amber in the hospital, I went down to the police station. I had left casino oyna word the night before I would be in and they were expecting me and it helped I knew several staff on the small police force. I met with two detectives and the district attorney. It was then I learned that Amber’s old high school boyfriend had been arrested more than once for assault and battery on women and I was shocked that one of the arrests was for previously beating up Amber in high school. Since then he has been arrested twice more for the same charges for beating up another girlfriend after high school and then another for a downright malicious attack upon a coed in a bar who he did not even know but who had rejected his advances after trying to pick her up. Amber had filed numerous stalking charges against him while she was attending university and he had left numerous threatening letters not only against her but threatening me as well, which later included threats against Kate.

The two detectives and the district attorney showed and allowed me to read the threatening notes that Amber had received and turned in over the past five years. Even to my untrained mind I could recognize he was a deeply disturbed individual – this explained Amber’s mysterious holding back on me and my lack of understanding, wrongly causing a needless and senseless broken engagement – Amber was just trying to protect me against a violent mentally unstable person. Luckily, this time his parents did not bail him out and will be held until trail. His parents told the investigating detectives last night that this attack finally opened up their eyes their son was severely disturbed and needed mental help – but also believed he must also be punished and after conviction, will have to serve some months in jail or in a state mental hospital. His parents were mortified when they were informed it had happened again to Amber, whom at one time during high school thought would be the one that their son would get serious with and have a calming effect upon. His parents had left a number for Amber to call to reach the family lawyer to discuss a very generous financial settlement for all the pain and suffering their son has caused her for the past six years and the parents wanted it reiterated that they intended to see their son get the judicial punishment he deserves as well as the mental help he needs. They had also already faxed to the police department an agreement to pay for all of Amber’s past and future medical bills and any counseling needed.

Amber stayed in the hospital for two days and the doctor strongly cautioned Kate and I that Amber is not to go back to her apartment for several days but to stay with friends or family so as not to further induce additional trauma. With Amber’s family several hours away it was only natural she came home with us. Kate and I spoke with the doctor about getting Amber totally away for a retreat and told the doctor about my family ranch and she thought that was a fantastic idea. I called my parents and informed them what had happened, which brought my mother to tears and my father to a hard and fast anger and both stridently insisted we bring Amber to the ranch and to stay as long as necessary or wanted. My parents had already planned to leave that early afternoon for a vacation as this was the slow time at the ranch just after school had started with no guests, and the ranch employees also had their vacation time as well, so Amber, Kate and I would have the entire ranch to ourselves. Further, they would ensure everything was fully stocked so we would not have to drive all the way into town for groceries.

Upon the hospital checkout, Amber was given sedatives and muscle relaxers and list of therapists to see. Amber’s, face and body were badly bruised, we were informed she was very lucky not to have suffered any internal injuries.

We had already packed and Kate had previously gone over to Amber’s apartment to pack her clothes while one of us had always stayed with her at the hospital.

When we arrived at the ranch that late afternoon. We were enthusiastically greeted by Zeus – especially Kate and Amber. Zeus was my parent’s Great Dane. He was a true porn dog but we excused him for this as he was a champion stud. Still it was embarrassing for female guests as he was always nosing them intimately and at times tried to hump them and you definitely paid attention when a powerfully strong 170 pound Great Dane is trying to hump you! My mother had left a note on the kitchen counter about the very nice aged steaks in the refrigerator, along with baked potatoes, and several bottles of very good champagne. A gorgeous very expensive bouquet of flowers with Amber’s name awaited her.

That evening while Kate and Amber relaxed in the hot tub drinking champagne I grilled up the steaks and completed the rest of a candlelit dinner. Together the girls jumped into the large nine foot by nine foot walk-in glass shower with the multiple body sprays before dinner. The glass shower was composed of clear glass that enable bathers to look out through the floor to ceiling, wall to wall bay window of the bathroom at the surrounding mountains. The girls emerged wearing soft luxurious terry cloth robes. We ate dinner out on the veranda near the outdoor fireplace which I had blazing to ward off the cool mountain evening chill.

It was a very early evening as the hot tub, meal, champagne, muscle relaxers and the ranch worked its magic on Amber. Kate informed me the doctor had informed her that giving Amber massages over the next several days would be of great benefit to ease Amber’s discomfort and both she and I will give Amber one together…

Now I was not entirely comfortable with this idea, preferring just Kate to be the one to give Amber her massage. This was due because when Amber and I were together as a couple massages were often used as a means of foreplay, this practice I had continued with Kate. Kate told me to bring Amber up in a few minutes while she got the guest room ready. When we arrived, Kate had several scented candles lit, soft relaxing atmospheric music playing, a large soft plush towel laying on the bed for Amber to lay upon and warm scented massage oil ready. I turned my back as Amber disrobed and laid down. When I turned back around, Amber was laying on her stomach naked except for a G-string.

I steadfastly limited my massaging to Amber’s arms and legs while Kate administered to her shoulders, back, upper thighs and firm ass-cheeks. Watching Kate gently kneed and massage Amber’s bruised ass-cheeks, and shockingly – with no regard to the intimacy of very private and erogenous areas.

Past remembrances surged from behind the closed doors of my mind bursting forth of doing the same thing to Amber, my well oiled hand sliding in-between her well oiled ass-cheeks and gliding over her well oiled pussy, sliding her hard clit between two fingers as my thumb gently prodded her lovely tight anus, then the tip of my thumb gently easing in, her sphincter grabbing it and Amber repeatedly tightly squeezing her muscles drawing my thumb deeper within her, how my thumb would suddenly surge in once it got past her tightly grasping sphincter and Amber would almost instantly orgasm when this happened, bucking wildly against my thumb trying to drive it in as deep as possible while her hard clit throbbed between my fingers. At times Amber encouraged me to jackhammer my hand rapidly back and forth driving my thumb in and out of her spasming gripping sphincter while her hard orgasmic clit slid back and forth between my two fingers, knowing when she encouraged me to do this that Amber would initiate anal sex despite my very large size, evidently greatly enjoying it based on her enthusiastic fucking and orgasms. Oddly, Kate enjoyed this same sequence of events and I always wondered how fortunate I am having had two women that not only initiated anal sex despite my size but who also actually enjoyed it. All the past women I had ever bedded, except for a very few, would not even consider fully engaging in this beyond just rubbing my cock head against her anus or partially embedding my cock head in. Most women stopped after barely getting the head in, breathing heavily with the exertion it took to be able to relax enough just to accomplish this feat, eyes wildly open realizing only the head was in and there was still twelve inches outside!

I suddenly grew angry at myself. Ashamed at myself at letting these feelings resurface at a time like this when a woman whom I still deeply cared about and always will was laying there in pain and discomfort and I was off in fantasy land instead of concentrating with everything I had to make her feel better. As I renewed my efforts to gently sooth her battered, badly bruised body, other still strong, irresistible feelings came to the forefront – of compassion, of wanting to care for Amber the rest of our loves, while murder raged supreme in my heart against the cowardly man that did this to her, of the millions of acres that surrounded this ranch where a body may never be found…

My murderous thoughts became distracted as I continued watching Kate gently and lovingly massage Amber, Kate’s movements had gradually caused the belt of her robe to loosen, now the front of her robe had gaped open as I watched her large, firm voluptuous breasts slightly sway with her gentle ministrations of Amber. Then her loosened belt fell away and her breasts were now completely freed from the robe also revealing that Kate was totally nude. Eventually Kate noticed me looking at her, mesmerized as I were by her swaying charms as she gave me a loving but also slightly lustful smile…

After awhile, Kate asked me to go get a glass of water so Amber could take her sedative and get some sleep. When I arrived back, Kate had dressed Amber in an old soft cropped tee-shirt that just barely covered her large firm breasts and she was still in her G-string panties, Kate had made no move to refasten her robe. Amber sat on the side of the bed and Kate handed her a pill and the glass of water. As Amber handed the glass back to Kate, she suddenly buried her face in-between Kate’s naked breasts and started heavily sobbing as she tightly held onto Kate. Kate stood there with one hand holding her back and the other softly stroking her hair, as tears began streaking down Kate’s face and then, mine as well. I went to get a wash cloth to wash Amber’s face when she had quit crying which was several minutes later.

We both laid down with Amber till she drifted off in a sedative slumber and then Kate and I went to our bedroom, emotionally exhausted ourselves. It seemed just an hour later when Amber started screaming and kept on screaming. Kate and I usually sleep in the nude, Kate jumped up and ran to Amber while I paused long enough to put on a pair of boxers. I did not think it would be very prudent for my wife to see me dash in naked to check on my ex-fiance. However, most women who are friends seemed to be comfortable in their nudity around each other, certainly Kate and Amber had clearly proven this many times.

When I arrived, Amber was uncontrollably hysterically sobbing and could not stop despite the sedatives. We sat on either side of her and held Amber in a tight joint embrace until she started calming down. Kate looked at me and then at Amber and told her she was sleeping with us tonight. Kate took Amber to bathroom and gently washed her face, led her to our bedroom and told Amber her shirt was too wet from tears to wear and helped Amber pull it off. Stunned I watched as Kate eased Amber into our queen-sized bed, wearing only a G-string, into the middle of the bed and then Kate climb in on the other side, still nude. Noticing I was still standing there, Kate pointedly looked at me and motioned for me to get in.

Kate and Amber were facing each other as Kate held her, Amber occasionally letting out quiet sobs. I turned on my side facing Amber’s back and slowly stroked her back and from the bright moonlight flooding the room I could easily see Amber’s tear streaked face – and Kate’s as well…

With amazement, I watched as Kate gently and tenderly with great empathy gave butterfly kisses to each corner of Amber’s eyes, her cheeks and both corners of her mouth, lingering there as she held Amber tightly and caressed her as I caressed Amber’s back.

Kate reached over Amber and pulled me in, slightly glaring at me and pulling none too gently and I received the unspoken command I was to spoon Amber so she could feel the embrace of two warm loving bodies cocooning her. Methodically Kate again started giving Amber butterfly kisses of her eyes, cheeks and long lingering kisses at the moist corner’s of Amber’s slightly parted mouth.

Meanwhile I was very unsuccessfully trying to suppress a growing erection that was solidly aimed in-between Amber’s lovely firm small shapely ass! Nothing but a thin wisp of narrow material in-between her lovely ass-cheeks and barely covering her womanly charms – and certainly not at all of her tight anus! With the loose boxers I was wearing, I was mortified my erection may find the fly opening and ease out and there was no mistaking when a twelve plus inch very thick cock starts poking at you! I closed my eyes trying to concentrate on willing my cock not to gain an erection as my mind warred with renewed sensations, remembrances and dare say, feelings, of spooning Amber in the past just like this, when we were lovers, and the wonderful talents her pussy, and incredibly, her lovely tight ass could work upon us.

My warring battle was further hampered by the vivid imagery of my beautiful loving caring wife pressing her firm voluptuous nude body in a tight embrace with an almost equally nude Amber as I could feel each of them snuggling into the hollows of each others bodies. I felt my wife’s hand stroking Amber’s sides and back, our hands occasional touching and each briefly caressing each other in turn, Kate’s hands sliding over and down Amber’s bare hips, then slowly moving backup repeating the motions before sliding down again to her hips and onto her thighs. At one point Kate’s hand brushed against my partial erection and paused there. I could feel the beginnings of a surge caused by Kate’s hot hand and I pulled slightly back to free my penis from further contact with her hand and further encroachment in-between Amber’s ass-cheeks.

I had opened my eyes and I saw Kate had slightly raised her head looking at me with a bemused smile upon her face, then she pulled me back close into Amber and then fumbled with the fly opening of my boxers, reached in and stroked me to full hardness in the same process of drawing my cock out through the fly opening. Puzzled and embarrassed at her actions I tried to slowly roll away but she slowly shook her head at me while giving me a very stern look and pulled my hip back in close to Amber, my naked hard cock nestled up between Amber’s firm ass cheeks, still slick with massage oil. Then she draped my arm over the both of them and it again added an additional level of unease feeling two sets of bare breasts and nipples.

I could feel precum begin oozing out and already I was becoming embarrassed at what Amber was going to think in the morning if she notices dried precum in-between her ass cheeks and on her G-string panties. In Amber’s drowsy sedation, she slightly wriggled her ass, firmly nestling my hard cock tightly against her G-string covered pussy, sighing contently as she felt a firm pressure against her pussy. Quickly I began feeling the heat emanating from her very scantily clad pussy, engulfing my naked cock head, my head firmly pressed up in-between the scantily clad folds of her labia…

The next morning, out of earshot of Amber who was still sleeping, I angrily asked Kate what in the hell she was thinking and doing last night! Just as angrily Kate glared at me and harshly spoke

“It is not about you and whatever discomfort and feelings you may have experienced last night – it is all about Amber and her feelings! What she needed most last night was to feel loved and safe and warmly embraced by two people who care very much for her!”

Kate seeing my shocked face softly laid a hand on my chest, giving me a very loving smile and continued

“You cannot deny what I know you felt last night in your heart and us women are very good at sensing things like this. I know you have and always will deeply care for and love Amber – well, so will I! Amber has long become my best friend and I am proud to say I love her as well! You and I came close to losing Amber and that will never happen again! In case it is not crystal clear to you, Amber and I love each other like we love you! I know for a fact Amber has not ever stopped loving you, in fact her love for you has even grown and deepened even after you crushed her by breaking off the engagement because you did not know all the facts at the time and she could not bear telling you, fearing not only for her safety but yours as well! She has told me all this and more!”

I was hearing what Kate was stating but still not fully processing, marveling more how two women can be not only friends but exceptionally close loving best friends when one is an ex-fiance who at sometime had told the current fiance she is still in love with him! Moreover, if I was understanding what Kate was saying, and the behavior I had witnessed between the two of them, it was not only a heartfelt love but also a sexual love…

Both Amber and Kate had often told me I was one of the most dense and clueless people they had ever met for someone who is so intellectually smart!

Seeing the dawning realization upon my face, Kate gave me a evil yet very sexy look and stated

“besides, it was fun fondling and teasing you last night, pulling out your magnificent humongous cock and making it rock hard, I greatly enjoyed placing it in-between your ex-fiance’s bare ass cheeks, against her scantily clad pussy. I laid awake imagining what you were feeling, trying to imagine the physical sensations. I got incredibly horny just thinking about it! I can just imagine how horny you must have been. I imagine it must have been quite painful it was so hard and how little sleep you must have received…”

And Kate was right, I had slept very little, knowing with just a little effort, my cock could have easily slid aside what small piece of thin narrow fabric that just barely covered Amber’s pussy…

Kate went to join Amber in the shower and I started breakfast for everyone. Today would be a therapy day for Amber, with a morning session in the hot tub, followed by a massage with a mid-morning nap followed in the afternoon with another hot tub session, massage and an afternoon nap.

Kate and I carefully monitored Amber’s alcohol intake knowing she will have to take a sedative to help her sleep, while Kate’s and I’s intake was not moderated, trying to help us deal as well with the hurt and grief that belong to someone we dearly loved and we got more than intoxicated. Amber had taken her pill an hour before we all went to bed just before Kate and I gave her another massage. I went to take a shower and came into our bedroom wearing a loose pair of boxers just in time to see Kate light the fire in the bedroom fireplace and then help Amber off with her robe and into the queen sized bed that evidently Kate had already planned for all of us to share, again. Kate gave me a coy sexy intoxicated look as she noted my startled reaction – I had noted that Amber had crawled into our bed topless again, but more so, she was wearing the smallest tie-side T-Bar fishnet micro G-string I had ever seen! I was not aware they made them that small! Indeed as Amber crawled on her hands and knees to the middle of the bed with her backside to me, I could see her labia edge out on either side of the micro-strip of see-thru open weave mesh. Kate slowly cocked out a hip and slowly undid her robe, slowly drew it back over her breasts, making sure the material dragged over her nipples and even more slowly, let it slide from her shoulders to the floor, then totally nude with diamond hard nipples and still looking expectantly at me, got into bed. Kate lay there with the covers back and began caressing Amber, soothing her into sleep as Amber very sleepily laid her hand across Kate’s lower firm muscular flat abdomen. I still stood there mesmerized, desire rapidly engulfing me along with rising trepidation, as I watched Amber’s fingers gently toying and teasing with Kate’s very small and narrow strip of pubic hair. Kate, locked eyes with me with parted lips and a tongue tip along with an unmistakable look of lust upon her face, slowly propped a knee up and then widely spread it as Amber’s fingers gently meandered lower…

I was astounded to see Kate’s small labia had quickly swollen and was beginning to openly part like a flower blossoming. Amber’s finger easily slid into the hotly moist furrow and then Amber’s finger slowly, oh so very slowly, slid up over Kate’s easily visibly hard swollen protruding clit, down, back up and then very slowly back down but this time partially into Kate’s hot wet tight pussy and then her hand stilled. Kate gently humped her pussy a few times in an attempt to bury Amber’s finger deeper. Amber briefly rallied, obliging Kate by slipping her finger in deeper and just as slowly began thrusting her finger in and out a few times and then stilled into sleep…

Kate looked over at me with a openly sexily frustrated look and whispered to me to come to bed as I was debating about dragging her out of bed and back into the bathroom and taking care of some business, but then Kate turned on her side facing Amber, pulling Amber into an embrace. I climbed into bed and as I did so Kate reached and pulled me close to where once again I was spooning Amber…

Again, Kate ensured I stayed in place as she alternately caressed Amber’s bare hip and mine. And as in the night before, Kate could not leave it as it is, this time I knew she was deliberately sexually toying with me by her hand again brushing against my more than partial erection, then her hot hand rapidly found the fly of my boxers and again as I tried to pull back she firmly grasp my cock preventing me from doing so and pulled me by my cock to come back closer. Quickly Kate’s hot hand drew my cock out and she angled it and brought my large cock to another painful erection as I felt my erection grow in-between Amber’s ass-cheeks.

Seemingly satisfied with what she had done, Kate went back to alternately slowly stroking Amber’ hip and mine, occasionally pulling on my hip to ensure I remained tightly spooned up against Amber as well as pulling on my arm to again drape over both of them. My cock head was again firmly placed in-between Amber’s lovely tight ass where the rounded curves of her lovely ass cheeks start. From long experience and sensation I knew my cock head was firmly pushing against her tight anus, where the narrow string of her G-string offered no barrier. I could feel the massage oil that had been massaged between between Amber’s ass-cheeks by Kate. I could feel my precum begin copiously seeping out covering her tight entrance with additional lubricant. With a start I realized my body had unconsciously and gently thrust, rubbing my cock head against her tight entrance before I became aware and restrained myself, but Kate’s gentle caressing also had the lightly subdued effect of slightly causing Amber’s and mine bodies to slight undulate, still rubbing my cock head against her tight anus slick with oil and precum. Dimly in the firelight I noted Kate’s hand repeatedly brushing the tie-sides of Amber’s micro-G string, occasionally toying with the ends.

Again, I tried concentrating on anything but what was happening in the bed, listening intently to the fire crackling and the firelight play on the walls and ceiling but I was again thwarted as I dimly began to realize my cock was slowly slipping down Amber’s now well lubed crack towards her pussy and at the same time Amber sublimely pushed her butt into me as she wiggled her ass – firmly nestling my hard cock tightly against her micro G-string covered pussy, again sighing contently as she felt a firm pressure against her pussy.

But last night paled in comparison to what I was feeling now with the micro G-string, almost non-existent with its open weave fishnet, the hot liquid heat from Amber’s pussy blazing forth. I could feel my cock head pressing directly against exposed skin of her labia that the micro-strip piece of material did not cover, Kate’s continued caressing of Amber’s hips gently causing her labia to slide ever so slightly slightly back and forth against my cock head, which now felt like it was a spewing fountain of hot precum lubricating the entire area. I just knew if Kate kept on caressing and the growing slickness that any moment that slight wisp of material would move and I fear I did not have the will power to resist, only hoping if what may happen did not jeopardize the relationship the three of us possessed, that I could keep still and not be further aroused, surely Kate would drop off to sleep anytime now…

Gradually, it felt as if the liquid heat from Amber’s pussy was rising, seemingly feeling as if it was slowly enveloping my cock head even more so than last night. With rapidly dawning awareness I was aware the micro-strip of material had moved aside and the tip of my cock had slid to where it was now – just barely embedded into the entrance of her tight pussy!

I felt a surge of hot precum rush the length of my cock and then flood her tight vaginal entrance. I could only reason that Amber must have felt this and her body unconsciously responded to the stimuli as she wiggled her hips and push her butt back into me, firmly embedding the tip of my cock into her tight entrance, again sighing contently but also letting out a low slight moan which I have heard before… of pleasure.

I tried not to move, movement meant eventually popping off even with only my head penetrating, her vaginal entrance was that tight around my large cock head. Fervently I hoped that due to my cock rapidly swells to a large thickness behind the glans, no further penetration would occur but damn it!, Kate was still caressing Amber’s hip and it seemed a bit more firmly. I stared at Amber’s bare hip, Kate’s hand firmly moving back and forth along the smooth muscular bare expanse, slightly repeatedly rocking Amber’s hips into me, the firm tightness of her exquisitely tight pussy slowly inching further along my shaft! I suddenly noted Amber’s hip was now entirely bare! Kate had untied Amber’s string ties of her micro G-string and I could acutely feel that now the totally free micro-small piece provided no further barrier or resistance at all!

However, some slight measure of assurance remained – no woman I had ever bedded has ever been able to freely take my cock without having to very actively work it in. While it may slip in about three inches once her vaginal entrance relaxes enough to admit my large cock head, anymore after that took active participation! My penetration was now at that point, if Kate would only stop!

Suddenly Amber gave another slight low moan of pleasure and again her body unconsciously responded to the penetration as again she wiggled her hips as she pushed her butt back into me very firmly as she let out a small gasp and another moan. I felt within me a sudden pressure and surge building rapidly and irresistibly, increasing with no denial. There has been too much extended “foreplay” as it were and I felt a powerful explosion volcanically erupt as I exploded canlı casino powerfully into Amber who had an instantaneous response to hot copious repeated ejaculations into her, my cock head jerking hard repeatedly within her extremely tight passage with each ejaculation, as Amber again pushed back into me as she let out a soft very familiar contented drawn out moan, which I realized having heard countless times before from her, was of orgasmic pleasure! This was joined by my own suppressed groan as surprisingly I felt my cock slip even deeper into Amber, its passage lubricated by my copious ejaculations as I felt Amber push her butt further into me. I supposed the sedative and muscle relaxer allowed me to slip in a bit deeper than it normally would without more active participation…

I thought I heard Amber lowly whisper “I love you” but it was so softly said I was not sure if Amber actually had said it or was it my active imagination!

Then I realized that Kate had been watching me the entire time. I got up my courage to look at her. Kate gave me a loving smile as she started caressing my arm…

We all woke up the next morning, my morning woody jammed solidly between Amber’s lovely ass cheeks. With a light in her face and a beaming smile, Amber quipped

“ seems like old times – waking up with a telephone pole shoved between my legs…”

and both Kate and Amber dissolved into hysterical laughter!

It was then all three of us knew that Amber was going to be all right, it will just take some time and loving…

Kate was in the shower and Amber and I were in the kitchen where I was fixing everyone a big breakfast. Amber came up behind and held me tightly and said

“I cannot express how much I feel about Kate and you for being so wonderful, supportive and most of all, loving, to get me over this – I love you both so much!” Amber then turned me around and looking deep into my eyes, gently pressed her lips to mine and then lovingly and with increasing passion, deeply kissed me, causing my heart to surge with its beating. A painful longing developed deep within my chest, of a deep love that had always remained within me just beneath the surface after our breakup, but had always remained on the surface with Amber. Why she never dated anyone else after I had broken our engagement, and for others not as dense and clueless as I, clearly as obvious to others as it has always been to Kate.

Amber gently broke the kiss as our lips lingered, barely touching like we used to do, oh so many times before, as we savored the love that just exchanged between us, then Amber reached down and as she gently caressed the bulge in my jeans, in a husky sexy voice stated

“Oh, and I also dearly love your little friend here as well, he expressed it very well last night!”

I stood there mortified, dreading all night long knowing that when Amber woke up and got out of bed that she will instantly realize two things; that she was no longer wearing her G-string, and a huge load of cum would ooze out of her pussy. Her loving reaction and the words she just spoke confirmed it!

Amber insisted, though still very sore, that she wanted to go horseback riding, thinking the gentle sway of being on horseback will be soothing and relaxing like she always found it to be. I went out to the stables and whistled in three Arabian studs that both girls loved to ride as well as enjoyed the sweet, loving and playful nature these three possessed.

My parents also did some very select Arabian breeding on a small scale, intensifying a strain of gentle, sweet yet still spirited horses, even the studs, which commands a very high price and they have won numerous awards at horse shows. Kate and Amber stayed behind to change and get beer for the ride. I had just finished tending the horses hooves and brushing them out and thrown on the first saddle when the girls pulled up outside the corral in the 4 x 4 ATV.

The two of them were a stunning sexy sight! I did not even notice Amber’s badly bruised face and black eye as stunned as I was with what they were wearing, evidently feeling free to wear what they wanted to since we were the only ones on the ranch and it was unseasonably hot. Each were wearing old/comfortable snap button low rise hip hugger jeans, boots and a mixture of old and very short cropped shirts that in combination with their very low rise jeans, showed off a vast expanse of their tanned and bare muscular midriffs. Kate wore a cropped deeply scalloped tank top and Amber wore a cropped racer-back ribbed tee-shirt. Every shirt was worn to the point of being semi-sheer, frayed and tattered. They were cropped so short they just barely covered their breasts. Kate and Amber’s already great sex appeal skyrocketed because neither one bothered wearing bras because it was so hot despite the very revealing sheer tops they wore. From past experience riding with them when it was hot, I knew none of them had worn any panties knowing from experience how easy it was to get sweaty when it was this hot and then chafe from horseback riding.

As they walked up, Kate judging by my expression and my stillness, coyly asked”

“Like what you see?”

Her question caused me to obviously blush even with my darkly tanned face as I tried to stumble out a reply and tripping over my tongue repeatedly, I bent back down in pretense of checking a hoof.

Amber let out a low wolf whistle and loudly stated

“You always had the cutest butt but those chaps really accent it!”

Then hearing my spurs jingle, Amber quipped

“Hey cowboy, you always wear those spurs?”

Before I could reply, Kate spoke out cracking us all up as she playfully smacked my ass butt

“Why Amber! You already know there is only one place he doesn’t wear them but I sure as hell do! And I know you did as well”

I had to turn and go into the tack room to hide my fearsome blush to avoid any more kidding of this sort. As I entered the tack room, I heard Kate make some lewd comments about the dangling horse cocks, which tend to let down when it is hot to help dissipate the internal heat or when they are relaxed, remarking that the horse cocks looked like long giant human cocks, to which Amber quickly quipped “they do look awfully pretty and alluring but you already have your own stud to take to bed each night! Which made both of them crackup with hilarious laughter. I was not quite sure what part they found so amusing…

Once all the horses were saddled, the girls and I filled each one of the saddlebags with beer fitting at least a six-pack to each horse. After about two hours riding and drinking lukewarm beer, the girls were getting rowdy not to mention already sweaty with fabric clinging to their firm generous swells which had become even more transparent. By this time I had viewed numerous times vast bare expanses of barely covered breasts of Kate and Amber.

We crossed a small mountain stream and rode through it to cool the horses off and letting them drink, the horses kicking up big splashes with each step spraying water on us. Kate and Amber’s shirts were all thoroughly wet now and clung tightly to their very generous firm swells – the wet transparent fabric leaving nothing to the imagination! As they rode out of the river and into the field Amber started a slow lope with her horse which Kate joined. I rode mesmerized as I appreciatively looked on at the slow motion flouncing of full firm hard nipple breasts and tightly clinging transparent fabric, and more than frequent views of the bottoms of bare breasts showing as the cropped shirts kept rising getting rucked up by the lope. I had to adjust myself in the saddle several times to get comfortable.

“Shit” I thought, “they might as well be not be wearing tops at all!”

When we got back to the stables all of us had a pleasant buzz going on and the girls and I maintained it. As I finished tending to the horses and some other chores, the girls went back up to the lodge to change into bikinis and got in the hot tub as Amber was pretty sore, she had some badly bruised muscles that were aggravated by the ride. When I came back up Kate suggested a light supper as it seemed she and Amber were more intent on drinking theirs. They went off to take a shower together while I fixed supper.

Kate and Amber came back into the kitchen both wearing short and very revealing summer La Perla semi-sheer robes that were slit up high on the sides of the hips. Through the slits I could see that both were wearing G-string panties. After supper I went up to shower and changed into clean jeans and a tee-shirt.

We moved into the massive two-story great room and Kate suggested watching a movie and went to put one into the Blue-Ray DVD player and turned on the surround sound stereo system. We all sat together on the big leather couch. I was startled when an adult hard core XXX fantasy porno film started playing on the 80 inch high definition LED flat screen television.

The movie was set in medieval times that contained a little bit of everything in it including fantasies with werewolves, satyrs, unicorns and centaurs. By the scene settings, castle, costumes, dialogue, the extremely attractive actors/actresses and the awards it had garnered, it was a high value production movie. The producers actually made pretty realistic looking “live” unicorns and centaurs. I looked at the box the DVD was in and noticed it was purchased and that it was a three DVD set. It confirmed my thinking the film being a high value production as it listed several American and European awards and was filmed at an actual castle in Austria.

I was shocked when the movie actually started showing sex between the fantasy creatures and the actresses. Silently I thought that whoever did the research and the special effects, they certainly made it look realistic enough in respect to the centaur and unicorn penises, in appearance and size they looked just like real equine penises! The only thing not realistic was the prodigious amounts of cum that was ejaculated.

Several extensive scenes played where gorgeous women got ravished by very long and very thick unicorn and centaur cocks – doggy style and missionary style including enthusiastic anal scenes. The cocks actually had the dimensions of ponies, then special effects of the cocks shooting at least a quart or more of artificial cum deep into each of the women, overflowing and squirting out of their pussies and asses and then the cocks being slowly and sinuously withdrawn to continue ejaculating all over their breasts, stomachs, asses and backs, covering the actresses completely. Kate remarked that they must have purchased several gallons of Bad Dragon Cum Lube, it looked the same, Amber agreed. Amazingly they even had the flaring of the cock heads upon orgasm portrayed correctly.

Both Kate and Amber were getting quite intoxicated and I was not really holding back either. Kate had earlier assured me that Amber wanted to try to not take any muscle relaxers or sedatives this evening, so I relaxed but I noted Kate and I both still closely watched her for any signs of discomfort.

The girls were getting more and more rambunctious as they drank and watched the movie. Then they began play acting and making fun of the porn actresses as the movie progressed. I was becoming more and more alarmed as the sashes on their robes became more and more loose and more and more of the “girls” became exposed.

A lesbian scene came on and both Kate and Amber really started cutting up – in truth while the porn actresses were damn good looking and very well built, I had two extremely hotter and better toned women sitting with me than was yet to be portrayed in any porn film I had ever seen.

Then I became highly alarmed and also highly aroused as I watched Kate and Amber roll off the couch onto the thick plush carpeting and started highly exaggerating playacting coming on to each other. Sashes had come completely undone and short robes parted, bare hard nipple breasts of both women fully exposed. Then in a highly charged state, Kate and Amber looked at each other and then quickly embraced and started deeply and hungrily kissing each other!

They furiously yanked each others expensive robes off and went after each others hard nipple breasts as hands dove into each others panties. Mouths alternating on each others mouths and breasts. Both their actions became frenzied as they practically ripped each others G-string panties off, seemingly oblivious of me sitting there as hands started jacking fingers into each others pussies. Then Kate slowly pushed Amber flat on the ground and knelt between Amber’s widespread knees and began to go down on her!

Kate’s ass was up in the air directly facing me slowly waving from side to side. Just as I was reaching to pull my raging cock out of my jeans to start jacking off, Kate momentarily paused eating Amber’s pussy and saucily looked over her shoulder at me and in a husky sexy voice asked

“What are you waiting for?
You got two extremely horny women to satisfy tonight!”

Silently I cursed the tight jeans I was wearing and the huge cock that I had that was currently in the hardest state I think it has ever been in that was hampering me trying to get my jeans off!

I slowed my efforts as I watched Amber pull on Kate and pulling Kate fully up on top of her and then they started hungrily kissing each other again as they tightly ground their pussies together.

Then I saw a large shape blur past and leap upon Kate’s back and started humping!

Oh Damn! Zeus had come in and did what was just natural for him! Further enticed by the position Kate was in on top of Amber and the heady smell of sex permeating the air around them.

Kate squealed when Zeus leapt upon her back and started thrusting. Kate tried rolling off to one side but Amber kept a firm hold around Kate’s back, her hands locked together and Amber started bucking up under her. Amber laughingly yelled at her
“ Don’t you want to be tag teamed?

Kate hysterically laughed
“Not with a Dog!
Amber laughing yelled back at her  “Ahhh, come on, it will be a great fuck!!”
Amber cajoled and teased her but never did release her encircling arms. Kate again yelled out
Not with a Dog!”
as Amber continued holding onto Kate and bucking up under her, repeatedly driving Kate’s ass up into a humping Zeus!  Both were hysterically laughing now with tears streaming as Kate continued to try to break away from Amber, Zeus continuing his mad humping attempts with a firm vise-like grip around Kate’s hips but Amber just as hard holding her in place.

I had to admit that the scene playing out in front of me was extremely comical!
Kate sandwiched and trapped between Amber and a 170 pound horny Zeus. Huge Zeus humping Kate with Kate wildly thrashing her small lovely shapely firm tan-contrasted ass from side to side trying to avoid the huge heat seeking red rocket that was aimed at her.

Suddenly Kate felt a jet of hot copious precum squirt between the parted cleft of her ass cheeks and felt the warmth of it stream down across her tight ass hole and onto her pussy and realized that Zeus was in an actual position to fuck her! Kate still hysterically laughing and shouting
No! No! No!
frantically renewed her efforts to break away as she raised her ass up to get away. As Kate rose her ass up and pushed against Zeus’s clinging body she felt another jolt of hot precum this time directly against her tight ass hole, very intimately close, and then felt his hot squirting cock again thrust up between the open cleft of her ass cheeks! Zeus was now squirting precum copiously and Kate’s ass and pussy was saturated with precum, streaming down onto Amber’s pussy coating it!
Suddenly, Kate shrieked loudly!
Zeus had thrust again and Kate had felt the cock suddenly penetrate two inches into her tight ass and then felt a jet of hot pre-cum explode inside her! Kate’s anal muscle ring immediately contracted and clamped down tight on the massive invader preventing further penetration and then she screamed again as she felt two more hot jets of precum blast into her rectum! Then the hot slick squirting cock slide in deeper…

Wildly Kate rolled to the side dislodging Zeus’s cock from her tight ass but Zeus kept on thrusting and Kate kept swinging her ass from side to side. Kate and Amber were both hysterically laughing, tears streaking their faces but Amber still did not relinquish her hold! Through her hysterical laughter Amber told her

“WOW! Seems for a moment he almost slid into home plate!
Despite what you said, you sure acted and sounded like you enjoyed it!!!”

Suddenly, Kate let out a big whoosh of air, her eyes grew hugely round and wild, then she loudly shrieked as simultaneously I saw Zeus’ hips start pile driving into her! Kate’s eyes were wide and her mouth formed an oval with the shock of the furious rapid fire assault driving into her pussy, feeling Zeus’s cock go deeper and grow ever larger with each stroke.

Kate loudly cried out


I had my tight jeans down past my knees but I had stopped pulling them off when Zeus had leapt up onto Kate as I began watching the comical scene. The tight straight legs seemed bunched and I could not quickly get them past my ankles and off my feet. I managed to get one leg free and I stood up but then tripped and fell down. Zeus continued hammering into her pussy with primal abandon.  The powerful huge dog had his front legs wrapped around her waist in a vise grip and his massive weight pinned her body down onto Amber. Amber was bucking up trying to slide out from under Kate to try to help her but the combined weight of Kate and Zeus was too much for her. Kate’s knees were widely spread to better handle the onslaught as well as accept the huge thick cock being pounded deep into her. I knew if I did not quickly get to them, that soon that swelling knot being rapidly driven in and out of her pussy with loud squishing noises would soon tie her

Suddenly Kate screamed


I was frozen in place at what next unfolded in front of me – Kate bent down and hungrily started kissing Amber as Kate raised her ass up to the massive pile driving cock! Kate came two more times, hard and fast, one behind the other, earth shattering body wrenching orgasms, her orgasmic cries muffled by the locked lips of Amber. I was not surprised that Kate orgasmed again, she was multi-orgasmic and I knew if she had one orgasm, then others would soon follow.

Kate broke the long kiss and screamed out

“Ohh God! FUCK!
His cock is getting so big! Oh Shit!
OH YES! FUCK! His cock is so fucking HUUUUUGE!”

as she was rocking back towards him as he pounded into her pussy.

I was frozen by the sight my beautiful wife on-top of the equally beautiful Amber, Zeus fucking his huge cock into Kate. Kate had her knees spread as far apart as possibly with her ass tilted up to accept the huge cock driving into her, I clearly saw the swelling knot driving in and out of her pussy. Her labia lips slapping together as the knot rapidly passed back and forth, copious fluid flowing from her pussy and streaming onto Amber’s pussy. Amber’s labia swollen and openly parted, Zeus’s fluid pouring in rivulets down the openly parted furrow of Amber’s swollen labia, her clit visibly swollen and hard. What shocked me the most was that Kate was actively trying to fuck back into the driving cock!

For a moment I felt a flash of inadequacy as well as shock at seeing my beautiful wife exhibiting such openly wanton primal lust and seeing that primal lust savagely and completely fulfilled! Even though I was much bigger than Zeus in cock size I could not match the fast pounding fury he could give her, the feeling of the huge knot that soon would be swelling inside her that would stretch her farther than she ever had, pressing hard against her sensitive G-spot, nor the huge quantity of inhumanely heated precum being ejaculated into her and soon cum!

UHHHHHHGHHHH!” Kate suddenly shrieked. Her body stiffened and trembled. Both Zeus and Kate momentarily stopped their writhing and screwing for a few seconds before Zeus resumed his furious assault upon her and Kate started furiously fucking back, but this time it was obviously more pulling on her and then thrusting her forward – I knew his knot was now in Kate’s vagina and will not be coming out anytime soon and now Zeus was pounding his knot directly against her G-spot. I was wondering what Kate’s reaction will be when she starts feeling her pussy for the first time stretched to the ultimate by that swelling knot that will soon swell to huge dimensions inside her…

OH FUCCCKKK! His knot is getting so big! SHIT!
OH YES! FUCK! His knot is so fucking HUUUUUGE!”
It must be the size of a softball!!!

Kate repeatedly screamed

Oh my God, he’s cumming in me! He’s CUMMING!!!

Oh, shit, holy shit! It’s so much cum! FUCK! It’s sooo HOT!
He’s filling my womb up! I can feel it swell with all he is pumping into me!
Fuck! Ahhh, OH FUCK YES!


as a series of intense earth shattering body racking orgasms surged through Kate…

It seemed that Kate totally collapsed onto Amber breathing heavily and laid there quietly while Amber stroke her sides. No one said a word. Amber and I made eye contact and Amber cocked a highly arched eyebrow at me, both of us amazed and shocked at the extreme sexual and orgasmic passion elicited by Kate.

“I think I’m going to be stuck here for a bit” Kate softly stated  as she relaxed under Zeus. Suddenly she remembered she was laying on top of Amber and softly asked Amber if she was okay with her weight on top of her. Amber’s quiet response was to deeply kiss Kate.   Kate and Zeus had fucked for at least ten minutes and I knew that it would be several more minutes before Zeus’s huge knot would let them part. It was clear that while Zeus was the one initially fucking Kate, it did not take long for Kate to primordially respond and start fucking him back! 

Kate slowly started to rock back and forth on Zeus’s cock, humping her pussy into the thick humongous cock she was impaled and stuck on and Amber instantly responded by pushing her pussy up into Kate’s as they rub their hard clits together.  Kate was using Zeus’s spent hardness to work herself off to yet another orgasm with assistance with Amber and judging by the look of concentration on Amber’s face she was working to achieve her own orgasm! Kate and Amber seemed to be in sync with each other as both had near simultaneous orgasms. Even Zeus seemed to have slightly recharged as he slowly started humping Kate several moments before Kate and Amber orgasmed together

As Kate calmed down from her latest body racking shrieking orgasm and waited for Zeus’s knot to shrink down enough to pull out, I finally went over to their sides and asked Kate if she was alright .

“I am better than alright – I feel fantastic and I believe more horny than I had ever been!

I have never been fucked so hard, so fast, so very intensely before!

It was like something primal welled up within me – this deep seated overwhelming sexual primal urge to be fucked hard and be fucked now and I did not care with what! Please don’t get me wrong, you are the greatest lover and I am the most fortunate woman in the world to be married to a fantastic lover who is also extremely and fantastically very well endowed as well as intelligent and the envy of all my girlfriends. Most times when we have sex, we are making love to each other, showing how much we love each other, and it is fantastic each time – but this, this was just raw primal fucking with the sole purpose of climaxing and achieving sexual release!

I was instantly overcome with the hotly intense erotic feeling of the powerful jet of hot fluid blasting against and into my tight vaginal opening – despite knowing what was trying to fuck me! When I felt that hot squirting cock enter me I felt a huge undeniable surge of arousal that flamed the intense heat in my pussy and after a few moments of that hot hard cock driving into me faster than anything I had ever experienced, I uncontrollably gave myself over completely. I decided to just let whatever and wherever happen – only one thought prevailed and that was to be fucked thoroughly and thoroughly satisfy the unbearable heated wanton primal arousal seated deep within my pussy that demanded to be satiated!

When he started fucking me with that hot cock I could feel each and every spurt of hot precum as it shot inside as he fucked me! Then I felt his knot pushing against me then starting to open me, spreading me for the tie. I felt his knot push completely inside then tug back out, it happened several times. It was amazing feeling my pussy getting tighter and tighter with the increasing diameter of the swelling knot each time it thrust back inside, and then my body involuntarily gave over to my first orgasm! Spasms and shivers coursed through my body, my pussy clamping tight around his burning knot, feeling the hot length of his cock thrusting into me at speeds I have never experienced! My pussy felt like it was on fire inside and then he locked into me…and then feeling his knot swell up inside to huge softball sized proportions pressing against my G-spot, and unbelievably I think I experienced my first simultaneous uterine, G-Spot and clitoral orgasms!!! Multiple orgasms just crashed over and over through me! I could actually feel him fill up my womb with all the fluid he ejaculated, the spreading warmth as he pumped more and more into me. I,I, just got overwhelmed – totally lost in the sensations and pleasure!”

Listening to Kate’s elaborate detailed description, I could telling it was definitely affecting Amber as for some time she had been slowly grinding her pussy around and around against Kate’s pussy. The Kate reached for my still raging hard cock and started stroking it. Amber noticed and joined Kate’s hand sliding up and down my twelve plus inch painfully hard cock. I could feel myself become orgasmic faster than I had ever become but thankfully I was distracted from cumming too soon by Zeus’s efforts to pull his knot out of Kate…

I watched Kate as she grunted again and this time she let Zeus slowly slip out of her well fucked pussy with a prolong schlepping noise and a final pop! A flood of fluid gushed out and flooded onto Amber’s pussy, Amber letting out a small moan of delight. Kate again just kind of collapsed down onto Amber. 

Kate and then Amber gasped when they saw the huge red thickly swollen cock and still considerably large almost fist size knot that had just been in Kate and how Kate was able to pass something that size through her tight vaginal entrance! They both wondered just how large did that knot swell up inside her! However my attention was elsewhere…

Kate’s lovely ass and pussy in a beautiful lewd sexual display, the parted tan-contrasted moons of her firm shapely ass cheeks, her lovely tight anus visible, and her red swollen openly parted labia with a long stream kaçak casino of cum still issuing forth from her pussy and flowing onto Amber’s pussy. 

I kneeled down and grabbed Kate by the hips.  Kate’s head popped up with a start and her head spun around.  Before she could say anything my cock was halfway inside her gaping well-fucked pussy – the first time I had ever been able to enter her so easily or so deeply in one thrust.  With the help of Zeus’s lubrication I easily slipped in deeper as Kate let out a deep groan of pleasure. 

After a couple of strokes I alternated and started fucking Amber’s pussy. I slid deeper into Amber in one thrust than I ever had when fucking her. I alternated fucking Kate and Amber, fully plunging into Kate’s well fucked pussy then going back into Amber, going a bit deeper each time I thrust into Amber, then pulling out and deeply thrusting into Kate, then advancing a bit deeper into Amber. Both Kate and Amber furiously working their pussies together grinding their clits on each other. Their mouths locked together, Amber’s muffled squeals each time I plunged into her. I could feel my cock pushing against Amber’s cervix, knowing from the past it is dilating from the sexual hunger and would soon admit me into her tight uterine passage. A few more alternating thrusts between the two tight pussies and I could not help settling into Amber, feeling my cock head wedge past her extremely tight cervical entrance, then surge into her uterine passage. Amber loudly screamed with passion feeling me reach this deep into her, her nails dug into Kate’s sides and raked her back as Amber furiously with great effort bucked up under Kate straining to fuck me back. Sensing and hearing Amber’s efforts and Kate’s efforts to grind out another orgasm against Amber, I quickly built up to my own pending explosion feeling Amber’s tight vaginal entrance and tight cervical entrance begin convulsing repeatedly, tightly gripping me in Amber’s own pending orgasm.

I knew Kate was near her own orgasm and I knew exactly what to do to trigger it. I took my long thick fingers and lubricated it with all the free-flowing fuck juices, then I started fucking Kate’s pussy with two fingers while my thumb teased her back door.

Kate went wild feeling my fingers start to fuck her and thrust back against them and in the process suddenly and fully thrusting my big long thick thumb deep with her tightly convulsing and gripping anus. Kate shrieked in one of the loudest orgasmic cries I had ever heard her emit and seemingly was instantaneously joined by Amber’s own orgasmic cries. I felt Amber’s pussy tightly repeatedly convulse around my cock squeezing it, feeling her vaginal muscles rippling and fluttering up and down the length of my cock causing my own explosion.

Kate collapsed upon Amber as Amber gently stroked her back. Kate raised up just long enough to look at her with a strange loving look and then began passionately kissing her.

Finally they both broke off grinning at each other. Then Amber looked at Kate and then at me and stated

“Well, Kate certainly enjoyed that!
When do you think Zeus will be ready to go again so I can see for myself!”

With Amber’s pronouncement, we all resisted immediately going at each other, which for the three of us, proved to be the hardest willful thing we had ever done! We somewhat distracted ourselves for 20 minutes by returning our attention to the still playing movie in which a new scene had started.

Two beautiful voluptuous and firm toned actresses getting fucked, one vaginally missionary style, the other anally doggy style by two unicorns. Amber voiced her wonderment on how real the unicorn cocks looked just like a pony and how were they able to get it so realistic. Kate chimed in that it sure looked real. I wonder how it would actually feel…!

Kate’s comment cracked both girls up hysterically as Kate renewed slowly stroking my cock. The movie showed both actresses shrieking out loud drawn out orgasms as the unicorns began cumming in the two actresses pussy and ass. I could not tell if their orgasms were faked or real, it certainly looked realistic and I said so out loud. Both Amber and Kate said they both had real orgasms, just look at how their bodies shook and trembled and look at their faces. They were real alright and outstanding ones too! Both actresses continued to fuck themselves on the long equine cocks, then the cocks slowly and sinuously began snaking out of them with loud drawn out shlurping noises. It was incredible, it appeared that both actresses had been taking in and fucking 13 or 14 plus inches of cock! Then it showed the cocks hanging up at their entrances. Close up shots of first one edge of the cock head appeared on a slanted angle as it slowly emerged, hung tight for several moments as anal and vaginal muscles slowly relaxed from the constant tugging pressure, then the other edge of the cock slowly slipped thru, only then did you see that the cock heads had flared out upon orgasm. The flared cock heads slowly and finally popped out and lurched up, shooting streams of cum across their bodies, as a flood of artificial cum gushed out and partially ran down their flat stomachs and then to their hard nipple voluptuous breasts breasts, coating them.

Kate let out a loud exclamation

“I certainly know what copious hot cum feels like being ejaculated into me thanks to Zeus but that must feel wonderful!

Amber replied

“ I imagine feeling the real thing flare inside would feel wonderful as well…”

Kate slowly replied as her hand slowly sped up stroking my cock

“I imagine it probably feels fantastic!
Zeus’s knot swelling inside of me to almost softball size sure did!

I noticed both Amber and Kate looking at each other and then at Zeus and both broke out in big grins!

Now Amber is the most sexually imaginative woman I have ever met but Kate is right behind her in wildly sexually uninhibited ideas! Amber instructed me to lay on the floor flat on my back and then told Kate to lay on top of me face up, her back to my chest. When Kate got positioned, I felt Amber grasp my cock and rub it against Kate’s pussy and put the head in but then pulled it out. Then I felt Amber position my cock against Kate’s tight anus and started rubbing it all around then she held it in place as Kate began bearing down onto my cock head while I felt Amber slowly pushing it in. Once both girls got my cock head in, as usual we had to halt to allow Kate to become adjusted to my girth before easing anymore in. Then I felt the weight increase upon me and I saw Amber slide onto Kate face to face.

Once in position Amber called Zeus over. Amber reached under him and stroked his sheath a couple of times and Zeus instantly got the message as he immediately mounted Amber. Amber huskily whispered to Kate

“Now we are both going to be ass fucked at the same time, feel the same things at the same time!”

Amber reached behind her and guided Zeus’s slowly thrusting cock to her tight anal entrance and kept hold of his cock until she was use to his thrusting inside a few inches. Then Amber quickly locked lips with Kate and turned loose of his cock to allow Zeus to start fully thrusting inside.

Amber screamed into Kate’s mouth in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Amber’s screams caused Kate to start driving her ass hard onto my cock, faster than she had ever has, Kate’s own screams of pain and pleasure mixed in with Amber’s as I felt my cock drive deep into Kate’s rectum.

Fortunately Zeus fucked Amber’s ass slowly instead of with the wildly pounding primal lust as he did to Kate’s pussy. I could only reason he did so because this was his second time fucking in twenty minutes. Still I was very concerned if he actually knotted Amber, never having anything near that size inside her…

Unbelievably Amber allowed Zeus to knot her and I heard Amber scream out her orgasm louder than anytime before! Amber’s orgasmic screams simultaneously caused Kate and I to orgasm with her! It took twenty minutes before the knot could slip out of Amber’s tight ass… during which Amber and Kate ground out three more orgasms apiece by rubbing their pussies together while my considerable length allowed me to remain firmly embedded into Kate without slipping out in post-orgasmic bliss.


That day we planned to go riding again. While Amber was still changing Kate got me alone for a few minutes. I could tell she was being real serious and she led me outside. Then she asked me a series of questions…

“Do you know how much I love you?” Kate asked as she held my hands tightly

I stood their silently as memories of the last three years flashed through my mind and especially the last several days. I realized that I actually did not know…

In a low voice I honestly replied

“I thought I knew but after the last several days I think I may have underestimated your love. I also have to tell you that I love you so much that at times I can actual feel a deep pain in my chest and that I cannot ever imagine a life without you”

Then I tried to be totally truthful and tell her what has resurfaced within me concerning Amber and how much I equally loved her, as well as Kate. But it seemed as if my heart lodged in my throat and after a couple of tries with just a croak coming out speaking Amber’s name, Kate shushed me and put a finger gently across my lips, and then said

“I know how emotional you can get and how difficult it is for you to verbally express your feelings and this is certainly one of those times and in the next minute you will discover how emotional, for the both of us…

“I know you never stopped loving Amber and she has never stopped loving you. She and I intently discussed this when I insisted on telling her about our engagement. What you did not know at the time is that Amber and I also had fallen in love with each other. We realized a long time ago we could not bear living without each other, or without you…

When you found us crying that night you assumed the wrong reason why we were crying.

It was actually tears of joy for the three of us as it was I who had asked Amber to share her life with you and I. Why do you think she never dated after you broke off the engagement with her? It just took a little doing for you to come to the same realization and unfortunately a tragedy in which we both could have lost Amber. Amber and I both knew you had to discover within yourself the depth and breadth of love you still possessed for Amber, and equally the capacity of that love for me as well…

Then Kate brought out a small box which I instantly recognized as Amber’s engagement ring box. Solemnly as she tightly squeezed my hand and looked deep into my eyes, Kate softly asked me

“Don’t you think it is past time to offer Amber her ring back….”

We packed another picnic lunch and set off on the ride. I had just the place in mind that took into consideration the conversation that Kate and I just had. During the ride I noted Kate and Amber several times looked at the stud Arabian cocks when they started dangling and were snickering at each other and cracking several dirty sexual jokes with each other alluding to what it would it feel like to be fucked by a cock that size! I was sure they must have been influenced by the movie we partially watched last night and knowing there were two more DVD’s of that set yet to be viewed! Then we came across the two guard donkeys my parents had purchased since our last visit. Both donkeys were male and not neutered as it made for the best for this type of duty. My parents had purchased them from a neighboring ranch owned by Jane and Bill, a very attractive couple in their mid-thirties. They selectively bred these donkeys to be not only guard donkeys but with excellent dispositions and made for wonderful, gentle pets. My parents said they were one of the star attractions for the ranch guests and had become expert beggars for treats. Seeing the two stud donkeys set the girls off again with ribald jokes about donkey shows and then they shocked me by saying

“maybe we ought to star in our own donkey show for our very captivating audience!

The way those two said it and they way they kept going on about it, I was beginning to think they were somewhat serious! Especially after last night with Zeus!

We rode to the spot I had in mind – a hidden glen with thick soft grass and a large pool of water that was fed by a gushing spring. Wild mint that grew around the spring lightly perfumed the air. We ate our lunch and shared the bottle of wine. Then Kate and I arranged ourselves in front of Amber in a sitting position. Kate and I each took one of Amber’s hands and then as I drew out a small ring box, opened and presented it to her, I asked Amber

“Will you marry me?
Will you marry Kate and I…

We invited Kate’s and Amber’s parents to the ranch to break the news to them. Fortunately we had the advantage that all three sets of parents knew each other and had become good friends with each other over the past four years, Kate’s and Amber’s parents occasionally coming out to the ranch to visit at the same time.

While initially shocked, there was no outright objections or histrionics, just concern that someone may be hurt in the future and wanted us to be sure this will be a permanent relationship just like a marriage, especially when all three sets of parents extracted promises from both Kate and Amber that grandchildren will keep six grandparents busy and very, very happy….They all knew how deeply the three of us loved each other especially my parents.

Three sets parents approved with Kate’s mother putting a condition that we see a renowned sex therapist and marriage counselor down in Austin, Texas who will be an impartial person to fully evaluate us and make sure we understood what our future life will consist of. We all understood that with children involved in the future, and a third spouse, that our relationship must work because if it didn’t, there will be double the grief for all.

Secretly my parents were thrilled at the aspect of having two daughters in-law. They had been devastated when I had broken my original engagement to Amber as the three of them had grown so close, and after the broken engagement had let Amber know they would always consider her their daughter and she was always welcome anytime, the ranch would always be her home as well. Now my parents were assured they had their second daughter they always wanted and thought it was the best possible solution for Kate, Amber and I. They just had to make sure the other two sets of parents fully embraced it just like they instantly did but had to reserve their true feelings until the other two sets of parents fully accepted the situation. As I mentioned before, I was an only child as mom could not bear anymore children after I was born.

As we waited in the waiting room, we noted the diplomas and certificates the therapist had, by coincidence her name was also Kate. She had entered medical school and had graduated with a specialization in psychiatry and also had a doctorate.

Kate specialized in marriage counseling and couples sexual therapy. Looking at the dates on her diplomas we also noted she had graduated from college with honors in three years and had received her M.D./Ph.D degrees in three years – half the time it usually takes. We were the only ones in the waiting room. When we had made the appointment it was made clear to us that she will spend a minimum of half a day of initial evaluation so we were the only ones in the waiting room. The room was tastefully decorated in a very relaxing Texas Hill Country style, with large framed photographs of a beautiful ranch set in rolling hills, a shallow clear running river and beautiful Arabian horses. A couple of large mounted photographs showed a very beautiful woman riding a horse and another photograph of the same woman with a few other beautiful women riding horses. The young attractive receptionist explained that they were photographs of the doctor’s ranch near Fredericksburg and of the Perdernales river that coursed through it, the doctor was one of the women in the photographs.

The therapist came out to meet us and then dismissed the receptionist for the remainder of the day. The therapist was clearly not what I expected- a gorgeous statuesque knockout in her mid-30’s who exuded sex appeal. She was attired very causally but expensively in a very short skirt and a belted sheer tunic with a deep scalloped cut. She wore custom lace up riding boots that came up to her knees. The sheerness of the expensive fabric of the tunic and the deep plunge revealed a generous tanned expanse of large firm breasts that strained the tunic, the soft swells of her breasts held by a sheer low cut demi-cup bra. The sheerness of the tunic and the sheerness of the bra combined, was just barely opaque enough to conceal the small nipples, leaving just a hint of a slight bump, but still reveal the incredible shape of her breasts and her tall firm athletic body.

After just fifteen minutes of talking we all felt very comfortable talking to the therapist. We found out we had a lot in common with the therapist, both having ranches, raising Arabians and having Great Danes. She also bred some award winning ponies. Kate and Amber especially became very comfortable and completely open, as we discussed our three-way love relationship and how we intently desired to make it a permanent relationship. We intently discussed our parents beliefs and how they felt about all of us, the relationship and how they reacted when we made the announcement. We also discussed our future running the ranch that my parents have already discussed with Kate, Amber and I. For the next six hours we talked.

The therapist explained it is a proven fact that two or more women can find themselves to be soul mates, having the same similarity, love, sex and intimacy as male and female soul mates. That love transcends sexual orientation, so whether you are gay, straight or bi-sexual, love is love and great sex is a side benefit.

The therapist explained these relationships are usually common between two people, but three or even four people in a deep, loving sharing lifelong relationship is not unheard of, and it is more common and prevalent than most people were aware of.

No intimate detail or feeling was left out without being fully explored, analyzed and thoroughly discussed. After talking to each other together and then separately, going through a written battery of tests and bringing us back together, she pronounced our relationship extraordinarily healthy and sound and predicted a long happy life for the three of us together. She expressed her amazement at the depth of commitment that the three of us exhibited for each other which was rare for most couples, even the ones that got along with each other, let alone a threesome. She definitely felt there was some type of synergistic energy that proved we are greater as a whole and indeed in the sense of the word, that the three of us were soul mates. She stated it was very rare for her to say that we needed no further counseling upon the initial evaluation.

She even stated that she would provide the name of a minister she knew in Colorado who would marry us and while it would not be legal, it would be a religious and spiritual ceremony. She further informed us that almost fifty countries recognize polygamous marriages civilly. Almost a dozen countries that do not permit polygamous civil marriages recognize polygamous marriages under customary law, though in the eyes of the government, they are not considered to be genuine marriages. The single exception in North American is the province of Saskatchewan Canada. There, the family law courts provide legal protection for polygamy or polyandry. However, for a long time, the law banning polygamy for the rest of Canada has not been efficient. As of January 2012, no person had been successfully prosecuted, i.e., convicted in over sixty years. The three of us agreed that for now our union would be performed by the minister while we engaged a Canadian lawyer to look at what may be legally permissible in Saskatchewan.

Then Kate and Amber broached the subject of Zeus…

What happened and how it felt…how the sex had felt so wonderful – so physical – just deeply primal mindless instinctive pounding fucking!

The therapist surprised us by giving us a big smile and simply stated “Not a problem as long as it is okay with this big guy here!”

Then she began explaining that the majority of society’s social mores and conventions have all been devised by men, with women throughout history not being allowed to participate in the development due to their status as second class citizens or worse. Further, through comprehensive reviews of available literature, history and research, she as well as her professional colleagues were firmly convinced that the forbidden sexual more of bestiality was conceived after men witnessed what primitive unbridled primal lust and passions could be arisen from a woman being physically, powerfully and thoroughly intensely fucked by an animal – an instinct and fright unburied and awakened deep in man’s subconscious, that a woman could be so powerfully aroused and exhibit such primal lust just by the brutal physical furious fucking act of an animal, that it threatened their masculinity! A belief perpetrated through the ages by men, subjugated upon women, because men were afraid of their masculinity being affected!

The therapist added that she and her colleagues had reviewed plenty of actual research and there was an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that bestiality was more common and extensive than believed, it was especially prevalent in historical times. The therapist remarked that it seemed to be finally emerging back into mainstream society and acceptance, that in antiquity it was once a commonly accepted practice across most cultures worldwide and recent history. Kate explained it was only because of misguided most often times fictitious writings and interpretations combined with narrow minded selfish rigid moral beliefs which gave rise to even more erroneous beliefs that had driven it into hiding. It was incalculable the harm that was done to individuals and as a whole, a lost benefit at a chance to enlighten society. Kate stated that perhaps the best example of whole society acceptance was in the Greek and Roman empires, the India sub-continent area, surrounding areas around India and the Far East as exampled by the many remaining art and temple frescoes depicting these practices and least we forget, the unabridged and uncensored Kama Sutra.

I have a motto that my patients have embraced

“If it feels good then do it!
If it does not hurt you physically, mentally or emotionally nor another person, then go for it!”

The therapist then took me in for a second round of evaluation with this new revelation. She wanted to be sure I had no hangups with this and I truthfully told her I didn’t, that I thoroughly enjoyed watching Kate and Amber being pleasured as long as it was with Zeus and not with another man, considered it a huge erotic turn-on and the sex afterwards with them was even more fantastic as their love was participating and not just sex. I told her that I imagine most other men may not feel this way but I had been gifted with a very generous “package” and in fact I was larger than Zeus except for his knot but no way could I match him in his furious pounding assault. The therapist responded that almost every sexually active and sexually imaginative man has had at least once imagined their girlfriend, fiance or wife with a dog, donkey, pony or even a horse. As proof of this is the the rapid exponential growth of porn sites specializing in this subject and as I mentioned to y’all, before a renewed growing acceptance by society of this practice.

The therapist silently looked at me for several moments, then softly she inquired in a teasing, lightly battering tone “how big was big?” and I told her. Her eyes slightly flared and her lips parted hearing the description of my “package”…

The therapist intently looked at me and then an odd quirky but extremely sexy smile began beaming at me. Interestingly, I could not help but notice that the sheer tunic and her sheer bra did not do a very adequate job at all of concealing her now diamond hard nipples…

She then told me it was clear to her that Kate and Amber’s love was so great for me that I would not ever have to worry about anything. In fact, it was rare to come across the depth of love and feelings the three of us exhibited for each other. She then stood up and took my hand in her surprisingly hot moist hand and pulled me to my feet and led me back to where Kate and Amber were waiting.

The therapist again confirmed her predictions we will all live happy, especially intense loving lives together…

As she led us back into waiting room, she paused as she looked at the mounted photograph of herself astride horseback with her girlfriends. I noted she had a twinkle in her eye and as she turned to face us she had a clearly mischievous grin etched upon her face. Then looking directly at Kate and Amber stated

“Oh by the way, since you two can already “ride” this cowboy and his twelve plus inches of cock with no apparent problems, if you decide to experiment beyond what Zeus can do, donkeys and ponies will be fine, even up to Arabian studs, but don’t try any other equine breed bigger than an Arabian. Just be sure at least one of you is there to assist if needed, besides, it is more fun that way. I guarantee you will have your worlds rocked just like my girlfriends and I have…

And with that she quickly turned around and walked back into her office…

Stunned, we stood there looking at each other, then Kate and Amber started grinning at each other! They both looked at me and then Kate stated

“Well cowboy!
Seems you are going to get your very own private donkey show after all!
And it’s going to be a double feature!!!”

The day after we all earned our graduate degrees, with honors, Kate, Amber and I eagerly moved to the ranch and the second new start of our lives together. My parents had already engaged an architectural firm to design a smaller home for them on a different part of the ranch so we could have the main lodge to the three of us, and the children that will be coming in the future.

Our neighboring ranch friends Jane and Bill held a big barbeque to celebrate the three of us moving to the ranch. Everyone was kept amused at the antics of Jane’s two pet donkeys – they would not leave any of the women alone! Jane had taught them to look for sugar cube treats that she would place in her shirt pockets and they kept tugging on the shirts of all the women with their sensitive lips, at times causing some startled and at other times amused reactions. Jane had a wicked sense of humor that showed when she had named the two donkeys Ravisher and Defiler…

While there we had the opportunity to start renewing friendships with some other neighbors of Jane and Bill whose ranch backed up to theirs. They were just a few years older than us and had moved to the area a few years ago. Rachel, Erica and Ashley all lived with their best friend Lydia and her husband at their ranch. Lydia’s husband owned a outdoor recreation business in town. And they had the craziest damn huge dog named Beast who was more embarrassing than Zeus…

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