Brought to My Mother

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I slightly remember opening my eyes and wondering where I was, I was in a big white bed, I was as stiff as a board and I was finding it difficult to move.

Where am I? I thought, then I saw my mother in a chair near me and she was sleeping, I couldn’t understand what was happening. Why was she sleeping there in a strange chair, in a strange room? I realised I was hurting all over, the pain was seeping into my joints, my arms and legs, my chest hurt, my head felt like it was ready to explode.

“Mum,” I croaked, nothing, “mum,” I tried to say a bit louder, she stirred I waited for her to waken. I didn’t have the strength to call her again. She opened her eyes and I saw the haggard look on her normally beautiful face, she even looked like she had lost weight.

She peered at me without moving, I thought I must be dead and in heaven or somewhere, I couldn’t move, I wanted her to hug me and tell me I was alright, that whatever it was that was wrong with me would go away. I was her little boy again, wanting mummy to kiss me better.

She suddenly stood up and cried out in joy, anguish delight, fear what ever it was I didn’t know. She dashed to my side, kissed me and began to cry, huge tears fell down her face.

“Oh baby you’re awake, oh darling darling darling, Oh James I’m so happy, oh I don’t believe it, it’s a miracle, my baby is alive, he’s alive!”

She hugged me as best as she could, I still wasn’t aware I was full of tubes and things, I was paralysed. Mum cried out, “nur5se, nurse, nurse, he’s awake oh my god my baby’s awake. Then she fell into the chair and cried like a hurt child.

The next thing I knew a nurse was hovering over me, doing things, touching things, then she went to my weeping mother and hugged her.

“He’s going to be alright Jessica; he’s going to be alright?” I was completely baffled by what was going on. Then she shot out of the room and returned about 1 second later with what looked like three doctors. I was looking at them as they talked and nattered in what sounded like gobbledegook to me. Mum was stood with them hanging on to one of the doctors arms and talking to him.

“Please doctor; tell me he is fine, he’s recovering, oh please?” Her voice was cracked with hurt and pain.

“Well he has regained consciousness Mrs Tweddle, so that’s a very good and positive sign, but we need to monitor him closely over the next day or so and see where we go, now please Mrs Tweddle you’ve been in that chair for 12 days, please go and rest before we have to admit you too.”

Twelve days? She’s been in that chair for 12 days, what the hell has happened to me? I thought. I tried to speak but he stopped me.

“James you are very ill, so ill in fact we were beginning to lose some hope. Just rest, sleep and when you reawaken we’ll talk okay?” I felt a small prick in my arm and the lights went out.

When I did open my eyes the first thing I saw was my smiling weeping mother.

“Mum,” I croaked, “what’s happened, why am I in hospital, what’s wrong with me?”

She broke down again, and I waited for her to catch her breath, and in between sobs she told me why I was here.

“You were sent on a boot camp in the jungle by the courts James, don’t you remember? And you picked up some sort of viral bug that has almost killed you, you have been in a coma for the last 12 days, no one could find out just what it was, but you collapsed at home shortly after you got back and here you are.”

I couldn’t remember a thing it was all blank to me.

“Why was I sent away by the courts mum, did I do something bad?”

“The judge said it was your last chance saloon; if this didn’t work then it would be a long prison term the next time.”

I was horrified, “what was I, what did I do mum? I can’t think.”

“Drugs and robbery James, you are or were in deep trouble and I was powerless to stop it, you wouldn’t listen to me or anyone else, just your friends, if that’s what you can call them, not one of them has even called to ask after you.”

This can’t be me, I thought, I’m not like that I’m sure. “Mum I don’t understand, I don’t recognise the me you are talking about.”

The doctor came back then and I was carted off for tests and x rays, scans, ECGS, blood tests, all sorts of things. When I was back I was exhausted, mum was there, I just fell asleep again, and she was still there when I woke up. I had no idea even what day it was, nothing.

I felt better this time, they had taken the tubes out of me and I realised I was hungry, I told my mum, and she passed that on and in minutes I was trying to drink some liquid through a tube, or straw. My lips were cracked, my throat parched, I was beginning to understand I was in a mess.

But I was recovering in leaps and bounds and 5 days after I came round, mum was allowed to take me home.

I have never loved or needed my mother more than I did at this time, I worshipped her, the very ground she walked on. I always had but never like this. My dad I knew, had left us 5 years ago and we never saw casino oyna him again, not that I wanted to. The pain and suffering he put my mother through was gut wrenching, now I just hated the bastard.

Gradually my memory was coming back, I was remembering in clouds what I had been up to, and the more it came back, the more I hated myself. How could I have possibly put my mother through all that. It was then I vowed to change my ways, no more James the cowardly bully, drug dealing, stealing, robbery thug. It was gone from my life forever.

What ever had happened to me it was a life changer, of that there was no doubt. I had been due back in court right after I got back from the boot camp, but because I was like I was the judge ordered my welfare to be first priority. And a new date would be set.

This was an opportunity to use on my behalf. My first task was to convince my mother I wasn’t the boy who had gone away about 6 or 7 weeks ago. She was easy because she loved me, but there was doubt in her eyes, I could see that. The first chance I had to prove myself came about a week after I got home. Jon Bradshaw came to see me, I could tell he wasn’t really interested in me personally. He ran the gang I was in. He wanted to know when I was coming back to ‘work’ he told me I was missed badly.

He looked a bit funny when I told him I would never ever go back to ‘work’ with or for him. It was no more, and I told him never to come near me again. I am going to make something of my life Jon. Just go away I told him. He left but said to call him when I was feeling better, his cocky attitude made me want to thump him, but I was still a bit unsteady.

My mother had been listening outside my door and came in when he left. I looked at her and said.

“Well mum, what do you think, please mum try and trust me?” She jumped at me and held me tight, this is all I would ever need in my life, the safety of my mothers arms. I was home!

The following day I asked her to ring Mr Porter, he is/was my former form teacher because I had already been excluded from school depending on a review. I wanted him to visit me if he would, I doubted if that would happen because I had got him up against a wall and threatened him severely. I heard my mother begging him, and he agreed. He had told my mother that he knew I had it in me to succeed if I would only apply myself.

He came that night and was very guarded, I was in bed resting, after some pleasantries. He asked me what I wanted to see him about.

“Mr Porter I want to come back to school, I swear on all that is holy to me I will be the hardest working pupil there can be.”

“But you can’t just walk back in James not after all that’s happened, all the things you did.”

“Please Mr Porter, give me a chance, set me a test that I can do here, mum won’t let me cheat, I promise I will complete it please?”

He reluctantly agreed, and two days later he reappeared with a test paper That I had missed on purpose.

“Okay James do that, and we’ll talk.”

I almost cried, my mother did, “Mr Porter can you come back tonight, I will have it ready for you.”

He grumped at that statement, but he said he would.

As soon as he had gone I asked my mother to bring my school books, not that there would be a lot in there as I had skipped school so often. So I would have to use what was left of my memory, and what I knew already. The test was mathematical, some English, and there were logarithms, which I had always found so easy. I glanced over the paper and knew I could do it.

Pens in hand I zipped through it, then checked and rechecked it, making sure all my workings were on the side of the test paper, and all my other stuff on A4s. Mum beamed at me, kissed my forehead and hugged me. That’s all I needed to go on.

When Mr Porter returned I handed him the test and waited for his response. He looked at me and then said to mum.

“Mrs Tweddle I have to ask you, can you honestly tell me he has done this with no outside help?” I hadn’t, but he needed to know that.

Mum said, “Mr Porter I have sat here watching him, he hasn’t used revision books, in fact he doesn’t have any,” she smiled at him. Oh how I adored her. “I assure you with all my heart that all that is his own.”

Mr Porter thanked her, then me, and just said,” Ill be in touch, please be patient.” And he left, he never said anything else.

He returned two day later with another paper, and asked me to do that one. It was a Saturday, and he surprised both me and my mother by saying. “Alright James, you have two hours, get going.” And he sat back. “Yes I’m staying, go on make a start.”

I was stunned but I did as I was told and 1 and a ½ hours later I handed it back. He scrutinised it. Then said. “James, we have agreed to have you back when you are fit, but just one misdemeanour and you will be out forever, no second chances, no arguments, once more and you are gone, okay?”

I wept myself then, Big James Tweddle crying in front of my teacher and mother.

“Sir,” canlı casino I told him, “I want all the work you and the other teachers can give me, all of it, homework, weekend work, please?”

He smiled then, “be careful James there will be no way back if you falter on this.” He told me.

I looked at my mother, I would do all this for not only me, but for her, to show her I loved her so much.

“I won’t falter Mr Porter, and can I ask you for something?”

“What is it James?”

“Set me work until I’m back in class, catch up stuff, anything.”

“Okay you got it.”

“One more thing sir, when I’m up in court again in two weeks, will you attend with me please?”

“I will,” he said, “but it will depend on your progress between now and then.”

“Thank you sir.” I could see he was still a little sceptical; I was after all the school baddie wasn’t I?

I worked like a Trojan, mum was shocked and stunned, I refused all calls except those of family, and school. Jon called to ask me again when I was coming back to ‘work.’

I got nasty with him, he left, we were no longer friends, not that we ever were really.

About me, when all this was taking place I had just turned sixteen, by the time I was eighteen I had caught up in school having beaten all expectations, and I had finished in the top ten! Mr Porter became my mentor, he had even stood in front of the judge and demanded I be given a second last chance, “the school is working with him,” he said. He had told him that he knew I had what it takes. And we became good friends.

Mum loved me more and more, and I loved her like that too. She is a beautiful woman, and I can still remember how she was when I was at deaths door, the care, the love for me. And look what I had done to her; I know it took her months to get over it.

But she is fine now, we are a team. She no longer looks haggard with worry about me, staying up until all hours waiting for me to come home, and sometimes I never even bothered. Then the day came when Mr Porter called on us, his face was serious. I panicked, what had gone wrong?

He sat down, and suddenly broke into a huge smile. “They have accepted you at our university.” He told me.

“They have seen potential in you James and they’ve offered you a place in medicine, and physics, along with all the other bits that go to make an education.” If I hadn’t been sat down I would have keeled over. “I had to do a lot of arm twisting to get them on board, and I have given them my personal assurance that you are worth the effort.”

Mum jumped for joy, getting offered a place in University and in my home town was all that she had wished for. I was just finishing school this term and Mr Porter along with my mum and not without considerable hard work on my part had resulted in turning my life around. I was more than profoundly grateful to them both. But it was my mum more so, because her love had stopped me going over the precipice.

I haven’t said anything about who I am yet have I? And neither do you know anything about my wonderful mother.

I will turn 18 in the summer, one week before leaving school, so I will have summer with mum then college. I an now just over 6ft tall I’ve grown a lot since my illness, I am fully fit now too. I weigh around 170lbs I don’t think I’m bad looking but I haven’t had time for girls these last 18 months, but I have had offers so. I know most of the guys at school brag about who they are fucking, most of it bullshit, but I know some who are, lucky for them. I was dying to find someone, not a lasting thing, but over the summer would be nice. I planned to take it easy and then get myself together 2 or 3 weeks before my new term started.

My mum Jessica is the true star in my family, she is 38 and so beautiful. She is always getting whistled at, offers of love and all the rest of it, but she had never been out with a guy since my old man left. “I have a full time job looking after you James,” she would tell me. and now I understood what she meant. I was a waste of space, always in trouble, thrown out of school, before the courts. Well you know all that don’t you?

She is about 5ft 7″, looks after herself, no smoke, no drink, good food, gym, you get the picture. And like I have said she is utterly beautiful. She has long brown hair, just over her shoulders. Her gorgeous smiling face lights the sky even on a bright day, small white even teeth. I haven never seen her naked but I know she has a body to die for. Its no wonder she gets unwanted phone calls and lots of attention from my dads old friends as well as guys she bumps into.

I have to admit I was jealous sometimes when she would be on the phone laughing and joking. She would see it upset me, and make me laugh with her.

“You are my guy James I don’t need or want anyone else; as long as I have you, I have all I need, okay baby?” She would tell me before she kissed my cheek and left it at that.

I was aware of my body changing; I guess it was my hormones or whatever. I know I was wanking myself kaçak casino to death, and often the target in my head was my beautiful mother. I was beginning to look at her in a way a guy shouldn’t look at his mother. So it began. I started getting touchy feely, she liked that, sit in close proximity on the sofa, if she sat in a chair I would ask her to sit with me.

As time moved on I would sit with my arm around her, I would tell her I loved her just for loving me. “I know baby and I will always love you too, unconditionally.”

It was then that I kissed her for the first time, and it wasn’t a peck either, I held her lips with mine for a few moments.

She pulled away and gasped to me. “James what are you doing honey?”

I was suddenly mortified; I jumped up, mumbled an apology and disappeared up to my room. And I had an enormous hard on too. I berated myself for spoiling things and making mum uncomfortable about me. I already feared facing her tomorrow. I went to bed feeling sick with worry.

I couldn’t sleep I tossed and turned, then she knocked on my door, it was 2 in the morning. I never answered, I daren’t.

She came in, I saw her through slitted eyes. She was wearing her PJs the ones that turn me on she looked fantastic. I groaned inwardly.

She sat on the edge of my bed and said softly, “are you awake baby?”

I made no answer, I was terrified, then she did the most amazing thing, she lifted the covers and got in with me. I was still lying there like a dressmaker’s dummy.

She put her arm around me, whispered she loved me, and went to sleep. I lay there with an erection growing all by its little self. I felt it pop through my own PJs, moving wasn’t an option was it? I knew I was fully hard and it was uncomfortable, it was jammed into her thigh. I made a move as if in my sleep and freed it. She gave out a muffled protest.

Then wonder of wonders, she took hold of my raging prick and she moaned as her fingers wrapped around it.

“Mum,” I gave myself away like a dolt.

“Yes baby, I know you are awake, don’t you think after all these years I don’t know you? I thought about you kissing me and I’ve decided I want it again, and if that means this?” she said and waggled my prick in her soft hand, “then so be it darling.”

“Oh mum, oh mum,” I said in a strangled voice.

“Shhh baby, I know, I know, just relax honey, and I’ll take care of you and this.” She waggled me again; I thought my prick would snap. I straightened my legs rolled part way on to my back and gave in. Heaven or hell and the devil was calling me, and I came running!

She started sliding her hand up and down my shaft and I was on my way in seconds, “mum, mum,” I moaned. I was cumming and my prick was pointing up and at her. I could see her in the shadows of the moonlight. I started humping, she jumped up let go, took off her top, and there they were, her beautiful breasts. She wrapped the top around me, put her hand back under and continued her ministrations. I jerked backwards and shot my load, it wqent on for ever. When I came to rest she was staring at me, she gave a little smile and said.

“That’s the last time that will go to waste,” she murmured. I didn’t get what she meant it went straight over my head.

I made a move for her and she lay down beside me, I collected a rock hard nipple in my fingers, she moaned but stopped me.

“Later baby, later, I want things to e slow and easy, this is a huge sea change darling, lets be patient, okay?” I just wanted to carry on but something in her voice made me back off.

“Turn over honey, lets sleep now, and tomorrow we will talk and do what we want to do. But first you can kiss me, I liked it downstairs, so come on, give me a good proper kiss.”

I did as I was told and I shared a wonderful kiss with her, it was a bit fumbly at first but once we were there it was fantastic.

“By the way, before we doze off, do you remember what I said on the morning of your 18th birthday?”

“Er no, not really mum.”

“I said that now you are 18 you are a man now, and you can legally do anything you want.”

“Yes I remember you saying that.”

“I was meaning me James, me, but you never picked up on that, I’ve been waiting for you since then, and when you kissed me downstairs I knew the time was right.”

I was amazed, I just looked at her, she had wanted to do this, and I had missed it for 2 weeks, idiot!

“Now young man, go to sleep, okay?”

“Yes mum,” I said, as I kissed her one last time, and did as I was told.

I fell asleep somehow with my back to her, and let me tell you, to have someone soft and warm and so feminine like her behind me for the night is something I would never forget. Nor was the feel of her hand holding my young cock for the night. I woke in the morning on my own, I wondered if I had dreamt it. I lay there for ages deciding if I had or not.

That was answered by mum coming in with a breakfast platter. She handed it to me and said.

“Come on sleepy head, you need your strength, you have a busy day in front of you,” and she laughed that delightful giggle I had forgotten she had. But then as if to confirm it hadn’t been a dream, she climbed in with me. Now I knew, I knew!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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